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Tara & Rama Report 11-26-19
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: Everything is actually that way, Everyone.  Let’s just call it in, because it’s here for us. Thank you so much, Lady Master Isis, and our beautiful singer Pita!
I think we’ve seen it all; we’ve got oligarchy and we’ve got money, and fossil fuels, and having trouble getting health care – the list is a million miles long. And this is what Rama came with on Saturday [Nov 23]:
He said, At mid-morning I received a text message from the King of Swords. He said to me, ‘Lord Rama, the entire matrix has collapsed – period.  The only thing holding this holographic program together is the last illusionary vestiges of the old Kali Yuga. We are in Sat Yuga, so don’t let illusions get to ya. Impeachment proceedings may be done by Christmas.’
I (Rama) texted back to the King of Swords, ‘There’s more to this story than we know. And as we know, it’s bigger than just what appears to be going on in Washington. What is up with the big story?’
And the King of Swords was silent for a moment. And then he said, ‘Blaze the Violet Fire and send infinite Love, Truth, Freedom, Peace, Justice and Beauty to All That Is.’
And Rama said, I’m interpreting that as meaning that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the question about the big story is that, we be who we are - and we are the big story.
So I think that Isis is speaking to us here though Pita and the beautiful sound, that that is who we are, and that’s what we say ‘yes’ to.
I just want to make a comment that regarding Julian Assange, over 60 doctors wrote a fifteen page letter to the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel and the shadow home secretary Diane Abbott. And this starts out with,
“We write this open letter as medical doctors to express our serious concerns about the physical and mental health of Julian Assange. Our professional concerns follow publication recently of the harrowing eye-witness account of Craig Murray and John Pilger of the case management hearing on Monday, October 21, 2019 at Westminster Magistrate’s Court. The hearing related to the upcoming February 2020 hearing about the request from the U.S. Government about Assange’s extradition to the U.S. in relation to his work as a publisher of information, including information about alleged crimes by the U.S. government.
“Our concerns were further heightened by the publication on 1 November 2019 of a further report of Nils Melzer, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, in which he stated: ‘Unless the UK urgently changes course and alleviates his inhumane situation, Mr Assange’s continued exposure to arbitrariness and abuse may soon end up costing his life.’
“Having entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on 19 June 2012, Mr Assange sought and was granted political asylum by the Ecuadorian government.” And it goes on chronologically through his whole ordeal.  I just want to put him in the circle of support because he is very, very near death; please, for the highest good of all concerned.”
And then just picking up from something from the last time, there was something we played that was a re-confirmation of this story. It was called “DNA and the Seeds of Re-Civilization.”  And the question is, could our DNA have been altered thousands and thousands of years ago? Explore the secrets of one of the oldest religious sites known to man – Gobekli Tepi. Researchers believe the ancient stone carvings tell the story of a progenitor race who influenced human genetics through agriculture, astronomy and architecture.
Jonathan Young, Corey Goode, Graham Hancock, Anton Parks, Robert Schoch, Jack Cary, Freddy Silva, Chris Hardy, William Bramley, Gregg Braden, Sean Stone were all participating in this report [on Gaia.com].
They all confirm that the Annunnaki, 10,000 years ago genetically modified the food for the people, and in doing so they genetically modified our Human gene structure.
Rama: from 12 strands of DNA down to 2.
Tara: Yes, and they did it by modifying our food, and the story about the GMO stuff already happened 10,000 years ago. They did it in our food.
And I’m just going to reiterate that this is the story called The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy Foods” by Stephen R. Gundry. And as we do that it reverses  everything that was genetically modified through our food, so that we can be all that we can be.
And then there’s a story here about why America needs war. America doesn’t need war; our oligarchs do and their insistence on profiting through the use of fossil fuels and continuing war is what this means.  That’s done.
There is a U.N. report warning that only rapid and transformational action can stave off a global climate disaster. And they are basically reinforcing that it is already a done deal now that 3.9 degrees Celcius will already be the case by the end of the century.
I’m just going to say that Mother Sekhmet made it very clear that with the 60,000 technologies we get relief within about a month. This whole story that we’re looking at and all of this pollution will be gone.
Rama: Umhmm.
Tara: NESARA now!
And then there is a world study called ‘Greenhouse gases reached record levels in 2018.’ That’s just another back-up of increasing fossil fuel systems. And to just make it clear that, you know, there’s this story that China is the worst, and as long as China keeps doing what they are doing, then why bother, because they are going to ruin it for all of us. That’s not a true picture.
Rama: No.
Tara: The United States has had a much longer history of accumulated fossil fuel side effects on all of the things going on here.  And one reason is the 65,000 manufacturing businesses who send to China for them to build by means of whatever they are using so that we can continue to live here with what we want to be doing. And the report is inclusive of the fact that as the world continues to try to live as the Western part of this Planet lives, you might say the U.S. and Canada, that we would need six planets, starting now.
Again, with this science revolution that we’re in, the process of unfolding with NESARA, the way to live will be completely changed. We don’t need cars, we don’t need anything but the ability to have our starships for transportation. It’s real right now. Dr.Keshe already created a number of starships
Rama: Umhmm.
Tara: from the ground up. And this is really important that we look at the fact that as we are capable now of bringing our DNA to the etheric physical fifth dimensional state of being, we need a whole different view to go with it. So that’s our job!  It’s our job to do that, so NESARA now.
The quickening has begun with this New Moon here in Sagitarius today. I’m going to read a little piece so that you can get a glimpse, and this is from Mystic Moma.
“After plunging the depths, we rise!  Those of us who gave up the ghost are resurrecting from the funeral pyre.
“Sagittarius brings us a passionate impulse to radically burst forth in a new direction, to cast off our clothing and shackles, and let our arrows fly.
“And while there’s a real wind that can lift us to higher ground, we can temper our impulses with a grounded strategic vision to expand in the ways our Soul has deeply desired.  It’s the result of genuine healing which allows us to be brave hearts, ready to face whatever challenges may arise, because we are coming from our authentic truth. That is the freedom net that Sagittarius casts forth, as the light breaks upon the horizon.
"PAT LILES from The Power Path.com shares:
“Sagittarius, The Archer, shoots his arrow skyward and our horizons expand, we see the underlying meaning in our lives, our understanding of the big picture vista lifts our spirits and we feel confident, enthusiastic and capable…
“During our current New Moon time, Jupiter is making a magnificent journey across the center [the Black Hole around which this Galaxy rotates] of our Milky Way Galaxy, across the Galactic Center that is at 27º Sagittarius, across the black hole around which this galaxy rotates with its beautiful spiral arms." 
Tara: This is where Lord Lincor makes his home. He is the head of the Federation of Worlds. Do you want to say a little bit about that, Rama?
Rama: He helps to orchestrate entire civilizations and works with the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos of the various star systems.
Tara: And he comes at this time to help us
Rama: Yes.
Tara: go to a higher place on a whole planetary scale.
“It’s download time as we spend the last few degrees of Sagittarius with Jupiter and move then across the 0º line of Capricorn known as the World Axis, the meeting place of heaven and earth, the Axis Mundi where ‘Communication from lower realms may ascend to higher ones and blessings from higher realms may descend to lower ones and be disseminated to all’
“…we also have the mitigating influence of Venus leading the way a couple of degrees away at 0º Capricorn at that very point of the World Axis (where Jupiter is headed on December 2). 
“Venus had a steadying effect on Jupiter at New Moon hoping to bring out practical, goal-oriented actions.”  [and it goes on…..Read more HERE
Continuing on here, we have reached that pinnacle and Jimmy Carter said it six years ago, that we have been an oligarchy solidly. What it means is that the will of the people is no longer reflected in the policy. Aristotle said a democracy is where the government serves the will of the people.
It [oligarchy] has been going on very strongly since right before 9-11 and all the way on through.  And so the King of Swords has said very clearly that we’re going to move right into 9-11 being an inside job. As we reveal that, it’s really over. And everybody will be held accountable. And it will be done with the greatest of beauty and the assistance of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters from the Stars.
Yesterday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama sent us a tweet:
“There is an urgent need for India’s traditions of non-violence and compassion in today’s world, which is still living by fighting and killing, sometimes even in the name of religion. We have the potential from birth to develop inner values, such as compassion, that yield peace of mind.”
And Rama is speaking here from Monday: The King of Swords and Sibel Edmonds sent me a text message a little bit after noon, saying there is about to be a huge disclosure and discovery of ancient artifacts that go back to the time of Babylon.
Tara: And we’re talking about the same time, about 10,000 years ago when the people got genetically modified through the food that was genetically modified by the Fallen Angels/Annunnaki.
Rama: These artifacts are technological in nature. One of the artifacts are equivalent to our present-day black screen.
Tara: Think of that,10,000 years ago!  And the King said that that black screen is still working for 10,000 years, the original one. Another artifact unearthed in this discovery is an early transmitting device that sends out a beacon, an interplanetary distress signal to nearby planets and/or starships that then actually intervened at that time and came to assist Mother Gaia and her people at the time to help.
Both the King of Swords and Sibel said to me, Lord Rama, this discovery is overwhelmingly going to take up the news, which at the present time will override all the other news or distractions already going on.  This discovery will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are presently being visited as we have been visited all along in our past by the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Forces of Light.
At the proper time Lady Master Nada along with the King of Swords and St.Germain and an indigenous Grandmother will come forward on-screen together to let the world know that there is a tremendous change and it is about to be announced. That announcement is the declaration of Peace on Earth, meaning that the weapons of war will cease to work anymore.
As a side story, Penny said that the former President of Ukraine Poroshenko was in Edmonton yesterday at the city hall, and he went to the state house to see a statue put up in honor of the Ukrainians.  Edmonton is the home of many, many Ukrainian immigrants who started coming there after World War II and continuing to the present.
So today, Rama said he received a call from Natasha mid-morning who said to him that at this time of giving thanks and on the Sagittarius New Moon there are infinite portals of tremendous Light and Love pouring in from Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius, home of the Lord of the Worlds, Lord Lincor.
These energies are directly intersecting the old paradigm timeline and the dinosaurs and this is creating great chaos in that world. Sister Maya is dancing the dance of dispersing old paradigm programming. So let’s not be hooked up that way. Clear the board. All that remains of old paradigm programming is fear, as we’ve always said, false evidence appearing real.
There is a global tidal wave of the politics of Love being led by our youth and the Millennials. She said, Lord Rama, this particular time is the prophecy of the arrival of the Blue Star Kachina and the Red Star Kachina and their teachings of returning to Mother Gaia now.
I want to share with you a story of a Mongolian rock group called, The HU, and they are shaking up the world with their music. With their music they re-create the sounds of Nature’s God/Goddess All That Is. These sounds that they create with their voices, with harps, with bagpipes, with guitars, shaman drums of every size and kind, and unique instruments that we are less familiar with, that make the primordial sounds of Creation.
These sounds literally change space-time-matter relationships. I heard them on the radio the other day in DC as I was there. They were out in nature in a meadow near their village in upper Mongolia dressed for very cold weather, playing and singing and dancing their music alive. And their sound vibrations opened a portal in the very moment in the meadow.  Midway during their music performance they stopped to describe to everyone what was happening in front of their eyes.
One of the young women in the group said, we are watching these two Beings – one is the Blue Star Kachina and the other is the Red Star Kachina.  They are emerging from this newly opening portal here in the meadow where we are and telepathically telling all of us to take our music to the West and to share it with the world.  They are telling us that our music can be used to open portals all over the world.  Natasha closed by saying, this music transported me back to my home where I grew up near the Eastern Russian-Siberian border.
At this time of giving thanks, work with the Violet Flame and these entire Fifth Dimensional energies that are flooding into our Planet now.  They are the energies of the Harmony of the Spheres.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Let us count our infinite blessings and share our Love with others generously. It always comes back infinitely more. Namaste, Lord Rama.
So mote it be and blessings to all of us. Happy Thanksgiving; and can you assist us and our sister Fran too at this time of giving thanks.
I send this marvelous transformational New Moon in Sagittarius talking stick back to you.
Transcribed and edited by Fran.
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