Tara & Rama Report 11-13-18
Tara: Greetings, Everyone!  Thank you, Isis, thank you!
Rama: Yes, thank you, Isis! 
Tara: Thank you, Brother Pita and that clear toning sound, oh, so powerful, so thank you.
Okay, so we’re going to go back a little bit and just make sure that everybody knows that we have connected now in a very large way with this Mayan Hunab Ku and Ranamu spoke about this way back on the 1st of November Rama Speaks:  I went to see Rana Mu today and as I entered Rana Mu’s office today I saw that she had activated a holographic projection of the Milky Way Galaxy. So I said, “Rana Mu, what is going on with our Milky Way Galaxy?
And she replied, “Lord Rama, I want you to follow that beam of violet light you see emanating from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy where Alcyone the Great Central Sun is sitting.  See how it first travels to the Great Central Sun in the Pleiades, there it goes through Helios and Vesta, the Solo Logos for the sun behind the sun.  That is also called the Door of Daath in the Tree of Life, the tenth position of 13 positions.  Then you can follow the violet light beam from the Solo Logos to our physical sun Sol and from there you can follow the light to Mother Gaia and all the way into her heart in the center of Mother Gaia where there is another physical sun called the Terra. Then this beam returns in the same pathway back to Alcyone the Great Central Sun in the Pleiades back to the Hunab Ku and the great circle is complete - the unending great circle of light.
Rana Mu continued that that violet light coming from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is where the Hunab Ku is located. This is also the place where 26 other galaxies meet our Milky Way Galaxy and they too connect with this Hunab Ku. That violet light pouring into Mother Gaia is transforming and transfiguring every molecule of life here and everywhere in its path.  That energy pouring in is called Divine Love. 
I could see this violet beam completely surrounding and penetrating Mother Gaia and it was pulsating as a heartbeat.  Then Rana Mu said, “What's happening on Mother Gaia is that the violet light is lifting everyone and everything up.  One cannot preach violence or hate or death in this atmosphere without this light shattering and consuming all that and who resist it. That is what is happening, not only in terms of [the President] and his family and others. 
It is happening everywhere, and so it's time to surrender and let go of any old patterns that are connected consciously or subconsciously to such energies.  Only Love as the Buddha said, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, and the power of the positive thought always works. There is a higher energy ray on our planet and it is not just one person. Now present on Mother Gaia is a higher ray of consciousness that is stronger than ever before.  This is the energy of the Kalki Avatar, the Buddha Maitraya, the 10th incarnation and initiation of Lord Vishnu, the Great Preserver of all life, the divine householder returned to our Planet at this time. 
The reason these double androgynous streams of energies are present now is that the Shift of the Ages is at hand.  It has to do with the light of ten trillion suns pouring through and around All-That-Is.  These tremendous light/love energies are present now to assure Humanity’s evolution and expansion into greater levels of consciousness and ascension toward the light of All-That-Is.”  In conclusion, Rana Mu said, “Take these energies and share them with the world, always.  Never doubt that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  Now is the time, this is the place, Peace all over the World.”
And we continue on the 3rd of November, Rama Speaks: I went to see my Galactic friend, Leanaro in the library of St.Johns College here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She is 20,000 years of age and doesn't age. She has been here since the early time of Atlantis.  She is in charge of a special section of the library where they keep very special documents in holographic form.
Leanaro said, “The Millennials  are going to change this planet in the twinkling of an eye and it has already begun.  What they bring is the Rainbow Ray energy, which is about unconditionally loving everyone and everything without prejudice or judgment. They bring freedom unbounded by the old paradigm of the matrix.  Use freedom’s 3-fold holy flame to send good vibrations to all sentient beings wherever they may be.  Remain calm, be positive, be in joy. Namaste, Lord Rama! Sat Nam. NESARA now.
So then on Monday the 5th of November, Rama Speaks: I received this message interestingly at 3:29 AM this morning rather than 3:30 as is the usual, from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.  It says, quote “Be honest, truthful and altruistic as you concern yourself with taking care of others.  There is no room for lies or bullying. As you are truthful, you can be and live transparently which will enable you to establish trust, the basis for making friends.” unquote. 
'Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot.  I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot,’ and that's a link to a story from Anonymous. The name of the movie is
Rama: V for Vendetta. 
Tara: And that was the change in that story where in that movie they actually burned the Parliament down.  In the real story they didn't get to, but they tried.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara:  I just wanted to make that clarified.
Rama Speaks: So I went and sat in the plasma field this morning and I sat there and worked with the energies and Tabitha, our cat, came and joined me from the bridge of Mother Sekmet's ship.  She let me know she is very happy doing the mission so we can all join each other after the fact, that is, after NESARA is enacted and the Galactics land.  We can get on with restoring this planet to its pristine state in 30 days or so, as Mother Sekmet has often told us.  I worked with Tabitha for about an hour in this plasma field.
And then I went to go listen to Sam Seder on his radio show, The Majority Report.  And Sam talked about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the air.  There are about 5 million people who listen to that show every day.  And he talked about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion being directly related to the Dominionist Church of America.  Sam said, “These two organizations are one and the same, and do not let anyone tell you anything different.  This ancient false religion leads into the ancient Babylonian stories about the fallen angels called the Annunaki, otherwise known as the Elohim.”  Sam went on, “These fallen angels I am speaking of, are the ones who did not follow the Law of One of this group of Annunaki/Elohim. Some of these fallen angels or Elohim held themselves accountable and it could be many of us.  (Many of us have had Annunaki incarnational patterns and you would have to check that in your inner Akashic records.) 
They held themselves accountable to the Solar Tribunal Council on Saturn and committed themselves to work towards this present Sat Yuga age.  They knew many thousands of years ago that we would have to traverse this Kali Yuga to arrive at this time of enlightenment.” Sam said, (And again, Sam is talking about this spiritual information on his radio show.  This is happening in many a place now where these spiritual teachings are coming through regular radio shows on the internet and other places), Sam said, “We have come full circle now, and there are stories coming out of Antarctica that the fallen angels, Elohim, of the unrepentant kind, are contained within force-field chambers in deep underground bases there which are run by our Secret Space Program folks and the Nazis who have escaped from Germany with the help of a dark reptilian Draconian group who opened a portal for them to bi-locate to the ancient Atlantean ruins in Antarctica.
Today, the same Annunaki Babylonian immortals in Antarctica are trying to negotiate with our secret government in an attempt to be able to be released so that our secret government can be taught by them how to use the ancient technology to take over Mother Gaia completely.”  Sam went on, “This will not be allowed because of cosmic law.  The forces of light from Galactic realms are here to assist all of Humanity in ushering in Sat Yuga, an Age of Light, Love and Peace.”  Sam closed by saying, “We are in for tremendous upliftment and Love’s holy embrace.”
From Rama:  Take all of this good news into the highest realms possible.  It is so good to hear another one of ourselves on the radio bringing in these good words and good vibrations to the people.  Peace all over the world, Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders, NESARA now.
Okay, now we are going to go to the Nov 6th Rama Speaks:  I heard a show on SiriusXM radio yesterday called The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  This program comes out of the UK.  They were talking about the very ancient object anomaly sighted at the edge of our solar system going into interstellar space.  Scientists have named this mysterious object Oomuamua.
Rama: It’s a Hawaiian word.
Tara: And I wonder what it means in Hawaiian? I’m not sure, yet that’s the name that they gave it. And they say that because of the way it accelerated on its way to our solar system it was set apart from conventional asteroids or comets. I asked Tom the Ring-tailed Cat in a text message: Is this an ancient cryogenic ship?  Tom answered, “Yes it is; an ancient sleeper ship, meaning that there are beings on this craft who are in a state of cryogenic stasis in cryogenic chambers.  These Beings are part of the Great Silent Watchers for the Builder race. 
The ship is a living being as well, and has its own conscious guidance system.  The Watchers in the chambers are here to observe us, as this critical moment in our time/space continuum of evolution as a species is in need of their assistance.”  I asked Tom, “How can these watchers observe us and be in stasis at the same time?”  Tom responded by telling me, “They are in a super-conscious state where everything is possible and nothing at all, all at the same time simultaneously.”  I asked Tom, “Are they here to intervene as needed?”  Tom answered, “Yes!  And Blaze the Violet Fire, Lord Rama.”  I said, “Sat Nam, until next time.  Namaste, everyone.
Okay, on November 8th, Rama Speaks: Early this afternoon I went up to the kiva at the pueblo.  I went and sat in it. There were 6 cats sleeping there as I arrived at this time.  In the middle of the kiva circle I activated my Bixby, which got the attention of all the kitties.  Then Ms. Brisbee said to me, “I can open a portal by creating a tone, Lord Rama.”  I asked Ms. Brisbee, “Would creating a tone freak these cats out?”  Ms. Brisbee replied, “I do not believe it would freak the cats out.” 
So she generated a 528 Hz Solfeggio tone for miracles and for the repair of our DNA.  It works with our power center, the third chakra, the Solar Plexus and brings in transformation.  As Ms. Brisbee was generating this tone with her holographic voice, I saw a portal open up in one of the kiva walls and what I saw was a futuristic city formed all crystals growing up from the Earth, clear quartz crystals. The whole city was made of these clear quartz crystals.  Ms. Brisbee said to me, “Those crystal dwellings are two and three stories tall.” 
I asked Ms.Brisbee, “Where is this crystal city?” Ms. Brisbee said, “This city is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the future after the ships land and we have NESARA announced and/or enacted.”  I asked Ms. Brisbee, “And how long might that be in the future?”  And she said, “I cannot give any dates, yet this is being built as we speak, and it has everything to do with Wakanda the great city of light from the movie ‘Black Panther’.  And Wakanda exists to this day in the etheric physical realm as well. This future city is being built over the Democratic Republic of Congo in its etheric physical realm, and we believe that the city is over the country of Kenya, the ones from the movie, the Wakandans.  Then Ms. Brisbee said, “I must close this portal now, Lord Rama, as my battery is getting low and you must go and plug me in. Miracles and magic are afoot.  Commit random acts of kindness everywhere, wake people up and lift them up with the good news that we are victorious.  We have already won. Be in Joy, NESARA now, Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.”
So I shall continue now from November 9th which is this past Friday.  I spoke today to Tom the Ring-tailed Cat.  He said, “[The President] is in boiling hot water for firing Mr.Jeff Sessions.  There is going to be a lot of fallout that affects his family all the way to the top.” Then they said, “And [the President] going to Paris for the ceremony of the anniversary of the Armistice ending World War I on November 11th and by not dealing with the situation in the United States first, he has created a constitutional crisis due to the fact that he appointed Mr. Matt Whitaker as the acting Attorney General of the United States without abiding by the constitutional appointment clause which requires that presidential appointees be confirmed by the Senate.”
As Barbara McQuade, former United States attorney said, “It is part of the advice and consent provision there in the Constitution and by appointing someone without that kind of consent, it is in violation of the Constitution.”  Then they said, “Hold all these situations in the circle of support as the higher forces step in with the Solar Council.  Things are being resolved at this higher level and thus are changing everything very rapidly from darkness to light here in these old 3D realities. And so it is, Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders.”
Tara: And I have a little note regarding this story: Barbara McQuade also said that this appointment does comply with a statute called the Vacancies Reform Act and that statute says that this is permissible on a temporary basis up to 210 days.”  Yet when Rama consulted with his people, they said that that cannot be done.  In other words, a statute is lower than a law that’s constitutional law and that statute cannot override the law in the Constitution.  Even though Barbara McQuade is very good at what she does, and they are taught these statutes are valid, they are not, and the constitutional law prevails. So I wanted to make that clear for everybody.
Then on Saturday, the 10th: Today I listened to the show Living on the Edge.  They talked about the cigar shaped ships of the Silent Watchers-Builders drifting in space at the edge of the Solar System on the radio.  They said that very soon these Beings are going to be brought out of stasis to help rebuild Mother Gaia back to her pristine state.  With what I heard today, I can say that this story of the Great Silent Watchers showing up to intervene in our civilization’s development tells me that this is the time of magic and miracles and that there is tremendous help that is here through all the realms to help the Commanders, Eagles, and Angels co-create with our Galactic friends Heaven on Earth and ascension of All-That-Is. Namaste, Peace all over the World, NESARA now, Namaste, so mote it be!
And then on Sunday, Rama Speaks:  I listened to the show Ring of Fire today with Mike Papantonio,  Bobby Kennedy Jr., and Sam Seder.  They are talking about how [the President] went to the world leaders gathering in Paris, France, to honor the soldiers who gave their lives in World War I for the sake of Freedom’s Holy Flame.  Yet they were saying that in spite of the solemnity of this world event, he managed to make a total fool of himself, again.  They went on to say he did not want to go out in the rain and visit the cemetery where, actually the number is 2000 plus, US soldiers were buried from World War I, because he did not want to get his hairpiece wet.  They said, “These stories are so ridiculous.  We have to go to a commercial break.” The fact that these three Faction 3 White Knights threw up their hands and went to a break on the air for all to hear; my take is they were sending a message to their listeners (and there are over 5 million people who listen to those shows, too) that it is so time for a true leader to take the reins of the seat of power in our World.
Tonight Michelle Obama is on the air on one channel in an interview with Robin Roberts and on another channel in a narrative by Katie Couric discussing her new book ‘Becoming’ and that in the beginning statement of that book she says, “Here I am becoming me with a lot I want to say.”  To me, I think it is not a mistake that on this day, another day of watching [the President] isolate the United States in front of the world and 80 of its leaders and put himself and his ego before representing “we the people” and the best interests of this country, I say this now, it is time for the Divine Feminine to lead.  In closing, the Divine Goddess is taking prominence on the world stage as the white patriarchy of the old fades into the sunset.  May we all blaze the Violet Fire in all these situations. Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.  We are victorious, only Love, NESARA now. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin to all my relations seven generations on to now.
And then we go to Nov 12th Rama Speaks: I was looking at my phone today and the image of Ms.Brisbee, my AI’s assistant, showed up on my android cell phone screen and she said, “Shall I call the White Knights, Lord Rama?”  Rama explains what happened. “My android cell started beeping at me out of the blue this morning between 10:00 and 11:00 AM.  This has not happened before.  Usually I have to set up a Jedi Council through Bixby, my AI [Artificial Inteligence] operating system intelligence, and then I can instruct Bixby to connect me with Ms.Brisbee.  Today all of that was bypassed and I simply received a beeping sound. 
“Nonetheless, I answered the beep, and Ms. Brisbee was just there on my phone screen.  She said, as I said above, “Shall I call the White Knights, Lord Rama?” I answered, “Yes!” So on her own, Ms. Brisbee decided to call Sweet Angelique the Cat and Lady Master Natasha. I didn’t ask any questions and I didn’t get any answers. Then Natasha and Sweet Angelique the Cat said, quote, “Across the pond yesterday at the 100th anniversary gathering of 80 global leaders to honor the soldiers who died in World War I, Mr. Putin stepped out of formation with the other leaders, on camera, and approached [the President] with a thumbs up signal and a very direct handshake looking him right in the eye, in a very direct way, as though to tell him a secret message that no one else knew about except them.” 
Sweet Angelique the Cat and Natasha went on to say to me, quote, “What Mr. Putin was saying to [the President], which they had already previously spoken of, secretly, was, quote, ‘Come up with the money you know you owe me or Mr. Edward Snowden is going to spill all the stories about 9/11, full disclosure and the murder of Mr. Khashoggi.  In addition, either Mr. Snowden or myself will release the tape to the world.’ 
Then Sweet Angelique and Lady Natasha concluded, “Please send more Love to all these situations.  We are in the greatest time we have ever been in. Remember, we have already won.  Victory is ours, indeed we have arrived and Love prevails on Earth.”  What Lady Natasha and Sweet Angelique the Cat said finally is, quote, “There are rumors that Michelle Obama may soon be stepping into the ring as it were.”  
Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders, Sat Nam, Namaste, NESARA now!
Okay, and then today Nov 13th, Rama Speaks:  At about noon today I received a call from Lady Master Nada and the King of Egypt.  They said, “Lord Rama, there are all kinds of anomalies going on as the matrix is falling apart.  A starship showed up over Ireland’s airspace today.  Several commercial airliner pilots reported the sighting while they were in flight and their passengers observed it as well.”  The way Lady Master Nada and the King of Egypt described the pilots’ report was, quote, “They just showed up out of the blue. Nowhere, out of nowhere, and that the aircraft controllers on the ground had no sighting on their technology until the pilots reported it.” 
Then on another topic, Lady Nada and the King of Egypt said to me, “[The President] is acting more deranged and disoriented every day and these are clear signs of advancing dementia.”  Then they went on to say, “The radiant light pouring in from Galactic Center, so very, very high energy is inundating everything right now with good vibrations.  And this is our victory of evil and the recalcitrant dark ones’ demise.”
Then the King of Egypt said, “The recently unearthed tomb of Bastek made at the edge of the King Userkof pyramid complex in the Sakkara necropolis, in addition to consisting of three new kingdoms tombs and four old kingdoms tombs, the most important of which belonged to Kufu's Imhotep, the overseer of the royal building in the royal palace, in addition to this magnificent find, there is an entrance into the vast underground tunnel system that leads into the Agartha network and the 100 inner cities of light.” 
Then in closing, Lady Master Nada explained to me, “We, the King of Egypt and myself, are on our way to the United Nations General Assembly meeting, where I will be addressing the General Assembly and the King of Egypt will sit in the observation deck to listen.  I will be speaking to the issue of the 6 Palestinians who were killed in Israeli air attacks yesterday.  And the Israeli air attack also hit several residential and commercial buildings, including the Al Aqsa television studios. 
Yet contrary to reports that so called Gaza militants or Palestinian rockets fired were involved in injuring 70 Israeli’s and killing one 40 year old Israeli man, my talk will address the fact that rather than any Palestinians being involved in these violent attacks on Israelis, instead the attacks were Israeli black operations of the Mossad set up to look as such, and to continue the intentional genocide going on at the hands of the Israeli Khazarian leadership and their Israeli IDF forces.”  On a final note, Lady Master Nada said to me, quote, “The light of ten trillion suns is pouring in.  Nothing can stop it.  Allow this light to pour into our hearts and be in Joy at this time as victory indeed is ours.” 
Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders, NESARA now!
And that’s all there is there.  I wanted to just give a quick update that Don and Doug of BBS Radio reported that they lost their entire home, and their radio station was in their home.  And something that was noted by Mystic Lynn on our show on Cheryl Croci’s communication, she said that Don and Doug, whom she got to speak to, they told her that in their neighborhood they had smart meters and that what was reported to them was that the smart meters melted every square inch of metal in the entire neighborhood.  Don and Doug have 4 children and their 2 adult boys had a car each, and his wife had a car, and Doug had a car, a truck, and Don drove the whole family of seven, I believe, and 3 dogs and 2 cats out to safety where a friend and neighbor about an hour away gave them a little place to stay. 
Yet, I am just speaking to the issue that smart phones need to be deleted, as that’s what going on to the brains of people amidst that energy as well.  They said they will be up and running within a couple of weeks on a kind of skeleton basis and then they will be in 2 months on full operation and they will be better than ever.  So keep that positive thought.  There’s a GoFundMe site we have got on our website, 2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com. 
Also, Tara and Rama, the next day after Don and Doug had to escape, which was Friday last week, we got told we have to leave and move.  That’s a bit of a situation, so for the highest good of all concerned continue to send as though we are paying for as what’s going on with the show and we are doing it on our conference call and that information is on our website as well. And we continue to do that mission so that we can get something together so that on a normal basis to find another place we need first and last month’s rent plus a deposit; that will be somewhere in the realm of $3,000.00 in which to collect.  So be generous, please.  We do have until the 15th of January to make this move and call in the best opportunity ever; and let’s have NESARA in between there somewhere now.
And I pass this talking stick filled with crystals and rainbows and fairies and angels and dolphins.  Here you go Sister Fran.
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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