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Tara & Rama Report 10-13-20

Tara: Greetings! Well, you want me to come from cloud nine, huh, Everybody? Yes, beautiful. Such beautiful sound frequencies thank you, Pita. May we all listen to the Harmony of the Spheres and we can all sing. Don’t be shy, everybody, you can all sing.


Rama: Okay, I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat today. It was ten minutes past noon as they called. They said to me, Lord Rama we are in London on a lion hunt. It has to do with Boris, as in Johnson, and MI5 and MI 6 are in red alert.


And over here in the good old USA the major story that’s growing legs is about thunderdome zombies who planned an operation against Governor Whitmer, yet the bigger story is about Mother Sekhmet’s purpose for being here, as to date now, the dark ones have removed over three billion Human Beings for the last year with a designer use of a virus which emerges naturally when nature is out of balance.


The film Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of balance) was talking about that, yet the whole culture, of the whole society, the whole world way of arranging things and it’s got to do with the Vatican. The Vatican has been controlling behind the scenes this operation to remove three billion Human Beings from the Planet and all of the players are just following orders to live.  So we are just saying that at this point Tom and Sweet Angelique said to me, Lord Rama, The Jedi are here and we are also in your midst meeting the Faction Three White Knights, and the Asthar Command says, expect us.


On the 12th, happy Indigenous People’s Day, yes that was yesterday, the happy Indigenous Peoples Day, Everybody.  And today, happy John Lennon’s birthday; yes last Friday was John Lennon’s  birthday.  He would have turned 80 but he’s still around  and he is here, and imagine all the people and no borders at all, and peace on Earth and ‘all we are saying is  give peace a chance,’


So that was last Friday; seems ages ago and then on Saturday Rama says, I went to speak with Rana Mu at 11:25 A.M. this morning. She said to me, Lord Rama the energies are very intense as we approach the end of this story. Stay in a centered heart balance place. In the next 24 hours we are going to have an eight-hour period where this is on Saturday like I said, where the Moon is void of course. Things could get quite strange and bizarre through this period as the energies continue  to increase. Don’t worry, be happy. And then Sunday was quiet as a mouse.


And so then we go to Monday.  I received a call from Natasha around noon hour today and she said to me Lord Rama I am in Moscow and I am looking into the story of the Ark of Gabriel here, because the head of the Russian Orthodox churches here, along with the Russian scientists, and those folks personally in 2015 accompanied the Ark of Gabriel from Mecca, where Russia discovered it, and then took it via special nuclear-powered Russian trawler to McMurdo station in Antarctica where it has been taken from there to the inner Agartha network by the Asthar Command, where it is being used to generate balancing, right from Mother Gaia’s ascension process. 


Then Natasha showed me on my phone remotely the story about the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh found in Iran near its border with Kurdistan and they found a Being alive yet in stasis in the resurrection chamber. These types of chambers are scattered all over Mother Gaia and many of the Beings inside of them are awakening now, because now is the time, and they are walking amongst us.


These ones are pre-Adamic people, some of them are from the ancient civilization of Sumeria. Some of them are from other Star Systems, yet they are Beings awakened by the Sun now, because of the divine timing that they attuned themselves to as they entered stasis in these chambers long ago. All these stories are going to come out now more and more to the public eye. Hold all whistleblowers in the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, and blaze the Violet Fire. Sat Nam and Namaste.


And so then we come to today and Lord Rama speaking, I received a call from Natasha mid-morning today. She was in an undisclosed location on the East Coast and you might wonder how that happened so fast, I’ll just say they get to travel in starships; they are working directly with the Asthar Command on a very, very increased basis.


So, Natasha said to me, Lord Rama the hearing on Judge Barrett is an engineered program from the matrix.  It is the last-ditch effort to create more distraction, confusion and chaos since these hearings are going on and since Mercury has gone retrograde now; it went retrograde at 9:05 P.M. Eastern Time which was when we called in.


And say hello to everybody from where we are, and it went retrograde right at the moment that we got started here, and all of these proceedings will be reversed. That’s the meaning of Mercury retrograde. What appears to be a direction that we may be thinking we’re going in, Mercury retrograde it and all that stuff gets reversed.


This whole history is about continuing systemic racism of the old story. Meanwhile all kinds of classified files are being declassified, everything from UFO files to documents on Annunnaki presence and their activities, to ancient tombs which are not really tombs, rather they are resurrection chambers.


The secret space program project MJ12 (Majestic 12 ) records of E.T. visitors levitating aircraft carriers, (one of ours is sitting off the coast of Japan right now; it uses fusion reactors therefore no pollution and no nuclear danger and it can travel vertically right up into space and back again), and our special ops soldiers have been trained and are navigating them. All of these things will come to the light of day soon.


Let us remain with that word "soon"; let us remain in our high hearts because we are very soon to find out we were never alone in this universe, and we were never meant to ever get sick or die, nor shall we ever need to get sick or die ever again. All we are saying is "give peace a chance" and there’s a little note here, Tom the Ringtail Cat told me the drama, speaking of last week, that the Vatican is at the precipice of complete full public collapse. NESARA NOW, WORLD PEACE NOW!


And I am going just to read this little piece. It’s called, What does it mean to be a Mermaid of the Magdalene, a pure woman in service to the sea of Love.

See https://dakotachanel.com/2018/07/mermaid-of-the-magdalene/


As we are kind of done early, I wanted to read this. It’s our sister Tania Gabrielle  and her last name is spelled  g-a-b-r-i-e-l-l-e,  Tania Gabrielle and she says,

“Happy Mercury retrograde at 11º degrees Scorpio today. What a year it’s been so far, and we are less than three months from 2021. While 2020 is still opening the gateway of perfect vision through intuition and generating unprecedented adjustments and major shifts both personally and collectively, 2021 will be more open and certainly more free-flowing and positive.


“2021 is a five universal year 20/21 bridges the 20th and 21st centuries.”


Tara: And just to mention the Fifth Ray is ruled by Emerald Green Ray and it’s on the Master Hillarion Ray and Mother [Sekhmet] told us that the Emerald Green Ray and the Violet Ray are equal in their energies. The Emerald Green Ray of Lord Hillarion goes in depth more to the physical healing and the Violet Flame Ray activates our alchemical cells to transmute everything that’s not belonging to us as pure Love into Light and Peace. So together that works really well. 


(Violet+Green Ray) “5 is lifting us up energetically, so we feel free and ready to take risks.” (It is the number of change.) 


“21 activates joy, creativity and truth.” (And on the Third Ray that’s Lord of the World, World Teacher. that’s right we’re all teachers.)


“Then we have two and a half months to clear out old paradigms to discover new directions, yet centered and listening closely as we fine-tune our intuition, then an amazing transformation begins. 2021 leads to into the Aquarian Age - this means we will create a new life of liberation, setting ourselves free from the past in ways we have never and would never have expected.


"2021 unveils a brand internal playbook, play being the key word, a series of enriching astro numerology star code activations will unfold all year long, ushering in a life beyond our 3D existence; life will be shifting with rapid speed so we will want to consciously activate the extraordinary 2021 star codes, yet in order to do that we need the cosmic road map for 2021.


“Since the year begins with a two-week long stellium in Aquarius, the sign of our new age, our whole life is immediately impacted and most importantly we will be given new tools at our disposal to help us gracefully navigate all the shifts in the ripple effects of change and liberation will change everything for us now, so, to help us prepare for leverage and navigate next year's exhilarating star codes I am thrilled to launch my seventh annual, 2021 ultimate yearly forecast.” 



But is very exciting because the Age of Aquarius and a transformative change is upon us all here in a very short moment. And Dr. Steven Greer is going to do a whole day long on the 22nd of November and he is going to have live footage and we’ll all be able to participate in making contact with the Star Beings live together. 


I guess that the strongest word is, be patient with what’s going on out there on the media and send Love, Light, Peace and Joy to those who are working with exposing the truth with love; there’s not going to be any violence allowed here, none at all.


In order to make these changes it’s required for us to move into the higher spiritual awareness as a world of people, and the readiness of the world of people is here, and this time now of all that which we have been working together with; and you know our sister Susan is here; all of our sisters and brothers that are on the other side, they are here right now they are always here when we come together.


They made a choice to make the sacrifices that they have to be here on the other side with us at the same time so that they can help us from that other side and we can then lift that veil completely and I believe that’s the experience that we would be able to get as Dr. Greer  brings that whole day long on Sunday.


It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving which is the 26th. That following Thursday I believe we’ll have plenty to be thankful for, and I am thankful to be with our sisters and brothers from the Asthar Legacy Call. And I will see you and thank you and so much love and thank you in advance as  you can assist us, so we can continue this work and maintain the mission and 'don’t worry, be happy,' that’s what Maher Baba has said to us.

Rama I want you to say something from your heart.


Rama: Just at this time what all the Forces of Light that I speak to are saying is, we’re at this moment of everything unraveling, and coming forward with disclosure of all the ancient  stories and legends that are not legends, they’re absolutely real, all these Beings are coming forward now to interact with us; we have the mind to do so in the higher realms because they work from a state of grace, not a state of chaos, and it’s quite amazing to watch what’s happening as the dark side falls apart and within all the other agencies. Let’s just say the light is coming out and these Beings are here; they are interacting with us.  Blaze the Violet Fire, thank you. So much Love.


I pass this  talking stick with fairies and feathers and angels and rainbows and crystals,  especially the emeralds and the amethysts, to my sister Fran.


Transcribed by Raul Escobar, edited by Fran




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