Tara & Rama Report 10-23-18

Tara & Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: Oh thank you so much, Eli! Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].
Rama: Thank you, yes. 
Tara: And I just want to say that Susan is the spirit of my heart, and I think of Rama as well.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: She stays with us. We have this Karnak, Egypt statue of Mother from Egypt and she just sticks around where Mother is and she’s just right with all of us. And I just want to say too, that I’m so glad and happy that we can do this mission together, all of us together. It's just getting started with this Joy that Mother was telling us about through Eli. And thank you, Everyone, for this path that we get to share every time we come together.
And so I just wanted to just say too, that we could really use some blessings to get something for us to eat through that Beneficial Farms.  We don't have that labeled because PayPal takes away [a percentage]. Yet if you can just go and send us something through Paypal at our website 2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com, and go to our Paypal address and just say it's for food or whatever. You can give whatever from your heart. It would really be nice to have that kind of blessing for all of us, and then along the way, little things that we need besides that, gas in the car.
Rama: cat food.
Tara: Yes, for our cat that we still have now.  Let the paws of Mother be with us all.
Okay, I am going to read this one piece that goes back to the 11th, which was 2 days after the last visit that we were together, just to clarify. That was a large dose that came in back then.  October 11th, Rama Speaks: Today I received a call from Sweet Angelique the Cat.  The first thing she told me from her home in Paris is that the article about the Dominionist Church of America as the institution that brought the control of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion over all free speech assemblies in the United States, has been bleached from the internet, as the dark ones want people to remain ignorant of who they are and what they are doing. 
Then Sweet Angelique said, “I say ditto to what Tom the Ring-tailed Cat said to you yesterday, Lord Rama.  We are indeed in for a wild ride. Mr. Drumpf has lied today again and this time by saying that Medicare for all is not affordable.  The facts beg to differ. The health care insurance companies are allowed by law to add overhead costs of 15%,  yet in reality the insurance companies are cheating big-time in that figures, and adding overhead costs upwards of 25 to 30% or more.  This is just one of the cheating ways the CEO's of health insurance companies extract profits from working class people.” 
Sweet Angelique the Cat said, “This is a massive undertaking going on behind the scenes to bring all of the crimes since 9/11 to the light of day now. And Faction 3 White Knights are negotiating with good whistle blowers, to get that information on the air, one way or another.” 
Rama: I asked Sweet Angelique, as the media at this 3D level blocks these efforts to get this information to the public, are the Galactics going to bring things forward and intervene?  Sweet Angelique replied, “The Ashtar Command may just take over the airwaves, as they did in November 1977 with Commander Vrillon on BBC TV prime time news, as you have been told by other Faction 3 White Knights in the last few weeks now, Lord Rama.”  So then she concluded, “I have an appointment to go to about an art piece I am trying to sell. Stay in our hearts, Everyone! Remain Calm!  Sat Nam. Namaste. Peace all over the World, now!”
Okay, we are going to go back to October 17th which was last Wednesday. Rama Speaks:  I got to meet Ellen Ratner of Talk Media News from Thom Hartmann's show in person and her sister was with her, Valerie Espinoza.  I went to radio station KTRC today, here in Santa Fe to find out where to go vote early, and there they were. So I said to Ellen and Valerie, “You know 9/11 was an inside job, and that is why they killed your brother, Michael Ratner, because as a constitutional lawyer, and as head of the Center for Constitutional Rights, Michael was calling out Bush Jr. on his use of torture at Guantanamo Bay. Torture has always been against international law in all circumstances.” 
Then Ellen said to me, “I know they killed my brother, Lord Rama, and I know NESARA is real, because the day after 9/11, I got a visit from the Men in Black. And while looking at the other end of a gun pointed to my head, they said to me, sign this document or you won't be going home for dinner tonight. So I signed the non-disclosure document.” 
Then Ellen continued, “Lord Rama, continue doing what you are doing because I cannot talk about the Galactics landing and people need to realize how serious this situation is that the world is in.  And it is not about the revaluation or Dinars or Dongs or Zimbabwe.  It is about NESARA. It frees the whole planet.”
And on the next subject, “Ben Fulford is a failed journalist, working for the Yakuza and Shinzo Abe and the not-so-nice White Dragon Society. Q-Anon is all misinformation, dis-information coming from the Deep State, who are aligned with Mr. Drumpf, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Kelly Ann Conway, Ann Coulter, and all kinds of fake Fox news stories. And these propaganda characters owe their souls to the Vatican and the old Luciferian hologram even though Lucifer himself has long ago come back to Love.
The people really, really, really need to wake up now as to how dangerous it is for truth telling whistle blowing journalists.  Mr. Drumpf and his whole family are complicit with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, in the beating, torture, murder and dismemberment of Mr. Khashoggi.  And most certainly, we cannot trust Mr.Erdogan of Turkey who has proclaimed himself dictator, not unlike Duterte in the Philippines, or Mr. Kim Jong-un in North Korea, all good buddies of Mr. Drumpf.” 
In closing, Ellen Ratner said, “I will be standing right beside the King of Swords on stage as NESARA is enacted into law before the World. Go in peace, Lord Rama, and may The Force be with you. This is coming down now. Michelle for President for the Wise Council of Elders, NESARA now.”  Ellen hugged me and Valerie hugged me, too. I cried, yet Valerie said, “You keep those star ships coming.”  Valerie is a public official in our local government here in Santa Fe, trying to reverse all the bad things our Governor Martinez our Republican has done in this good State of New Mexico.
Also I received a text message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, very short and to the point.  Tom said, “The empire is all going down right now.  Everything is unraveling for the truth to come fully forward.  NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
So this is Friday, the 19th of October, and Rama Speaks, “The Dalai Lama tweeted me from his I-pad at 3:30 AM this morning. Here is the message from His Holiness, quote, “As social animals, we need friends, yet we make friends on the basis of trust, which comes about as a result of affection and concern for others. We cannot buy trust or acquire it by use of force. In its source is warm-heartedness.” 
Also I called Lady Di and Dodi later this morning and the King of Egypt was with them, listening in too. Dodi and Di told me, “Yes, Jamal Khashoggi is the nephew of Adnan Khashoggi, who was the middleman running arms in the arms for hostages scenario during the Iran Contra scandal.  In the 1980’s Adnan Khashoggi was estimated to have a net worth of 4 billion dollars.”
At that point, the King of Egypt said, “Lord Rama, I am also related to Jamal Khashoggi.  I am his uncle, and my son Dodi is Jamal’s cousin.  That being said, Lord Rama, all of the money that I was connected to in doing business with Mr. Adnan Khashoggi in the Iran Contra scandal has been given to beloved Master St.Germain, and I have dealt with the karma of that time with Mother Sekhmet.” 
Then her majesty Lady Di, Dodi and the King of Egypt all said to me, “This gigantic story about the war in heaven coming to Earth involving the Elohim or fallen angels, this very long story is in its denouement.” What Dodi says is, “I am one along with my beloved who brings peace to this war in the sense that, as a couple, we represent East meeting West. I, as the Egyptian Pharoah Prince and Lady Di, as heir to the British crown of England, shift this story to a higher outcome now.
“Together we conclude the stories of empires and kings, ideology and doctrines, and lay down all the weapons of war and separation. Now with all of you Eagles, Commanders, and Angels, ‘the crowned and the uncrowned mingled here in fellowship,’ to take a few words from the principles from the prologue of The Secret Places of the Lion. Now we can end the idea of war, as we can see it never can win or resolve anything. We can now engage with the truth above all, and beyond all ideology, and embrace our oneness. No more need to fight with each other. These old empires are crumbling before our very eyes. Now we embrace the rainbow of multi-diversity. We can, as one, embrace our oneness as an ascending human race, to the study of war no more.  And our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars are about to announce their presence with us.” 
Dodi said, “All the pieces are in place. Out of left field comes Full Disclosure. It is true that the reason why my cousin Jamal Khashoggi was killed was that he bad-mouthed Mr. Drumpf, thus exposing the whole Drumpf family to their part in planning and executing this atrocious and heinous crime against my cousin.  No matter what, remain calm and in Unconditional Divine Neutrality. It is a false ideology about Creator Source that my God is better than your God.  God/Goddess, All That Is, is Love.  Indeed we are all everything and nothing at all.” 
They all said, “This is the greatest time to be alive! Never doubt how much we are all loved.  We are, all of this Mission, coming to the completion now.  All of Heaven is watching us - nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Be Love - Be Peace - NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders. Namaste, Lord Rama.  See you on the Bridge.”
This is Saturday, October 20th Rama Speaks:  This morning I received a call from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry and Curly.  They said, quote, “The news is just a mishmash of misinformation, disinformation that has no truth.  The real truth that is going on is that we are doing business with another country that did 9/11 right along beside us.  There are many, many whistle blowers who are ready to come forward with the truth about what happened that day.  Right now the dark side is seriously muddying the waters with confusion and hate towards people of color, people who are odd or different or are not from Earth.” 
Tom went on to say, “What is going on in Afghanistan right now is about creating an atmosphere of confusion, division and derision, so that the United States has an excuse for staying in Afghanistan.  Afghanistan has the largest source of lithium for the West to access.  We need this rare earth element for making our bombs and for making lithium batteries for our electric cars.  Lithium exists as a medicine for mental balance and emotional stability and the United States likes stealing this resource from Afghanistan. 
Also, the CIA enjoys overseeing the poppy fields for heroin production.  In closing, it is time for fairness in this world.  It is time to end empire and war and world domination.  It is time to walk softly upon this holy ground, time to honor our Mother, Gaia, and her Divine Consort Vywamus.  Time for healing.  Time to end all this suffering and death and destruction.  Time for Love, Truth, Peace Freedom, Justice seasoned with Divine Compassion, Mercy and Wisdom and Beauty for all that it can be.”  Thirteen thank-you’s, honey in the heart, and no evil.  We love Everyone, NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
October 21st Sunday, Rama Speaks:  Today is our Native American four-hour, Sunday, Mountain time, Noon to 4PM radio show called Singing Wire.  I called in and got to speak with Joanne Shenandoah, who was the co-host for the show on this Sunday. On Singing Wire, they play songs of empowerment, especially in the Native American tradition.  They also broadcast live from Pow-Wow’s all across the country and teach about the various cultures and do storytelling, Native American storytelling.  I said to Joanne, “Our beloved cat, Tabitha, recently made her transition and would you sing her a song in honor of her new mission, where she is a bridge officer on the Niburu, Mother Sekhmet’s star ship?” Joanne said, “I will sing Tabitha the ‘Song of the Snow Leopard.’  I will sing this song in Tsalagi, the language of the Cherokee Nation.” 
So I listened and it brought me to tears, and I saw through my third eye, Tabitha looking on and listening too.  As Joanne completed the Snow Leopard song, she said to me over the airwaves, “Lord Rama, Tabitha will be talking to you soon. Go in Peace.  Walk the Good Red Road. Mitakuye Oyasin.” Thirteen thank you’s, honey in the heart and no evil, NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.
So this is Monday, the 22nd of October, Rama Speaks: Today’s message from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, tweeted to me at 3:30 this morning, is quote, “Because motivation pervades all action, it is important that we have a positive motivation.  Whatever we are involved in, whether it is politics, education, medicine, law, engineering, science, business or industry, the nature of our motivation determines the character of our work.” 
I received a call from Natasha late this morning. She also had Lady Master Nada on the phone with her.  Natasha and Lady Nada said to me, “Lord Rama, the Drumpf crime family along with Mohammed Bin Salman, a clone since of April 2018 and his merry band of arch-monarchal criminals beat, tortured, murdered and dismembered journalist Washington Post opinion op-ed columnist, Jamal Khashoggi on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018.”
I asked them, “Lady Masters, do the Faction 3 White Knights know where brother Jamal’s body parts are?”  They said in unison, “No comment. It is an ongoing investigation and do not go there.” 
Tara: And I am just updating that they have now found in the garden of the Saudi Consul General, the body parts have been uncovered.
Rama: And they also found their diplomatic passports in another location, the Saudis.  They found them in another location.
Tara: who found them?
Rama: the Saudis, all of the passports, they found them in a car.
Tara: Oh, my goodness. That’s a big deal, so okay.  To continue now:
Lady Nada and Tasha went on, “Mr. Erdogan is going to give a speech tomorrow giving more of the real story of what happened to Mr. Khashoggi at the Embassy on the day of his murder to remind everyone that Mr. Khashoggi started talking about 9/11 being an inside job and that the Saudi monarchy were collaborators with the United States in executing this genocide, along with, of course, the other western countries.  Not to mention that Mr. Khashoggi also started talking about the mono-atomic gold and all of its ascension properties and qualities. 
On the next topic, Lady Nada and Natasha said, “Niburu is extremely close to Mother Gaia, and it is affecting everyone with ascension symptoms like never before, because its energies are so great now in the quantum field.  Our Sun, Sol, is going through an eleven year maximum, meaning more sun spots, more solar flares, and more solar beings coming in through the Sun, our Sun Sol, to assist Mother Gaia and all of her children through this great transformational time.” 
Lady Nada and Natasha continued to say to me, “There are rumors rumbling around that there may be multiple assassination attempts in the Middle East, especially regarding both Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s leadership coming from the inside of things, as well as from outside sources.  That being said, Mr. Drumpf and family are mired in Middle Eastern affairs up to their crown chakras and back again. They will be nailed and implicated as co-participants, along with Mohammed Bin Salman and friends, for the most heinous murder of Mr. Jamal Khashoggi.” 
In closing Lady Master Nada and Natasha said, “There are 500 lamas in the Potala in Tibet, in ceremony for the next 3 days.  They are, at the request of Lady Di and Dodi Fayed, honoring our sister Susan Leland and her present work as a member of the Arcturian Healing Council, serving all of us from the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station. Do not think for one minute that Susan is not here with all of us Commanders, Eagles and Angels.  Susan is in great joy to be of service to all in bringing Mother Gaia and all of us into our ascension. 
“Remember Lady Master Susan is working directly with Lord Metatron and his consort Neptha El Ra, Lady Master Athena, Lord Ashtar’s twin flame, as well as the Praying Mantis People, great healers on the emerald and  lime green rays of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and cosmic rays of healing – five levels of healing. Go in peace, Lord Rama, we are in the best of times and the worst of times. Om Mani Padme Hum. Focus upon that diamond jewel, the center of the lotus, Oh Great Spirit, Earth, Sky, Sun and Sea.  You are inside and all around me.”  Thirteen thank-you’s, honey in the heart and no evil, NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders. Peace all over the World – Now!
And finally today, Rama Speaks:  The 23rd of October, Tuesday, I received a call from Sibel Edmonds today and Sibel Edmonds said to me, “Lord Rama, this murder of Jamal Khashoggi was set up weeks ahead of time, by Mr. Drumpf, the clone since right before the 2018 State of the Union address, along with Jared Kushner, and the rest of the Drumpf family, and Mr. Mohammed Bin Salman, the clone since April of 2018, and his associates.
Mr. Khashoggi was going to talk about the fifteen foot tall and twenty five foot tall human skeletons that were found in various archeological excavations carried out at various holy sites in Saudi Arabia over the last 25 years. They unearthed over 100 of these very tall human skeletons over the time period.  One of the holy sites was Mecca.  All of these human skeletons have wings, and as the archeologists found each skeleton they were covered with mono-atomic gold dust. It was so plentiful. These skeletons have been carbon dated back to between 10,500 B.C. and 11,000 B.C., in or around approximately 13,000 years ago. They are part of the Annunaki Fallen Angels of that period.  All have human DNA.” 
Sibel said, “There was a great galactic war over that area in that time period, in that time framework similar to the galactic 5,000 year war in India called the Mahabarata, which was some 5,000 to 10,000 years ago.”  Sibel said, “You, Lord Rama, are the one to reveal this information as you have an audience of awake and aware light beings around you who can absorb this information and ground it for humanity. I am not the one to transmit this information as my audience is geared more towards third dimensional factual things, such as 9/11 was an inside job.” 
In closing Sibel said, “This is the time that all of these stories get revealed.  It is time to bring accountability and closure to the old order of things and to usher in all of us as the bringers of the dawn of this new age of Aquarius with a new Heaven and a new Earth.  All things come to those who wait with great patience and perseverance for the long journey that this has been.  As Salaam Alaikum, Lord Rama.”  I said, Wa Alaikum  Salaam, Lady Master Sibel.”  Sibel said as the last words, “Tell everyone this is the time everything changes and remember our mission as world group servers, as examples of living Love, living Light in this World, really begins now and every moment of Now from here on out.”
And we love everyone.  We are so happy to do this mission together with all of you. Thank you, Susan, for being our guiding spiritual emissary from the Galactic world now.  Namaste, Sat Nam.  We are so happy that we are all together.  Oneness to all!  May the Peace and Love that we have all been waiting for, with NESARA now, be ours.  And we pass this amazing talking stick with fairies and rainbows and all kinds of gems and angels, and sister Susan is passing it on back to you sister Fran from all of us. 
Rama:  Thank you so much!
Tara:  Namaste!
The call closed with the song Trip The Light:
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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