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Tara & Rama Report 10-8-19

Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: Thank you, sisters and brothers. And thank you to the ones we call The Collective and our sister Caroline Oceana Ryan. And we are that – we are –all of us. And Caroline Oceana is the outward expression of all that the Collective is, in our midst. And I want to express appreciation for deciding to show up with all of us.
There is so much that has gone on, and you might call it wrap-up time. Today on Thom Hartmann’s show, the word ‘establishment’ was defined as ‘evil,’ [quoting John Lennon]. It’s the Malevolent Ones, and it started in that hierarchical pyramid energy in the war in Orion, and it has been holding on for dear life to cause pain and suffering, sorrow and death - which is not real.
Rama: No.
Tara: And as we know, the stories that we listen to on the media across this globe are just that, made-up stories to cover up stories that are the truth.  And of course the way that we work with this, is that we do not make any kind of judgment. May we all pass every test, as St.Germain always says, ‘I will never say, may God bless you; may you all pass every test.’  And unless you have walked in another’s shoes, leave it alone - send more Love.
I just want to put our brother and the family of Joe Wilson in the circle of support. This was not expected, as he wasn’t [ill]. I’ll just say he’s been a long-time neighbor and friend. Our lives have been with them in watching them raise their children here. They have twin boys right in the middle of Malia and Sasha and they’re good friends with them. Joe Wilson was taken off this Planet by the Malevolent Ones. Just encircle the whole family. This is very challenging, and it’s very close to home.
And of course it marks the day that he spoke truth to power to the Bush family and said, no, there is no yellowcake and Saddam Hussein has no weapons of mass destruction, and that cannot be used as an alibi to invade and occupy a country and destroy lives.
I still remember Rama coming home in 2006 and he had spent a good couple of hours with Joe Wilson. He got in the pickup truck and went up the mountain with him. And there was a whole big huge black limousine behind them. And Joe just said, ‘Rama they are always there. You’ve just got to let it go. They can hear everything we’re saying and I’m just going to tell you up front, over 2 million of our US soldiers are already dead as of 2006. And they took out a 10 million dollar insurance plan and they made 10 million dollars on every single soldier they could kill in this way.’
The numbers are exorbitant, and it’s the same thing for 9/11. There were over 90,000 people that died that morning that NESARA was supposed to be enacted into law.
Also, as Patty Cota-Robles has been writing and saying, these Malevolent Ones do not get to continue. One by one our malevolent sisters and brothers, quoting from Patty Cota-Robles [A Monumental Victory]: “were brought before our Altar of Divine Grace by their I Am Presence.
"They were told that their time had run out and that a contingency plan was being set into motion by our Mother-Father God. Alpha and Omega confirmed that this was not punishment for their wayward behavior, but rather a plan that would allow them to continue their free-will choices in a denser school of learning in the inner planes. This meant that they would no longer be able to manipulate and enslave the masses of Humanity or affect Mother Earth’s Ascension process adversely.
“Alpha and Omega demonstrated to every one of these fallen souls why this was happening. They were reminded of the Heart commitment they made in 2002, and they were shown what they have done to renege on that agreement. They were also shown how for aeons of time they have manipulated, controlled and enslaved the masses of Humanity by tricking them into being pawns for their sinister plans.
“Next, the magnitude of what their obscene greed and corruption has done to harm the Children, the Millennials, the rest of Humanity and Mother Earth was revealed to them. Once that was complete, our fallen sisters and brothers were then shown the unprecedented sacrifices their sisters and brothers have selflessly made on their behalf in an effort to prevent them from being left behind during the Shift of the Ages, and now Earth’s Ascension in the Light [has begin].
“With the completion of those revelations, our Father-Mother God sounded a Cosmic Tone and issued a Divine Fiat forArchangel Michael and the Lords of Power and Protection from his Temple in the Realms of Illumined Truth to take command of these malevolent souls. With the agreement of each of these souls’ I AM Presence, Archangel Michael responded by placing a “Ring pass not – of God’s First Cause of Perfection” around each one. This is an invincible Circle of White Lightning that prevents anything that is not of the Light from leaving or entering the circle.
“When that phase of the Divine Plan was complete, the masses of Humanity who have for myriad Lifetimes been manipulated and controlled by these wayward souls were drawn into the Temple of Divine Grace in their finer bodies. All of them had energetic connections and attachments to the malevolent souls that had been used to manipulate them into being their reluctant and sometimes willing pawns Lifetime after Lifetime.”
What we’re saying here is that they do not get to stay in a physical form now anymore, and the way that this is done is Mother’s choice, Mother’s way, and it’s all merciful – Divine Wisdom, Mercy and Compassion. And remember that we are the ones we have been waiting for – that this story is ended now!
This story begins with being calm, so that we can use in this order, Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice seasoned with Divine Mercy, Wisdom and Compassion, an no other way. And thus Beauty returns to All That Is – and no more war!
Rama said, around lunch time today I received a call from the King of Swords, Lady Di and Dodi and the Poppy Lady. Dodi and Di are hunkered down in the Wesak Valley as they have already had their first really big snow. They had two feet in a half a day this weekend. They all said to me, Lord Rama, as we move into  Thursday and on into October 10th and into Sunday, October 13th, we move into the Full Moon in  Aries (initiation time, Everybody at 2:08 pm Pacific Time on Sunday) the world’s economy could literally teeter off the edge because we are at that end of this story.
Then the Poppy Lady said that there has been an uptick in violence in Afghanistan. It is about the United States attempting to maintain its foothold in this region by means of perpetuating an endless war on terror so-called in order to continue the New World Order agenda, and endless access to Afghani slave labor harvesting the poppy fields started by US soldiers to proliferate the drug trade of heroin globally for profit.
The Poppy Lady and the King of Swords finally said that they are all leaving now. Stay in the presence of the Violet Flame and be Peace now, and engage with the Threefold Flame to remember who we all are as instruments of Peace, dedicated together as servants of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty for all that it can be.
And I got a quick call just before this call from our sister Penny and she discovered this 35 page document that came out. It’s quite a scene, let’s just say that. This was written by a Dr. Polya, PhD. He taught science students at a major Australian university for four decades. He published some 130 works in a five-decade scientific career.
In a book named The Plight of the Palestinians he contributed a list of 140 alphabetically-listed Zionist crimes exposing the appalling Western complicity and hypocricy. Just to name a few: 1) Anti-Arab anti-Semitism, Anti-Democracy, 3) Anti-Jewish anti-Semitism, 4) Anti-secular, 5) Anti-Semitism, 6) Apartheid is real. It is a Jewish theocracy, a faith-based ethnocracy and a genocidally racist apartheid – a rogue state.
7) Avoidable death, avoidable mortality, untimely death, premature death. Avoidable death with complicity is the crime. Each year over 5,000 occupied Palestinians die annually from violence or from imposed deprivation in a process of active and passive mass murder of Indigenous Palestinians in gross violation of the Geneva Convention and the UN Genocide Convention. You can go to http://globalbodycount.com for an in-depth detail. A book could be written about most items.
Another one of the 140 listed crimes is ‘Collaboration with Nazis’, Complicity with genocide, Criminalizing free speech, Demolition of homes, Disproportionate violence, Femicide-the intentional killing of women, Grand larceny, Guatemalan Indian genocide complicity. Genocidal racism is the last one in the book.
So it’s already been put down on paper. It’s out there to the world. This is the end. May we all pass every test because now is the time we’re needed more than anything. What we do here – Unconditional Divine Neutrality we do and nothing else. And may we all be one together – because now our mission is to celebrate and find that way in your heart to bring that Joy to everyone you meet! It is time for Love. It is time for Peace.
We had a little everyday circumstance last week. Our printer died and so we had to get a new one. It cost $350 dollars, cheaper than the one we had before. Can we be generous because we missed a lot of help to keep the radio show going, a week and a half of the radio show. It would be so gratefully received that we can catch up with this.
And I just want to say I’m so grateful that Ashtar On The Road came into being and Susan is here with us. Every time we come on this show together, and every time off the show she is there. Just call on her.
She has been invited by Lord Metatron and his Twin Flame Neptha el-Ra and the Praying Mantis People to work with them at the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station. What they do there is, as a person makes their transition they are re-integrated with Galactic Law by these ones, and then they can make a choice as to how they’re going to work from there.
In other words, it’s a never-ending story and this never-ending story from here on out is always Bliss. We are Bliss-balls.  Thank you, Everyone!  And I pass this bliss-ball talking stick with Fairies, Angels, Feathers and beautiful Crystals to my sister Fran.
Transcribed and edited by Fran.
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