Tara & Rama Report 11-27-18
Tara and Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: All the Commanders, Eagles and Angels!  And thank you, Mother [Sekhmet] and thank you, Brother.
Rama: Thank you, Mother and Eli and Everyone!
Tara: All of us. We are so grateful to be here again. And thank you everyone for the support.
And I just want to say that we require a consistency of support as we are required to move. We have until the latest, the 15th of January, yet the going fare is first and last month in rent and the deposit in addition. And 1,000 sq.ft. is about the normal space and it will be 1,000 to 1,100 dollars a month at the rates they are right now. Yet anything and everything can happen in the time we are in. Yet we are calling a higher spiritual guidance, so that navigating to the beautiful space can happen. Our brothers and sisters from Faction 3 have told us that it’s there. And that the support from everybody for us to be able to make the move with these requirements be made. So mote it be; and thank you in advance. We do have $150 that we got together, thank you, thank you everybody, so that we have another couple of weeks before that will be due again for the Beneficial Farms aspect.
All right, so Rama, do you want to say something from your sense of your experiences over these last couple of weeks since the last call?
Rama: I could say that in the last two weeks the energies have escalated exponentially. And the fall out of the matrix is ever present, and the way I keep being told, it's all unraveling  - the dark side has failed. And as you are observing the insanity from the West Wing has increased exponentially by the hour. And I've been keeping told Mr Mueller is going to lay it out. And there are rumors he has already indicted [the President].
Tara: ...behind the scenes.
Rama: ...behind the scenes. And folks are saying this is the end game now, and this is why we are seeing an escalation in all kinds of distractions in violence, all kinds of heavy things that are not of the office of the Christ, shall I say. And it is what Meg Benedicte keeps talking about with this 11-11-11 that in this last period right now; Neptune also in the last 2 weeks has gone direct. That is a huge deal because Neptune is all of that which has not been seen. So, let's say that the [..] crime family goes back to the 70's - 80's and before that, and all of this has to come out now along with the other crime family members across the planet. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: (laughing)
Rama: I can say this shift is here - all the Beings are showing up everywhere.
Tara: Yes, and there is much going on behind the scenes from the Galactics to assist in the hot spots all over the planet. And, of course, talking about that has got to break through sooner than later.
Anyway, I just want us to go back a little bit, all the way back to the day after we talked the last time which is November 14th, Wednesday. The title of this report is called "Compassion"- A Definition and Some Examples.” On that day, Wednesday, Rama Speaks: First his Holiness the Dalai Lama sent me a message early this morning, at 4:13 am. Quote:
"A compassionate mind brings positive motivation. An attitude of compassion doesn't mean looking down on people, pitying them in their misery. Compassion is based on respect. We discuss life as equals, learn from each other and strive together to improve our life."
Later this morning, I called the Poppy Lady and she said, As Salaam Alaikum, Lord Rama. There are many irons in the fire. You remember that special sword in Lord of the Rings, that sword Elron brought to Aragorn at the battlefield as they were going into that cave passageway into the mountain on the way to Mordor, and they had to rally the armies of the dead to help them fight Sauron the dark wizard and the Orks, his dark army, to get by the great Eye of Sauron. What the Poppy Lady said is, Aragorn as a Ranger and the heir to the throne of the Elven world, that it is founded in peace, trust and unity, reigning with the higher wisdom of Gondor. At the end he married his beloved Arwen. And because Aragorn radiated this higher frequency, the people trusted him, as the people recognized him as coming from his High Heart.
And this is what we all need to focus on, right now. Michelle and Barack Obama come from their High Hearts and the people know it instinctively. There is movement right now to shift the focus to what Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes is talking about, $15 an hour at least for minimum wage, which really as we look at the amount of production with the help of artificial intelligence at this time, the minimum wage would be properly $22.50 and up, and a basic living for everyone, so no one goes homeless or hungry, plus Medicare for all, which at its highest level is universal healthcare with single payer. Also, Miss Ocasio-Cortes is calling for the abolishment of ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], as well as free education to the highest level for everyone.
In the meantime, Lord Rama, I am learning great wisdom from the Sasquatch Elders about the Earth’s early history from before the flood. And they told me that at that time there were millions and millions of starships surrounding the Earth Mother, like the great Divine Director’s ships. The difference was that at that time everyone had direct telepathic communication with all Star Beings. "All the truth is going to come out now about Earth’s true history. Time for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Unity! NESARA now! May The Force be with us all, Lord Rama!”
And the Poppy lady said, As Alaikum Salaam!
And there is a little saying here by Gandalf, “Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, yet that is not what I have found. I have found that it is small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay, small acts of kindness and love.” Gandalf
And so, the next day ‘Scary Rumbles in the Jungles of Empire,’ Thursday the 15th of November, Rama Speaks: I got a text message today around noon from Tom the Ringtail Cat. Tom said that Prime Minister Theresa May is going down like a rock into the river Thames. Most assuredly, Jeremy Corbin will be the next Prime Minister, although the Tories will create every kind of shenanigan in the book and outside of it to try to prevent this from happening, as it harkens a foreboding end to their evil empire. Not unlike the end of their counterparts here in United States, the Republican Party as well as its corporate handmaiden, the establishment and the controlling part of the Democratic Party.
We are watching all the fingers of Sauron and all the remnants of darkness called Empire, collapsing before our eyes. In closing, Tom the Cat left me with this, quote "The work all your Commanders, Eagles and Angels have been doing to balance our internal worlds is going to push us forward. There is momentum building on a global scale from what we have been building together in service to Peace. Remain confident in our ability to navigate forward. Remember, we are indeed the ones we have been waiting for. No turning back now, as we return to Peace all over the world. Victory, indeed, is ours!"  Sat Nam! Namaste! Michelle for president of the Wise Counsel of Elders!
Note! George Galloway said this on the same day, quote "Jeremy Corbin now commands the political scene in Britain." And then it goes on, “Corbin tells May to bring it on as the Prime Minister considers live TV debate of her Brexit deal. Labour leader Jeremy Corbin has told Theresa May that he would relish having a live TV debate on her Brexit deal, as the Prime Minister attempts a PR offensive before the crucial vote on the agreed activities in Parliament.”
And then November 16th, close to noon, Tom the Cat gave me a call. He said, “The deep state is unraveling faster than I can keep up with. Pay no attention to the fear that is being transmitted across the screen.” He continued: “They have nothing else to play with. There indeed are many things going on and they are all good and it is about the complete collapse of the entire global economy. The forces are here with us to change the story with grace and in a good way for everyone concerned. No turning back! NESARA now!”
And then, November 17th, which was last Saturday. ‘A Dilemma for Those In Control,’ Rama Speaks: I listened to Sam Seder today on his show Ring of Fire. Sam also had Bobby Kennedy,Jr on as one of his co-hosts. They were talking about the Julian Assange proposed indictment saying, "As to whomever arrests Julian, be it the UK or the US or Ecuador, or any combination of these 3, it activates a "kill switch," where the documents have already been shuffled around the Planet and the names, addresses and phone numbers of the 13 Families magically show up on the internet across the World.” Sam and Bobby went on and said to expect a public worldwide war crimes tribunal report update, along with prompt Full Disclosure, meaning global announcements of the presence of our brothers and sisters on this planet and the time for great change toward Peace on Earth is at hand.
In closing, we the people of Mother Gaia stand in solidarity with the light of God/Goddess All-That-Is that never fails, and together speak truth to power. May Peace prevail on Earth. NESARA now!
So on the 23rd, which was last Friday, Rama Speaks:  I spoke with a Zuni Grandmother today. She owns a store here in Santa Fe where they sell handmade animal spirit totems. They also sell stone-chiseled Kachina Spirit guides. Some are wood carved as well. The store is filled with artisans’ wares. These artisans formed a cooperative and they are all Zuni tribal people. And as I walked into the store for the first time I immediately felt uplifted by the spirit energies permeating the whole space. This Zuni Grandmother greeted me and she said that she wanted me to call her Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa said to me, "You know, Lord Rama, Quezetcoatl is here, walking on the Earth with all of us. And he will be delivering a big message to the people of Planet Earth. And the spirit messenger guides are telling me that the message will be delivered in person, over many transmission devices across Mother Gaia.
Mona Lisa continued about Quezetcoatl’s message. (Another name of Quezetcoatl is Sanaka Kumara, and Sanaka Kumara is another name of Lord Kuthumi so you put these 3 together. And the Kumaras are Beings that all come from Venus to assist us as Earth dwellers and Mother Gaia, because we are the twin you might say of Venus, our sister Planet which is already ascended. So these Kumaras are coming here and have been with us all along to help us to spiritually awaken to complete this mission of ascension for all to enjoy.)
So Quezelcoatl’s message will be speaking to the imminent situation we have here of the usurpation of the seat of power in D.C. by the forces of darkness. Quezelcoatl will be accompanied by Lord Kalki Maitreya as well as Lord Metatron and Archangel Michael and Mother Sekhmet. I asked Grandmother Mona Lisa, "Isn't this going to be rather shocking for the people of Earth to take in?" Her response was: "Lord Rama, as you know so well, there have been enough TV shows and movies about our friends from the Stars. Ultimately we are all made of plasma energy - we are made of the gold dust. There are many beings throughout our local universe of Nebadon who are working for the Light, and there are some who are not."
Grandmother said, "As these Beings of Light come here there will be very soothing, loving Music of the Spheres that will accompany their presence. This unspeakable LoveLight vibration will be un-missable. Everyone will be lifted up and the dark ones will be unable to stop the transmission."  Then Grandmother Mona Lisa said, "You and your Beloved and your little Paschat friend will find a lovely new home in the City of Holy Saints. The Force is with you, Lord Rama, go in Peace!" Our medicine woman is walking right with you. Omitake Oyasin.  I said, “Thank you for walking the Good Red Road with all of us. Peace and long life.” Grandmother grinned at me and I was on my way. NESARA now, Everyone!
On the 24th, Saturday, the Parisian White Knights report in. Rama Speaks: Tom the Ringtail Cat gave me a call this morning and Tom said that Sweet Angelique was on the phone with him. Tom and Sweet Angelique were in Paris on the streets with the demonstrators protesting the government-imposed fuel price hikes all across France. Tom the Cat said that multiple demonstrations have been going on for 8 days now. Additional information from the news report are: The protesters are wearing the yellow safety vests as they have been in clashes in which tear gas and water cannons are being used against them. Rallies have left the streets of Paris on fire with people throwing stones and everything and anything they can get their hands on. 130 protesters were detained around this country today, 42 of them in Paris. 19 were injured including 4 officers. More than 100,000 have taken to the streets in France this day.
Tom added, People are now purely angry. There are suggestions that the movement was hijacked by radicalized individuals from left and right. They are protesting the increased costs of living as well as of living standards here in France. Yet the vast majority of the protesters are peaceful. This is an instigation by the dark ones of the clones operatives, causing the disturbances of violence. The protesters are angry at the fact that their president, that being said, has still refused to meet with them to discuss the problems in this country. 8,000 protesters are here in Paris today in the yellow vests protesting very loudly.
Tom and Angelique said that these protests have spread to other countries in Europe, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Germany, to name a few. These demonstrations are part of the much larger problem called imposed austerity. And all of this is ending as NESARA is enacted.
They went on to say that there are so many of our Galactic brothers and sisters here on Mother Gaia, who are helping us in so many ways. This 11-11 portal that we are going through on November 11th and going again on November 29th this coming Thursday. These energies coming in are providing the opportunity for planetary upliftment as never before, as only we choose to open our hearts, our minds, our bodies and our spirits to greater and greater Love and Light, Peace and Joy. 
They said, “Please take these energies into hand and heart and know that the impossible dream is in Humanity’s collective hands and hearts at this extraordinary moment in all time and all space to manifest, manifest, manifest Peace on Earth now. See you in the Light of Most Radiant One, Lord Rama, moving forward.” I said to Tom the Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat: “Sat Naam! Namaste! NESARA now!”
OK. Sunday, November 25th. This is entitled ‘Report on the State of the Matrix Worldwide’ Rama Speaks: Early this afternoon I received a call from Natasha. She said to me there are avalanches of avalanches of the old Matrix falling apart. All the dark side have left here and they are playing with fear in extraordinarily and fantastic super exaggerated unrealistic ways. The way that Lady Natasha put it to me was: We The People of the World are wise to the lies of Lord Sauron. Stay in that connected space and place of the Violet Flame as these dark ones are continuing to pump up hopelessness and helplessness in an effort to try to make people believe that they are the only ones who can save us.
Know that despite this false propaganda coming through our transmission boxes at this time, it is most assuredly not being bought by the majority of people everywhere. Hold that thought, no matter what. Remember Lord Buddha's words: ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, and despair is not an option.’ Help one another. Love one another. And never let go of Love. Love always wins. Namaste!
And then we go to Monday, the 26th. And this is titled, Guess Who's in Some Very Tight Places? Rama Speaks: I met with Natasha at the tea house up Canyon Road this afternoon. She showed me on her mini-computer Galactic pad some Middle Eastern newspaper articles talking about how Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to find a hiding place somewhere in Europe. There is mention in the articles that Mr. Netanyahu has been talking with Macron in France, Alexander Vanderbilt in Austria and Angela Merkel in Germany, and numerous other European leaders. Yet all of the leaders are saying "Get out of here, there is a price on your head."
What Lady Natasha said to me is that Interpol has issued, as we have said last week already, an international warrant for Netanyahu's arrest. Ever since, he has been desperately looking for a sanctuary. The warrant is for embezzlement, money laundering and major corruption, and much, much more. All Natasha said on this matter was that Mr. Netanyahu will be facing Mother [Sekhmet].
Natasha went on, [The President] was very disrespectful of the United States troops over the Thanksgiving holiday. Rather than showing up in person [he] addressed the troops at the Southern border with Mexico from his Mar-a-Lago Resort on a live video screen. The spirit in which [the President] carried out this tradition was seriously lacking in respect and honoring of our US military forces.
Remember, the United States military forces at the border are holed up in makeshift tents with no electricity. They are standing in line for hours to recharge their cell phones. And now they have been carrying out orders to tear gas refugees from another country and on the other side of our borders, babies, children and mothers as Chris Hayes said on tonight’s news. The use of tear gas has been banned as a weapon of war by international law; blaze the Violet Fire.
And now there is an update to that message I've just read that came today. And Rama talked with Natasha today, Tuesday, who clarified the orders to do with the use of tear gas at the border. [The President] gave the order as head of the military, to the military, to use tear gas on the refugees. The military passed the order on to Homeland Security, which would mean that our Secretary of Defense Mr. “Mad Dog” Mattis would be that person who would pass that message on. And he passed the order representing the military from [the President] on to Homeland Security forces, which would mean Miss Kirsten Nielson, who then passed the buck on to the Border Patrol agents. And there is a lady, the first female head of the Border Patrol, her name is Carla Provost. And that order was passed on to her. This is the pecking order, which she’s giving here.       
And then, for example, it was not the military who used the tear gas; rather the Border Patrol agent. Nevertheless, no matter who does it, the use of tear gas is against international law. Natasha continued: There are agents provocateurs on the Mexico side of the Southern US border set up by our US deep state operatives who have been doing the throwing of rocks and bottles at our US soldiers, in order to create an excuse for [the President] and our black operatives here in the States to blame it on the refugees, thus allowing our US soldiers or Border Patrol agents, to respond by using tear gas again, against the law, on the refugees and injuring and choking mothers, babies and children.
[The President] is dangerously close to paralleling the impudent actions of Mr. Netanyahu and his idea of force at the Israeli-Gaza border most recently since the end of March 2018, as on the approach of the Nakhba, the Palestinians fought for their rights. For the Palestinians, Nakhba is the annual commemoration of the displacement that preceded and followed the Israeli declaration of independence in 1948.
Natasha said: Lord Rama, I want you and the light worker community to work with me with the 11-11-11 energy as well as the energy of the pass-through of the 11-11-11 activation, coming up on this Thursday, November 29th, 2018.  Meg Benedicte explains this powerful activation, ultimately as the final dissolution of the veil of forgetfulness, thus freeing the minds of millions, if not billions. As Meg says, we are witnessing a massive awakening. The simulation creators usurped human free will and installed an artificial reality into the planetary field. This global simulation operated as an overlay grid circuit that intercepted the truth capacity to choose reality.
In 2012 the Matrix simulation unlocked and free will was re-instated on Planet Earth. And once the mind is freed, there is a re-orientation period as we learn to attune to our Soul’s frequency. As we skip this step, called spiritual bypassing, we can find ourselves maneuvered into more entrapment simulations and without this attunement step, the mind can become lost in parallel reality.
In closing, Natasha reminded us to use the Violet Flame in all situations; the change of the ages is most assuredly upon us.  Stay together, pray together, meditate together. Love one another together. Good vibrations to all. Love always wins. Sat Naam! Namaste! Michelle for president of the Wise Counsel of Elders!
Tara: Today, Rama Speaks: Early this afternoon I received a call from the Poppy Lady and Sweet Angelique the Cat. First of all, the Poppy Lady said to me: "Three US service members were killed as part of the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. And 3 others were wounded after an explosive device was detonated today near the center of Afghani city of Ghazni. Also, a US civilian contractor was wounded in the blast."
The Poppy lady went on to say, "There are more and more Bigfoot People that are coming out and helping the destitute villagers in northern Afghani villages. These people have been bombed back to the Stone Age over the last 17 years, mainly by the United States Empire, period. I am with other Bigfoot People who are technicians and doctors and nurses, and ships counselors. We are helping the local villager Afghani population, to get back to a state of health and well being.
Myself along with other Afghani villagers have been working together with the Bigfoot Galactic Team now for about a year. And the local people who are helping know very well who the Bigfoot People are, and they are not afraid. This Galactic intervention has been going on, not only here in Afghanistan, it has been going on at an accelerated rate in the last year on all of the trouble spots on Mother Gaia. Even though there are generally speaking very little if any media reports on the Galactic ongoing help and now accelerated intervention.
Next, Sweet Angelique the Cat said: "Mr. Macron the President of France is going down very fast. This has to do with the larger story of the French and British Rothschilds going down, along with the Khazarian Rothschild mafia over here, across the pond here in the United States. Mr. Mueller is going to pull a very large rabbit out of his hat. I asked the proverbial question. When? Sweet Angelique said, Anytime. You know, Lord Rama, you are seeing on your transmission box of mostly fake news, every once in a while a few gems shine that like the sun. Mr.Mueller has already indicted [the President] behind the scenes, for number 1-money laundering, number 2-collusion with the Khazarian mafia, the Italian mafia, the Jewish mafia, the Yakuza of Japan, and the ‘legion of doom’ as it is said by Superman, to put it mildly.
Michael Cohen (remember Michael Cohen?) has been singing like a deep throat from the X-files in the present Mueller investigation. He has been singing about where all the dead bodies are, and explaining the details of millions upon millions of pages of documents Muller has in his possession from raiding Michael Cohen’s home, office and hotel room a while back. Number 3-[the Presdent] has been indicted for tax evasion. There are at least 6 major indictments, for starters. And this will lead to the indicting of the entire crime family, leading up to indicting the 500,000 Illuminati family members and their minions, which is already been accomplished fully - indictment, prosecution, trial and conviction, behind the scenes in 2003. There will be a very quick rendition of it for the people to get updated.
Both Sweet Angelique the Cat and the Poppy Lady said:  this is happening right now, all at once, rather than piecemeal down the road. Yet, even as we say this, know that time is speeding up exponentially and cannot be stopped. Victory is indeed ours.
In closing, the Poppy Lady and Sweet Angelique said, Please use the most powerful upcoming 11-11-11, November 11, 2018 Thursday, final activation energies to raise ourselves, Humanity and Mother Gaia’s energies. Again, as Meg Benedicte has shared with us, "Not only has 2018 has been a mastership year, rather also it has been a year of a powerful awakening triggers to many souls on Mother Gaia.
The 11-11 signifies the bio-circuitry of electrical current impacting the magnetic fields that comprise the human energy field. It is a force field of magnificent proportions.” And as Meg continues: “Although we can only see the 3-dimensions with the physical form, our consciousness can access the higher dimensions of the non-physical universe.”
In conclusion, the energies of Truth and Love and Peace and all of the elements of Divine Compassion are inside, and there is nothing that can stop We The People from raising the consciousness to the level that is necessary and required now for everybody to be hearing our Galactic Brothers and Sisters on those transmission boxes announcing NESARA as the Law!
Rama, do you have any more to say?
Rama: So be it and so it is!
Tara:  And so much Love. Thank you for your patience. It's been a long update. NESARA now! Pass this wonderful rainbow-filled talking, fairy-filled, courage-filled talking stick back to my sister Fran.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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