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Tara & Rama Report 3-24-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings!  
Tara:  So much Love, Everyone!  It’s another grand meeting point, and the transition that we are in couldn’t have been better said.  Thank you, Dear Sister, Caroline, and that twin of yours called ‘The Collective.’ 
I guess what I would like to say first is that, back to Monday, yesterday, not so very long ago, Rama got to speak with Natasha, and it goes this way:  I drove up to the bridge up the mountain, and then we went even higher up behind the ski basin area. We were up higher than 10,000 feet.
Natasha showed me on her galactic pad a documentary by Graham Hancock. And in the documentary he was telling the story about an archaeological dig which unearthed some evidence that says that the Flood took place more like 13,000 years ago between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago, not 6,000 years ago. So this gives a new starting point for the biblical text.  And there were fragments at that time, very large fragments, that came in solid form and entered the Earth, and they unearthed some of these fragments in Syria.
That’s where they were mainly, but they found these fragments all over the Earth. And this begs the story of what happened. The story has to do with the Annunnaki who were in the Middle East, and there were opposing forces of them that were fighting there, and this was a fifth dimensional plane of existence.  So we must remember that too. So they had starships and they also had star wars things, and they had nuclear weapons much more advanced than the ones that we have now.
So, we know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah where Sarah said, ‘I am going to stay,’ and she turned back and turned into a pillar of salt. And what they were describing is that she turned into a pillar of salt like in the movie ‘Terminator II’ where they showed this mother and the child and there was a nuclear explosion and they disintegrated like that too in the movie. 
So this was a nuclear attack by one of the opposing Annunnaki forces on the other. And so the time of the Flood was in the general vicinity. Mother [Sekhmet] took these two opposing forces and she ‘cast them out of the garden’ then, you might say. And they took their starships and they went to Maldek. And they had still a disposition where they separated themselves.
See we have been watching and talking about all of these separation issues that we have been going through lately. So this is bringing us back to the reality we’re in, from there.  And so in the natural course of events, the Earth was having all kinds of Earth changes going on there, only it was on Maldek.
And the thing was that the Maldekians had nukes, and they had them pointed at each other on different sides of the planet, and the earthquake triggered one of the nuclear silos. And as a result, a nuke was released from one side of the planet. The people on the other side decided they were being attacked, and so they released another nuclear explosion and it sent the whole Planet supernova.
So the nuclear fallout entered the gravitational field of Mars between Mars and Jupiter when this happened. And so in the gravitational field on Mars, all the water on the whole surface on the planet of Mars was pulled away and taken with that radioactive nuclear fallout and then it traveled to Earth. So that was the story of the Flood.  It was radioactive rain.
And so at the time, people were living around 1,000 years in ancient stories of Methuselah, Seth and all these children at the time. I mean they were living to a very healthy age of, you know, in and around a thousand years. After this radioactive rain fell on the whole earth, it mutated our DNA
Rama: Umhuh.
Tara: and so from then until now the ability to live beyond around a hundred years was cut short. In other words, ten times shorter than normal. And since there is only One of us here, that karmic story is what this is representing now.
Right now, we are clearing this up, and the system these bodies have been holding where we are required certain things and we must have money to have those certain things, and also the system of how we are assuming we just die. All of that is no longer the reality.  
So what I want to say about that is that today Rama got a message that spoke to the issue. Rama says, “Late this morning I headed south of Santa Fe on the way to Las Vegas and Mexico, I called Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Tom had Sweet Angelique-the-Cat with him.  Sweet Angelique was in London, Tom the Cat was in Arlington, Virginia being about St. Germain’s business there.”
They both said to me, “Lord Rama, the pyramid power group, working with the situation from the seat of power in Washington, are working a plan that they have been attempting now for a long time to keep afloat and not crash completely, and now they’ve made another decision where they want to crash the entire thing completely - the global economy. 
“So what they are doing now is they are pumping multi-trillions of dollars into the New York Stock Exchange at the closing bell every single day. And today the market rallied today about ten percent. Yet the point being made is that how they have been doing that, and where the money is coming from, has been taking the whole global structure of the world.
“They've been doing what’s called corporate share buy-back, which they have been doing for such a long time but not on such a massive scale.  And they are using the virus as a cover-up so that they don’t have to say that’s it’s anything except that we’ve all had to kind of sequester ourselves in place, you know, at home and shut down all of the marketplaces.
“What they are doing is they are taking these global buybacks and they are using that money every day so they can pay the richest, you know, the heads of the corporations and their elitist friends, and leave everything else go.” So that is what they are doing. That being said, this is all the old order.  In this process they have the pyramid power group hoping that the heroes could be here in the West, still claiming that.
Yet Tom and Sweet Angelique said that ultimately it’s failing. The reason it’s failing is because it’s not the right energy for the new timeline. And so as we consider that, it’s also the Goddess that is here, and she is very, very insistent that what we do with this energy is so important now.
And as Rama spoke with Grandmother Beatrice today, about the whole story and she said, “The Goddess is requiring of all of us that we recognize her inside of ourselves.” And the meaning of that is that the goddess means the ability to receive Love in the face of the unknown. And what that requires of us is to not be in fear. Not to look at the struggle that appears to be going on to survive with the old still intact. Let it go. Surrender, because we are in a new timeline. All of the old methods of fiat currency trading are failing as all is said and done, making way for this new adventure that we are on.  
So then, Tom the Cat said to me, “Lord Rama, St.Germain has got this one.  And the secret destiny of America will be revealed any time now, along with the full disclosure process.”  Then Sweet Angelique chimed in and she said, “Elijah is here. Set another plate at the table.” Okay, now in biblical text Enoch and the Prophet Elijah were taken to the heavens, is what it says, in flying machines.  And you might say it is very mysterious, especially about the story of Enoch, because it’s mentioned that he didn’t die. This is a very interesting phenomenon.
And then it goes into that Adam lived to be 930 and Seth, Adam's son, lived to be 912, and then Seth’s son lived to be 905, and then Enoch ‘walked safely with God, and then he was no more because God took him away.’ What this is about, is about Ascension. 
And it’s an interesting story, because we have a dear friend, and Rama got to talk with her just a little while ago, and she has a dear friend, and her friend has a little boy and he is four years old. And this little boy never studied Hebrew or anything. He can speak Hebrew. He can translate it. He can write it. And he says, “My name is Elijah.” Imagine that.
So there is no such thing as a coincidence, you might say. As a matter of fact, David Icke was talking about that just a little while ago.  He said, “There is no such thing as a coincidence. It’s always coming from that which is appropriate for the time, on all sides, good, bad and ugly.”
And so you might say every part of us, there’s only one of us here, every part of us is here right now, including the Enoch part of us. We are being asked to work with this virus, there is no blame, nothing. There’s all kinds of shenanigans about it. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything, because the original story is that we are all ONE. And so we, as Humanity, are coming together to clear this with Love and nothing else in this time/space continuum. 
And I got a call just the other day out of the blue from another sister who we met when we went to see Swami Purna. And of Swami Purna they say you could walk a hundred years across all of every square inch of India and you will never find a Master such as this one. And that is something that everybody in India agrees with.  The point that I am making is that he said something here. He said, “That no one will be spared, in terms of the test that we are in right now. That this test is a requirement for all of us to be ready for this Ascension.” 
And that means all of us, as we so choose. So what he was saying is that to strengthen our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical immune systems, all of the above. Not one over the other. And that will get us through this, because the choice to choose Love grows with strength.  And the strength grows with our choices to meditate, to pray, to do these things together to strengthen the immune system at this time - and to do nothing else - and to take this as a point of Light within the Mind of God for the preparations of the Goddess to fully show up. And to be able to receive Love - because that’s what the Universe is calling us to do.
There is a wonderful lady named Aluna Joy. It’s not very long and I think it tells the whole story, so I am going to read it now. And what it says is:
“Aluna Joy Yaxkin
Yesterday at 7:02 AM ·
Why is this crisis happening? A higher perspective.
Our first insights from the living library, the ancient energies of Palenque, Mexico. With the Maya Ancestors and The Star Elders through Aluna Joy. 3-18/19-2020
“Humanity as a whole has been living backwards moving away from spirit and are becoming more lost into the material world. This was always part of the greater plan. [Tara: You know the greater plan of the Universe of Nebadon was to go more into materiality and to see if we could pass that test. And here we are.]
“We have been exploring increasing levels of separation from source for over 26,000 years. We have felt that we could have not been more divided from each other this last month. But we are wrong. Humanity is no longer divided into one extreme side or another. We are now all separated from each other.
“Separation from source, its insights and the perspectives it offers us, has reached its furthest point possible, while still being able to maintain our physical body. Many thousands of light rebels have been holding threads of light to keep the Earth from slipping past a tipping point of no return in this grand exploration process. (and this means you reading this). So here we are.
“Humanity wanted to see how far we could remove ourselves from the ONE and not be lost. Humanity has become separated from each and every living being in more ways than you could have ever imagined. Now, you are afraid of each other because of a virus. The only way humanity can obtain true, godly unity and divine oneness is to feel the total impact of the extreme opposite of oneness.”
([Tara]  And I am just speaking, this is why this is happening, it’s all good, it’s necessary.)
“You needed to feel total isolation laced with extreme, collective fear. You need to feel the impact of not being able to trust any source but yourself, while feeling the end is unknown and the future is unseeable. This time has been a big surprise and a huge shock to your system. Shock opens you up to hidden, unprocessed vaults within you. Humanity will learn many things, in very real and human ways, in the coming weeks and months.
“Your world has been put on pause to face the atrocities of living out of balance with the natural world. This is a great opportunity to allow yourself to feel and clear things you did not have time for in the past. While you are isolated and asked to slow down your busy days, many issues and deep wounds that you have avoided, up to now, will come up to be healed. Take this incredibly concentrated time to accomplish years of spiritual clearing that would have otherwise taken many years.”
[Tara] In a few months.
“You will begin to see the illusion in that you are separate. You could not ever be separate even if you lock yourself away and hide from the world. You are all connected to everyone. You cannot break this bond. This illusion of separation is the most deep and absolute illusion of your reality. You will see through this illusion.
“Soon, humanity will have the opportunity to begin to return to a more natural, mindful balance. A huge wave in humanity will profoundly and deeply awaken in the coming months. In their quiet retreats, they will see the illusions that were programmed into their DNA. They will begin see the mass, global madness that we have become used to. They will discover the truth.
“The great opposition, the creators of this unprecedented situation, will not reach their goal of disempowering or controlling humanity. Their plans are already beginning to backfire. They will only make you stronger in the light, and unshakable in your knowing your inner truth. In the most highest perspective, this was the divine plan all along, and it is going according to plan.
“Because humanity has become accustomed to living in a way that takes you further from natural balance and oneness, what will come next might feel that it is going in the wrong direction. It might feel like reversing time, because you are used to life the way it was flowing. But the truth is you are actually beginning to flow with a natural flow of time that is ever living, changing, moving and evolving with life. It will be unfamiliar and sometimes scary times for you ahead. But simplifying and refocusing your lives on what is important and NEEDED, not what is simply WANTED, will be key to you evolving in the right direction.
“Your Earth’s ecology is already recovering at rapid rates. The atmosphere is clearing,”
[Tara: Since China closed down all of their manufacturing for the last months and months, China has cleaner air than the North American continent, right now.  And that’s a bit of shockeroo. I heard that the other day. And so the atmosphere is clearing.]
“and the waters are clearing. Earth knows how to balance herself. She is strong. You cannot kill her, but you can destroy yourself. Your needs and your spiritual path callings are always in balance with Earth. Your wants are from ego and come from access [sic] and greed... and most of all, it comes from fear and lack that you can heal in the days ahead.
“Humanity must be aware of this and learn to be in harmony with the Earth so as to not self-annihilate, but to live on into a new future on a healthy, balanced Earth. Be aware. Listen and watch with new ears, new eyes and open hearts to pure, unpredictable possibility. This time is your opportunity.”
Tara: And that’s from Aluna Joy Yaxkin.  And on Natasha, did she have some closing thoughts from Tom the Cat and Sweet Angelique?
Rama: Just that we are in the final moments of disclosure and we are watching it as we freak out at the talk that is going on.  This is by all messages, they are saying, blaze the Violet Fire. Focus on sending the Rainbow Rays into the darkest of places and it will light up the energies and the people, and it brings great healing right now.  Because of this shift in the timelines, our very physical reality is shifting. Miracles can occur - and are occurring. I pass the talking stick. 
Tara: Okay, that’s it tonight, and I’m asking in the deepest of our heartfelt requirements now - we require basics, and Beneficial Farms is coming up again and, yes, there are some bills here outstanding, and so I would be so honored to receive a gift from the heart, all of us.  Thank you so much.
Rama: Thank you so much!
Tara: We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are shaping the future together now. I pass this talking stick with Angels, Fairies, Feathers, Rainbows and Crystals to my Sister Fran. 
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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