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Tara & Rama Report 9-10-19
Greetings, Everyone!  It’s a very high energy time - that’s for sure, and the situation is that a couple of days ago Rama’s phone got completely erased.  And we were just going ‘Huh’, what, so I mean, you know, it’s kind of similar to what’s going on here. I mean Rama’s got everything under the sun, 44 peoples’ names from Faction 3 White Knights and all kinds of phone numbers and everything – just gone - with the wind.  And so he took the phone in on Sunday up here where we are in Espanola, and it was a Sunday, and they just said to take it down to Santa Fe on Monday. And so he did. And he got an assigned appointment with a person and he was appointed to do that today.  So he went to Santa Fe today, and he called the person at the appointed time and, you tell everybody, Rama, what happened. 
Rama: He helped me get my phone back in working mode, yet I lost most of my pictures and a few of my apps that I have got to reinstall. Yet he told me his name was Trevor from Tennessee and that he knew the King of Swords, and things were very close to happening right now.
Tara: How did that happen? How did that happen that your phone appointment is somebody that’s a friend of the King of Swords?
Rama:  I do not know. I am not going to go there.
Tara: Serendipity?
Rama: Serendipity.
Tara: So let’s keep everything in good order, everyone. And so as a result, as he was checking to see if he could get all of these things back, he noticed Sibel Edmonds number, and so he got inspired to call her up, and so he did.  And Sibel said, ‘To this day, Lord Rama, I am still gagged to the teeth, yet what has happened? What has happened to the towers? They turned to dust. That’s the question.
Dr. Judy Woods (This is Sibel continuing) is being called upon to call a national press conference about full disclosure, as is Dr. Greer and many others.  The real story is about the Hutchison Effect which reveals that the powers that were at the time, chose to use Tesla energy to kill people rather than using the energy for good, for healing.”
So I asked Sibel, “What is the timing that you know for accountability?” And Sibel answered me; she said, “Lord Rama, the time is now for full disclosure, as well as full accountability. Remember who you are, and that the first law of Love is to be calm. Serendipity, as the great minds with the same thoughts, and to be the Peace you want to see in the world.” And Sibel said, I and Dr. Greer and many others will indeed be coming forward very shortly.”
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So patience is a virtue.
So now we’ll go back to the morning time, before all this phone stuff and everything.  That happened in the afternoon, early afternoon, all of that. This morning, Rama speaking here, I first off today from 11:00 to noon, I listened to the Native American call-in call show, and they were talking about a large group of people who have been wanting to show up at Area 51 come the 21st of this month of September, confronting the US government about the Roswell incident and many other incidents of this kind, and where the United States government have covered all of these stories up and captured and experimented on, and did away with, all these ET’s, and all kinds of other advanced technologies they sequestered away and have suppressed ever since.
And the conversation on the Native American call-in show concludes that, very firmly, there is no possibility to go and penetrate Area 51.  That is dangerous, and you have no business endangering the lives of others. Stop it, you know, just stop it.
Then three grandmothers came on the show. And I have to just say that there is some serendipity to this conversation that I am going to have with Rama here and the grandmothers. I think the last time our two sisters [Lei’ohu and Maydeen] who are here with us today were on this show, we said about the same thing. It’s kind of wild.
Anyway, these three Grandmothers, one of them spoke for the other two because they cannot speak English. And her name again is Grandmother Flordemayo, whom I have spoken with a number of times before, (this is Rama speaking) And Grandmother Flordemayo said, “In this time of revealing the ancient prophecies, the return of the Red Star Kachina and the Blue Star Kachina show up along with all the Ascended Masters and the Star Nations. (I’m remembering this word for word from the last time they were together.)
Then Dhyani Ywahoo came on the line and she said, “As a member of the Cherokee Nation, all the way back to my grandmother’s time, I was told about the Star Nations coming from the Pleiades.”  Then a Pawnee Nation’s high school science teacher called in from Lakota territory, from the Black Hills of South Dakota and said, “I have been taken up more than one time onto Sirian Starships and taken on the starships to Sirius B, where I got to meet the Paschat people who live there now, yet came originally from Andromeda.
This happened in the early 90’s, 1991-1992, and as they brought me back from my experience there, I found I was missing for 4 days in Earth time. To my surprise, they had the Tribal Police and the FBI looking me. I explained my story to them and they said, “We want to take you to the hospital and do some tests on you.” I was with many tribal members and I told them politely that I had been given the necessary teachings and wisdom that I needed for my next steps in my spiritual journey and I am fine. Thank you very much. Yet, I will be on my way now. And they let me go.
In the course of the following days, I shared my experience with my students and they were very open (high school students, 15, 16, 17 years of age) and together we created an inclusive community with creative solutions to everyday situations using my shared experience with the Galactics, which was that our connectedness to each other no matter what race, religion, gender, etc. is what makes everything work for the highest good.”
Tara to Rama: Is there anything else on that show that you wanted to share?
Rama: Just that they spoke about the fact that right at this time that we’re going through with all these intense energies that everyone’s feeling, and the Sun is going through its gyrations with the geo-magnetic storms as well as the solar flares that show up and all these energies that affect us on Earth and all the neighboring Planets. 
And right at this time there are so many different crafts coming through the Sun. Large sphere shaped crafts. Some of these sphere shaped crafts are larger than the moon. And the sun is a portal that goes to the other Galaxies. Some of these beings are called the Blue Avians of the bird people, the Bird tribes. Some are the Paschat people. Some are these cube shaped craft that are very large, and they are not the Borg.
Yet I can say all these folks are showing up right at this time because of the transfigurations of our Sun, our Planet and all the neighboring Planets. This is in conjunction with the prophecies that speak about this time - the Red Star Kachina, the Blue Star Kachina showing up with Quetzecoatal and the Masters, all the Space Brothers, the Star Nations. I mean this is huge, because it is being talked about more and more and more in various circles, how this is the answer. I pass the talking stick. 
Tara:  Okay, I just wanted to speak to another article that came out.  And it said ‘Who Really Runs This World?’ I was trying to figure out the Roman numerals because at the very bottom of the pyramid it had this very long Roman numeral and it was MDCCLXXVI and together with Penny’s assistance we looked up, and it said the Roman numeral is for 1776. And above at the very top of the pyramid, it is describing that the very highest level of this pyramid, it’s got the Eye of Horus up there in the top triangle, is the highest level of malevolent extra terrestrials, who literally feed off the fear of death, pain, suffering, misery and sacrifices. 
And these are the controllers of the next level which is No. 1, the Archon’s. So that’s the Galactic story. That’s at the very, very top. And then below the Archons, other invisible matter are higher level malevolent ET’s. And they say at that level, it’s the Annunnaki. The ones at that highest level they are talking about the Orion War Lords, Narcon, Triax, and Zeon. And Lord Zeon came forward as the leader of that trinity, and Rama had a lot of experiences as he was a pirate at the time.
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: And they were talking about the Fifth Dimensional Orion War. Rama was in the middle of that, and so were many others of us in various roles. Some of us remained neutral and worked from other realms, and others of us got right into the thick of it. Yet the story is that they did all of the same things in the fifth dimension, you know, they created pain and suffering and misery and torture and fear and made sacrifices.
They did all the same things in the fifth dimension and it just got passed on to this world because they were vying for this beautiful Planet to take over, as they had blown up Planets and Star Systems in their War in Heaven. And they were looking for the gem of the whole place and that was called Mother Earth, Mother Gaia here.
And so then there is another level, No. 3, and that is even a lower level of malevolent ETs and that’s the Draconian Reptilian groups. Then comes the Vatican Catholic Church, then the Bilderbergers, then the Business Advisory Council, then the Council on Foreign Relations, then the United Nations banking complex, then the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks (of which we will just mention again that are 100% insolvent globally), and then the United Nations, per se. 
This is where Lady Master Nada is a primary person here, because she is in both worlds. She is the head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn and she as the Divine Feminine volunteered to come into a form and still continue at that role and represent Galactic intervention as being a member of the International Court of Justice, the ICJ.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That makes the bridge for them, the ones from our star brothers and sisters, Ascended Masters and all the other Beings of Light to intervene. Without her, that would not be happening now. This is very critical. This is very timely because this is where the age of the Divine Feminine returns, and we remember that part of ourselves and we become whole again. In other words, the relationship for the way to be the Divine Male, it is necessary to have the Divine Feminine be here now. And so it is.
The intervention goes all the way to the number 10 level at the United Nations. Right below that is the Council of Thirteen, and below that is the Committee of Three Hundred, and below that are all the secret societies. And at the very bottom is that Roman numeral 1776.
What happened in 1776?  Two things happened. The Declaration of Independence - although the original Declaration of Independence was created with the Iroquois Nations in 1774, let’s make that clear. Yet in 1776 the other thing that happened on May 1st, is that the Illuminati was created, which brought us into a run in which brought us to this pyramid that we were just discussing - and it’s taken us through these tests. And we must remember that it is us that asked for these tests.
The things that I wanted to say is that many pyramids are showing up here, and one of them shows the pyramid in the time of Ancient Egypt. When we were here in the time of Egypt we had a similar thing - at the top of the pyramid is the Pharaoh and beneath that is our government officials of the day, then the soldiers, then scribes, then merchants, then artisans, then farmers, then slaves at the bottom of the pyramid again.
So, where’d that come from? It came from Atlantis. There was an invasion from that Orion War in Heaven from that highest level from the Zeon-Narcon Triad circumstances going on in the Heavens and it came into Earth, in the high middle period of Atlantis about 13,000 years ago, and Mother Sekhmet came in with all paws on the ground.  She stayed in a form on the Earth in Egypt for 3,000 years to guide us through the darkest period ever.
So the remnants of all of these stories are coming whole now.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: In other words, this model is an old Model-T and it’s going out the window. In the Middle Ages in the top of the pyramid, you have a king, right? And then you have the fiefdom, with the peasants, and all of that with the lords and the Vatican controlling things for the king and the bishop and all of that stuff, and then you had a military service, right? We had all kinds of people paying homage to these people up above them, and then at the very bottom you had all the serfdom and slavery, and everything else that we’re still going through - and that’s the same model.
And then there was another one of those models, and it’s the one that we are working with right now. At the very, very top is all the money, the Capitalism up there. And then there’s the monarchy and the corporate world and that is the ruler of the day - the fascist corporate monarchical state, and then they’ve got a little insert here called media, where they are just putting 3 words together. And the Church is in there too, the media and the church. All kinds of different organized religions.
And they say that the whole role of that group is to be ‘we fool you’ group.  And then the next group is the ‘we shoot you group’. And the next one is the ‘we eat for you group’. And at the very bottom of that Capitalist system is the ‘we work for everybody else group’. We hold the whole thing up on the burden on our backs. And we are the ones that feed everybody else and we get whatever is left. So, what’s the point of all this?
The point of all this is that the whole model is ended, as we said before. I mean they said on a particular date, they said on the 31st of July at Midnight the third dimension completely closed. The door closed on that whole model, which means that - this is an illusion now. This whole British Crown and we’re watching it, and it’s in front of our faces right now. And they’re going to be off now from today on for five weeks. He just fired the whole Parliament and sent them away - Mr.Johnson.
Rama: Boris.
Tara: Oh, yeah, Boris. We’re watching the end of that complete now. 
They refer to Matthew, Chapter 19, Vs. 21, and in that part there’s a Being who wanted to know how to best serve and he was talking to Jesus. After Jesus finished his address and he left Galilee and circled back to Judea from across the River Jordan, there were these questions. The question was whether it was acceptable to marry for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven and stuff.  Jesus said there’s a commitment about spiritual things, it’s about your commitment to your Divine Self and it’s important that you honor that.
And then little children were brought before Jesus to lay his hands on them and pray. Yet these same disciples scolded those who brought the children and said, ‘Don’t bother him.’ And Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not resent them, for such is of the Kingdom of Heaven.”  And he put his hands on their heads and he blessed them before he left.
And someone came to Jesus with these questions, ‘Good Master, what must I do to have eternal life?’ “As you call me good, you are calling me God,” Jesus replied, “For God alone is truly good, yet to answer your question, you can get to Heaven, as you teach the commandments.” And then the man asked, “Which one?” And Jesus replied, “Do not kill. Do not commit adultery. Do not steal.  Do not lie. Honor your father and your mother. And love your neighbor as yourself.”
“I have always obeyed every one of them,” the youth replied, “What else must I do?” Jesus told him, “As you wish to be perfect, go and sell everything you have and give the money to the poor and you will have a treasure in Heaven, and come follow me.” Yet as the man heard this he went away sadly, for he was very rich. Then Jesus said to his disciples, “It is almost impossible for a rich man to get into the Kingdom of Heaven.  I say it again, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”
This remark confounded all of the disciples, “Then who in the world can be saved?” they asked. Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, no one, yet with God,(I’m going to add God/Goddess All That Is) everything is possible.” Then Peter said to Jesus, “We left everything to follow you, what will we get out of it?”
And Jesus replied, “As I the Messiah shall sit upon my glorious throne in the Kingdom.  You, my disciples, shall certainly sit on 12 thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel. And anyone who gives up his home, brothers, serfs, wives, children or properties to follow me, shall receive a hundred times as much in return and shall have eternal life. Yet many who are first now, will be last then. And some who are last now, will be first then.” Okay, we know all that. We know that story.
Right now the Galactic part is that once the bottom of the pyramid unites all of us, the rest will collapse.  That is the message that Sibel was telling to Rama at the very beginning of this story. And she said that we are all here now - and that the amount of people in the world that are on the same page have arrived.
And I would say that Mother [Sekhmet] said this on Friday. She said that the percentage that needs to be reached in the world is 96% and we are at 91.8%.  So there’s a very small group of about 5.5% of the people that need to reach this level with us together. Patience is indeed a virtue - and we are the ones that are preventing any further damage to be happening to ourselves. Hurricane Dorian was manipulated and accountability will be taken into consideration. I will just say that is the Galactic news - that we’re here - we’ve arrived, and the energies are ripe for us to carry this one through. And we are doing this by being fully who we are together. NESARA now! 
Please assist us as you can.  Rama had a flat tire and the cost of it, and we’re behind on a number of things, so we would be very grateful to receive some assistance at this time.  Thank you, Everyone!
Rama: Thanks.
Tara: Pass the talking stick. Let’s hear some good things from our sisters, Lei’ohu and Maydeen.* Namaste!
*Lei’ohu and Maydeen completed their portion at the end of the call (it was interrupted earlier when the Maui phone connection dropped off).
Transcribed by Rita, edited by Fran.
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