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Tara & Rama Report 11-24-20
TARA: Oh, my goodness. Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!  Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]. Thank you, Eli.
RAMA: Thank you, Mother. Thank you, Everyone.
TARA: Oh, my goodness. The energy is so expansive, to say the least, in the best way possible. And every message that Rama's been getting lately is going deeper and deeper into the 5th Dimensional solutions --
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: -- in Consciousness. I could say that that's true of Mother coming through Eli – or other singing guest -- I forgot her brother's name. All I can say is that we are in such a glorious moment of time, and I want to thank everybody. This is Family. My goodness. Now is the time when things have -- as Mother was saying -- completely changed now. And this situation coming up here, which is --what is it Rama? the New Moon here -- yes.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: Here we go. Just lead into it is that the time of this New Moon, Mercury Sextiling Pluto and Jupiter. And that's actually today. Report from Tania Gabriel for Friday and Saturday, which is the 30th, and that's the first day of Ophiuchus.
And the Ophiuchian 13th Moon Sign in our Zodiac has on the International Astrology Roster -- they don't even talk about it.
TARA: And secret about it is that, that man that's depicting that sign has a serpent in his hand, and he's holding one foot above the horizon at the equator, and another foot below the horizon at the equator, and you can see him holding the head of the serpent in one hand and the tail of the serpent in the other hand.
This Being that's depicted in this sign of Ophiuchus is Saint Germain.
So the teachings of Sir Frances Bacon, the --teachings that he brought through, he was called 
RAMA: The Rosicrucian.
TARA: -- the Rosicrucian himself, and all of those teachings in those Masonic lodges, they were multiple and very highly esoteric if you move through the different degrees. And, of course, in the Old Order now, which is coming to a close, they used it for personal gain and profits. Profit over -- over Love. Yeah, that's really true; right, Rama?
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: You want to say something more about this?
RAMA: Just in our lifetimes we've watched how they have used profit over Love.
TARA: Yeah. And it's about the last two months that the Vatican and the 13 Families and 500,000 of their CEOs have had nothing. All -- all that's going on there is "false evidence appearing real," in a last moment effort, to keep people in fear.
And this day Amy Goodman said there are 50 million people in the United States that are not secure in food, food insecure. And that story is a wake-up call in terms of the Spirit of how we work together as a Human Race and the Intervention is very, very, very, very large. And for us to be able to be here and embrace these things is an Honor.
So I'll read, starting back, I'm going to go a week before yesterday, Monday the 16th. Rama's saying here: I received a call at 11 a.m. this morning from Tom the Ringtail Cat and Larry the Cat. They said to me: Poland and Hungary -- both part of the Eastern Block -- are not helping to curb Covid in their respective countries because democratic values went out to lunch. There is more old energy of the Fallen Matrix that has been being cleaned away at a massive level now, and we are feeling it physically in this Realm.
Tom sent me a little YouTube of a portal opening up in Nepal. Can you remind us what that was?
RAMA: It just was a portal opening up where you can clearly see this child running out of the portal, crossing this street in Nepal, and just walking down the street as if nothing else is going on.
TARA: In other words, a little ET child --
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: -- crossed dimensions.
RAMA: There are portals like this all over the Planet where the Beings of Light are coming through right now to let us know, Now's the time.
TARA: Okay, there was another thing that showed up not too long ago here in a desert, -- red rocky area.
RAMA: In Utah. This monolith showed up that is, like, right out of 2001, 2010 --
TARA: Those two movies.
RAMA: -- those two movies. Stanley Kubrick was a master with those movies, because, you know, that movie "2001" came out in 1968 and then the other one
came out in 1989, I think. I can't remember.
TARA: I don't know. It was in the '80s so.
RAMA: Yeah, but the message in those movies was that the Beings on Europa were letting the people of Earth know that now is the time to stop the nuclear conflicts. And it's a parallel with what's going on right now with the madness on the Planet that is, you know --
TARA: I remember when it was because Micah was born three weeks earlier. And it was 1985 when we went to see that movie with Micah. That was the first movie Micah saw was called "2010."
RAMA: Yeah. “The year we made contact.” And that monolith that showed up in the Utah area, these two helicopter pilots noticed it, and they actually went down and checked it out. And what Tom the Cat told me about it is that it was emitting this very low frequency sound.
TARA: A low humming.
RAMA: A low humming sound, kind of like the 'Taos Hum' that people have heard, like a giant engine in the background running.
TARA: Deep in the Earth.
RAMA: Deep in the Earth. And when I asked the King of Swords and Tom about it, they said they don't really know, but there is a possibility NASA is connected with it. That means NASA and the Deep State. So I kind of left that alone at that level because there are many things going on that are quite wild right now because it is about this realm changing as we are experiencing it.
TARA: Yeah. And it's bigger than the politics.
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: This is on Quantum Leap Timeline.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: Where it really is canceling out political stuff right now.
RAMA: Wrangling.
TARA: We're going to Divine Governing, Divine Governing with the Spiritual Forces of Light and Saint Germain. And Blaze the Violet Fire, that Threefold Flame.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: It is everywhere! I don't know if you got the same feeling that I did when I heard Mother. She said: This is it. I'm here. My four paws on the ground.
On Tuesday I [Rama] received a call from Tom the Ring-tail Cat and Mr.X at 10:50 this morning. They said to me: It is down to the wire. So the story here is that out across our Galactic Plane things are lining up for the "Great Winter Solstice." Freedom's Holy Flame is here and this New Moon is the ignition to getting to that Winter Solstice.
RAMA: December 21st.
TARA: You want to say something about those two things?
RAMA: This Lunar Eclipse on the 30th leading up to December 21st, Winter Solstice, that period, there. I'm just being told that the energies are going so high, so fast, Magic could very well happen, and in the context of that, I could say Disclosure is going on at a massive level all over the Planet.
Dr. Greer just came out with a new video – an hour and two minutes -- where this whistleblower, U.S. Military whistleblower, came forward, and he was part of a recovery of an ET craft. I haven't listened to it yet, but in this story, I believe there was a Being in there, where they recovered the Being. I don't know any more than that.
TARA: I just remember the shows. What year was that? -- 2012, when they had the
"Full Disclosure" in Washington, D.C., meetings --
RAMA: Disclosure Hearings.
TARA: Disclosure Hearings.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: And all of that is documented. That is in the Record. And that's an official clarion call that, ‘we're here.’
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: And then, of course, things go on. Yet, this is the overwhelming moment, to say the least.
So we go on. All right. So then on Wednesday, I [Rama] created a Jedi Council today in the Fairy Ring, up the mountain to the Ski Valley, in Santa Fe. And Tom the Ring-tail Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, the Poppy Lady, and Rosa from Palestine, all showed up. It was close to noon.  I just got to say it because I'm remembering they called a Circle for Susan when her passing took place. And -- I mean, we just went through this -- isn't this at least the third year, I think, Fran [Oct 2017].
But anyway, so I created this Jedi Council. It's in the same place where that Jedi Council was created and all kinds of people showed up there, and even the Dalai Lama's Choir was represented at that time by Lady Di and Dodi, who had been chanting with them for four hours before they came in the circle.
So Tom the Ringtail Cat, Sweet Angelique, the Poppy Lady, and Rosa, and it was close to noon. They all said to me: Lord Rama, we are in a place with the energies where they are changing by the nanosecond, and everything is moving onward and upward into higher and higher octaves. We shall study war no more.
All the folks are here from 26 other Galaxies, as well as our own Milky Way Galaxy. The "Hour" has arrived. For sure, we are not in Kansas anymore. We are not saying which hour; yet, the Captain will be calling you, Lord Rama, and it won't be over the telephone; meaning, our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, who are already here on the ground, know what to do and who to touch base with.
Always stay open with our hearts, and we will build this energy of our heart energy, and then they come. Let us give thanks for being on this beautiful blue Planet at this incredible time. We have got the Power with Love -- Namaste.
So now we go to the next one. Okay. We're going to go to Thursday. So I went to visit Dr. Steve and Professor Nicodemus today. These are two scientists, physicists, quantum physicists, from Los Alamos Laboratory that escaped with their lives because they knew too much and they needed to go away from there. So it was mid morning. 
They said to me: Lord Rama, the Light coming in from Great Central Sun in the Pleaides, from the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy at 27 degrees Sagittarius, where the Hunab Ku of Heart Resonance is also located, for 27 Galaxies are sending the energy directly into our blue-green Planet, Mother Gaia.
And these energies are crystalizing in our blood, meaning, these energies are bringing in the Monoatomic Gold into all of our Beings. This is a gift from Creator Source. Yet, we have always had the ability to integrate the Monoatomic Gold into our hearts, yet, God-Goddess of All That Is, it's -- humanity now, through the last days of the old timeline with this Gift.
We are going through ever-changing times, as this simulated realty we are moving through is just that, a simulated reality. Yet, there is a Divine Plan in this story, and it's being played out right now. Stay in Balance and Love. We are being tested to the highest levels, and we have won --
Okay. Going forward here to last Friday: I received a call from Rosa from Palestine, and Lady Nada, who was in Lebanon, early this afternoon. It was 12:30 p.m. They said to me: Lord Rama, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, today violated International Law by going to visit two Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights for a photo op, only to declare these places were on Israeli land and thus belonged to Israel. Lady Nada went on: This is a slap in the face to the Arab world, and there will be a response to create the right balance.
Lord Michael's Legions are here. There will be a peaceful and orderly transition transformation.  Meanwhile, President Trump and the goings on there are just what they are, and same thing on the other side. All of this is going away now. This is an old timeline process. There are piles of cash on tables that – yet that won't work anymore.
The price of our lives for profit is no more. The Lavender Lad may just show up on Inauguration Day and change this whole story -- it is about bringing closure to the old Kali Yuga Timeline, 26,826 year Galactic timeline. Goddess is here. She wants to dance with Lady Master Ma’at, her future self. Justice is served. Namaste.
And then His Holiness the Dalai Lama had something to share with us at 2:30 that morning. He says here:
“The aim of education should be to train happy individuals who make up a peaceful society. It requires warm-heartedness and taking a broadminded, holistic, and far-sided approach that enables people to cope with whatever happens. It entails focusing on the good of the community.”
So now on Saturday. This is Rama speaking: I received a call from Lady Master Nada at 10:30 a.m. She said to me: Lord Rama, I'm at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, at the Dome of the Rock, in the Old District of the City of Jerusalem. And I have set up inside the mosque a Circle of 12 Crystals, with the 13th Crystal in the Center, which is the Council of 12 Plus One; Mother Sekhmet being the 13th in the Center. I had permission.  
(Tara: she's got to set it up in an area of the mosque where there is a vortex there. Connected to -- Rama, what is it connected to?
RAMA: The Stargate, the main Stargate in the Dome of the Rock. It goes to all the other Stargates throughout the Middle East. And this story I'm talking about goes right into the TV series called "Stargate SG-1," which our NASA, Deep State, know way too much about.
And ET Corey and David Wilcock had talked about this, the similarities between Stargate SG-1 and what has been going on in -- at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Palmyra and other places throughout the Middle East directly relate to the Beings coming through the Stargates, who are part of the ancient Sumerian story. And that was the Cradle of Civilization that began this story with the Great Silent Watchers a very long time ago.
TARA: And also Jerusalem has been being owned by the Catholic Church, but since these last two months, since there's been nothing financially capable of anything, because they don't have anything like that, it is no longer. It's unplugged, which is the real core of the whole thing. That is the old timeline, and we have passed our tests. And let's just remain in estatic joy and happiness.
And so I am praying peace as the words that Lady Master Nada continue to say, and I'm praying peace here at the mosque. As the energies go higher, pay no attention to the, quote/unquote, fight for the White House. There is a conclusion to all of this. The people are ready for Democratic Socialism. Go Bernie.
We're just not saying individually, we're talking about a New Spiritual Path for the whole Globe based in Love. Remember to breathe. Pranayama Yoga extends our Life Force, literally. Pranayama. And it also extends our "telomeres," which are the makings of longevity in the physical. That's the word for that one.
So then for yesterday, His Holiness had something to say again, at 2:30 yesterday morning. He said: “Just as we teach children to observe physical hygiene, for its benefits to our health, we need to teach them to cultivate emotional hygiene. They need to learn how to tackle their destructive emotions and achieve peace of mind.”
First, Tom the Ring-tail Cat texted me after that, at 1:30 p.m.this afternoon -- that was yesterday afternoon -- he said to me: Lord Rama, take a look at this story. (the story is about that mysterious monolith we talked about earlier.)
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: That appeared in a remote location in Utah. And it's just another sign of the Galactic Intervention Moment that's going on. That's what it is. And all the rest we can let go of.
RAMA: The Department of Interior and the folks that take care of the National Parks are very enigmatic about this monolith. So that tells me there's a lot more to this than anybody's talking about.
TARA: Right.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: And mountain goats are hanging out with it. Very amazing, beautiful site.
Okay. So today -- as I got to Santa Fe about mid morning, it was snowing. It turned to rain. Yet, it was the still snowing up the mountain. So I decided to go up the mountain and visit the Snowflake Beings. I pulled out my Crystals and started spinning them. And three Snowflake Beings appeared in the sky, pulsing.
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: Like, you could touch them?
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: In other words, were they touching the Earth or they were still above?
RAMA: They were in the air but think were still --
TARA: You could touch them?
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: That's close. They are about how tall?
RAMA: 10 feet tall, 12.
TARA: Yeah. And they communicate in a unique way.
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: Rama's been visiting these Ones for decades.
RAMA: Yes.
TARA: Yes. They know who he is and he knows who they are. This is just another wonderful piece of the story that we all have Brothers and Sisters, seen
and unseen, with us here.
Yet, it was still snowing up the mountain. So I decided to go up the mountain and visit the Snowflake Beings. I pulled out my Crystals, started spinning them, and three Snowflake Beings appeared. Dr. Emoto has photographed these Beings in his
body of work.
So each of these three Snowflake Beings that showed up to me communicated to me with pulsating light. In this pulsating light message, I saw the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up November 30th, bringing with it this burst of pulsating Light that was wonderful to behold. The feeling I got from these Snowflake Beings is this Light coming in is raising Everything up in a very magnificent way right now.
Then I got a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat on my way back down the mountain.
He said to me: Lord Rama, there are many things going on. They are all good; yet, I cannot talk about any of them. It is about the transfiguration, the alchemical transformation, out of 3D into the 5th Dimensional Life and Higher. For goodness' sakes. Stay safe and give thanks for being alive here on Mother Gaia now.
There are 4 billion Human Beings that have been taken from our planet in the last 14 months with Covid and intentional malignant behaviors stemming from
this Vatican and the other Families and, et cetera. This is the all done now.
They are now part of the Hosts of Heaven, rooting for us, supporting us here on Mother Gaia, and together we are victorious in the Three-fold Violet Flame Light. Blaze the Violet Fire. We are the Sacred Violet Fire. We are the purity God/Goddess All That Is desires. We are in the most auspicious time ever.
Remember to remain in Unconditional Divine Neutrality. No more plans of mice and men, down that zig-zag path to nowhere. Access denied. Ascension is
at hand. NESARA now.
And thank you, Everyone. And I am so glad to have a Family such as this. Thanksgiving --Thanksgiving -- this Thanksgiving is the biggest thing we've ever experienced together energetically-wise. So yes, please, we do need a little support here for food for Thanksgiving, and there're some bills and rent coming up, yes. Bless you. Namaste.
And I pass the talking stick, with Birds and Feathers and Angels and Rainbows and Crystals to my Sister Fran. Here it comes.
Fran: All right. Well, thank you. Good news for Thanksgiving.
And speaking of Dr.Emoto, I will mention that the next call, which will be the second Tuesday, December 8th, we'll be hosting Dr.Emoto's main assistant [Michiko Hayashi] who inherited the work that he did, and the website and so forth. She'll be speaking on the call the next time [about the Emoto Peace Project]. So that's kind of a synchronicity there.
Also I'm going to play a different song today, which is from a young man who was a client of Susan's, and he offered it to her. It came ten years ago, as a gift. I think it's appropriate. It's called I'm Still Dancin' [reminds me of Sekhmet]
Transcribed by Celeste, edited by Fran
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