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Tara & Rama Report 3-10-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara:  Oh, my goodness!  Talk about being left very high in vibrations!  Thank you! Thank you! Oh, Eli and Mother [Sekhmet]!   
And before we start, I just want to say that the energies from yesterday [Full Moon] have taken us all to a very, very high place. I’m imagining the various ways in which we can recognize it.  Yet, that Full Moon, and on the very same day Mercury going direct, is a very powerful indicator of the next 2,000 years of time.
And what I mean by that is that astrologically there is an over-lighting of the Lady Master Virgo energy for the whole next 2,000 years.  And Lady Master Virgo represents the pure, pure, pure heartedness of the Divine Feminine in everyone. And unless we are doing anything less, as St. Germain always says, ‘May we pass every test. May we think with our hearts before we speak. May we think with our hearts before we act, in every thought word and deed.’ 
May we use that heart energy first. Fear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil. And the fourth monkey, which is actually carved by natural means into the the El Tule tree in Palenque. That El Tule tree has been there for 6000 plus years and you have to go about a block to walk around it. And I will just say that it’s a very, very, very long walk in the sense that when I was down there with my little boy, Micah, (who is now grown up and now 35 years old, and you got to hear him speak a little bit around Christmas time right before New Years), he and his father and I, we met there. 
And the guide was somebody that Micah’s father knew, so he took us on this little tour and he had all these little children around him. And he told us the story that Lord Krishna’s spirit was in the tree and it was on Harmonic Convergence that we were there.  Right on Harmonic Convergence we were there. And what he said was that the spirit of Krishna was released from the tree that day and it was sent around the whole world. And it was bringing the message of Peace on the Planet. And the highest form of higher consciousness possible for the whole of Humanity and all life on the Planet was infused with this Krishna Love on that very day. 
And we took a picture of Micah, two years and a half old at the time, and he was having his arm around a carving around the wood in the trunk of the tree, around a unicorn, a baby unicorn. And above the baby unicorn was this very large elephant. Remember that you have to walk around a whole block to get around this tree. That trunk is very large, and of course including the branches, it’s very large.
So, okay, what’s the symbol of the Unicorn? The symbol of the Unicorn is the energy is serendipity, to live life with serendipity. And the Elephant, the Elephant never forgets. So it’s the message of these 2 carvings, and there’s a grinning little boy there and this Elephant and his huge trunk is over this whole scene, as though protecting the Unicorn, and now Micah, in the scene. 
And so that’s a message from Krishna in the tree. And it’s the saying ‘Never forget who we are for the sake of serendipity in the world.’ That’s the quality that’s being spoken of there for everybody in all of life to have, in order to live this life free. So serendipity is equal to freedom’s holy flame on this Planet and the Unicorn also. We have a book and there are pictures of unicorns from anywhere from 500 years old to 1200 years old.
Rama: yes.
Tara: So that’s a very good point too, because the other part of that message is that we are not meant to be in suffering, nor are we ever, and never were meant to die, ever, not now and not ever. That’s a very large message everyone. 
Okay, so what we will do is start a little bit farther back here.  I am going to jump just a little bit farther back to the 29th, so Saturday was the first of March, so the 29th was Friday. So back on Friday, Rama is going to help me with this.  I only got part of it down but, the King of Egypt, Lady Master Nada and the Nameless One, they spoke with me today.
They said to me, “Lord Rama, the final moments are here. And Erdogan has opened Turkey’s borders to Europe.”  I believe the point of the King of Egypt, Lada Nada and the Nameless One speaking to Rama that day had something to do with that.
Rama: Yes, that Erdogan opened the borders and said that he was going to let the refugees enter Europe from Syria. And that has been going on, and at the same time the riot police in Greece have been meeting the refugees. 
Tara: And I think that the United States and the Taliban also signed a peace deal. Rama: Yes, that is correct.
Tara: And that Erdogan also wanted to have something for themselves in that deal.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: He wanted to have a peace deal with Bashar al Assad, but he also wanted NATO to approve of that deal. And he did something that is very unappetizing to the Europeans by opening the land borders between Turkey and Greece so that they could flood into Europe; and the Greek police actually injured, with live fire, and killed one person at that time. So I guess that the message is to put that into the circle of support. It’s ongoing. 
Okay, so then, there’s a message on the 2nd of March, Monday.  And the message came late this morning. I went and got into the plasma field at our White Knight friend Fenn’s house.  Fenn said to me, “Lord Rama, Israel is creating a high drama with the fact that Netanyahu is stealing the election again from Benny Gantz, which is his opponent there who is a former military officer. Netanyahu has been indicted for corruption, bribery, money laundering, etc.
“There is a high drama playing out in Syria as well. It is about the portals, the Stargates. These Annunaki Starships are coming through at least 3 or 4 of these portals in Syria.  And our United States military have seen these Starships coming in through those Stargates. These portals are very ancient and they go back to the time of ancient Sumeria.
They were, as sentient Stargates, over-lighted by the forces of darkness at that time.  Now the Light has intervened and rescued the Stargates from the dark side. There are Living Light, holographically projected Beings intervening in the situation in Northern Syria, around especially Idlib. These Living Light Holograms are manifesting food, water, medicine and all kinds of other things that are needed on the ground for the people.” 
Now we are going to jump a little bit farther forward. So on Friday, the 6th, I spoke with Tom the Ring-tailed Cat at the noon hour today.  He said to me, “Lord Rama, We are at the end. I know that I have said that before, yet all the old stories about the pre-Great Flood people are going to come out.  And the dates we have been given in the biblical text are very intentionally misconstrued even more than we have we have been told, more than the 520 years given in ‘Secret Places of the Lion’.  Tom said it’s more than 3,000 years in the difference.
So rather than 4,000 BC we are talking about the pre-Great Flood time being 7,000 BC. Graham Hancock will be forthcoming with this new information. There was a great polar shift that simultaneously had to do with the larger story of destruction of Maldek by nuclear holocaust on Maldek by the Annunaki Fallen Angels, who were in the Middle East before they were relegated there. That said, Mother Sekhmet deported her children to Maldek as they were creating all kinds of chaos in the Middle East at the time.
Due to unruly tumultuous conflict on Maldek between two disagreeing super civilizations who came from Earth in the Middle East, far more advanced than even Atlantis before its fall, Maldek was sent super-nova which disrupted the timeline and our whole Solar System.  And they assumed that as an earthquake triggered a nuclear silo on one side of the Planet to send the nuclear bomb targeting the other side of the Planet, the other side thought they were being attacked, so they released their nuclear warhead and the explosion sent the whole Planet super-nova.
And so right now there is an asteroid belt there instead of a Planet. And the nuclear fallout was sent on out into space into the atmosphere of Mars and that radioactive material and that wind of holocaust energy, of nuclear energy, pulled all the water off of Mars. And all that water continued to travel and it caused the flood of the time of Noah for 40 days and 40 nights. Radioactive rain poured onto Mother Earth. This caused mutations of our human race at the DNA levels at that time of Noah’s flood.
And there was one son of Noah and he was born with the name of Shem.  Shem was the incarnation of Melchizedek which began the teachings of the lineage of Sananda Kumara on Planet Earth. And repeatedly others came in in different parts of the world with these teachings over and over again. And Yeshu was the 6th initiation of the incarnation of these teachings in the form of his birth on Earth. The King of Swords is the 7th initiation of the incarnation of the one who’s bringing the teachings of Sananda Kumara now.”
Tom the Ring-tailed Cat continued, “The discoveries in Antarctica are far reaching and very real. They have to do with finding ancient pyramids in Antarctica that are emitting electromagnetic frequencies, sounding the clarion call to our Star Brothers and Star Sisters for assistance in this ever so powerful moment in our time/space continuum.” And so it is. That’s the message from last Friday the 6th. 
So now this is the 7th, Saturday.  I received a call from Lady Master Nada and the Poppy Lady late this morning.
First the Dalai Lama at 3:30 this morning, quote: “We all want to live a life free from turmoil, yet we need to have a realistic method to achieve our goals.  Warm-heartedness is essential. It yields a calm mind and self confidence, enabling us to act openly, honestly and transparently. Free from anxiety, fear and suspicion.”
From there, Lady Master Nada and the Poppy Lady said to me, “Lord Rama, the Thirteen Families are fighting to their very death with each other at this time.  And they would like to take most of Humanity with them (talking about those pyramid people) yet ultimately they have failed.
The United States owes China a huge debt and they have not paid. This debt goes all the way back to 1933. China loaned the United States 800 million dollars back then with a 70 year balloon payment due in 2003.  No return payment was ever made. Finally on May 14th, 2008, Madam Wu, Finance Minister of China, showed up at the end of the day at the New York Stock Exchange. She required full payment of the balloon payment in gold. Nothing happened. Fast forward to today, 2020, here and now. The United States is still and yet refusing to pay the debt they owe. 
Thus the 13 Families are playing with bio-weapons, i.e., Covid-19, which stands for Corona Virus 2019. It started in October in China and they are playing with these bio-weapons along with blackmail. Meanwhile, the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Brothers and Sisters are here with us in the millions on the ground. Lord Metatron and the Masters from the Pleiades are here on the ground. 
The truth will be told about Julian Assange being unlawfully held by the British Crown, threatening the freedom of speech worldwide, as well as Chelsea Manning over here in the United States. These are war crimes against Humanity. The International Criminal Court and the ICJ are moving very quickly behind the scenes to hold the United States and the British Crown accountable for their crimes. 
Note: Barack Obama, during his term, I think it was at the beginning of his second term, he was able to sign the United States onto both onto the ICC and the ICJ. Never mind the propaganda that this is not so; yes, that did happen. So we will be held accountable for the crimes that have been committed here. And the UK has completely signed on to both of those things. So that’s covered there.”  So that’s the end of that story for that. 
Let’s go to the next day here.  Okay, so this is Sunday, the 8th of March.  Again, 3:30 the Dalai Lama texted us early this morning,  Quote:
“I urge young women to accept leadership roles. We need you to promote love and compassion.  Realize our dreams that the 200 nations of the world be governed by women. There will be less war, less violence, and economic and social injustice because strength is rooted in love and compassion.”
Okay, so now we go to Monday, the 9th, which was yesterday. Just before noon I received a call from the King of Egypt.  With him were the Nameless Ones and Sweet Angelique the Cat. They all said to me, “Lord Rama, “World markets fell today. The United States started the day 7% down from the night before, from the last count, from Friday at the end of the day. So they shut the market down for 15 minutes; then they reopened it and the markets climbed up to about 5% down. Then they went down again all the way down to 7% down. At this point they shut the market down for the rest of the day.” 
They all said, “Lord Rama, this is all about the unpaid debt the United States has to China, which was due again by February 15, 2020. Regarding the United States, no remittance was paid, again. The British MI5 and MI6 secret X-Files are going to be revealed within days. Meanwhile, as Stephen Colbert says in his sessions, Prince Andrew has agreed to cooperate with the CIA, the FBI and all other law enforcement US agencies. Bill Barr will be issuing an international arrest warrant for Prince Andrew.”  I asked the King of Egypt, “There are rumors everywhere that the Galactics are landing now.”
Tara: And what did the King say?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That’s it?
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  And have a nice day.
Rama: Uh-huh!
Tara: And so there we go.
And today, this is about the story of the two high ranking Lamas. So, Rama speaking, “I went to the Tibetan Buddhist Center up on Canyon Road late this morning.   I was met by a young girl. I believe she was 11 or 12. Yet she was to my senses, wiser beyond her years. I have a feeling she is hundreds of years old in her body, yet a star Being from beyond this world in her consciousness.  I asked her, her name. She looked at me and smiled. That was her answer to me.
“Then she led me to the room where all the Tibetan prayer rugs are. She opened this laptop and she sat down in front of it at this table. I sat at a chair beside her so I could see the computer. Then this gentle Being opened the computer to a video connection and there were two high Lama’s sitting in a beautiful garden somewhere in the world. 
“These 2 Lama’s spoke to me directly and said, ‘Lord Rama, our Galactic brothers and sisters from the stars, the Ashtar Command, they are here on Mother Gaia. They are landing in the high plateaus of the Himalayas. They are coming into the villages and the monasteries to share the good news that the Galactics are intervening in the affairs of Mother Gaia/Mother Earth. They are preparing the people the world over with these mass landings.’ 
“Then I could see that I was receiving a call from Sibel Edmonds on my cell. I thanked everyone and excused myself as I had an important call to attend to. Everyone nodded and smiled. I answered Sibel’s call. She said to me, “Lord Rama, we are very close to that announcement of the Reformation Act.
“On another front, President Erdogan, (this is Sibel still speaking to me) is playing a very dangerous game with Mother Russia. Apparently Erdogan has been using the Russian S400 system he bought from Russia a bit ago as a bargaining tool for what he can get personally out of the United States and Russia, his own personal interest rather than the best interests of his country or the world.
“Russia, meaning President Putin, has scheduled a meeting with President Erdogan within the next 24 hours or so. Mr. Putin intends to speak with Erdogan in no uncertain terms to stand down, as he is planning to use that missile system against Syria.’
Sibel said to me, ‘President Putin will be warning President Erdogan at that meeting that he will deploy Russia’s military with the same system to secure the protection of the Syrian people against any advances President Erdogan may be contemplating which could cause any harm whatsoever to any of the Syrian people.’ So Sibel continued, ‘Lord Rama, President Erdogan will not challenge the Russian Army as he knows very well that it would devastate Turkish military. See you in the light, Lord Rama.’ 
Then I received a text message from a man who is connected with Cyberspace orbit.com. He said, “Lord Rama, the International Space Station is being visited by Lord Michael and the Space Angels. And they are being seen by the people in our space station. They are being described by the space station people as each of them being larger than the whole space station. Those at the space station were cut off at that point by NASA, since NASA did not wish for the people of Earth to view Archangel Michael’s Space Angels. ‘At this time with this Virgo Full Moon, just know there were seven of these Angels, very, very large Angels. They are indicative of St.Germain.  
Okay, so know that we have begun with this New Moon, this new era, just to repeat, and that Lady Master Virgo with that pure heartedness will be over-lighting everything for the next 2000 years so let’s be the ‘Mouse Medicine’ people, because she embraces the application of every fine detail on everything that we do, think, say, feel or hear. So may we pass this test and clear any and all intentions that may be coming from anything less than the highest of all good for all concerned to happen here. 
Love is all there is - and we are all that. We are all pure Love and so we say farewell, and we thank you so much for assistance at this time. It’s an ongoing saga - until it isn’t anymore - and abundance is with us now. NESARA now!  And so much Love, everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I pass this abundant, prosperous, opulent talking stick with Fairies, Angels, Feathers, Crystals and Rainbows to my sister Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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