Tara& Rama Report 3-14-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everybody!     
Tara: There is so much going on. Rama got to speak with our sister Natasha today and we are going to ask Rama to tell us that story to start out with.
Rama: Yes, Natasha showed me, on her galactic pad, Niburu, and how Niburu is spiraling right alongside the Sun, and there are about 300 spheres that are cloaked of the blue hawk-headed people and Mother’s people, the Paschats, and many other legions upon legions of Beings that are here. 
And all of this is about the higher frequencies that are pouring in right now at this time as the Spring Equinox is approaching - the return of the Sun after the Winter Solstice. And what Natasha said is, all kinds of magical mystical things are going on across the planet about all the Kingdoms coming right at this time into the forefront, and strange anomalies that have to do with the higher realities intersecting with what we’re watching and interacting with, may seem like not heaven on earth, but the other story. And what Natasha explained is that, as things get higher and higher with the frequencies, the energies of the 12 Rainbow Rays that are pouring in from the Great Tree which is part of our Milky Way Galaxy and there are varied branches of this great tree. The people of Iceland and Greenland and Norway call it Yggdrasil, and my Norse is not very good, but there are 9 realms interacting with this great tree and these 9 realms are part of the Milky Way Galaxy where all kinds of various Beings are 
interacting with Earth and the other realms. How this fits in with the story right now is as we are watching the insanity in the ‘district of criminals’ get more and more to a crescendo and a breaking point, that breaking point is these anomalies coming in and shattering the Tonal into the Nagual world. What it’s about is various craft are being seen and strange stories.
Rama: Natasha today confirmed there are good nanites that have taken over the Hubble telescope, the Chandra telescope, and the International Space Station. These nanites are part of the amino acid computers on the 12 mother ships that surround Earth, and besides all the other legions upon legions of ships and Beings here. And as this stuff is starting to leak out more and more, in the context of what ET Corey and David Wilcox talk about, the fall of these 13 families, what I would focus on is the Secret Space Alliance, [although] ET Corey doesn’t talk about this part, he talks about it a little bit where he’s been to the Councils. The Councils I’ve been to are part of the same Councils, yet the Beings are here and they are intervening, stepping in. Chief Archambault and Dallas Goldtooth of the Standing Rock people know about this, and they do not really talk about it except to a few folks. The inner circle of these people are spreading the word that the wise Councils of Elders are here, meaning the Sisterhoods - the Brotherhoods. This ties in with the Monastery of the Seven Rays, Lord Aramu Muru and his Twin Flame and these things are coming to light is how this interacts with our reality, even though they are pushing the hounds of war to the very edge of the story.
I’ve got to just say, Ashtar said, ‘No nukes.’  I pass this talking stick.
Tara: Oh my. Well also, sister Natasha talked about something called a Platinum Ray.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Let’s just acknowledge its presence. Working with Platinum Ray is a very super high vibration and it can actually take people out as one is not aware of the power of the vibration. Mother has said this many times that crystal clear high vibrations can cause literally physical death to another person who is holding very low vibration and it’s not our job to be in charge of that. 
Rama: No.
Tara: Yet as Lord Metatron said, he explained a few things that the Platinum Ray represents, as the keeper of it,”I am the co-keeper of the silver platinum flame and that would be Archangel Metatron-Lord Metatron’s Twin Flame Neptha El Ra. Now every flame color has a pink vibration around it that brings the rosy heart. The silver platinum can be buffered by that rosy heartedness, and so we can use it with ourselves, as you might say, in the divine feminine which is the twin flame, in terms of holding diplomatic immunity in the civilization’s development. Neptha El Ra, the consort of Metatron, representing the divine feminine twin flame of the golden white flame of the divine masculine. And again, we’re always told to be aware that the white flame-White Fire Core of Being Flame is very, very powerful as well. So St.Germain enters on the scene, and they give a little bit more of this in the sense that from the silver violet flame, the violet flame comes. So we start with the silver platinum, we go to the divine masculine White Fire Core of Being and it’s androgynous within and without, and then we go to the silver violet flame and then into the violet flame. And the point being made is that the higher the vibration goes, energy must follow that thought, and what we are watching on the ground here is an attempt to spiral further downwards. You see, the energies are extremely high right now.
Rama: and they are always getting higher and higher.
Tara: Yes. And Dennis Kucinich’s beloved wife came on RT [Russia Today] this afternoon and I was quite impressed because she said, what Elizabeth is saying; on RT she said, or the RT person said, that Western media were particularly outraged by the Syrian government’s successful attempt to take the Eastern side of Aleppo from the Jihadist militants last year. However, my next guest says we are missing the heart of the story here. Elizabeth recently traveled to Syria with her husband Dennis, as well as Hawaii’s Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard - they went together.
To Elizabeth, RT says, you say the conversation around Syria needs to be refocused, despite the fact that some 400 marines were just sent to fight on the ground in Syria. It’s almost missing completely, gone, from the mainstream media coverage. I haven’t looked up to see any headlines about Syria on any of the networks recently. I wanted to play what President Assad has said about those troops. President Assad said any foreign troops coming to Syria without our invitation or consultation or permission, that in all of those things  they are invaders whether they are American to Turkish or any other kind. They are very good in creating problems and destroying, but they are very bad in finding solutions. And RT said, Is what he’s saying there true? (to Elizabeth) Is the United States hindering the situation there at the moment or what?
And Elizabeth says, "A really good question. Who knows? What we do know however, is that Americans going into Syria, a sovereign country, without the invitation of the government, that is against international law. It’s an act of war. Congress has not approved any strike, so again, potentially it’s against the Constitution as well. There are very many questions and then if you look at the actual political context of this situation, what are we actually trying to do? There are up to maybe a hundred different nationalities of Jihadi fighters inside Syria. We have got about 80,000 of them in there. Who are we choosing here? You know I have read in reports of ‘local forces.’ Well, what does that mean? That means rebel forces. That doesn’t mean that we are working alongside people who are actually trying to get rid of terrorist activity. So what are we really doing? That means that we are highlighting one side against another and what is the long term goal of that? I would really like to know."
RT says, well I would even also like to know what the mission of these troops is. It seems as though on one hand they could be intervening at the end of the fight against ISIL and to partake in the victory. On the other hand, I’ve heard and seen the audience of reality which is that they intervened to stop 2 US-supported groups from fighting each other. That’s all true; the Kurds and the Turks. Elizabeth says. "Uhuh, quite." And so RT says, so it all comes back to some sort of schizophrenic policy? Elizabeth says, "It really is. We are playing two ends against the middle."
Tara:  And I just wanted to say that the reason I’m going through this is because we are doing that inside our own Light community, and what we are doing in  politics is already outmoded, that where we are going now is to unity consciousness, which has nothing to do with polarity at all. All of this worry has to do with polarity, and trying to pit one thing against the next.
So Elizabeth goes on. She says we are a snake eating it’s tail. There doesn’t seem to be any real plan as you look at the power plays in the situation. You’ve got ISIL as a very, very strong player (remember United States black ops are funding all of that) and then you have theSyrian government and then coming in with the Russians, and to some degree one has to question, as we’re not on either of those 2 sides, then are we going to be on a winning side? Because those two have a geopolitical force, they are actually at play here, and as we see about the [US] alignment with the Kurdish groups, that then is spurring Turkey to be very, very edgy against he United States.
And so we have many different power dynamics going on and one of the first times I went to that region, I went to meet with President Assad there and he described the situation that he’s caught in. He’s caught in the' game of nations.' And that really helped me in thinking, you know, this is like a chess board, yet it’s not just one chess game that we are playing. We are a pawn in a multi-layered chess game, and at one time we are playing a piece here, and in another game in somebody else’s game we are playing a different piece, and Syria really is that exemplary country that we are doing it with right now. What we are doing in Syria is playing toward rebel groups. We are playing against international law. I do not know what we are doing with regard to rubbing Bashar [Al Assad] the wrong way. What are we doing? Are we fighting them directly now? All of these questions are extremely concerning.  
RT goes on and says, this is why US policy in Syria should be straightforward. I mean, we are looking at a country where over a decade and a half after 9/11 some say Al Qaida has its strongest affiliate in history. How is that possible? How is the United States policy not clearly directed at targeting that?  [Is that] not something that the Russians in Syria and the Syrian government can agree with as correct?
And Elizabeth says,"I would imagine so, [If] you are actually trying to push back real terrorist threats. My concern truly is back here at home; all the while what are we doing is really triggering further repercussions along this line. We are enabling for more and more people to have a nationalistic cause that turns into a terrorist activity. And we will see. I read a lot on line and people say, 'Oh we have to fight them over there; otherwise we’ll fight them over here.' No, that is not the dynamic at all. We’ll be fighting people everywhere as we continue to do this wrong-headed policy. And on the street, by the way, (Elizabeth is saying) people of Syria are saying, ‘please,’ they are saying to us, ‘leave us alone to let us get on with this - this is our country,’ because they are seeing this massive power struggle that is beyond them as well."
Tara: These are international players with overlords and I think that what Mrs Elizabeth Kucinich has pointed out is that a lot of us are rooting for this and rooting for that. Light workers are saying Donald Trump is this and that, and now we are bringing the story into play both sides of the policy politics of the Democratic establishment and the Republican establishment and any outsiders. This cannot win anything. It is playing at a much lower level.
We are calling in the Platinum Ray and we are honoring the Divine Feminine herself  - the Silver Platinum Lady Master of the Divine White Fire Core of Being Masculine, and that brings in the Pink Ray of Love and the crystal quartz of pink quartz crystal in the heart chakra. This needs to go beyond the 3rd dimension, all the way. And the guns won’t work as our hearts match this true reality.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That’s really what Natasha is saying, that it’s up to us to stop playing with the money games, all the way. This cannot continue. The Light unifies at the higher realms.
Call on our Whale and Dolphin sisters and brothers and please, put a circle of support around the coral reefs - the great coral reef after 2 years in a row, it’s about dead.
So let’s just know that we need intervention now. NESARA now, and I pass the talking stick to you sisters Fran and Susan.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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