Tara & Rama Report 12-11-18
Tara and Rama:  Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Merry Christmas! 
Tara:  And Happy New Year,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and as we go into the happy new year, we're walking into a 12 year, which at the base would be the third Chohan, Lord Kuthumi guiding us through this whole next year and he is holding the position now along with Sananda Kumara, together with the 4 Musketeers – Mother [Sekhmet], Metatron, Michael and Maitreya.  In other words, they have graduated into being Cosmic Christ leadership roles.  So we are all taking on our cloak of Cosmic Christ-hoodship together. 
And tomorrow is Tara and Rama's, and Penny and Len’s wedding anniversary celebration.  We just so happen to have the same day and we go into the 13th too, because we got married on two days in a row.  So let's just call it that. And Our Lady of Guadeloupe is celebrating, and she represents Lady Master Nada and the entire Western Hemisphere and overlighting in such a beautiful way.
And thank you Eli,
Rama: Yes, thank you so much!
Tara: so much, and Mary Magdalene, the beautiful consort of Sananda Kumara, for walking with us this day.  And we are not going to be too long either.  We are just going to talk about the last two days and keep it short and sweet.
And before we start, tomorrow we are going to negotiate a lease for a new home which is located in Espaniola which is about 27 minutes from Santa Fe, and it is on a piece of land a little bit over an acre, and there are three homes there and we are going to be sitting in the middle home, between a brother and the parents of two other brothers.  So David is one of those 3 brothers who is going to be our landlord.  And again we confirm and affirm that all goes well, and we would be so grateful as everyone would hold that good umbrella of accordance with our new home being that sacred space that we can enter, probably between now and New Years. So may all these things work out well for all of us.
And as you would be so kind as to help us, there's a need for $150.00 for our Beneficial Farms to come through for the season and we would be so grateful for that. And we could also use some blessings to make this move, over and above other things that will be required, first and last month and a deposit equal to that. So thank you in advance for all of your heartfelt donations. Thank you so much!
Rama: Thank you so much!
Okay, so here we go: Rama Speaks: On Monday, the 10th of December.  This morning I received a call from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat, Larry and Curly.  They said to me,“Huge chunks of the matrix are falling apart and the staff and its members of the West Wing are running for their lives because they fear the extremely imminent possibility or probability of being subpoenaed or summoned to testify in open court against President Drumpf.”  They went on to say, “Michael Cohen may get ten to fifteen years in prison.”  I asked Larry, Tom and Curly, “Why such a small sentence?” They answered, “This is just speculation at this time.  As time goes on and more is revealed about Mr. Cohen's much larger criminal role in the big story we will find out how much larger his real sentence will be, along with a whole lot of other information as 9/11 is the next step.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: as an inside job.
On another subject, they said that the Chief Financial Officer of Malaysian company Huawei, Meng Wanzhou [who was arrested in Canada] and that the United States is claiming that the cell phone Huawei is selling in the United States is a spy phone, and that is not true. The truth is that Huawei’s phones are outselling by far Apple iphones and President Drumpf has an iphone, and he is unhappy about the successful business of Huawei’s cellphones because President Drumpf has considerable stock in the Apple  iphone, and he is losing money to boot. Thus the childish outburst of presidential powers behind this has caused an international incident, which now there is a Canadian who has been arrested in China.  So this tit-for-tat tariff war games, and now involving people’s lives, is on. 
Then moving on, Larry and Tom the Ring-tailed Cat said about all of this, “The Chief Financial Officer of Huawei has evidence, concrete evidence against President Drumpf and his whole extended family regarding long-term blackmail, money laundering, human trafficking, arms deals, violations of taxes and much, much more.”  Larry, Curly and Tom the Cat went on to say, “By the money that was exchanged with directions from candidate Drumpf to Michael Cohen to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal weeks before the election of 2016, candidate Drumpf committed two major felonies with all the evidence in place.  Thus he stole the election in a place where he is himself unqualified to even run as a candidate. That is the facts.”
That’s not the whole story though.  The big story is that that was a manipulated plan of a much darker sinister force, which we identify as the Deep State. And all of this we can change together.
Rama: Yes, we can.
Tara: Because we are who we are, and we remember who we are, and it’s moving rapidly, exponentially on a planetary scale that the People of the World have awoken. And so Rama, how do you want to conclude what we say at the end in closing?
Rama: In closing, they said that as the evidence is revealed about Michael Cohen and all the players this is going to be larger than Watergate, larger than Roswell, and I can say this goes into above Majestic 12, like David Wilcox’ movie and David Wilcox only talks about the 35,000 indictments against the 13 families.  The folks I talk to talk about 500,000 sealed indictments which will be unsealed.
Tara: And they’re all complete.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: There’s that larger story that David Wilcox doesn’t know.
Rama: Yes. This goes into the realm what Dr. Greer speaks about in the video called ‘Unacknowledged’, and how money that gets allocated through Congress to the Pentagon is swallowed up by the black holes where the defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Boeing, Raytheon and DARPA are doing not-very-nice things on the planet that leads right into these stories, that the only way that is kind of being told is by the Sci-Fi stories out there. 
Rama: And what I can say is that what I’ve been being told is the energies that are pulling in right now from Creator Source and the Sun, Helios and Vesta, the sun behind the sun all the way up to the Great Central Sun. These energies pulling in right now are about the plasma, the gold dust, the same stuff that’s within our veins, plasma.  And there is this symbiotic relationship with the frequencies of the sun.  What is the Sun, but plasma, same thing that we have in our veins. The same thing that St.Germain talks about in the green books ‘The Magic Presence.’  He talks about the gold dust blowing through his veins.
Tara: Mono-atomic gold.
Rama: Mono-atomic gold. And Natasha, today, I spoke with her today and she said, “These energies pouring in right now, you can visibly see them pouring into the Planet when you look at the Sun. At just the right angle you can see the streams of particles pouring in. It is just so awesome to behold.”
Tara:  Okay, so then we’ll go to Tuesday and they said to remain in steadfastness with that Violet Flame and you can precipitate mono-atomic gold.  We can all do this, [Rama] yes.
Tara: We’re going to take on now our higher light body consciousness and stay there through all of this, and remain neutral in Unconditional Divine Neutrality as this comes down, because we all have a part to play. For eons of times of incarnational patterns, we have all played good, bad and ugly for the sake of our DNA.  Remembering our truth that we are etheric-physical Fifth Dimensional Beings of light, love, peace and joy and nothing else, remain there - do not allow any kind of despair, because it’s not an option.  Love is all we are, and all it is.
So on the 11th, today, which means that we are on a twelve- eleven-twelve day, I took a ride up to the tea house, (this is Rama speaking) on Canyon Road today.  There I met with Natasha.  She showed me on her pad, once again, the very close proximity of Niburu, Mother’s ship, to Mother Gaia.  What I saw was this glowing sphere surrounded with hues of pink, ruby, violet and gold sparkles.  Then Natasha touched her Galactic pad and expanded the picture on the screen and I saw all of these particles of gold dust streaming into earth’s atmosphere. 
And what Natasha said is, “This is the upliftment energy coming in from Niburu as well as our Sun, Sol. And these energies are lifting our bodies exponentially higher each and every day.  As we are in resistance to following this yellow brick road, this golden mono-atomic gold path of the Sadhu, as we are resisting the service to the highest good of all concerned here to happen, whether knowing or unknowing, these energies will uncover and pursue and clear all darkness within and without.  Open our hearts and let this Love in, and praise, respect and move all the feelings that come up, and choose Unconditioned Divine Neutrality and blaze the Violet Fire.”
Natasha went on to say, “As the result of these energies pouring in right now it is creating opportunities for spontaneous awakening across Mother Gaia and all of her children.  For instance, we go to bed at night and we wake up with the entire Akashic records right before us open and in front of our third eye before us, to see and experience. And these effects are only going to continue to amplify as more and more of Humanity wakes up to their divine cosmic collective mission together which is hope - healing of planet earth.  See it healed.  It already is. It’s recognizing it inside and out.” 
Then Natasha said, “Lord Rama, as you heard yesterday, huge chunks of the matrix are melting down and the matrix with all of its programs cannot and shall not be reconstituted. As a result of the dissolution of the matrix, all the thirteen families are in extremely uncomfortable positions now, and our greatest task is not to get caught up in the anger or the hate and the drama.  And yes, General Dunford is gone.  He resigned yesterday, quite a bit ahead of time, and it had to do with his very own life force.”  In closing, Natasha said, “Stay firmly anchored in the energy of the Violet Flame of St. Germain.  As St.Germain always says, ‘I will not say, May God bless you. I will always say, May you all pass every test. See everyone on the bridge.”
And then P.S., Lord Rama and everyone: We can call him President Drumpf, keeping in mind that his presidency is in the old matrix and represents that dissolution making space for Sat Yuga, divine government, universal economics, full disclosure, peace all over the world.  The power of the positive thought always wins. May peace prevail on earth, Sat Nam, Namaste, NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders. So mote it be!
And the last thought here.  There is this book called ‘When Rocks Cry Out’ by Horace Butler and it’s subtitled ‘An explosive secret uncovered, an ancient city called Jerusalem in South America’ and on the back cover it says:  ‘It is written that after 2000 years Jerusalem would come down from the mountain.  The time for the prophecy has arrived. In 1998 after decades of delay, it was announced that ancient Jerusalem, the City of David, is missing. Scientists, shocked by that discovery of South America’s Ramses and other ancient Egyptian mummies located there. 
‘In 2003 the United States Library of Congress purchased for ten million dollars this 1507 Waldseemuller map.  The accuracy of the map, especially South America, stunned researchers.  The map’s makers said they drew the map using works left by ancient Egypt.  In 2004 remains of starships that ancient Egypt used  to cross the seas were found buried beneath the sand in caves. In 2008 an ancient city that dates to the time of the pharaohs was uncovered in South America.  Now ancient stones in Egypt reveal that Egypt was founded in the Americas and Pharaoh gave the American continents their name. In the blink of an eye the world just changed.  We will be stunned by the depths of the secrets that have been hidden from us when rocks cry out because there comes a time in our lives as we just want to know the truth.’ 
May we all, as St. Germain says, pass every single test.  NESARA now, Michelle for President and Love to all. Again, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - and be in joy because that’s all there is! It is now time for Sat Yuga. And we pass this talking stick to our brilliant, loving, ever-present sister with diligence and determination to make so everything that we have ever dreamed to happen.  I pass this talking stick with fairies and rainbows to my sister Fran.
Transcribed by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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