Tara & Rama Report 11-22-16
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: We are in a very, very critical time where there is, you might say, there is lightworker fatigue running the gamut here. And again, what Natasha told Rama is that it’s an absolute requirement for everyone, you know, lightworkers and all those who are aspiring to recognize that they are lightworkers to meditate every single day, at least twice a day, and if you need to, you take a little break, and it’s really critical because they are amping up the chemtrails, I mean big-time right now! They figure that they can get us into a vulnerable position and then attack. Clever; and the other thing is that it’s just the very, very tip of the iceberg of this pushback on their part to normalize Donald Trump.
There are numbers of quote-unquote light workers channeling, and this started a while ago, way 5 or 6 months ago, where somebody said that Donald Trump was St Germain; that’s the nature of what’s going on now. Now there is a kind of hero worship saying that he beat the illuminati, the 13 families, by taking Hillary down. What people are not recognizing is that neither one side nor the other can be acknowledged as anything other than the other side of another coin and what I’m saying is that the illuminati factions are siding and taking each other out and they put their eggs in this one’s basket for the moment. There is absolutely no truth whatsoever that there is anything except an edict coming from the higher realms from the Ashtar Command and all the Ascended Hosts that none of this shall continue, none of it. And our job is to recognize in our hearts that there is no solution within this realm of 3rd dimension. 
So Rama spoke to Natasha, Where did you go to see her, Rama?
Rama: Oh, up towards Taos.
Tara: There is a place called Velarde. It’s a very gorgeous place and the harvest of the apples and all the different orchards and things are still going on there. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And it’s right along the Rio Grande. Anyway, on the way to Taos, Natasha explained to you about the time we are in right now
Rama: Yes.
Tara: that it is an extremely critical time and it’s key to changing the entire timeline. That’s why I just want to emphasize that the opposition doing the change in the timeline is increasing exponentially as well. So it’s very, very important to find that place where Nature and the Goddess reign inside. So she elaborated on this and she said, "It is imperative to do this meditation at least twice a day, required.  And the Indigo-Crystal star children are begging us to focus on the magical wonderful things - Fairies, Hobbits, Elves, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, our Tree nations - they are the only ones that are standing at the moment, and as we work with our Inner Beings alongside and calling on the assistance of these beautiful beings, there are Sun Spirits and Moon Spirits and Star Beings that are from these other realms and they are, I mean, they are right around us.
Rama: Yes. I shared this experience with Natasha and she said I should share it. Two or three mornings ago I got up like 3 or 4 in the morning and got in the bathtub and was meditating and focusing with the energies of the Violet Flame and I could physically see it; and as I opened my eyes I could see the Violet Flame surrounding my hand and I could make out the layers of the physical aura and I started to focus on sending, you know, playing with the thoughts and working with sending the thought to expand the light and it happened. And as I was doing that the entire interior of the bathroom lit up and our cat was noticing this. She is extremely sensitive to all kinds of flashing lights and little things like lasers and any kind of sparkling light, and she noticed this and she got up on the ledge of the bathtub and almost fell in but she didn’t and I just focused the energy and sent it towards her and she felt it come through my hand and literally touched her and she bolted out of the room. And it was just confirmation as Natasha explained, that our gifts and abilities are kicking in exponentially. This is why the Star children, the Indigo-Crystal Beings, Rainbow children are saying, work with these energies that are within us because it’s fully activated. We contain space-time physical matter. This is the point, and how this ties in with Dr Keshe’s plasma technology and how things can change exponentially.
Tara: As we are working with these other Beings with our Inner Being which is the core of us,what we create physically manifests now, and indeed does change the timeline. What we are watching and experiencing at this particular time is how the 144,000 that we are, are taking our full power. We are bringing in the Divine Government and Spiritual Economics. And expect some of these Wise Elders to show up. There is going to be a revelation of the discoveries that they are already making of these Wise Immortal Elders. They will be brought to the forefront by their great wise knowledge and ancient wisdom. It will open the heart chakras of many, many, many more, and the solutions that they unequivocally and universally share is for the benefit of all People and all of Nature and Mother Earth and some of these Wise Elders are being revived from cryogenic chambers in strategic protected locations over the planet, and along with them are ancient technologies from the time of the Mahabharata 5000 + years ago and that was a 5000 year war on the ground.
We are dealing with the intention now to keep these wars from going on forever. So these technologies have already been tried and true during the time of India and the ancient Vimanas spacecraft are located in those areas with them, and these ancient Vimanas are far more advanced than any of our CIA back-engineered craft.
Rama: I was just going to say, this story going out now that one of our friends who does not live here anymore just up in Washington or Oregon, Elana Freeland has written a book about space and full spectrum dominance. Her story about these spacecraft is going around now. This deals with the chemtrails, the exotic weapons they are spraying in our atmosphere to detect plasma warp drive energy from our star brothers and sisters. Yet what Elana doesn’t talk about too much, but Clifford Carnicom does, is that as our space brothers and sisters were to be detected by this so called space fence that they are erecting right now. They know how to shut this space fence down which sends a huge knowingness shockwave to the cabal and illuminati that It’s over. That is already being told to them. They could try to play with this stuff,“ We will completely shut you down and remove you." By the way, Jane Fonda is going to be at Standing Rock during Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.
Tara: Wow!
Rama: Yup. 
Tara. Okay. Now that you’ve intervened and given some changing the timeline information, I consider some of the things that are coming out now too. There is, for instance, an article that’s saying, 'The empire perpetrates its dirty war on Syria beneath the protective cover of big lies.' The only hint of that truth is coming through our alternative media and RT [Russia Today].
But these things are getting much more detailed that this is going on and than another one of how videos are made. In other words, there are massive fake videos with massive fake information about the United States-NATO war agenda and its all lies and its connecting Europe and United States and all of those reporting stations that are tethered to the cabal, that are being told what to say for the European countries and for the United States countries - horrible lies, total programming and that’s really good that we are getting much more detail on that. And the Congressional hawks in our country have rushed to intensify the war on Syria. They’ve got some special HR5732 planes to promote and negotiate the settlement in Syria, yet as analysed by the Friends Committee, national legislation imposes three conditions which would actually make it much more difficult to declare peace.
There is one more here, US supported terrorists deny medical care to eastern Aleppo, and these are our
Rama: Black ops
Tara: black ops, and they are literally letting men, women and children die with no hospital access whatsoever after they hurt them or kill them. It’s at the worst.  And another one is Dakota access police cause mass hypothermia. I heard figures from 300 to 600+ have gone into that kind of hypothermia, 2 cardiac arrests and one beautiful young lady, she was shot in the arm.
Rama: She might lose her arm.
Tara: Yes she had numerous surgeries. They took her to a Minnesota special hospital and she is in critical condition. She is only 21.
Rama: There is one Elder, a Native American Elder that’s in critical condition.
Tara: And just in case to remind you - you cannot lose your center. That’s the important message here. Remember Hillary and Donald Trump still have a massive child trafficking ring going around the planet. They are doing it together, whatever that hologram and archonic energy is doing.
Now back to this story here. There are also ancient scrolls with these beings, these ancient beings in their cryogenic chambers, and they contain extremely wise solutions in that our most important crises that we have today get addressed, meaning man-made climate disruption, nuclear waste problems, chemical toxic spill problems everywhere. Natasha said regarding preventing the suppression of these times by the cabal, this will not stand because the wisdom technology in and of itself is self aware and it knows this is the time to come forward to the world, and those who have rediscovered them also come into this incarnation to assist. Dr Keshe is one example.
Yet of this amazing saving grace that’s now with us with Dr Keshe, imagine it multiplied exponentially - for ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’ Natasha said, we cannot say more, yet we can say, rest assured we can fully know the door where evil has dwelt is surely sealed.  Do not worry; be happy and (yes we are gonna need some help everybody) do not mess with ‘Mister In-between.’ This discovery - there is a discovery already on the ground here tonight that makes nuclear power totally irrelevant - it wipes that thing off the map. So I'm just saying that this is happening as Natasha is telling Rama.
Natasha also said regarding Benjamin Fulford’s reports, his reports are pushing an agenda that is not real and is contrived to twist the mind from the heart using a mishmash of Faction 1-Faction 2 news that ties in with the global reset and the GESARA, not NESARA. They have nothing to do with each other. That is clear. Put it in the shredder.  Keep our High Hearts higher and our Divine Emotions active and our physical bodies addressing the things that the physical body needs.
And so i just want to say, as we could reinstate in our consciousness to send ten dollars a month at least [use the 'Subscribe' button for recurring donations], or ten dollars every second or fourth Tuesday coming from your hearts it could really help this mandate come forward and help all of us. I mean there are serious situations where we definitely are being targeted. Yet our mission and our mandate has been to bring the people to support us and what we do and to bring that to us. And I thank our Brother Rama as he develops his connections further and further everyday with all of us with Faction 3 White Knight information. There is nobody on the planet who does not have a gag order on who has that access. Everybody else who does have that access has the gag order which makes it much more difficult. And send Love to all those whistle blowers because they are very much more targeted now .
NESARA now! We are all One. i pass this talking stick back to you, sisters Fran and Susan.
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