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Tara & Rama Report 2-23-21
Tara & Rama:  Greetings!
Tara:  Sister Fran and Everybody!  And thank you, Eli, and thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].
Rama:  Thank you!
Tara:  The time is now for this kind of deep-heartedness.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Eli.  That took every bone in your body.
Yes, the time that we’re in right now – Rama got a picture from Tom the Ringtail Cat and it’s a picture of our Milky Way Galaxy at the center and the other 26 Galaxies. . .
Rama: . . . surrounding. . .
Tara: . . . surrounding us and, you might say, it’s at Super Galactic Center where it’s located.  It’s just that we’re looking at our neighbors that are beyond the little stories, or big stories, going on, not just our Planet, relating now that there are, you know, how many planets – not nine any more – thirteen, fourteen planets that are . . .
R: Yes.
T: . . .are in our Milky Way Galaxy surrounding our sun, Sol.
R:  Yes, we have fourteen planets in our Solar System, maybe more.
Tara:  And instead of thinking about banking systems, we’re talking about trading posts but . . .
Rama:  the Galactic trading.
Tara:  the Galactic trading posts, and that the technologies – believe me – there’s 60,000 of them behind the NESARA Law being enacted publicly, and they’ll start with 6,000. 
This is going to change EVERYTHING - so that the vibrations of the Harmony of the Spheres is applied where we’re not thinking about guns.  The guns aren’t working at this point, in the sense that is very close. It’s a quantum sort of thing.
It’s not about linear time.  So let us do that.  Let us choose that.  Let us listen to our heart’s song.  And also we can send good vibrations to this dimension, sort of finishing up of that timeline as well.
So, let’s just say for today that there has been a hearing today, and it was less than true, you might say, that there was covering up stories going on.
Rama: Umhm.
Tara:  But we’ll just say that of which Rama learned today.  It starts with, ‘I received a text message from Katrina Van den Heuvel today.  It was noon.
Just to remind everybody, her husband was taken out by the dark side as he was exposing the truth, the things that were going on with the black operations between the Russians and the United States and saying that the story is completely twisted to the preference of the western media. 
And that’s really important that we get that one, because as you move more Galactic in your view, then the perspective has to do with going toward, you might say, an initiation, both human and solar, for our Planet, for ourselves, and for our travels in space to new spheres.
So, she said, ‘Lord Rama, I am in Russia and this hearing today on the insurrection of January 6th at the capitol building in D.C., it was a faux trial.  They have got to go deeper. 
Yes, and, as we can work with that, as we can choose to not take sides, to remain in that unconditional, divine neutrality space and choose to meditate, choose music, sound, color and vibration, make beautiful movements with your body, feel – mudras, move your hands in mudra shape.  As we pursue this now, we can activate these higher frequencies in this world very much so, and the job becomes more light, more and more light.
They have got to go deeper.  We watched one side argue against the other side.  The Republican party orchestrated and planned this attack on Capitol after the election, November 4th, 2020.
On another note – Merrick Garland is being confirmed for Attorney General and the Republicans are attacking the women of color who are also at the same moment in time being nominated at the Justice Department level.  And also today on DW News they made me aware that a black woman has been appointed as the United Nations ambassador from the United States. 
And it’s like very strong energies coming through here and people have been listening to AOC [Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez].  She raised, last I heard, over $5 million to help people that are being in a state of struggle in our neighbor here, next door in Texas.  I heard the latest figure that at least 77 people have died over this period of time, including a small five year old child and an eleven-year-old child of freezing to death.  This is not okay. And the animals, many animals are not here that were.
This, again, we can make many more strides of beautiful energy to filter through from a higher perspective of unconditional, divine Love.
So Merrick Garland is being confirmed for Attorney General and the Republicans are attacking the women of color who are also being nominated to various positions and in particular, at the Justice Department. Katrina said, ‘At this point, this is about racism, pure and simple.  Blaze the Violet Fire – transmute, transmute, transmute.  Let us let go of all these outer judgmental places.
And the Field of Dreams comes to mind, the film that was about a baseball game, yet the perspective of teaching that it was passing on was from a higher, philosophical place. ‘Build it and they will come.’
On last Tuesday, His Holiness Dalai Lama at 3:30 in the morning said to me,
We must try to incorporate the workings of our emotions and the ways to tackle them into our education system.  As we are kind and compassionate we will be honest. That leads to honesty and friendship.
I received a text message today from the King of Swords, Rama speaking, it was just after noon. They said to me, Lord Rama, the whole world is watching us. Hold our elected officials accountable.  What does that say to the rest of the world, or not?  The time is now. Beloved Ascended Master St Germain and the Goddess Mother Sekhmet are here. There will be a lawful process of how these elected officials will be held accountable to the Constitution.
On Thursday, Meghan [Markle] won a major lawsuit against publishing a private letter to her father discussing a private matter between them. So the British paper violated her privacy rights. There has been a complete change now, Meghan is pregnant; they had a miscarriage last time. I understand it’s another boy. I think they’re living over there in Malibu somewhere.
And since William has gone in the opposite direction aligning more strongly with the British crown and Prince Phillip has been in the hospital about a good week and there’s a sense that he may be making his transition. Let’s send great light.  It’s a very powerful statement in the sense that these two sons of Lady Di and Prince Charles represent how do we make this transition with peace and love and understanding?
There are firm differences; and let’s remain clear that the transition regards all parties equal.  Otherwise, where are we going?  Are we going to continue in equality - equal with accountability?  That is a very, very challenging thing to do, so let us praise, respect, thank and love all otherness, in terms of our feelings as they come up, because we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.
Monday from His Holiness the Dalai Lama again.  He tweeted us at 3:30 that morning again and said,
Compassion is the basis of our survival, not just a religious matter. Our very life depends on the affection of others, so it is in our interest to take their concerns into account.  We must think more about inner values and cultivate compassion in our own life.
I received a call from Tom the Ringtail Cat this morning at 11:30.  He said, There are many things going on. They are all good. It has to do with our Sun and our DNA and the gold dust, the mono-atomic gold that is coming in.  There are so many ships in our skies this year.
Meanwhile, our Congress has failed to hold the former President accountable.  They violated their oath of office and therefore they need to be expelled from Congress. The whole world has been watching - how justice is served is how divine justice is coming in. Our Constitution and our country are more important than any one individual.
The point being made is that, what is, is.  Every single generation is a product of that which has come before them, and then that generation is even before their parents.  Meaning that the mission moves the whole world beyond the past to the present, and expanding that present to a greater reality.  This is how we move the Fifth Dimension here and now into play, you might say.
Merrick Garland shared with the world as he was remembering his family who came and were welcomed over here as a matter of life and death.  He is eminently qualified and he was choking up as he was speaking about coming here and he wants to use his best skills in order to pay the country back for life itself.
There are many irons in the fire. Rama, do you want to speak to some of the things you have been experiencing?
Rama: Just that overall the life and energy that’s coming in right now is transforming and transfiguring all of us. The general tenor of what I’m being told is that all the different processes of the Native Elders of the Rainbow Nations is being made manifest right now.
It doesn’t matter what color, what form they come in. It always brings me back to what Dr. Greer talks about, that consciousness doesn’t necessarily need a body to communicate with you. All you need do is reach out in loving presence in meditations. What Patti Cota-Robles was sharing in a tweet, these energies go across space-time and connect with other civilizations.
And right now, I can just say that we are the center of attention in this little story, because we are making it and changing this timeline, even though we are watching such a horror show with the fallen angels and the thirteen families.  I’ve just got to say, blaze the Violet Fire and send Love. It’s our biggest test.
Tara: And didn’t you say that Katrina said something about they know the hammer has fallen now?
Rama: They know the hammer has fallen. That’s why they’re so desperate to try and muddy the waters with different statements that hold no truth.
Tara:  Well, let’s remain neutral in the wisdom of how to stay calm and in that neutrality as we continue to work with this.
Tara: Let me just speak to Saturday’s message: Rama says, I received a call from Polly Boyko (She works with RT, Russia Today, in London and a Faction Three White Knight. She brings through neutrality in her gifts of satire in order for people to quote unquote, get it. She’s a very amazing wonderful person.)  and Sweet Angelique the Cat at 11:30 in the morning. 
They said to me, Lord Rama, go and listen to Greg Braden on new youtube on heart-brain coherence, global awakening and evolution of consciousness. It answers a lot of questions. There was an unearthing of artifacts and teachings and scrolls, pyramid technology.  And all of these things are contained in NESARA technologies in a useful manner.  We are clearly ready to exit. 
And that brings to mind that Max Keiser’s morning show at 2:30 this morning, he said the dollar is completely zero.  It is not really a tenable exchange, the Bitcoin has pretty much replaced it operationally.  And remember that’s a really big sign that NESARA is closer. 
And so we remain neutral and continue to use the higher spiritual energy as the way of caring for ourselves in this world, that there is a symbiotic exchange of the necessities of this physicality coming from that source.  It’s just like AOC going to Texas and helping the people and collecting donations and bringing them through and working side-by-side and not making any bones about it. It’s the way now.
We have seven Paschats living together in our back shed. And Mother said they came here to support all of us. NESARA now! I pass the talking stick with love and blessings. Thank you, Everyone. Help us support this Paschat world we live in. And one more is eight, White Paw is inside and they come and visit and nose each other in the window every day around 4 o’clock in the morning.
NESARA now!  I pass this talking stick back to you sister Fran. Thank you, Everyone.
Transcribed and edited by Fran
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