Tara& Rama Report 3-13-18
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Greetings, Everyone! Thank you, Mother Sekhmet.
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: Yes, and for that high tone. So, I can just say, stay in the Joy, stay in our Hearts, stay with Mother Sekhmet's Love. This is the most powerful time we are in, and every day I get the opportunity to go deeper into my heart. I believe that's the nature of our coming together in these days. And today Rama, you got to sit with Lady Master Natasha.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: She took both of you in her car up the mountain to where the fairy ring is, where Rama went on October 24, 2017 as Susan was being honored on that day as having made her transition.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And Susan is truly with us and she's here for the long haul. There’s no going away for that. And she's a council member on the Arcturian Council at the Antares-Arcturus Midway Station, along with Lord Metatron and his twin consort Neptha el Ra, and Lady Master Athena, Ashtar's twin flame, and these Beings, these wonderful Beings that are called the emerald green, lime green,
Tara: Praying Mantis People, great, great healers. And I’d just like to urge people to read El-An-Ra the story of the Orion War and our Ascension ultimately, very powerful, by Solara.
Okay, so there in Natasha's car, Rama and Natasha sat together and they listened to a whole YouTube by Allison Coe that was recommended to listen to, out there. I think it's called “Before, During and After The Event." Natasha said to Rama, "This message is very, very subtle mind control."  Whether or not Allison is aware of that or not - this is not about pointing fingers - it’s what's going on in the background. And it is being couched in flowery phrases that promise a New Heaven and a New Earth, at times. At other times whether Allison Coe is aware of what she is saying or not, the dark forces are using her to connect to the dark agenda. For example, the phrase "the Event" or the phrase "currency exchange," another way of saying the “global reset.” These are injected mind controls programs into the report. This entire YouTube is again taking us down a zig-zagged road to nowhere.
Yes, there indeed will be and already have been and are ongoing ship landings. And yes, indeed, there will be and already have been ongoing ship counselors who have come and are continuing to arrive here on the ground. Yet they are not connected at all to this YouTube report which is connected to the dark ones, and of which they intend to use holographic images to project in the sky as if we were visited by these off-planet Beings, which is not the case and will not be allowed to happen. Another concept that was referred to in this YouTube report was the idea of "the Flash" or again, as mentioned above “the Event,” being equated with instantly stopping all these weapons of war from working. Not so! Rama asked Natasha "what do you say about that idea". What Natasha said is that as the energies go higher and higher, the people that run the war machines have the opportunity to respond to these good vibrations coming in and to listen, listen, listen to their heart's song or not. That being said, though there are no dates, resisting these increasing, every higher incoming vibrations causes more and more severe challenges to remain in one's body as one continues to resist this type of Love, higher Love.
On the opposite end of this spectrum Natasha reminded Rama of his visit the other day with Anonymous Seven and Half and his two friends. Briefly, Rama was witness to, you might say, super-human abilities demonstrated by one of Anonymous Seven and a Half’s two friends, who with one hand and the use of higher consciousness lifted the back of our ‘Rosie,’ our Lincoln town car shuttlecraft over his head with not an ounce of trouble and back down again. Natasha said the two Beings, friends of Seven and a Half, come from Mother Sekhmet's contingency forces who are here to ensure the old reptiles are ushered out of here, in collaboration with Earth's laws.
And people all over the world are joining together and persisting, commanding and demanding and requiring Peace now. As the saying goes, ‘build it and we will come.’  What Natasha explained to Rama is that these higher energies pouring in are giving to everyone the power of The Force within our own Being. Developing that power is a choice and that's where we come in, to begin to know more about who we really are. As all these powers are within us, as we go out into the world and we touch the trees, the rocks, the soil, the water, the breeze, the sky air, the messages from the higher realms come to us in the form of telepathy and the Solex Mal language. And for many of us we can visually see the changes that are happening across the planet.
Regarding the criminal cadre in DC, London and Vatican, in particular where these 3 obelisks anchor the dark side’s energy as the controlling force of the planet, Rama asked about Mr. T-Rex who was just fired and the collapse of the empire. Natasha said the chess pieces are being moved about on the board. Checkmate is the name of the day. All of that which we are watching is going to fall apart in front of our very eyes, on-screen. And we are seeing it happening right now, as the darkest of operations and the characters doing these dirtiest of deeds are being exposed. In particular, there is an individual as an example who has been directly involved in the CIA's    
Rama: war crimes
Tara: Yes, war crimes, the CIA's controversial interrogation and this was written actually back in May 2013 in the Washington Post Greg Miller Report, that the head of the CIA's clandestine service was being shifted out of that position as a result of a management shakeup by then Director John Brennan, as Mueller documented, this official whom the paper did not name because she was a covert agent at the time, was certainly involved in the worst abuses of the CIA-Bush torture regime. And I’ll just say she was also directly involved in ordering up the torturing of many, many people at a Thailand black site. And what's her name again, Rama?
Rama: Gina
Tara: Gina Haspel. She has been nominated to be the head of the CIA as the Grump nominated Mr. Pompeo, Mike Pompeo to be the representative of the United States of America to the world as the Secretary of State replacing
Rama: Mr.T-Rex
Tara: Mr.T-Rex. And just to know that Mr.Pompeo is a massive killer, murderer mobster for his whole life, and he's the number one receiver of Koch brother money, of all the people that we can know that are getting Koch brothers money, and always has been. So as Mother said, the house of cards has to completely fall and it has to show in front of our very eyes. And another very, very dark story here is that Senate leader Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Sheldon Whitehouse and Tim Kane all voted to confirm Pompeo, knowing full well the full aspect of what that means. This means the Koch brothers are running the world as Nazis- 100%. This where we’re going - the Fourth Reich.
Do not go anywhere except in the Joy of this coming forward at this darkest hour of time - and we bring the Joy and we stay in Love - all of us who covered this whole time of our lives witnessing our fractal of energy and bringing it together with all of the others that we are together, One Beingness, are making this change with Consciousness.
The characters doing their dirtiest of deeds are all being exposed to the ever increasing light. Allison said she had written 12 pages of notes from various clients who came to her for hypnosis.  And under hypnosis she asked them about "the Event." So as Natasha said, this limits the whole discussion in this YouTube to Faction 2 level. NESARA goes higher, to Faction 3 level which includes the Ashtar Command, all the Angels, Archangels, and Heaven's Host along with the Ground Crew, meaning the sovereign world militia forces 20 million strong. It must be that we do this together with Ashtar. We must be included. This is where the true intervention lies. This is the true Ashtar Command and Mother Sekhmet, Archangel Michael, Lady Master Nada and her beloved KOS [King of Swords]-Sananda Kumara in his seventh incarnation and initiation can help bring NESARA in with us all.
Natasha said in her final statement, "Be persistent and joyful on this walk on the Good Red Road.” In Mother Sekhment's words, “Love is the greatest healer, Joy is Love’s most perfect expression.” She said everything changes of the twinkling of an eye. May that Force be with us always, remembering that full disclosure is a simulcast with NESARA's enactment, meaning that people will be informed about the cloning operation. The de-cloaking will occur of all the ships present. Therefore in that story on-screen, people will become aware that there is an Ashtar Command that cloaked them and they will be seeing and filmed on-screen all those people who have been arrested there. It’s not like we are waiting for a million years for these things to happen, those have already happened.
And then we'll have not Mueller bringing this full force forward; it will have to be Patrick Fitzgerald, because it will have to be covered that 9/11 was an inside job and who did it. And that will be that people will be informed about Hillary Clinton being head of the CIA through all of this since 1991. And that’s the establishment in both parties, and all of the parties will be shut down. There will be no more party system; that was not what the Constitution presented to us. That was not what the Founding Fathers were guided to do by Saint Germain. And we are going to go then to divine government. There is nothing in the middle of that. We’re not preserving anything of this old stuff.
And the focus of this story will have to be publicly told. You must be fully aware of our past in order to be able to know the difference, which is Love and anything less than that. So, what is our sister is saying in the end of all this, Rama? She said keep looking up?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Anything else from your heart that you remember from the vibrations that you shared?
Rama: Just the feeling of just to be in joy at this time as the energy keeps getting higher and we're seeing so much more unravel of this Deep State story and full disclosure is the end result. And they cannot hide it anymore; more and more stories are coming out on the news about ship sightings and 
Tara: Oh, yeah, just the other day on Watching the Hawks they went back to 2015 I believe, and they showed these pictures which our State Department took of a UFO that was what they called it ‘gold bat’ because it was going so fast they couldn't keep up with it. And Rama was told that what they didn't say on there when they showed the footage is that the people in the planes that were following it, the plane was deleted by whatever technology that ship had, and the people on the plane were boarded onto the ship and, you might say, the Galactic Forces of the Ashtar Command said, "Are you interested? Class is now in session." And that's been happening not just once in one piece of footage. It has happened multiples and multiples of times over the years, and years and years. So many, many, many, I don't know how many, people have joined the forces of light.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: This has also been going on behind the scenes. So, let's call in, Michelle for President, NESARA now, and Patrick Fitzgerald, we are welcoming you to the stage! And keep looking up!
Rama: Keep looking up.
Tara: Namaste. We pass the talking stick back to you.
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