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Tara & Rama Report 11-10-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings.
Tara: Caroline and The Collective, thank you.
Rama: Yes, thank you!
Tara: The message was steered to the real serious fact that the design for, you might say, referring to Saint Germain’s thesis where what he said is that we’re here to create a philosophical society based on morals and principles and higher consciousness, and the interception of what we’ve got now has made its course, and so a lot of the spiritual teachings are saying, pay no attention to what’s going on in that realm.
Work with the energies coming in at a much higher fast rate and, you know, what’s going on is political bantering about parties. And for the education of the people, both parties and their candidates have always been controlled by Wall Street, so everything is based on money. And of course we all go back to -  it’s harder for a camel to get thru the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven.[sic]
And so we’re going now forward to basing the teachings of Saint Germain on how we engage in democratic principles and divine government; we are going to divine government. And it’s not slow and dragging it out; it’s very fast, this is a very fast change.
So I will go back to the 28th, which is a Wednesday, of October, and here Rama said: I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. He said to me Lord Rama, the fecal matter is hitting oscillating apparatus once again, and we will all need raincoats because it’s very thick.
Are you sitting down Lord Rama? I answer, yes, I am sitting in ET’s truck while he is working in my car, (the name of our auto repair shop is ET’s Auto Repair and we promised ET that we would get him a spaceship on top of his, you know, place that said ET’s Auto Repair, he said oh that’s great I’ll take it), so Tom went on, Lord Rama, there is a story out there that President Trump made a death threat to Vice-President Biden and it was saying, paraphrased, as you win and you make it three months, six months in, it would be a shame as you got shot.
All we are saying is 'give peace a chance,' this is not the way of the peaceful warrior and all of these things come from growing up in a dysfunctional art society as an art form. And both parties like I said are owned by Wall Street and Wall Street has no intention of ever ending war, infinite war, so that’s cancelled and that’s going on very, very quickly.
We’re going to jump forward to Monday now. I went up to the fairy ring  this morning at 11:00 a.m. I sat in the fairy ring I received a call  from Tom, the Ringtail Cat and he had Sweet Angelique the Cat on the line with him along with the King Of Swords. They all said to me, Lord Rama, please place this election in a circle of support, call in all the Masters and the Forces of Light from this local Milky Way Galaxy, neither candidate is worthy of the oval office, both are war criminals to say the least.
The larger story is about what Dragon Lady and the Clintons is about that Dragon Lady, talking about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, and at this point she will have to deal with Mother Sekhmet and the story about Dracos.
The King of Swords went on, it is time, and Rama’s got to explain that I forgot what it meant for ‘black hole soup’.  What does that mean?
Rama: It is about what’s happening at the Super Galactic Center where there’s a black hole there and it’s sending out these very fast short radio bursts.  And that is what I heard about today. And these very fast radio bursts are connected with neutrino emissions and they come from cosmic rays and the way professor Nicodemus explained it to me today is that this is a very advanced civilization that’s contacting Earth because these signals are pointed directly at Earth and this has been going on for about a month and it’s all over the internet.
Tara: Very interesting, and the other thing that I would say just in case anybody doesn’t know this ‘black holes’ is a term for creation chambers in the entire Mazzeroth. In other words, Earth was created from a black hole, and then Mother Sekhmet is the, what is her ultimate title, Rama?
Rama: Creator Source.
Tara: Well no, it’s referring to the black hole concept, what’s her term?  It’s another term for the Hindu term ‘Yoni.’
Rama: Oh, yes.
Tara: It’s a super creation chamber; it’s the creation chamber of all the black hole chambers, I don’t remember what it’s called, but I just wanted to pass that on. And we’re being introduced to Galactic law and the Star people because Mother Earth is ascending, and all of her children upon her breast need to get with the program, because she is ascending and it’a like a quick lesson in the Galactic law as we move forward.
So today Rama got a message at 2:30 this morning from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, saying, "We are truly brothers and sisters; we all face the same kind of problems and we all have the ability to overcome them, that means putting our human brains to good use, combined with a strong dose of warm-heartedness."
And then he goes on and said, I received a call today from Katherine. It was 11:00 a.m. Just to remind everybody, Katherine worked from 1993 to 1999 on the holocaust victims funds at the International Bank of Settlements in Geneva, Switzerland. And she also worked in October of 2008 at the same place and Lady Master Nada and a few other of the Faction Three White Knights helped her from the first of October to the 31st of October.
She zeroed out all of the wealth of the entire planet, whether it was just in money or it was in gold, or silver, or platinum, or precious metals or everything of value, which means that she zeroed out the entire system of the old timeline order, so ever since then we have been living on you might say, borrowed time, where the ones in power didn’t want to give up the ghost, so they just have been printing worthless money forever.
Lately since 2008 when that happened October 1st to 31st they started doing something called ‘quantitative easing’ so they go through a month of wall street and all kinds of economical things and whatever they came up short, they just create, I think at the beginning it was something like 90 billion dollars every month, and now for about the last month they have been infusing trillions of dollars a day of worthless money, meaning that as the market goes, and I hope you all know that the market has nothing to do with the ground level economy at all.
You know it is about ‘the one percent,’ it’s about their money scheme, nobody else benefits from Wall Street. And so the rest of us are just observing this is. This is how come Jeff Bezos made 13 billion dollars in one day, about a month and a half or two ago. And what does wealth do as it’s ill-gotten?  All of it’s ill-gotten and so we send love to that whole situation.
I received a call from Katherine, so Katherine is a Faction Three White Knight. Rama actually applied for his father for holocaust victims funds and his father received them in 1999 along with all the holocaust victims. What the holocaust victim is it’s a person who has members of their family that died in the holocaust.
The real truth is that they killed 26 million people, not 6 million; 6 million were classified as Jews, yes, when you look back into the history of that they were actually Palestinians, the Palestinians are the real Hebrew people.
Jesus was a Palestinian. The people that live in Israel and Tel Aviv and etc. who consider themselves jews are not jews; they are Khazarians, 95 percent or more of them are that, so that’s a transfer of terms and they call themselves the Ashkenazi Jews, but they’re only jews by identifying with the religion, they’re not by DNA.
The problem with the Palestinian Jews in Germany is that they were part and parcel of the middle class, and they made good by living by principles, and they owned land, and they pretty much had taken over all of Germany in terms of  the middle class people who owned most of the land. So the elitist ones, the Khazarian ones, did not appreciate that and is how they did the cleansing.  And that include gypsies and people of color and gay people and all that. So they did an ethnic cleansing.
So back to Katherine, Rama doesn’t get to talk to Katherine a whole lot so that’s pretty good, so she said to me, Lord Rama, it looks like Joe Biden could win. That was on the third of November, yet President Trump is not going to stand down, so Saint Germain and the King of Swords, and Captain Ashtar are  stepping in. As the saying goes, we are giving no timeline, we are giving no dates, yet the magnificent change is now. There are huge Solar flares going on; steady as she goes, stay each and every one of us in our hearts. This is going to be a test of complete Unconditional Divine Neutrality. Sat Nam. Namaste.
Now I’m going to jump to Monday the 9th of November. And I’m just going to comment that neither one of these candidates will be President. In other words, the change of the timeline is moving very rapidly to the Divine Government timeline and ending this. Nobody, this is another piece of education so you’re really clear - not one person in the United States is able to access the Constitution.
We went off of Constitutional law from the very beginning; we only have a corporation and not a country.  There are no countries in the whole world; they’re only colonies who owe their allegiance first to the British Crown and then beyond that to the Vatican. This is all about taking out the Vatican completely, dismantling it so that we can have the representation of Divine Government. The Galactics have been intervening for years now, yet they cannot violate free will choice.
But the evolution of consciousness is rapid right now, and along with Margaret Mead telling us it only takes a small group of concerned citizens to change this. And indeed, and our sister Caroline Oceana Ryan and The Collective laid the line down about how we do this - so now we just do it.
I received a text message today from Tom the Ringtail Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat who were in Paris. They said to me, Lord Rama, the evangelicals along with the Maga Hats are demanding the election is a fraud and they want a recount; Tom the Ringtail Cat said that’s not going to happen. Sweet Angelique continued, the Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was fired yesterday ( November 9, 2020 ) The excuse that was given is that President Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act wich Mark Esper is opposed to. The military will stand down and refuse to carry that out.
The real story about Mark Esper is that he is linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Henry Kissinger and the Clinton Foundation. Also he has been involved in hedge funds not for good reason. Meanwhile, out across our local Solar System, Lord Michael’s legions have assembled along with the Captain and the Admiral. 
And then Tom the Ringtail Cat said to me, that Bobcat mama that we talked about last time; we have five Paschats living in our shed behind the house. We’re kind of in a country setting, and it’s been getting very cold. Originally we had a chocolate point Siamese in there and a gray Tabby, and this big white fluffy bunny rabbit, but she’s got to be a Paschat because she's hanging with Paschat cats. And then a week ago, almost two weeks ago now, on a Friday evening Rama went out to feed these Paschats and there was a tiny little baby Bobcat and the mother wasn’t there, the next thing Rama did is that later that evening, mama Bobcat showed up too. and so now we’ve been for a couple of days on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I mean they didn’t show up, but then they showed up again.
And every night now when it’s time for dinner, we have Paschat warriors there and one day the mother Bobcat got up on this table where all the food bowls are for everybody, and when Rama came in there she put out her paws for Rama to look at. So Rama looked at the bottom of her paw and there were two big ‘goat heads’
Rama: From the tumbleweeds out here.
Tara: which Rama took the both of them out of her paw and then she licked her paw and then she licked Rama’s hand, I mean that’s just amazing. Rama is a friend and she’s a fellow Paschat and so we’ve got this happy family and it’s pretty amazing and this big white fluffy bunny rabbit is perfectly fine with the whole story.
So that’s another story that relates to the bigger story that, you know ultimately what NESARA brings is no more boundaries, no more countries, like John Lenon said, and we all live with Divine Government. We live with principles and the philosophies and the teachings of the Order of the Quest which is what Saint Germain was involved in, and he wrote this thesis like I said, it’s called The New Atlantis and that’s exactly what the destiny for this country is. We are bringing the sacred destiny of America, is to bring the new Atlantis. And Rama, do you want to say something about that? 
Rama: Just that, right at this time this Sat Yuga is being made manifest in our physical reality. This is why there are so many stories that are coming out about the Galactic visitors and our interactions with them. And the media, let’s say the powers that were no more, are being told on higher levels that disclosure is happening whether you like it or not.  And there are two that I know of - one camp is the group of secret space program folks that want a slow drip, drip drip of disclosure there’s another group where it’s almost instantaneous.
And I think we’re in that realm right now, this is what I’m being told because what our scientists are not telling us is that our Sun is going through transfiguration, and the Sun behind the Sun called Helios and Vesta, all the way up to this Central Sun, the Hunab Ku, the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. And all these activities are going on right now. There is a huge increase in Solar flares - the ascension symptoms are off the charts.
The Schumann Resonance factor is way up there. When you look at that Schumann Resonance factor chart, and you see all those spikes of white energy coming down, when that little blue chart fills up almost entirely with white,  things are going to shift on the Planet and it’s already happening.
This is why there are so many good things unfolding, yet it takes folks like us to be able to share this, because the media is not sharing it and I think that means, eventually is no more. It’s right now because there are folks talking about this stuff everyday all over the Planet. China talks about this, Russia  talks about this, other countries speak about the Galactics as everyday stuff.
It’s starting to happen more and more here, in so many different cities and newspapers, and not one day goes by where there isn’t a ship sighting somewhere. That tells me that there’s a lot of folks here that want to help change this story to one of peace and love rather than war. I passed the talking stick.
Tara: Thank you, Rama, the very last thing about this mama Paschat Bobcat is that they told Rama that she is a special protector for you two Beings of Light, we are very nearby. See you in the light of the Most Radiant One.
The message from 2:30 in the morning, from His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, “I’m just a simple Buddhist monk, yet I’m trying to help others lead a happy life to learn to appreciate what a difference it makes to find peace of mind. That’s my dream, one of my main dreams. One of my main practices is the cultivation of altruism - it’s what I think about the moment I wake up.”
So that was the end of what he had to say, and then Rama says, I talked to Mr. X, Tom the Ringtail Cat, and Sweet Angelique the Cat, and Professor Nicodemus the four-foot Rat who escaped from Los Alamos, and he’s a  Galactic Being too. It was just before noon today as they called.  
They all said to me, Lord Rama, 11-11 is coming in at quantum light speed. It is all about the shift, in us, in the Sun as well, the Great Central Sun in the Pleiades, Lord Alcyone located right there in the Pleiades; you can find it on a star map and Super Galactic Center, which is what Rama was talking about earlier.  It’s located at 26 to 27 degrees Sagittarius which is the home of the Federation of Worlds,  Lord Lincor, and that includes the entire Mazzaroth. Lord Ashtar is working with the Universe of Nebadon.
There are seven Super Universes in a 49-universe subset, just to get the vastness of our Galactic realms here; so what they said is that the Great Central Sun in the Pleiades and the Super Galactic Center where our Milky Way Galaxy meets with 26 other Galaxies to make 27 Galaxies; and also what’s located there at 26-27 degrees Sagittarius is something called the Hunab Ku that is also located there and it is a Mayan calendar term for the very center locale of the heart of All That Is - heart resonance.
Mr. X said, Lord Rama there are very fast short radio bursts coming from this Super Galactic Center. These fast short radio bursts are being sent directly to Mother Gaia, they are pulses of light. The quantum physicists say this is a message that we are being contacted by a very advanced civilization that uses light pulses and neutrino emissions as a form of communication. The time is now; all we are saying is, ‘give Peace a chance,’ let us bring closure to this old timeline, and Ashtar in this Golden Age of Aquarius. Sat Nam. I will be seeing you soon.
Okay, there is one final thing I want to read, and that’s from Celia Fenn;  very short, but it’s powerful she said, “After an intense week of chaotic energies we are on course as we approach the 11-11 portal. (Caroline’s Collective and herself brought so close to our hearts.)
“Each step forward that we take in creating a bridge of light as we open out into the seventh and eighth dimensions so that we can inhabit Terra Nova, or she says Nova Terra Elysium, and work with the Golden Solar Light to create the New Earth reality. This Golden Solar Light is the Christ Consciousness of pure Unconditional Love that is being made available to us in order to create the New Earth.
“As we embody the Solar Light we also activate the golden star meridians, that allow us to express our eighth dimensional aspects in our creative essence.
"Beloved ones, Archangel Michael urges us to remember that we are Love and that in the higher dimensions there is nothing except Love. Even in the fifth dimension, we are working to express the unified field of divine consciousness where there is only love expressed in diverse ways. Please hold our focus on divine love and divine compassion.
“As we approach the 11 11 portal of light on Wednesday. The guardians will be Archangel Michael and the Elohi."  (What the Elohi are Beings of Light that never fell from grace even though they incarnated, that’s very high, high place and the Elohi with the Royal Lions, also the Pleiadians and the Alcyone Council of Light, and the Antares Council of light, light codes are pouring  forth and waves of plasma light energy are coming in.
Have a powerful week and much love to everyone and we are grateful for assistance in any way you take your time, I’m learning a lot. I've been on my sixth day of three teeth hurting very badly. I learned something from a grandmother and she said that fresh comfrey as you can get it, you can pull the leaves off and you can chew where the teeth are in pain, and it will end the pain. If anybody knows anywhere where we can get comfrey fresh. Rama just told me that the Whole Foods doesn’t even order it; they don’t carry it at all, oh my goodness.
I would love to hear from some kind person out there, so I pass this talking stick with gratitude and praise and thanks and love and peace to my sister Fran. There are fairies and feathers and angels and crystals and rainbows here too.
Fran: That’s quite a talking stick. All right, we are going to play a song* we can all dance to and bring in the light.
* Scroll down to the video of song “Trip The Light” by Alicia Lemke.
Transcribed by Raul Escobar, edited by Fran
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