Tara& Rama Report 2-28-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone!
Tara: Okay, together we spoke to our brother Philip and I wanted to speak a little bit about www.trinitypointproject.org  You can go there; and Philip’s been on a journey that started in 1989 on Earth Day when this opened as a project. And he was asked by Elders to receive the project. I told the story to Susan and Fran yesterday. Yet I talked to Philip today and he said, “Well that didn’t exactly happen at that Civil War time, but it happened in more ancient times and this land is about 17000 years that it’s been there, and so I guess I misunderstood. Yet in ancient times when there were squabbles and wars and things going on amongst the people and the incoming influx of others, the people would put down their swords and whatever that was, guns or whatever, and they would all come and gather at this special place which has mounds on it, 3 primary mounds, and then there’s another one that’s a little bit up into another person’s part of the land.
Yet when Rama and I went there, we experienced the energies. Did you find those orb pictures?
Rama: Yes, they are right there. 
Tara: Okay. Rama will send them to Fran and Susan. I’m just going to say that what happened is,over these periods of time these mounds were built by themost original people back 17,000 years or more. They are called the mound builders, the ancient Moorish people of this land, and these people were here even before what we call native American people, or they are the elder ancestors of the native American people.
And there is a purpose to this land.It’s got a direct relationship to the obelisk in Washington DC which is about a 100 miles from there in Churchville, Virginia where they are located. And the work done on the healing on that land for our nation and for the world can counter indicate all kinds of things that have been super-imposed on the true purpose of the United States of Altea America and a new Heaven and a new Earth. And so it would be needed to have some caretakers and guidance people and it is expected and hoped for a Temple of the Heart to be built here.
It says here, “From the ashes of the old the new is reborn. Behold the phoenix, it is our selveswith new awareness of our potential to become beings of unlimited abilities and creative resource. This quantum leap into a totally new way of thinking, being and relating to one another emphasizes renaissance and paradigm shift. Brother-Sister, can you paradigm? The Elders have sent me to tell you that now is like a rushing river and this will be experienced in many different ways. There are those who would hold on to shore. There is no shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle of the river, keep your head above the water, look around to see who else is in the river with you and celebrate.”  
That’s an ancient Native American Indian tribal teaching of Choquash, native American Indian story teller, and sothat’s what time it is, Everybody. From Standing Rock all the way back to these ancient Elders, the first and foremost thing right now that we’re being told is to honor the sacredness of all tribes that have ever come to this Earth. And in the original template there were millions of tribes and cultures and we completely eradicated all but a few thousand right now. There are about 1734 Tribal Nations in the Western Hemisphere with all of their languages which have all been obliterated. So as we tune in, we will remember our ancestors and our ancestors will guide us. These ancient ones are here represented in the Council of Elders, especially the Mayan Elders from Machu Picchu, and they are here to guide us.
Yet we’ve been given a demonstration of the antithesis of everything that we are working towards in Donald Trump and his administration. And Rama has a little story to tell you because Natasha got to tell him that. So here you go.
Rama: Yes I spoke with Natasha today and she shared with me about the eclipse that happened, and as the ripples in the pond go out further and further across the galaxy, the increasing frequencies are going to increase as well. This is bringing up all of the chaos we are looking at right now, and we are seeing in the sudden rise in so many different facets of our society how the energies are shifting. And Natasha shared with me a story about the Czar and the Czarina of the Romanov family, which I’m part of, and how Rasputin had contact with some not-so-nice ET races and learned some wisdom at that time to, you know, he used it to get in bed with the wrong side of the fence, as it were, and the Bolshevik Revolution 
happened. This also ties in with our country over here and how this led up to the first World War.
But it was more what she explained to me is how these Ancient Beings that have been around since the beginning, have come at various times in our Earth history to kind of change the timelines. Now all of that is being corrected as we are right now moving into this Sat Yuga, and with this eclipse I am just being told, no matter what we are looking at, everything that these characters are doing that is not in the name of the Office of the Christ, in that Heart energy, is ultimately  going to fail, because this is not Heart energy that we are watching across the planet right now. It’s very much; send more love, there’s just so many pieces to this with everything shifting in a very good way right at this moment and all that they keep focusing on are the stories that are not in balance with the energies coming in.
They are pushing and pushing to create this contrived division based on absolute lies because it’s comingfrom this fear-based reality. And like in Benjamin Fulford's latest report, the reason why there are things going on in Antartica, let’s say that as the energies increase in magnitude and frequency like with this eclipse and what’s going on with our sun, also with the fact that Niburu was seen at the Antarctic station when the Eclipse happened and Niburu was right there being seen by everybody, yet it’s not being discussed in our media. And what’s happening in Antarctica as these energies increase in frequency and magnitude, the Pre-Adamic people and the technologies are fully awake and alive and they cannot be used for darkness and this is a real, let’s say, ‘Come-to-Jesus moment’ with the folks that are playing on the sites out there because the Pre-Adamic people that are down there in Antarctica, they are completely telepathic. They know the minds of these arch criminals. They are not going to allow them to detonate any kind of technology. I must say there were no nukes detonated at the South Pole.
Send more Love. These stories get more outrageous by the day and the hour from these folks who have nothing, absolutely nothing, except the fear card. Rana Mu, Tom, Larry, Curly, Moe, all this week earlier they have been saying they [cabal] want to play with this fake alien invasion and the Rapture and the Second Coming. Israel is completely in bed with this fake story, and I’ll just say they are, you know, they are going to meet the energy. Send more Love; this is about the heart, not about negativity. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Okay, and we just want to make it very clear, it’s been made clear to us many times, we must know thatwe are selling our soul as we put our allegiance to this dinar, dong and zimbabwe endeavor, and there are a number of, you might say, people in the spiritual community who are known, yet they have been bought. Well, that’s not for us to judge; it’s just not the truth of what’s going on. And I’m just going to say that the truth about Trump has been disclosed in a another piece that’s come forward so I need to read this and make it very clear.
There’s something called the Judeo Russian Zionist mafia aka the ‘Kosher Nostra’ (not Cosa Nostra) and it "has come a long way in the last century. It came to America from the Russian Empire, largely penniless and through their extraordinary ruthless and murderous ambition, came to dominate organized crime in the United States, as well as in Canada, to such an extent that by the middle of the 20th century they were organized crime in North America.
"Donald Trump is 100% a creation of the Kosher Nostra which should be abundantly obvious from the single fact that he was created and mentored by Roy Cohn, one of the kingpins of the Kosher Nostra. Further digging into Donald Trump’s business dealings show that everyone that he has done business with from the New York city mafia families to Felix Sater and the Brighton Beach Russian mafia is part of the organized crime cabal. Donald Trump is nothing more than a front man for organized crime. That is why he is now loading up his cabinet with representatives of the various arms of the Judeo-Zionist organized crime cabal, or Israeli 
stooges like Steve Bannon, Netanyahu’s puppet or traitor military ‘yes men’ who served Jewish high finance like 'General Betrayus'. The Kosher Nostra got their man into office; they had to call in a favor from their associates in Russia to do so. Yet now it’s been achieved and further looks to be extremely grim for the United States of America.
“The last time a major world power fell into the grasp of the Judeo-Christian mob was in 1917 as the Bolsheviks, a bunch of Khazarian Zionist Mafia thugs and killers, seized control of the Russian Empire and murdered over a 100 million people and the country is still recovering from the damage done there.” 
Tara: Now we know that there is nothing more powerful than Love and that the Galactics have our back. They are ‘the wind beneath our wings’ as the song goes. Yet they are saying that it must come through us in order for this to come together in a good way and the energies of this solar eclipse are in effect for at least 6 months very strongly, and with those energies, continuing higher frequencies of Love keep coming in so what they are asking is for those of us who have higher knowledge, higher wisdom and greater discernment to pursue finding
a way to open our hearts together and to teach this Love and this Wisdom to others and that way it can come in more, because the simulcast of full Disclosure with the enactment of NESARA requires that the energies of Love are increased in all people. And so let’s watch the ripples, as Rana Mu said to Rama yesterday, of this virtual pond go out across the Galaxy. And we can see Donald and his friends are getting affected by this as they continue headlong towards their own demise -  choosing to follow the money rather than choosing the Office of the Christ and only the Office of the Christ, where Love in all things is successful.
Right now there is an internal war going on between the ABC agencies. All of the squabbles concern money and the number one agenda to engage in the 3rd world war. As a matter of fact, it’s been stated by the people that Rama talks to, that all the activities in the Middle East are the 3rd world war. They are already there and it’s the same story as with Napoleon, where these Khazarian Mafia bosses are funding both sides of that energy. In the present day as news they are attempting to, through the UN Ambassador of the United States Nikki Haley, to put sanctions on Syria for using chemical weapons. All three times the chemical weapons were used, it was Netanyahu and the United States, our John McCain and Lindsey Graham, etc, and the Saudi, Prince Bandar Bush. These characters did all of these things.
And so we must just be clear now and the meaning we have is the true power of Love rather than the love of power. The agenda of fear rather than love is calling for a fake alien invasion right now, meaning manipulations of the true teachings of Christ and using mind control along with Area 51 alien technology, to stage their version of what is being called ‘The Rapture.’  And there is a story of the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones always said, we belong to the world. What this ‘Rapture’ evangelical teachings of all of these 3 basic Abrahamic religions is, is they are reversing that. They are actually fingers of Sauron and their dogmas that are not true, and their basic dogma is to say that instead of, ‘we are part of the world; we belong to the world,’ ‘the world belongs to us.’ So therefore they can rape, pillage and plunder. So the most important thing we can do now is to honor Love.
And I wanted to read one thing because it was so very beautiful. On The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, he was honoring Bill Paxton and Rama found out Bill Paxton passed away, they said, in a surgery that was complicated and he died in surgery on Saturday morning or something. Anyway Bill Paxton was killed by the cabal because he intended on the Oscar night, to announce 9/11 being an inside job. 
“And so it is that Bill Paxton always knew better (this is Lawrence’s words) he always knew better than most of us that life was fleeting - that you just never know that the end is coming. Bill was eight years old as he convinced his father to bring him to see President Kennedy in person for the first time. Bill never forgot that first moment of seeing John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He waved to the President a big Texas wave. Bill was saying hello. He did not know that he was also waving goodbye. Later that very same day in Dallas, the President was shot in the back of the head. Bill told me that story late one night as we were working together on the HBO series Big Love. In Bill’s telling, it felt like it happened yesterday.
"The lead actor in a TV series should be the captain of the cast and crew cheerleader who helps everyone get through their day. That’s who Bill Paxton was. Every day that I worked with him he taught us all a lot. He always brought humility and respect to his work and he never had a second of not being deeply grateful to be there. Bill started as a member of the crew on film sets and worked his way all the way up to director and number one on the call sheet as an actor. He knew how to do every single job on the set and everyone knew that, yet he always deferred to the judgment of the people who were doing those jobs. Bill Paxton brought big love to the set of Big Love every day. On Monday Bill’s family announced that Bill died on Saturday from complications from surgery. He leaves his wife Louise and his son James and his daughter Lydia. Bill Paxton was 61 years old.”
Tara: And all I can say is that as he was speaking at the very end of this discussion, Lawrence O’Donnell could not hold back the tears. I just wanted to share that with you because that’s all of our work. We all came in here in a sense to really embrace the fact that we are the world and we’re not using the world for anything except for Love.
Namaste, and NESARA now, and Michelle for President!
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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