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Tara & Rama Report 10-27-20
Tara:  Greetings.  Okay.  We're breathless again.  Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].  Thank you, Eli.
Rama:  Thank you, Everyone!
Tara:  Thank you, Everyone, for staying the course.  This is a very, very long road that we have been walking upon, that Good Red Road, and it's such an upliftment to hear you, Eli, and Mother through Eli. The vibrations helped so much.
Okay.  So I am going to go back to last Thursday.  And Rama, I mean, as you could share, are you not experiencing from all of the contacts in these last weeks or so that we are on an approach of something very huge?
Rama: Yes.  I could just say things are moving at quantum light speed, so high, so fast at this time. All the molecules, all the particles, they're saying, "Now's the time" with the energies that are pouring in from our Sun all the way up to the Great Central Sun, and it's affecting every living particle; whether it's animal, vegetable, mineral, everything's getting lifted up, and it's affecting our reality.  This is why everybody's kind of freakin' and peakin’.  I pass the talking stick.
Tara:  Okay.  I was just going to say the weather changed radically yesterday.  It went down to 18 degrees last night and got about 4 inches of snow.
On last Friday night Rama went out to feed our two kitties and our bunny rabbit that are living in the shed out back, together, a bunny rabbit and two kitties. And then we got our kitty White Paw in the house.  She stays in the house.  When he got in there, there was a little baby Bobcat, and they were all doting all over this little baby Bobcat.  So Rama got some extra food and fed the baby Bobcat.  And then later on, he went to double-check again, and the momma Bobcat was there too. So Rama got some more food and fed the momma Bobcat. So now we had five animals in the --
Rama:  Yes, momma and the baby cat were back tonight along with the rabbit and the two cats.
Tara:  Oh, really?
Rama:  They were all there.
Tara:  Well, okay.  We're back to Friday night that happened.  And then in the morning, Saturday morning, the baby Bobcat and the momma Bobcat were gone.  And then that evening, he went back out there, and they were back, both of them, and they stayed overnight again, the second night.  And then on Sunday night they weren't there.  They didn't show up.  And then Monday night, they weren't there either.  So this is the first night since those two nights that they came back; after the snow, maybe that's what it is.
I'm just saying -- so it's about keeping secrets.  The closest medicine in the medicine wheel card is about the Lynx medicine, and Bobcats are related to that particular cat family, the Lynx family.
So there we go.  We've got something about keeping secrets that need to be kept. There’s a book that we have read a number of times called "Secret Places of the Lion."  And those secret places of the lion and all the secrets are going to come out now -- secret teaching for the world is going to become the philosophy and principles of living on this Planet, and it's about the Sun, because the Sun is going through a complete transfiguration.  And since we are children of the Sun, that light that's shining on us is bringing those kind of energies into our fields.
They're not being forced upon, except that if you're choosing to live on this Planet, that light is going to continue to go higher.  So the request is to open our hearts.  Our high heart is located right on the breast plate, between our physical heart and the throat chakra, where the thymus is there too.  And sometimes you can just take your fingers and tap on that high heart. 
And if you feel cross or not so good, or you feel like being crabby, just breathe, deep and slow and tap, tap your thymus, your high heart. There's an endocrine gland there that brings the chakra light into the thymus, into that endocrine gland, and that's the higher vibrations into the physical system of our bodies for healing.
So back on Thursday Rama speaks and he says, "I received a call late this morning from Rana Mu and the Poppy Lady.  They both said to me, "Lord Rama, Ms. Barrett is being railroaded into the Supreme Court right before the election to try and kill Joe Biden's chances of being the winner; yet, President Trump will declare himself the winner and throw it to the Supreme Court, where Ms. Barrett, along with the other six to three in balance there, will make sure to back that up.
And there are rumors that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act that says as you try to go up against the government in this case, you can be declared an enemy of the state or a terrorist, and thus be arrested.  Yet all of this is in the realm of speculation. The Fates have already made their decision, and a capital F.  These are light beings, these Fates.  Rana Mu said, "It is about divine intervention coming out of left field."
Then the Poppy Lady said, "Lord Rama, she who was here before the gods were here is calling the shots. Focus on the high heart.  Send love.  All we are saying is give Peace a chance."
Well, that was Thursday.  So let's go through this next one here.  This is for Friday.  And the Dalai Lama sent us at 3:30 that morning a little message.  And it says here, "Wherever we live, try to create a happy community.  I pray that every Human Being, indeed every sentient being should be happy. So as we come across individuals facing problems, help them.  Share their problems and try to bring them peace of mind."  And that's the end of the Dalai Lama's message.
I received a text message from Sweet Angelique the cat, today.  It was just before noon.  She said to me, "Lord Rama, I am in Paris, and there is another lockdown in progress here.  Remain in the Violet Flame of Saint Germain.  This moment is the most transformational and transfigurational juncture point.
As we approach this blue moon, full moon, 10:49 a.m., eastern time, one week from this Saturday -- which is, you know, this was on Friday.  That's Friday.  So one week from last Saturday -- is Halloween.  And then the same day we get that second full moon, what they call a "blue moon," when we got two full moons. The first full moon was right on the 1st and then this one on the 31st.
And it's off of Samhain, which is the crack between the two worlds is the closest time period.  We have -- what do they call that in Spring?
RAMA:  Beltane.
TARA:  Beltane.  Yeah, Beltane is the same thing in the springtime. You're really close to the merging of both worlds, as the veil is so very thin so that you can communicate between worlds very easily on juncture points.  Goddess is afoot.
I asked Sweet Angelique about the big story. She said, "Lord Rama, the Forces of Light are on the ground."  Then at 1 o'clock this afternoon I received another call, this time from the King of Swords.  He said to me, "Lord Rama, heads up.  The Forces of Light have assembled all across Mother Gaia.  Stay in that high heart place.  Lord Michael and Admiral Sananda Kumara are here.  The dark side has lost.  Pay no attention to the passion play that's going on.  The Goddess is here.  This is her time.  The crack between the worlds, the two worlds, the Collector of Souls, he -- I -- she is here.  And I will be seeing you soon; ‘second star to the right, straight on till morning.’ That's funny.  He said, "I'll be waiting there."
All right.  That's the end for that day. And then we go to this is Saturday the 24th. I received a text message from Sweet Angelique the Cat. She said to me, "Lord Rama, Mr. Erdogan is calling Mr. Macron crazy.  Let me explain:  There are tunnels that go from Edinburgh, Scotland, all the way to Ankara, as well as Istanbul, Turkey. "Mr. Erdogan has most likely found an ancient sidereal weapon from the Anunnaki Wars in the Middle East during the time of Ancient Persia."  Put all of this in the circle of support.
And there's a note:  There was a beheading last week, a French history teacher, Mr. Samuel Paty. And what he had done is he showed cartoons to his students to give a lesson on freedom of speech, and the cartoons were of Muhammad. And he spoke to the whole classroom and said, "As this is something you don't want to engage in, you can go to the study hall or to the library.  You can, you know, just leave the room, and I'll give the lesson to those who are here."
What occurred in that he got beheaded is that the United States created that situation as a Black Ops from here or a CIA, actually, mind-controlled a Chechnya refugee, who also got some help from a couple of the parents of the students in the classroom and a couple of the students in the classroom, and they collaborated together, and they beheaded this teacher. 
So again, put all of this in the circle of support.  We're kind of seeing some pretty violent things going on and the energies continue to go higher.  So as we remain in unconditional divine neutrality, then you might say it becomes more likely that the Light can prevail.
And there's always down to the very last mini-miniscule part of the second an opportunity for those who are choosing the dark side to come to the Light.  It's like Paul being struck from his horse by a bright shining light, and he decided in a flash to walk with the Light.  And that's the moment we're in.
So the next story has to do with that text message from Tom the Ringtail Cat, for Monday, about re-indexing. This is about one month after the enactment of NESARA Law, when there will be a re-indexing of every product and service that we have on the Planet.
So let me just say this:  I received a text message from Tom the Ringtail Cat, at 11:30 a.m., Monday morning. He said to me, "Lord Rama, everything is in place for the re-indexing of the value of every product and service on Mother Gaia worldwide," which meant one month after the enactment of NESARA law, it will create the change that we've all been working towards.
For the full month after the enactment of NESARA, everything will remain relatively the same.  People will go to work on the old system still, and they get their money and go to what they need to do to live. Then the beginning of the next month – and every man, woman, and child, will receive $10 million, whether they're in a program or not, in the whole planet; yet, as this re-indexing goes on, that money will be worth -- and this is a big jump -- but it will be worth a $100 million.
And what's being said here is that we’re the only species on this planet that do not get to live here with freedom.  We have to work and make money, otherwise, you know, the way it's going on, people struggle, get sick, and die. And so metaphorically speaking, what's being said here is that this system is completely gone, and everything we need, want, desire, all the love, time, energy, and air to breathe is available without the money system being imposed in order to obtain those things.
And all of the 60,000 free energy devices will be discussed and the first 6,000 of them will be released, which takes us off of the grid of the old timeline for real, and it presents to us a way of life where we're on the 5th dimensional spiritual path and no more death and no more sickness.
And I just want to add that we lost a dear sister -- I talked to our sister Marietta Roberts about this.  And as close as we can place it, our sister Angel Sue made her transition the Friday, two Fridays ago.  And she got the Covid at the nursing home where she's been staying. Yet, I talked with our sister Angel Sue about a month ago, and when I spoke with her, she told us that the Covid sickness was on her floor then, and that Marietta Roberts had given her the lights that have titanium in them so they destroy viral energy in the space where you're sitting with that light, and all of that. And she was saying that "I have that, and I'm going to put my faith in that."
And I just said, "You know, Angel Sue, you never give up." She said, "That's true.  And I am willing for whatever the highest good of all concerned is to happen here to happen." And I just want to say thank you, sister Angel Sue, for all of your service. She's been doing the meditations for our calls since the early '90s. That's a long time ago.  And I'm sure that she's hanging out with Susan [Leland] and Deanna and numerous others, and I'm getting a celebrational clap coming from the other side, too.
And again, Mother Sekhmet said this -- she said that "Since 9/11 every single soul that has made their transition can choose to come back in that same body totally healed and totally perfect shape -- and be with us in an ascended body and be visible and walk with us on this Planet, to continue the mission.  That's a choice."
But Mother said that's possible and probable for anyone who chooses to do it in that manner.  So may that be so!
And then the Dalai Lama had something to say here.  He said, "As a campaigner for the elimination of all nuclear weapons, I welcome the fact that the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons has now been ratified by 50 countries and will come into force in January next year."  Wow.
And then let's see if we can go on here – so the text message went on and said that, "Lord Rama, everything is in place for the re-indexing of the value of every product and service on Mother Gaia one month after the enactment of NESARA law, yet I can give no dates regarding NESARA being enacted. We are the ones of the "Planetary Reboot." 
This something that was coined by our sister Patty Cota-Robles. The work is done.  Let's put it that way. So we are the ones, 'Planetary Reboot' is already taking place. What this means in a few words is Mother Gaia, along with all the seven super universes, and the entire Mazzaroth are being lifted up to assist everyone to merge with the Oneness of Beingness that we all are together.  Pray Peace.  Listen to our heart song.  Be calm.  Breathe long, deep, and slow.  Smile - because it works - and believe in the magic.
And then today I received a call from the Poppy Lady this morning.  It was 11 a.m.  She said to me. "Lord Rama, the Sun is the biggest news right now because we are in the process of meeting Solar Angels and Beings from the Sun.  They are part of the Solar Logos that go all the way up to the Great Central Sun. These beings have been called by Lord Michael and the other spiritual Masters who are in charge of maintaining the stability of our local Sun. Right now our Sun is going through a huge transfiguration.  These energies are creating absolute chaos for that which pursues darkness.  "No one can serve two masters."
So let us send good vibrations and support for those who are struggling with choosing love so that the choice is for everyone and expand this with our heartfelt divine Love and Neutrality.  Out of left field Divine Government shows up.  Pray Peace and Love.  Namaste."
And it's just about that hour and just to ask for support right now.  We had a little bit of a calamity with our automobile here, and it's been going on for a week.  The water pump failed, and it drained the water out of the radiator, and there was no awareness of it happening.  And at the stop sign, about a mile from being home, the car just died. And so Rama turned around and headed back to Santa Fe to auto repair, and he said that he had to take the head gasket off and then send it to the machine shop.  And they have six jobs before Rama's.  So it's a week and a day now that we've had a rental car, and it's going to $2200 to get the car fixed.  We've got a substantial amount of it, but we could really use some help to get the rest of it, and then we've got to pay the rental car as well.
So I would just pursue that we can all be generous of heart so we can get our wheels back and a good healthy moment in time so Rama can continue to do the work out there. And thank you so much, and thank you for all of the support and work that we involved in doing together.
And I pass this talking stick -- with angels,fairies, feathers, rainbows, and crystals, especially amethyst crystals here to my sister Fran.
Transcribed by Celeste and edited by Fran.
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