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Tara & Rama Report 3-09-21

Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Yes, we are ascending now, all of us.  In case you were wondering, you got a pep talk there. Thank you to the whole Collective and the Spirit of our sister Caroline who brings them through. And the same sort of magic is in the air from where we are coming from too.
Grounding this in the astrology yesterday, Tania Gabriel's astrology says that on March 10th the Sun and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, a few days before the Pisces New Moon... This equisite merging encapsulates strength and surrender, a 20-20 code of Peace... The Sun lights up our lives through joy, creativity, courage, truth, and Neptune is Unconditional Love, Patience, Kindness, Imagination and Spirituality.  Sun conjunct Neptune holds the keys to our happiness right before the Spring Equinox. We are what the Sun represents - life itself...And the Sun like us is happy just to be....Allow ourselves to be happy and life flows.
On Wednesday the 3rd, Rama received a call from Lady Nada and Rosa from Palestine, who said the ICC [International Criminal Court] has opened an investigation into alleged war crimes committed in the Palestinian territory since 2014. 
Meanwhile, Lady Nada said she was in Bhutan meeting with Sirian and Pleidian Ambassadors who have 25,000 craft on the ground with her. 
(Lady Nada is present there, in two places at once, as head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn and a special lawyer of the international court of justice on Earth. Her very volunteering to be with us at this time as well as on the Galactic Tribunal. That's the Galactic-Human inter-relations unfolding right now.) 
Continuing, Lady Nada said that these folks are here for Galactic First Contact and to help in cleaning up the Planet. The dark side knows this and is powerless to stop it.  There is a force field over this area which Google Earth cannot penetrate. More ships are in orbit around the Planet. These Beings radiate the White Fire Core of Being.
Rama received a text message from the King of Swords last Thursday the 4th, who said that all of the old paradigm is falling away. The old timelines cannot continue. At this present space-time moment the life forms who chose to came in and put on the dark cloak are at the edge of transition.  There are many issues going on.  All of them have to do with full disclosure and divine government. We are fulfilling St Germain's promise in our behalf.  The Law of One. Yes, we are all One.
Reading from a book called The Signs Of Christ, dedicated to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who single-handedly rescued our fallen world from falling into materialism, by Harold Balios: Chapter 5. "Let the forces of Light bring illumination to Mankind...May forgiveness be the way of all men...Let the souls of men awaken to the Light and may they stand with mass intent...Let Light and Love and Power restore this Divine Plan on Earth."  This was written in 1945, an important year because the war ended.  From that point until now, we finish this plan.
Tara: In that year, the Ashtar Command became members of ACIO at the 38th level above the President based on the Prime Directive allowing intervention to prevent nuclear or psychic holocaust....The situation on the ground here now with the Law of One in place with the 25,000 starships on the ground and millions upon millions of Starshps in orbit is this intervention.
Rama: There are all kinds of folks interacting with the people of Earth right now, whether the news is talking about it or not.
Tara: On Friday Rama received a text message from Tom the Ringtail Cat in D.C. with Larry and Curly, mentioning the Republicans whining about too much money being given to the people.  Meanwhile many good things are going on about Earth's ancient history and how we have never been alone. The time is now, with stories coming forward about before the Flood and archaologists unearthing and knowing about our Galactic neighbors. 
An article today regarding Contact At Las Chorrera-A 50th Anniversary Retrospective on the Shamanic Experiment that Changed the World about George Adamski's contact in the Mohave Desert and other contactees not taken seriously and discredited....Also in the 70's Terrence McKenna and his brother Dennis returned from their quest in the jungles of South America and wrote an immensely popular book with tangible proof of contact from the Colombian rainforest...a myriad of videos on the web..
Rama received a text message from Rosa in Palestime saying their were protests in Palestine in East Jerusalem on international women's day about the occupying army in East Jerusalem claimed as Palestinian land.  
(Israel has been the 51st state since 1949. There was a plan even in the 2000's to move Congress over there on the West Bank as the Capital of the U.S.)
The IDF killed three Palestinian fisherment saying they were in Israeli waters. Every night they shut the power off in the West Bank and yet every night the ships bring food, medicine and supplies to the people.
Rama went to the fairy ring today and created a Jedi Council, upon which the fairy ring lit up as though there were giant spotlights on it.  The King of Egypt, the Poppy Lady and Fingdel Nor, the Sasquatch ET friend and member of the Ashtar Command with their own starship.
They have been beaming people who have been harmed on the ground up on their ships and they help heal these people who have been injured on the ground in Afghanistan. Tara said that the Poppy Lady has used the blessings that she received early to help people in the real world get another arm, leg or eye. 
These Faction Three While Knights are in touch with Keshe too.  The Keshe technology coming in has only been possible because the energies of the higher forces of Light have increased and people are ready. 
Tara was talking to a brother who was able to report that he is cancer free, who did have a kind of 5th dimensional-3rd dimensional surgery, and also learned how to change diet, meditate, and call in the Beings of Light.  On the 20th of March Keshe will be able to bring people to his chamber in Tucson which can rejuvenate everything and replace parts of the body.  
Back at the brightly-lit Fairy Ring, the Jedi Council said we are going into the Pisces New Moon, with the Sun and Neptune energy coming in. It is the end of the old order. New transformational transfigurational energies are flowing in and it is time to forgive and send Love to all trouble spots on our world.  The Guardians of the Galaxy are here. The old holodeck program has ended. 
All the billionaires are broke and seeing the time now, they will become fully cognizant of this fact.  Then this truth will come out on the AP wires across Mother Gaia. The energies are moving higher and higher.  Let us raise our vibrations, our voices up in the Goddess' name...and call for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty...  
Tara: On our shows now, we are going into quantum physics and all kinds of information and contacts, including Graham Hancock, Greg Braden, Linda Moulton Howe and many others who are sharing their experiences together now and how their work has guided them to having help. 
In my own life, the teacher always showed up when I was ready, beginning at age thirteen. I am ready for the next step...maybe they can rest in a room in my home.  Call it in. The teachers are ready to answer our calls. 
We are gratefully here at your service and we are so appreciative to have some contributions to cover the bills. May we all continue to pass every test.
I pass this talking stick to Fran with fairies, rainbows and angels.
Summarized and edited by Fran
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