Tara & Rama Report 10-25-16
Tara & Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Everyone! I'm just going to say NESARA is definitely on its way.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and the amount of exposure information coming out; I mean just today I've only the chance to read some, but here's one that's enormous. It’s Globalist Clinton: Clear and Present Danger to World Peace.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: “The United States current presidential election cycle is completely out of the ordinary, even though the division and contention between Hillary's supporters and Donald's supporters are not policy oriented, like they should be, they are nonetheless extremely vivid in the realm of rage and raw emotion.” And it goes on and exposes Hillary Clinton to the max. It's like 20 pages or something. I mean, that's a big deal. Now, the other thing is Benjamin Fulford, just the beginning part of the report, the rest comes out later. Yet, there was something that was said that really needs to be heard by everybody. And he's on the wrong side of the fence with this stuff, but he's pointing something out nonetheless. It has to do with the global reset and the dinars and dongs, zimbabwes and etc. And when he says that, “ a source in one of the families that owns the Federal Reserve Board says that all fund 'blockages that we are experiencing in the United States are due to the Bush, Clinton and Rothschild-Rockefeller crime families. And we were told that they (and remember we told you that Hillary Clinton and the Bush-Clinton crime families started the dinars and dongs in 2004 along with Wendy and Phil Graham, who are representing another aspect of control in this country, it's called the Dominionist Church of America where all the families, church and state are all one. And that's not democracy either. Anyway, “we were told that they [these families] have issued a firm threat that the entire family would be killed of ANYONE who releases or receives any of the RV money, redemption bonds or currency exchanges funds." That's across the board. And Rama and I have been telling this [information] from the King of Swords for more than 2 or 3 years now. So, please, pass this along; it is all true, and please, if you still have those things, take a ceremonial and for the highest good of all concerned, burn them and send them on their way. It's that serious, Everyone. So, that I wanted to say.
And then there was another huge article that was talking about Hillary Clinton's shenanigans after the 7th of September, that forum, that 30 minutes that Donald Trump spoke and 30 minutes Hillary Clinton spoke. After she left the stage she came unglued and she was very upset and angry because Matt Lauer decided to ask a pointed question about her emails, and it wasn't on the list. And she went into the most foul-mouthed dissertation against her own assistants and said it was their faults and she said if the f-ing character my opponent wins, we would all hang from nooses. That's what she said. And then she tried to get Mr.Lauer fired and if I lose, it’s all on your heads on a platter, basically. In other words, she blamed her assistants. And then what's being said here is that crooked Hillary fears the gallows - absolutely. This is what we've been talking about.
And NESARA has to come in play now, because it shuts down the entire 13 families, the entire so-called economy which is a complete fraud. And it also is exposing, you know, the Revolutionary War was a fraud. That means we were never free. And that's the whole other piece that I have to put out again at this time, regarding things we should know by now, that the IRS is not a United States government agency. It's an agency of the IMF, and the IMF is an agency of the United Nations and the United States has not had a Treasury since 1921. And the US Treasury is now the IMF. And "the United States doesn't have any employees because there is no longer a United States, no more reorganization. Over 200 years ago, after 200 years of operating under bankruptcy, it's finally over. (Executive Order 12803)" That means NESARA comes into play.
This article was put up in the name of the global reset. It [the reset] is a complete lie!  It has nothing to do with them and they are working for the Cabal and that has to stop. You need to wake people up! It's really important! And so the Social Security card numbers are issued by the United Nations. Our police forces are answerable to the United Nations. This is why they can kill people with impunity and never be held accountable. Because that's the 13 families running the whole world like this. This is global.
NESARA, even though it says ‘national,’ it's not national. It's only that, as this currency goes down, then all the currencies on Earth go down. They don’t get passed out to special people who got involved with dinars and dongs. That has nothing to do with reality, and it’s really time to [know this]. And this goes back to something called ‘Manifest Destiny.’ This is where especially people who have white skin and haven’t really realized what that means. It needs to be very clear because it went all the way back to a man named John L O'Sullivan and he coined the term ‘Manifest Destiny’ in 1845. And it is in reference to a growing conviction that the United States was pre-ordained by God to expand throughout of all North America and exercise hegemony, meaning murder, over its neighbors, meaning killing the Hispanic people that were here, the Native American people that were here, and then importing slaves and using them as chattel. And that all goes back in; let me just finish this for a second. It says, Manifest Destiny was obviously a defense for what we now call imperialism. In the complex set of beliefs that incorporated a variety of ideas about race, religion, culture and economic necessity, it was convenient for all to think that they have the divine right as the settlers (meaning white people from Europe, Everybody) to acquire and dominate because they had the proper economic system and the most developed culture and belonged to the most advanced race, the white race.
This is the crippling reality of what we're facing right now. It's called white against every other culture there is and every religion there is. And this goes back to the Vatican. It's called the Doctrine of Discovery and there was another one, I forgot what it was, it doesn't matter. The Doctrine of Discovery authored itself way back when is started in 1452. It wasn't official until 1455. And what it said is that unless people who are, you know, met in the country, the native people in this country are met by missionaries and became Catholics, then they were allowed to be treated, if they refused, as animals, meaning that they could be killed and had for dinner. And that has not stopped being real!
And that is where we have to realize also it became really solid in 2013. (I'm just like what? - 2013?) that the Vatican has authority over all the people of the world. Even though we know it was true from the beginning, it was reinstated in 2013 and could determine the life and the death of anybody, with impunity, and not be tried in anybody’s court of law whatsoever. And what have we got as an appendage to it?  Something called the TPP - that's the Trans Pacific Partnership and the TTIP that's the transatlantic trade between Europe and the United States. And then the 3rd one has to do with Canada. But the point is that these all are criminal enterprises to make sure that nobody gets into any court of justice anywhere - period. And there're 40 points on that page with astounding truth.
And the only thing that changes this is NESARA - and that means us! In other words, we need to help wake up the world. That's what this means when we say we are the ones we have been waiting for, and that's what the message has been for every which way but loose, about what the Faction 3 White Knights that Rama contacted said, all these wonderful beings that are here to help lead the way are along with us to get NESARA now.
So, Rama got a call today. He actually met with Natasha, and together then Natasha got the Poppy Lady on the phone and they said focus on the Wikileaks for that email [download] and there’s enough information in those alone to arrest Hillary so far, along with the Donald, and along with the 13 families and everybody in the dog house. (laughing) They referred in particular to the Bavarian Illuminati which is Austria, and that brought to mind that Gunther Russbacher Rayelan Allan's husband, who was set up to be murdered by Al Gore. Al Gore had him murdered in 1995. And that's a fact. And that's when the farm claims went out of the window, you might say. No more farm claims. That's another big story because - what does that mean? What does a farm claim have to do with anything? Sometimes you hear about the Pigford case and that's about black farmers. Yet the farm claims are bigger than the black farmers; it’s a bigger story where we’re all claimed globally, except for a few elitists. And the elitists are not human. They are from an invading force of Reptilian life forms.
Now, our sister Susan told us a little story about these wee tiny dragons that are really good dragons, they are no bigger than a fairy and they are all over the place. And they can be consulted because they are here to help round up the naughty ones, those big ones. So they said that the increase in frequencies continues, and Nibiru is here helping with that along with our solar Sun and our solar system and all the beings of higher life and all the cloud people - everybody's here.
And again, they strongly suggest, because of the quandary of who to vote for, and they told us to tell everybody, write in Bernie Sander's name. Period. Make sure you check in the individual states. Some in the Republican states are even saying that if you dare to write in his name they will put you in jail. So you need to check if you are in such a state, but it's really going on. So it's very important that we write in Bernie Sanders. Why? Because he won by a landslide in the primaries, and the primaries were rigged by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
The thing about Hillary that nobody wants to look at deep enough, I've got to say it again, since 1992 Hillary Clinton has been in charge over Bush senior and Bush senior and Bush junior did all of this to our country, and his so-called ancestors, Prescott Bush, whose real name was Mr.Scherff, was a Nazi who brought all his family over here. Bush Senior came over too when they were all Scherffs, brought his family over here and they changed their name as they came through Ellis Island. So this is called the Nazi Fourth Reich taking over this country in earnest. Since 1945, the United Nations became the most organized fascist Nazi collaboration in history.
So it is now that we are coming to this place. Put Bernie Sander's name in there.  And Bernie Sanders and NESARA now. And he's been working again with Michelle Obama on an encrypted telephone with the others - Randy Roads in Florida and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Oprah Winfrey in her home. They've been working in her home in Costa Rica along with Bernie Sanders for the last 8 years, working as hard as they can to figure out a way to help Michelle Obama to become the next president.
And that's to remind you once more that Rana Mu said, and this is a couple of months ago, he said it on our show. But Rana Mu said to Rama, because high treason is involved, because there are only 64 members of Congress that have actually followed the Light, and all the other ones have not. They are Nazi collaborators and they are high economic treasonists and they have murdered people. Hillary is responsible for 6 regime changes that's incurred all of the deaths in those countries called Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia. OK. So, how many millions of people - there's another one; there are 6. How many millions of people are dead from our soldiers alone in Iraq? Over 2 million. It could be quite a bit more than that when we’re all said and done.Joe Wilson told Rama that 2 million were already dead, of our soldiers, in 2006. So the stats are abhorrent, and there are over 85,000 people that were killed on 9/11. This is all at the hands of these 13 families.
We must face reality and face the truth - we are warriors for peace. And please help us. We are way behind and we could really use your help, if all of us could make an extra effort; rent is due and bills are not done, and I thank you so much, all of you, for that help.
In spite of all the horror stories, a peaceful transition it is and shall be! The Galactics will put their fifth element forward. Ancient Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Light are already here, Counselors, Elders; and one more thing. There is no one Maitreya, there is no one Sananda Kumara. There are certain individuals that had a much more important role in getting it going, yet as the energies have been increasing there are many, many, many of us, millions of us that have been able to take the Rays of Wisdom that these individual souls represent and embody it. And really there's a million ascended masters on the planet in our midst. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Do not have false humility. NESARA now! World Peace now! Namaste! I pass this talking stick. Anything else you want to say, Rama?
Rama: Michelle for President!
Tara: That is correct!
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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