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Tara & Rama Report 3-12-19
Tara & Rama: Greetings!!!
Tara: Okay, greetings, Everyone!  So there is so much change going on. We want everyone to know that we are living in the most exciting times ever, because the light is prevailing over the darkness in greater strength than ever before.  And that light that never fails us is with us - and not to worry. These Galactic Beings are with us and they are intervening every moment now.
So before we go any further, Rama got a message at 4:30 in the morning, Monday morning, (because we switched to Daylight Savings time instead of 3:30), from His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. And he tweeted
‘Peace is not just the mere absence of violence or disturbance.  It is, as there is a possibility of conflict, yet you deliberately avoid violence and adopt methods to resolve the problem through peaceful means. That is real Peace.
Okay so there are things going on that are actually starting to be shown to follow that instruction by His Holiness here.  Today all the diplomats still and yet in Venezuela left the country from the United States, and also it’s been found that Guaido instigated the blackout in Venezuela and they’ve got evidence on that and the backers in the United States.  They are on their fifth day of the blackout and it’s really causing a lot of serious issues. So let’s send good peace vibrations, good vibrations, period, to the people of Venezuela to make it through this situation, and that toning down of violent solutions continue everywhere.
This is Rama speaking:  I received a call from the King of Egypt right around noon today. He said to me, “Lord Rama, Brexit is dead.  Teresa May has a very short time left as Prime Minister in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn is the next in line for Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.  The Queen, (her solid hologram, that is, from February 2008), the holographic body, is having a very difficult time integrating the very high energies pouring in right now. The truth will be revealed that she is not a true heir to the throne. She is, in fact, a Hapsburg-Battenburg-Khazarian on her mother’s side and on her father’s side she is the daughter of Noble Drew Ali of the Moorish Science Temple in the United States
Rama: Yes.
Tara: anchored in New York City in the early 1900’s.  Therefore she is also a Black Moor in name only, as she denies her true father.” The King of Egypt continued, “The true heir to the throne is Lady Di and her beloved Dodi Fayed.
And the reason she [Queen Elizabeth] is not the true heir is that she did not sit on something called the [real] Stone of Scone and that’s another story that needs to be discussed. Anyway, the Stone of Scone is truly not a stone. Although in Wikipedia it is described as a red sandstone and is held at Scone Abbey in Northern Scotland. It’s in Scone, Scotland, near Perth, Scotland. It’s kept in a secret underground space.
What it truly is, is it’s made of a special metal.  Do you want to describe that Rama?  
Rama: Yes, it’s a metal called telosonium from Venus, like an iridescent bluish metal that sparkles when you look at it. 
Tara: You can actually see shimmering rainbows,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: when you catch it in the proper light.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Nonetheless, Wikipedia has described it otherwise, as what they would have trouble with is explaining about this stone, this metal, as it’s not from here, it’s from Venus.  Then they would have to explain about Starships and Star Brothers and Sisters and how they got it here.
Rama: Star Beings
Tara: Now that’s an interesting story, too, because this telasonium was the original stone tablet that Moses received as he was visited by the Ashtar Command by the New Jerusalem on Mount Sinai.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And he was actually beamed aboard the New Jerusalem and he was given these original stone tablets with the higher teachings of the Ten Commandments written there as you understand the story.
Tara: That’s right, and the 42 Principles of Ma’at are the teachings that their is science-based in. They are also the teachings of the ancient Land of Mu. And there’s another part of the story that there are these beings, they are called Merc and Lady of the Sun and 12,000 years ago in ancient Mu they came from Venus and brought their Venusian tablets of  telosonium from Venus which contained the higher teachings of divine government [to be] enacted by humanity for them to follow a higher path.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And to create universal economics and to learn about ascension and to learn about the gifts we already had at that time, and still do have, and that we are immortal. So this was a little detour, this not sitting on the Stone of Scone, and it was for the purpose of bringing in darkness and collaboration between the Vatican and this crown thing of England, where the Vatican had this divisive plan to create another story, and that other story has to do with the Theosophical Society of St.Germain, because they did a number of things to cover up the fact that St. Germain didn’t die.
The Theosophical Society was founded by Madame Blavatsky. Madame Blavatsky was from Russia, and she founded the Theosophical Society originally in Madras, India and then she came to England and she founded it there, and then from there she came to the United States to Chicago to a town outside of Chicago.  Anyway, before she came to the United States, she was sitting with all these bankers, and all of the royalty of all of the different countries in Europe.
And St. Germain, and Djwhal Khul and Lord Kuthumi would show up behind her. And they would be looking at these Beings while they were talking to her and they were attempting to teach the bankers, to teach the people what was on those Telosonium Plates, and to actually grant the people a right livelihood and create a system that was with equality. And of course, the bankers, the royal society of that day didn’t want that - they wanted that for themselves, but not for the people. And we kind of know the rest of that story.
Now there’s a piece about the story of coming to the United States, because the CIA infiltrated the Theosophical Society in that place outside of Chicago about an hour, and what they did is they changed the story about Christopher Columbus and we all know about that story. But now that story, again we’ve got to go back to the place that, unless people are educated in truth and the knowledge thereof, then there is no possibility of having a democratic republic.  And they knew that. These people have known that so they have kept those secrets. And yet it’s now coming forward now.
I just want to read a little piece now so people can comprehend this story because so many people don’t know it.  Okay, so here we go.
‘One of the best known and least read of the world’s literary productions is Sir Thomas More's ‘Utopia’. It was composed by a man that suffered greatly from the political corruption of his day, 1478 to 1535.  Having held high office, Moore was well acquainted with those machinations commonly called conspiracies of the state.
Thomas More should properly be regarded as a Platonist too, for the entire framework for the Utopia is borrowed from Plato’s Republic, and the book is permeated throughout with Platonic ideology concerning the ideal state.  Under a thinly veiled satire attacking the policies of King Henry VIII, here then is another voice calling men to the correction of their political lives. Unfortunately the immediate success of More’s book was due to his attack on the king and the government his enemy, rather than any serious considerations of the remedy that he suggested.’
In 1937 a little book was published entitled ‘Christopher Columbus was a Greek’.  According to the author Spyros Cateras. The real name of Columbus was Prince Nicola Ypsilantis and he came from the Greek island of Chios. The statement is backed from numerous quotations from numerous early historians and state documents that have been hidden from a long time. The author of this little book has documented his opinions in a manner to bring joy to the critical reader.
He mentions the following Greeks that navigated the Atlantic Ocean in ancient times, Hercules, Odyseus, Coleos, Thysius, And Aristeen. He points out that the language of the ancient Mayans of the American continent contains many words of pure Greek belonging to the Homeric Period, and to quote the book, ‘Years ago in the Republic of Uruguay, South America, were discovered traces of the army of Alexander the Great, swords with the inscription Ptolomaeus Alexandroi.
All modern research on the life of Columbus tends to prove that he was not a man of humble station, poor and/or uneducated, and the story of Queen Isabella and her jewels is rapidly becoming recognizable as fiction. Columbus is emerging as a man of impressive personality with marked abilities as a leader and an organizer with an excellent classical education. Like most Greeks of his time, he admired the writings of Plato and the other classical philosophies. He had the Greek birthright of legend and tradition and was mentally well suited for interpretation of classical lore.  
There is much to indicate that Columbus was inspired for his voyages by Plato’s accounts of the lost Atlantis and the records of early navigation to the West. Furthermore, Europe was not without some knowledge of geography and in his day there were many scholars aware of the spherical form of the earth. He was also a Black Moor.’ So I am just going to say that he built his own ship and he sailed it to the United States. And this is the true story of Christopher Columbus.
And the link is to ancient Muur because Queen Elizabeth the First was a Black Moor and St.Germain and Sir Francis Bacon was born to her since he was a Black Moor in that time too. Elizabeth the Second was born of a Black Moorish father and St. Germain was a Black Moor and Prince Nicolas Ypsilantis was a Black Moor too.  And the link is that Moor was spelled Muur. The teachings of the Muurish science are the teachings of ancient Mu. They are also the teachings, this is very interesting, of the Rosy Cross. That’s talking about the Path of the Rose, and that’s the link that we are talking about, that were the ancestors of the thirteen families of which the Vatican and the Crown intervened on those teachings of the Rose.
And now the original Columbus story is going to be coming out, because it’s going to be brought up from the Bruton Vault because it’s in the Bruton vault, along with the original handwritten Declaration of Independence written by Sir Francis Bacon originally, and the Constitution, and also in his own handwriting in the Bruton vault is his revised original King James Bible back to the true teachings. All of these things are connected to NESARA. NESARA is bringing Freedom’s Holy Flame, the real St. Germain story to the people.
So we are going to have new Atlantis, have ancient Mu, and we are going to have the Muurish teachings all brought to the people. And they are all contained in that Bruton Vault along with the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Thoth Is Lord Kuthumi, the world teacher. So we are all ready now because these new energies are present. This is what we are saying, that the King of Egypt is trying to tell us.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Yes, Rama. And Lady Nada told us last Tuesday, two weeks ago, on the 26th of February she said, “This ends now,” meaning the darkness and the path of the fallen angels, you might say. And the next day, the King of Egypt was talking to Rama with Curly, a Galactic member of the Ashtar Command by saying, “As we wake up to the teachings that are being brought through with the light of the astrology on that story, when we get to the Spring Equinox, the darkness will cease to exist.”
We don’t know exactly what that means right now, but all of this that we are speaking of right now we can explore, because knowledge of the truth brings the possibility of actualizing in our hearts and in our minds together, a democratic republic. We have not really been ready, have we, to actually do this? And we have not been a party to the Constitution, all from the very beginning until now.
Actually, the bankers created something in 1871 called the District of Columbia Organic Act and they took away the Constitution from the people, literally, in that act with the document that said so, and made it to be an oligarchy for themselves. They took the privilege, which the bankers actually did, back at the time of Madame Blavatsky. And this book that I am reading from here is called “The Secret Destiny of America” by Manly Palmer Hall. Manly Palmer Hall is the reincarnation of Madame Blavatsky, who brought the true teachings originally when she created the Theosophical Society in Madras, in England, in London, and in Wheaton, that’s the name of the town, Wheaton, Illinois, outside of Chicago.
And so it shall be returned - and the CIA shall not control the Theosophical Society’s story anymore. The Theosophical Society was put inside something called the Lucis Trust controlled by the CIA. So that will all be removed because NESARA removes all these loopholes, all of these ways of hiding tax money and everything.
And that’s another story that was so great. There was this young man, I don’t know his name. I don’t have it in front of me right now. I am just going to say, he was asked to the World Economic Forum, and he was asked to talk about, you know, everyone having a certain amount of money given to them so that they would have their basic needs met, basic living income, right?  He wrote a book and everything.
The thing is, that when he was given his time, he went up there and he was asked the question, he just deviated and said, “I feel I’m at a fire, and the water hydrants are against the law to use.  And when I’m here at this place, and we can talk about all these wonderful philosophies and all these wonderful ideas that you asked me to come in and talk about, but the thing is that, you know, the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes and hiding them through loopholes. And I think that is the only thing to talk about, about taxes, taxes, taxes.’
So we are right here, right now, and the requirement now is for this to be stopped - and NESARA does this.  I don’t know if I gave you a good inkling of what’s going on but what’s going on is that we are moving very quickly into telling the people the truth about all of this. And remember, it’s not about revenge.  It’s not about negativity. It’s about Love. It’s about Truth. It’s about knowledge of these things, and how to be calm as we hold accountable that which, you might say, has been foisted upon us through a mind control process, foisted upon all the people and taught wrongly.  
And again, we are all One. So we all use our spiritual knowledge and wisdom and love to raise it up and go beyond revenge, please! No more violence. No more wars, only Peace and Love.
Tara: In that vein, we humbly request some assistance.  We are having trouble a little bit. We need assistance for food and gas and also for the Beneficial Farms, and also for a little donation to keep going on doing the work and basic needs, bills and things like that.  It would be so kind as to assist us at this time, Also, Rama needs, we have an appointment for his arm, on April 12th, yes, and he is also on a cancellation list, we don’t have it yet, we need $180.00 for him to go for a treatment for his arm with the doctor, and we so gratefully accept it to get some assistance so we can actually get this.  It’s a challenge, it’s a challenge.
Rama: It is.
Tara: So much love, everyone. I pass this very fairylight, fairy-laden, gem-laden, rainbow filled, St. Germain Violet Flame, Three-Fold Flame talking stick, back to my Sister Fran. 
Transcription by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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