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Tara & Rama Report 10-22-19
Tara & Rama: Greeting, Everyone!
Tara: Greetings in the Most Radiant One. Wow!  Thank you, Eli. Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]!
I guess we could start with the fact that Bernie has got his feet on the ground too. Twenty-six thousand people came to his rally and that’s the largest campaign rally in presidential primary history of the season so far. It occurred last Saturday at the Queens Bridge Park in New York City. And it’s just such a positive report.
The event is in the shadow of the nation’s largest public housing development. And it was Sanders first campaign rally since he suffered a heart attack earlier in the month. He was joined on the stage by three prominent supporters: Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We understand that a while back, Bernie went on his own privately to see her and talked about how we could help her in the situation that she was in in her country
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: as a fellow American traveler. I thought that was amazing. And then there was Michael Moore, and he really got the energy happening. He started off saying that the powers that be are very unhappy that we’re all here. And that they might be a bit unhappy that Bernie’s back. Yet together, basically what he was saying is that, we can do something about the energies.
The way he started it off is he said they wanted to get the average American to think their thoughts, yet let’s talk about what they want. They want to say that Bernie is too old. Well, here’s what is too old:  The Electoral College is too old. That’s what’s too old. A $7.25 minimum wage, that’s too old! Women not being paid the same as men, that’s too old! Thousands and thousands of dollars of student debt, what is that?
And the whole crowd joined in and said, ‘Too old!’
Then Michael said, ‘Too old: a ten thousand-dollar deductible on your healthcare, what is that?And the crowd said, ‘Too old!’
MichaelMoore said, ‘Superdelegates, what’s that?’
Crowd: Too old!
Michael: Fossil fuel, what’s that?
Crowd: Too old!
Tara: You know, the power of the collective mind and heart speaking in this way together is extremely powerful. Never underestimate that.
So Michael goes on, ‘That’s what’s too old.  The next thing they say is, What about Bernie’s health? What about his health?  How about we talk about the health of this planet that’s dying? That’s the health I care about.’
Crowd: Green New Deal! Green New Deal! Green New Deal!
Michael: A Green New Deal! And they kept on doing that.
Michael said, ‘What about the health of the kids in Flint, Michigan?  Talk about that on cable news. What about the health of forty million people who live in poverty in this country?  What about the health of the young black male who is shot in the back by the police? What about that health?’  The crowd said, ‘Black lives matter.’ Michael said, ‘The only heart attack we should be talking about is the one Wall Street is about to have as Bernie Sanders is President of the United States.’  And he goes on.
Tara: The point is that, we keep the power of the positive thought in mind at every turn. So I wanted to just go to another piece, because Maryanne Williamson put something out here, and I think it’s wonderful to put it here together:
“To ever have a peaceful world, we need to proactively and diligently wage peace. Health is not the absence of sickness. Sickness is the absence of health. And peace is not the absence of war. War is the absence of peace. Join with me in creating a United States Department of Peace.”
So she’s picking up Dennis Kucinich’s plan. Rama and I got to stand with Dennis Kucinich, right beside him, in the rotunda, a four story high dome structure at the capital here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we sat together and we stood together and we did a ceremony together with the Pueblo Native Americans, who did a special dance for him and invoked in that place a Department of Peace. So now we’re going to remember that and bring it back up to the present now with Maryanne Williamson invoking this.
“Join with me in creating a US Department of Peace, to establish a Peace Academy as well as a Military Academy, and begin the process of waging peace. We need to lift the peacebuilders to equal power with the military, in an integrative, holistic effort to heal the human race of its increasingly dangerous addiction to war.
“We need a political equivalent to the health and wellness movement, a humanitarian complement to the military the way preventative medicine is a complement to allopathic doctors.
“In order for this to occur, we need to do a whole lot more than “elevate the conversation.” We need to make it real. We need a president who will make it happen.
“This is an effort of great historical significance, and we have a very limited window in which to make it happen.”
Tara: I thought that was a fantastic message. And then our sister, Patti Cota-Robles had a few things to say. I just want to pick out a few things that we could share. This is the collective mind and heart speaking through the spiritual highly transformative leadership that we have here:
“Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are sending forth a Clarion Call that is reverberating through the Ethers. They are calling awakening Humanity to a higher octave of service during this critical and tumultuous time. On behalf of YOU and me and every single person, group, organization, company and activity of Light that is in any way striving to add to the Light of the world, our God Parents and the Company of Heaven have orchestrated a Divine Plan that is allowing us to unify our hearts as we effectively expand our Lightwork one thousand fold.
“For Lifetimes our I AM Presence has guided us through myriad experiences designed to strengthen us, and to prepare us to be able to stay focused on the Light in the face of all adversity. This is the moment for which we have all been preparing. It is through our unified efforts that Humanity will transcend the surfacing negativity.
“The Divine Intent of this powerful facet of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Plan is for the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presences of awakening Humanity to empower one thousand fold the Lightwork of every person on Earth every single day. To accomplish this our Father-Mother God will breathe their unfathomable Light into our Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love which is now enveloping” all of Mother Gaia. “This Sacred Breath from the Heart of God will occur in a rhythmic momentum each month during our Free Seminar.”
Tara: We don’t need to go there, because we are all in this free seminar, all of us, right now. So then, let’s talk about the Dalai Lama. He’s had a message for us, and this came yesterday:
“Optimism does not mean being blind to the actual reality of the situation.  It means maintaining a positive spirit to continue to seek a solution to any given problem.  And it means recognizing that anything in a situation has many different aspects, positive as well as problematic.”
And then today, Rama had a very interesting experience. Rama says, “I went to the Tibetan Center this morning, and I was guided to go to the back room where all the Tibetan rugs are. And I sat down on the floor and started to meditate. Maybe about fifteen minutes into my meditation this young fifteen-year-old Rainbow Crystal Child came into the room.
And she said to me, ‘My name is Bee Bee. Then she said, ‘Do you want to go down those stairs?’  I answered, ‘Yes.’  So Bee Bee and I rolled up the Tibetan rug on the floor together and then opened up the door in the floor. Then together we descended the stairs and walked about one mile underneath the Santa Fe mountains to the canal where the canoe sits that goes to the Jade Buddha. So at that point, I was guided to just sit by the water with Lady Master Bee Bee.
Bee Bee told me, ‘I look to be about a fifteen year-old girl, yet I am a member of the Ashtar Command.  And I was waiting for you to arrive. I call myself Bee Bee after the small round android in the movie Star Wars-The Force Awakens.  At your service, Sir.’  Then Bee Bee sat beside me.  The next moment Lady Di and Lady Nada called me on my phone.  They said to both of us, ‘Greetings, Lord Rama and Lady Master Bee Bee. We are happy to share with you that there are many, many refugees coming to our light city up here in the Wesak Valley.
Lady Di and Lady Nada shared with both of us that there are many young monks who are assisting the refugees, with land-speeders as well as dog sleds, to get to our off-grid light city through the snow, of which there is about three feet on the ground at the moment.
Tara: The types of dogs are called Tibetan Mastifs and they are bigger than Huskies and very strong, and bigger than Saint Bernards, too.
The point that we are making to everyone is that there are so many, many good things going on in the Light that are not on the main media news, which is focusing on the opposite things going on, attempting to keep the downward spiral in place.
Yet many other off-grid Keshe technology light centers have opened now and many more are still opening, in the mountains, in the valleys across our Planet, as well as other safe sacred areas, ushering world refugee travelers to them to begin again. With this new Sat Yuga energy linking us all, many are being led to openings across this Planet to the Agartha Network light cities as well.
And our Inner Earth Agartha Network brothers and sisters are welcoming them. It is being done. Whistle while we work. The Planet is transforming and nothing can change it now.  We are the ones we have been waiting for. Please continue to know in our hearts and in our minds that we are indeed here with you every step of the way. Look deeply – remember who you are.
Ask for your continued instructions from your Guides and your Angels and your Fairy fellow travelers as to the steps in each of your missions that you need to take. Ask and we will answer. It takes every one of us now to intervene in this civilization’s development.
The direction of Mother Gaia is up. Only in Love can we truly hold accountable ourselves first, and then together with the Galactics, completely change and correct the course this world is making toward this Light, this accelerated higher Light-Love path for all to participate in. The choice is ours.
And there are some tremendous changes going on on other levels as well. There was a report here. There was a meeting with President Putin and President Erdogan in Solchi.
And there is an agreement that Putin and Erdogan made. This is fantastic because the way the media has been reporting it, there is no way that there is going to be anything but worse things happening there. Even though they are on opposite ends of the pole you might say, Putin, let’s just remember, he’s 500 years in that body and he works directly with St.Germain in every way:
“Russian military police and servicemen will be deployed to Northeastern Syria while Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring will continue in a limited area, President Putin and Erdogan have agreed in lengthy talks. Moscow understands the reasons behind the ongoing Turkish military incursion into Syria, Russia's President Vladimir Putin said, though he stressed it must not play into the hands of terrorists and that the territorial integrity of Syria must be preserved. Ultimately, the country must be freed from all “illegal foreign military presence,” the president added, reiterating Moscow's long-time position.”
Okay, so what are we saying here?  What succeeded here?  The entire military of the United States are now out of Syria. And this is very clever, I might add, because the attempt is to keep them and give them a new assignment in the Kurdish area of Iraq and go after the Kurds in Iraq. The Prime Minister of Iraq said that’s not OK, because we have to give permission for that and we don’t give permission.
So let’s keep focusing the Light into the solution-oriented area so that ‘no more war’ is the way of The Force that we have the power to direct. We are that! Let’s not forget it. This is a miracle that they are not going to continue to do this. And again, the idea is to call every single one of our troops home.
There was a mention today, and Rama I just have to ask you, I think you asked Nada and Lady Di about this. I don’t remember what they said, but today on Thom Hartmann, somebody thought maybe we could use The Hague, and take this whole story to The Hague. So what Thom Hartmann said is that as George Bush was being taken to The Hague, what he did is he took the United States off the agreement to work with The Hague at all. So Rama, what did they say?  Didn’t they say that Barack Obama put us back on there?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Okay. So we’re not off of it, we are on it - so it can be used.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Is there anything else they wanted to tell us, Rama?
Rama: Just to continue the high-vibes and work with the Violet Flame, because that is the most transformative energy right now that we can use to change this story.
Tara: Okay.
So I also wanted to say, there is this interesting piece of history, just to see what we are clearing up. It’s something called Meet the Masonic Monarch – History of the Baphomet Royal Masons: "On the left is Aleister Crowley, a full time black magician, heroin addict, child abuser, and part-time spy for her Majesty’s intelligence, Queen Victoria and her network. 
"On the right, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II who is a Prince Duke and the most senior Royal Mason active in Britain to this day. Both are wearing the highest ceremonial robes of Freemasonry which denotes absolute authority, similar to being a Masonic monarch."
It is good to know what is being taken from this planet now is this malevolent energy. It has no power, and we say so as ‘We The People.’
They say that history is truer than fiction. There is a new digital book by Chris Everard unraveling historical events so bizarre they could never ever be true, yet they are true. Crowley proclaimed his title, the Baphomet, and also announced publicly that Ordo Templi Orientis would be the highest possible authority of Freemasonry, an academy superior to the Grand Lodge of England.
(Something interesting is that a very light, light being became the Emperor of Japan just today, I believe, and he is coming from the light. So that is a Light energy that is changing this story here of Ordo Templi Orientis, in his feet, so let’s pour forth the Light through his feet. Yes, we can.)
His [Crowley's] most important book is the Book of the Law, meaning Ordo Templi Orientis and the Goetia-A Book of Howling is indeed the preeminent of all Masonic institutions. And we’re going to put Light into that title, because that is not a thing either. That is going in the wrong direction.
There is another picture on the next page and you know him as Gerald Ford, yet his real name is Leslie Lynch King and he is a member of this organization I just mentioned. So we’re going to send the Light into that situation and clear it completely. The Grand Lodge has denied that Crowley was a regular Mason, yet there are hundreds of irregular lodges. And one has to ask, as Crowley was an irregular Mason, then how on earth did he raise his hand on tailor made robes and sashes and Masonic medals?
So what we can say is send the Light into that, and transmute, transmute, transmute. Yes, we can. This is our work. This is who we are. And there is no fear here, only Love. As St.Germain continues to say, ‘I will never say, may God bless you; I will only say, may we all pass every test.’ We are all together now - we are that. We are the masters of our own mission. And we can do this, now! NESARA now.
And please assist us as at this time there is a bit of a squeeze going on, and I know everybody is feeling it. But we can, yes, we can help each other. Contributions would be so gratefully received at this time. Thank you.
Rama: Thank you so much! Things are moving higher and higher in Beauty and in Love.
Tara: A child shall lead us. NESARA now! I pass this talking stick with Fairies, Crystals and Rainbows and all of our Love together to my sister Fran.
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