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Tara&Rama Report 2-11-14

Tara and Rama: Greetings Everybody!

Tara: And well met on this fine day. Let's not forget the billion people march and dancing!

Rama: Yes!

Tara: Our dear sister-Eve Ensler, last year there were over a billion people that did it on the global scale in every country on Earth. Rama: That's right!

Tara: And the celebration is to end abusive behavior to the Divine Feminine in every level, and I think that's a good celebration on Valentine's Day to remember. And that's for every man and every woman's female side, and a lot of that is needed right now as the characters that are exiting, the powers that were, could use a little of that to say the least.

OK, so Rama got to talk to Dody and Di and Katherine today. Katherine works for the King of Swords in the office, and Dody and Di were at the Olympics.

Rama: Yes, incognito of course, just observing the, let's say that there are many stories to what's going on with these Olympics. This is a huge power play on many levels with Mr. Putin to the tune of billions and trillions, and this involves other realities where, I would just say, the way Dody and Di put it to me, there are things going on behind the scenes with Russia and the United States, where Mr. Putin, Mr. Obama, Mr. Xi of China, they already know what is to take place concerning the next global announcement about our friends, who are waiting in the wings. As you may have seen that image out there on exopolitics; What is this NASA? There was a craft docked at the international space station.

Tara: And it's not ours.

Rama: And it ain't one of ours, as one of the. Almost all the folks I talked to say it ain't ours.

Tara: It isn't ours. And the other thing that Dody and Di said is that they watched three huge Starships fully de-cloak on opening day over the Olympics, and that is something that we didn't know for sure. All we knew is that Pravda was the only paper that put it up there,

Rama: Right!

Tara: And then Randi Rhodes reported it, yet she said it looks like they pulled it as fast as they got it up there. So we got some horse's mouth confirmation. Ashtar's been very busy helping this situation out. Tens of thousands of people saw that. They said they absolutely did see that. So, that's a good story.

Then they said the market is going into its final permanent free fall collapse stage, right now.

Rama: Even though the market is up a hundred and ninety five points today.

Tara: All of that's fake. It's been fake for decades. They have rigged themselves into a rig they don't know how to back-track on, let's put it that way, although the quantitative easing is going to keep going down. It went from eighty five billion to sixty five billion in January. This time it's going to go another ten billion down. It's going to go down very rapidly, and that's going to be harder and harder for the hedge-funders, because that money never goes to anything except the banks.

Rama: Right!

Tara: And the banks then they roll it, which they do. They bank debenture roll over programs. In a fortnight they can quadruple their profits, and they must have a hundred million dollar note to start with. So they take a hundred million of whatever the quantitative easing amount is that they get, and they quadruple it in two weeks, and of course they do many, many, many dozens and dozens of these at the same time.

Rama: Max Keiser talks about this where they have artificial intelligence now doing these trades.

Tara: Oh, my gosh it goes so fast, it goes so fast everybody, it's just, you know, milliseconds of transactions. I mean if they can do that and quadruple it even in a week, then they can quadruple that again the next week, and it's atrocious what they're doing, and that money is just all fake money, so don't be tempted. There's another so called Light Worker Trust that Russ Michael from Global Light is propagandizing, and Michael Ellegion, and the Hollow Earth people, and you know, so called all these Lightworker Communities, they are being completely used. This is a Schindler's List, and just remember do not go there. Do not give your information out to anything like this.

Rama: Yeah, the NSA already has it.

Tara: That's beside the point.

Rama: Right!

Tara: They cannot comprehend themselves in what to do with themselves except plan bigger horror stories. They were planning to nuke the Olympics, and that was completely shut down.

Rama: That's right!

Tara: They've been planning to blow up the Yellowstone National Park, which would make an empty space between that park and Boulder, Colorado, with all the millions of people between there dead. Then the other thing they wanted to do was to blow up the volcano that's been erupting just south of the Canary Islands. That would cause the southern third of Florida to go under water, all of Manhattan and Delaware. Good bye!

And that is not happening. We have something called the Ashtar Command, and they are in full action right now, all twenty million sovereign World militia forces, sixteen million of them on the ground. And these folks are having a quantum ability to - I mean NSA looks like a little toy compared to what they have the ability to resonate with. They can just see frequencies, and they pass across the screen on the New Jerusalem, and instantaneously things are completely neutralized. Our job is to not make their job more difficult.

There is only one thing that we need to focus on right now, and it is the new-sara law, that means the new children, the new awareness of ourselves, our new skin, and that's talked about in many different ways from the coming of the breaking free of the quantum leap of the [year of the] green wooden horse, and we will be in a very confined space this whole month of February, and it's for a purpose, because we need to completely finish up, any old stories, any parts of our old skin from the water snake year.

Very slow moving, very methodical, and also very, very extremely important year in terms of going deeper, yet the speed with which the green wooden horse moves us, we are very much in short time, going to be past the opportunity to completely throw anything that must be either passed on, or go into the rubbish bin. It needs to go really quickly. Our energetic fields need to be constantly re-calibrated, and renewed every split second of this month.

We want to have this done before the green lights turn on in March - the winds of change month, and we can keep our magic green horse that way. If you keep on going to old thought forms, and reaching for things that are from the old, that horse will turn into a bucking bronco, and you'll end up somewhere besides where you want to be, with a very sore bottom, and that's a promise.

OK, so the White Dragon Society, they brought this up. Everything that's being offered now in terms of the money venue across the Planet, it's all fake, remembering that from the top down this has all been a fake routine. This is why we're being asked to go to the spiritual levels inner well.

Now the White Dragon Society is leading Ben Fulford as a member of the Fortune 500 and the old guard, who has not been in integrity for as long as they can remember him being around, they are leading him down an imaginary primrose path to nowhere, and he will be removed permanently from Planet Earth at the appropriate time by the appropriate White Knights. And this is a report coming from the inner White Knights Circle of the White Dragon Society, unbeknownst to this gentleman.

Neil Keenan, originally, you know, having a good heart, yet got himself enmeshed with the inner circle of the Pentagon and Congress, whose focus are on the dollar sign, and prejudice against Black men, and people of color, the Black man in the White House in particular. Using a twisted idea, that as they get money they will help the people of the World. “Wrongo in the Congo" as Dove used to say. It does not work that way. Neil Keenan will be getting a visit from St. Germain, and he will not be pleased with what he has to say about Neil and the rest playing with his money, meaning St. Germain's money.


And so it is, the largest march for civil rights has just occurred since 1963 over the weekend,

Rama: Nobody's talking about it!

Tara: And it was completely blocked from the media in North Carolina. North Carolina, had, and the real numbers are closer to two hundred thousand people on the streets, they're only saying eighty to a hundred thousand. This is astounding, everybody. And of course the McCory guy that became the governor of that state, he used to work for the energy company that just spilled. Everybody, you use your higher powers of etheric Light and Love to clean the waterways please, of the Dan River in North Carolina.

They said the details came to light in a rather jaw dropping new report from the Associated Press, the AP wires, reporting that at the beginning of last year January 2013, the North Carolina government started stepping in and blocking environmentalists from filing law suits against the Duke Energy Company. That same month January 2013 last year, is when North Carolina got a brand new Republican governor, Republican Pat McCory, who before he became governor spent twenty-eight years working for the same Duke Energy Corporation. And three strikes you're out, because there is a third attempt now, and we are going to focus, and the people are going to focus, and they will not get away with this.

Already last week eighty-two thousand tons of coal ash mixed with twenty seven million gallons of contaminated water broke free from a forty-eight inch storm water-pipe that was located at the Dan River Power Plant in Eden, North Carolina. That retired plant is owned by Duke Energy, and then they had another one and another one. I'm just saying that, you know, when we have problems with our water tanks, which water represents the energy of Love, and the energy of Love now in action.

Although carefully measured, the I Ching for this week, the wisdom is "Bring old relationships to a close. Dismiss sadness! Gather energy for a bold move! You are in a state of confinement, yet words will not set you free! Trust no one who is attempting to sway you with words of praise, or offers of precisely what it is that you have wanted, or dreamed of."

There has been a breakdown in the code, the code within language. So what are we doing here tonight? We're going to work with the stillness, and the power of one hand clapping, and the peaceful intention to be open and responsive to the free movement of moving out of the old order completely. And examine that inner, and that new skin will grow, so that you can actually get on that green wooden horse and ride.

It is not going to be an easy cycle. It is extremely difficult. Yet you know the Christ's Energy has said that you're in the right place when you know how to take it on for the whole of humanity, who might be ignorant during this time, you know, and that's a big story.

So rest in this situation might mean a literal resting time, or it could simply mean a retreat from trying to fix what is seemingly going wrong, or change people's minds, or make an old way of thinking work for you. The current cycle is swiftly changing. Be assured the Light needed to remove the oppression, and to recuperate from exhaustion is coming everybody's way. We will reap positive results from being in confinement, and experiencing oppression. When dealt with properly, we will bring great and useful creativity in honing our craft, and in our plans for our success as a whole community of Love and Light.

We will and must change our ways of handling obstacles, and old entire ways of thinking. Above all, do not let this confinement piss you off, and cause you to become cynical, or strike out in anger and maliciousness as you take that road, all will be lost. You will not be able to benefit from the teaching given to us by Spirit in our situation.

In our rest and our retreats we will begin to hear, we will begin to understand, we will begin to learn to speak the code of the new language that is emerging in this cycle, and the next coming cycle. This will put us at the forefront, at the head of the class, while others remain in struggle, conflict and drama. As you lead, so shall they too follow. Yet, lead with the inner silence way. This cycle your wordless actions will be of great benefit. We will learn when not to speak, and when to hear beyond the words in the underlying Truth held in the unspoken code. This is a lesson in understanding that unlocks the mysteries of the Universe that have been held as secrets by priests and shamans and sages, for eons of time.

As we are moving into this new age of Enlightenment, it is lessons like these that will integrate as we change our way of thinking, speaking, and listening. In these times we will have the opportunity to access help from unexpected places. We will leave old stale relationships behind, as we move forward in our understanding, and our sense of purpose and in forming new positive associations. Look deep into ourselves. We will find strength needed to continue, as we reflect in the stillness.

As we feel in these days ahead a broken or troubled heart, embrace it and stay steady. Suffering will give way to great Joy. It is the way. In Lakesh. Much Love everybody!

And let's see, there's just one more thing. Where did I put that one more thing? Oh dear, it's OK. Just know that in order to ride that beautiful green wooden horse, next month, this is a very special time in our whole situation to completely grow that new skin. Oh, here it is. I found it. OK!

I was just going to say that February is also the month to put down the book of your old story, as you are still living it. We can no longer keep endlessly repeating old stories without it becoming harmful. Our old book must be firmly closed, set aside, so that we can begin living the new story in March.

As we break free, and leap off this merry-go-round of old stories, we say good bye to all of our old lies. All month long we'll be learning to feel comfortable with our tender new skins. Often we will feel raw and naked as though we had no skins at all. This can make going out in the World difficult at times, since we feel so exposed and transparent, yet as we utilize these energies of February, go thoroughly and clean out everything, we will be ready for the accelerated month of March. Weaving the quantum deed into the here and now is the key for all of February. I Love you everybody!

Let's see if there's anything I missed. The largest march, yeah, I think we got everything that's going on right now say Dody and Di, and everything that appears to be going on right now out there in the news is a distraction. Between you and me and the lamp post, Dody said, a price has been put on the head of Jamie Dimon, Ben Bernanke, Lord Blankenfein, Mr.Osburn of the Bank of England, and Stephen Harper is going to to be indicted in shackles for sex crimes, and murders of indigenous children in Canada, as they are rounded up and brought before the people in shackles.

Dody said the whole ball of wax of what you are asking about what's to come next. And St. Germain and Lord Ashtar have it in the bag, and Admiral Sananda as well, and I can say no more. Peace and Love, In Shallom. Pass the Talking Stick!

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
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