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Tara&Rama Report 10-13-15
Tara & Rama: Greetings, Everyone! And oh!
Tara: Oh, my heavenly days! Let’s start with Rama and our Faction 3 sister Lady Master Natasha.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Rama got to meet with her this afternoon. And she started off saying, concerning the address on the internet that there will be a massive tidal wave across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States on November 5, the way she put it is that there will be no extinction level event. They will not be allowed, not even an East Coast tsunami November 5. It will not be allowed. A snowstorm may occur that day and it may be challenging, yet it won’t be looking like that movie called The Day After Tomorrow.
Rama: Right.
Tara: And then she said this is a private conversation, a formal disclaimer, a scifi movie and we love to lie. Yet they want to create as much chaos and hoopla and burn all their bridges as they leave. They’re not allowed to do that. They have been told, make peace with your god.  As vibes go higher and we wish to hold onto our guns and bibles and butter, we will receive a shock. All of the Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods, the Sphere Alliance, the Hawk-Headed Ones, the Blue Avians, the Arcturians, Antareans, Lyrans, Vegans, Sirians, all the Councils of Nine, Twelve, Twenty-four, Thirty-six, One Hundred and Forty-four, One Hundred and Forty-four Thousand, etc., have all come to our Earth in consensus that we the Children of the Sun make it. All of us Commanders, Eagles and Angels make it.  Those of the Left-handed Path of Lucifer of the Satanias, of the Satanic Order are going back to the Dark Rift. And this is a spiritual term, back to Mother’s yoni. It’s a black hole, the largest one there is, and it’s a creation chamber.
Rama: Anti-matter.
Tara: Anti-matter, dark matter sometimes they call it. But there’s a bright light inside of that dark matter that’s brighter than the sun. And it does include back to second death, to be used as energy by Mother to create new universes of Love and Light and Peace and Joy. But nothing totally disappears. It’s just a transfer of energy to make a good thing come from something that has had mal-intent. And at this moment everyone is making their own bed. Choose Love. All unlike love is dissolved and ceases to exist.
By November 5, as the United States become cashless, in other words, and it has been confirmed that the United States will become cashless November 5, and it creates a situation called a firestorm in the district of criminals. Nothing will work anymore. Level heads in the Democratic Party, the 64 good members of Congress will be the only ones to carry the responsibility of reporting, and making decisions in the face of collapse of the United States government and economy, and to respond to the emergency by declaring a constitutional crisis - a constitutional crisis of Galactic proportions. All things are up in the air.
As Rama asked Natasha the big question, Will Barack announce full Disclosure? Natasha responded, Jo no say, no comprende. Then Natasha got a phone call and told Rama that she had to go very soon. As Natasha bid farewell, she said Captain Ashtar and Admiral Lord Sananda Kumara know when to push the button that activates all the satellites around the planet, Mother Tita Lacoria the Diamond One, and then those satellites activate, from the amino-acid computers on the starships, the Galactic Broadcasting System. This is exactly like a previous time in 1977 on BBC TV’s prime time, 5:00 o’clock news or something, there was an eclipse of the news and the Ashtar Command member said, ‘This is Captain Vrillon of the Ashtar Command’ and proceeded to warn the people of Earth that they would step in as these folks that were controlling the planet were to decide to use nuclear weapons again since 1945.  And remember, Ashtar came in and became a member of our military in 1945 as soon as we detonated those Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, and said that, you know, over our living bodies will you do that again.
And so this is the next moment when this is going to happen again now. Only this time as we’ve already been told, all the nuclear materials and facilities do not work for any kind of negative activities with that type of energy. So then, the Ashtar Command will create such wonderful, beautiful music of the spheres that it will challenge people holding on to their negative patterns of old.  It will challenge all PTSD and all negative emotions. It is time to forgive ourselves and to love everyone - the only way. Dr Keshe is going to be releasing, this is October 13, so Dr Keshe will release his plasma energy unit, the 200 dollar size. It’s a cylinder not any longer than 8 inches and it’s about 6 inches wide. And it cannot be broken. You can step on it, you can throw it on the ground, you can beat it up – it cannot be broken.  He said, as you would look inside, you would be totally shocked because it’s so simple.  It’s not based on materiality. It’s got plasma in there.
Rama: It is like the sun.
Tara: It is the energy of the sun.  Our sister Judy Beebe with her gem sphere, with the hydrogen inside, it’s also plasma energy. In other words, it’s another intelligent life-form. In other words, Dr Keshe says these are beings. They are intelligent life forms that can be communicated with.
Rama: They have sentience and they are self-aware.
Tara: Yes.  Yes, and so I’m going to abbreviate and edit. A Faction 2 person wrote this, yet there are some things inserted that are not going to be happening. So I’ll just read and I will edit this article.
So the first announcement on here is that Dr Keshe’s plasma unit will cause gasoline to drop below a dollar by Christmas. Yes, we are living in interesting times. As Dr Mehran Keshe gives his plasma reactors to the world’s ambassadors on October 16, gas prices in the world should begin to plummet. Italy has already ordered over 1 million units of these new technologies – these plasma energy units. China is jumping on this with both feet. The Saudi prince was told to stop filling oil tankers because he will have nowhere to sell it. Dr Keshe says 10 percent of the world will no longer need gas by the end of October. This divine activity is being seen on a third dimensional level. President Obama was given a plasma energy unit on September 24 with the understanding that as America does not accept peace for energy, Keshe sends his patents out to the world. The Illuminati’s backs are against a very big wall. The wrong-doers in Washington DC are still in shock and are looking for an escape with anonymity.” (And I’m just saying this on the side, no wonder nobody in the Republican Party wants to become the next Speaker. They’re all running as fast as they can in the opposite direction.)
And there’s a video and in the video Dr Keshe explains how plasma is going to catapult us into the future that we have been told has been awaiting us for so long. Speaking of the future of which we are standing on the edge of a precipice right now, Dr Keshe is virtually closing the gap completely on its arrival with his plasma energy unit. We have to wait no longer. Soon Europe may not need power plants. A new energy revolution is on its way. Here are some highlights of the 3 hour conference, one we will want to listen to again and again. ( I think it’s number 80, given on the 24th of September. There is more since then, but that’s the one we’re talking about. And so you can go to Keshe Foundation.org or you can go to Youtube and just look up the 80, what does it say?
Rama: The 80th Conference with Dr Keshe.
Tara: OK, there you go. We played close to half of it on Saturday. We’re going to play the other half this weekend.)  It starts with world peace and includes space travel and world travel, literally within minutes, with no borders on any country. Dr Keshe has created a plasma energy unit and this technology is faster, travels faster than the speed of light. He plans to use the energy unit as leverage to bring about world peace at the peace conference on October 16 in Rome, Italy. (That should be recorded and brought onto Youtube as well. I’m not sure if they’re going to do it live but we’ll find out, won’t we?)
Rama: Yes.
Tara: The only way that the representatives of every country can receive a unit is to agree to sign a world peace treaty. This could well be the culmination of the people of the world praying, meditating and calling for world peace all of these years, coming to fruition through Dr Keshe’s invention. Some of these benefits of the plasma power units are as follows.  The unit is designed to be affordable to every person on the planet. For a cost of $200 every home can generate power and not be reliant on power companies. For those who cannot afford the unit, funding will be made available from many, many sources around the world. (E especially the NGOs, non-governmental organizations that our wealthy visionaries created since they received their NESARA blessing back in 1996 and 1999. There’s over a half a million of these groups.) We will be able to maintain a heating as well as a cooling system in our homes. It will maintain a consistent room temperature and does not require a cooling system itself. There will also be a unit available for our automobiles, saving thousands and thousands of dollars of fuel costs. There will be no more need for crude oil. Dr Keshe is urging the sale of oil to cease as it will no longer be needed, neither will there be a need for a back-up generator. There is no copyright and it cannot be copyrighted. This is the answer to helping our climate change expeditiously and be cleaner.
As we research plasma, we will find that it plays a very important role in our bodies as well as the role it plays in our universe. Dr Keshe reminds us that the result of our intention and our interactions with the plasma depends on our vibration as it is ambient. In essence, we can communicate with it, with the unit, it has sentience.
So October 16, 2015 is a very important date for humanity. It may well mark a point in time for the change we have been working toward for centuries and it has finally arrived because we are ready. Dr Keshe repeatedly says, it does not matter whether a country will sign a peace treaty because the units will go out worldwide regardless. Dr Keshe says that within the next 6 to 12 months our world will have changed so dramatically for the better as manufacturing will have created enough units for the entire world. So cheers, here’s to our future. We really are the ones we have been waiting for. Many Galactics have continually said they cannot do the work for us.  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts, Dr Keshe. As human beings, as a part of the whole, called by us the universe, Albert Einstein said this, the human being is that, we are all one. “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” Nelson Mandela said that. And there is something we say here, Om..[saying the words].. Om, “We worship the three-eyed lord, who is fragrant and nourishes and nurtures all beings. As the ripened cucumber with the intervention of the gardener is freed from its bondage to the creeper, may he liberate us from death for the sake of imortality.”  This is a mantra to Shiva. And all I gotta say is, ‘all we are all saying is, give peace a chance.’
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And no dates, no nukes.  And I know that Natasha said that Netanyahu is on Mother Sekhmet’s menu. He wants to explode something in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. That’s the Stargate and it will not be allowed.  And the only way that Israel can be guaranteed their security is that Israel as a family of humanity, as a people, they must declare peace.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And the only way that there can be dignity given back to the Palestinians is for Palestine to be completely recognized as a state, and do it now!  And for the Arab states to recognize all things in peace as well as everyone. Alright, Everyone. Namaste.
Rama: Namaste.
Tara: I pass this long-stemmed, fairy dusted, Excalibur-Rainbow Rose Talking Stick back to you sister Fran and sister Susan.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran
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