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Tara&Rama Report 3-25-14

Tara & Rama: Greetings.
T: Oh my gosh, Everybody.
Rama: So much news.
T: So much news, and light speed has gone on. I mean we started last Saturday - Camp Lovewave. David Ike, and Whoopi Goldberg, and Demi Moore (from the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze) they were on together. And they all talked about this concept of Archons. And that the Archons are the creators of the concept of hell and damnation, and they based that on their programming and rules of fear.

And that death is not the end of anything. It’s a transition, and it got a very bad name. And as a matter of fact, we're reaching this place where our consciousness meets the timeline, to make that quantum jump where death is completely a moot point.

R: That’s right. Yes.

T: And energy follows thought, so let's keep that in mind. That's number one. And remember, Lucifer came back to Love a long time ago. In terms of our years, it was way back when, in 2008 and the crash happened you know, and he already you know, left the Archons and their games in the lurch all by themselves.

R: Yes.

T: The quantum leaps since then are just marvellous. Today is the 25th, so this is a special day to send tremendous amounts of violet and blue flame into the Vatican.

R: Yes.

T: To do that today, and as you don’t know this other piece on the 31st. The ITCCS [International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State], that's the sovereign international criminal court, which is a citizen’s world court, common law court. It has validity. I'm just distinguishing it from the International Court of Justice, which Lady Master Nada is in charge of. And to remind you, since 2007 Lady Master Nada, in a physical body and Sananda Kumara's twin flame, and the 7th initiation of that twin flame Sananda Kumara being the King of Swords, have been in charge of this beautiful transformation. Lady Master Nada in particular has been in charge of this country since 2007. Since everything else has been lawless, to say the least. So now the final court about this is the story about Peter’s chair.

R: Mhmm.

T: Because that’s not really the truth either. Never has been. But what's been elucidated upon is that Joseph Ratzinger has been the acting power in the Vatican, and has not left that seat to Pope Francis at all.  And Pope Francis does not stay in the Vatican, he stays at a convent and he has no power at all. Neither does Ratzinger, he'll learn that one fast enough. They did not respond to a public charge, which is child trafficking, and criminal conspiracy. That happened on the 4th of March, when they were served a public summons, and the head officers at the Vatican and the Jesuits, and Church of England refused to deny or contest the charges. And will therefore face criminal prosecution on March 31st.

The announcement came today as the deadline to respond, today being, last Saturday. Sorry, it was last Saturday. The deadline to respond to the common law court summons had lapsed on Tuesday without any communication from the defendants, which are Pope Francis, or Jorge Bergoglio, the Jesuit superior general Adolfo Pachón and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.  And again this is the most important statement. “Their silence is very telling and extremely important legally," said court secretary George Dufort from Brussels. Our prosecutors’ office has the power now to proceed with its case and waive the normal examination procedure, since the defendants are not disputing the charges and are thereby passively admitting their guilt.”

So, and there’s a huge child cult that’s been going on since the 60’s [which] Ratzinger and thousands of Vatican and other priestly people around the world have participated in. And it’s the most unbelievable abomination, because they abuse and they torture and then they murder children. And that's been going on a very, very, very long time.

R: Yeah.

T: The seat of that power is being dismantled as we speak. The power that has been usurped is being released back to the people and the children of the world. And that’s the power of this very moment, this very week. I want to just read what Kaypacha [ http://newparadigmastrology.com/author/admin  ] said about the astrology for this past week.

All I need do is love it all, Winter, spring, summer, and fall. Whether the tide rises or falls, all I need do is love it all.” That’s the piece of the equinox, and Lady Master Nada spoke with Rama on Sunday, and said that (this is a private conversation; we love to lie in a formal disclaimer).

Yet all stops have been pulled out, and for all practical purposes they will be removed without question, and that's all we can say. In other words, Mother [Sekhmet]’s got four paws on the ground.

R: She’s wearing her red dress!

T: Yes she is! The Spring Equinox has been the rollout date for bringing in the new paradigm in April. So definitely there's this huge change here. In March the aspects sent powerful transformative energies to our heart, and the new ways that we can see ourselves so that we can change our relationships to solve another. That’s been March energetically. The intensification is ongoing now in terms of the shake up to the very core of all of these loosening up, to the point where the reporting of what people are willing to do. I mean today I just got bowled over, on Tom Hartman, he literally called Rick Scott of Florida a murderer.

R: Yes.

T: A young 32-year old mother of three, who only made $11,000 this past year, and she was working 3 jobs. Cleaning, then taking care of children, and then selling vacuum cleaners. And she was just working 7 days a week and she had 3 little children to take care of. And she died last Friday, because she had a serious heart condition that required treatment. Yet because she made less than $11,500 and more than $5,400 she fell in the category where there was absolutely no health care available to her at all. So she was unable to get the treatment she needed and she literally died as a result of this.

This is going on with all of the Republican Governors. There are 26 states that have refused Medicaid extension which would be covering these people. And because they refuse something that’s not costing them anything, it is literally a crime. That’s how it was defined today, needless for her to have died in that manner.

This is why Mother [Sekhmet] is here. Georgia and 12 other states have followed in this. They have a law now where as you are in that category and you have no healthcare, and Georgia is another one of those states of the 26 that did not accept Medicare extension, the hospitals in Georgia can refuse to have you, completely refuse. Even if you're in the emergency room with a heart attack they can refuse to take you in and you can die at the door. That’s already in place in 12 other states right now.

R: Yes.

T: For all practical purposes in Georgia and these other states where the rural areas are. All of the rural hospitals are already shut down in Georgia, because they have no money. The money would have been provided with this Medicaid extension to treat those people could have kept the doors open for these hospitals. The relative state of the rural areas, of these most southern states is no different than a third world African rural area, in terms of aid for people who need help with health care. And so Matthew 25 has gotten lost in the weeds everybody. Are we our brother’s and sister’s keeps or not?

R: Mhmm.

T: So, another quantum leap here, just to remind you because we're all doing night work. Rama's talked about this for years and years. That’s what we're all doing, whether we’re completely aware of it or not, [in] areas where people are getting killed or you know maimed. In our night work, what we are being able to do is we go right on the ground in the physical. We're being beamed down from the Starships and we pick up the body parts and we lay them on the transport platform and these body parts get beamed up with you. And when you get into the shuttle bay, that set of body parts turns into a human being - totally awake and alive. And they look at Rama for instance, and say, are you an angel, and for all practical purposes you are. That's what Rama always would say, yes I am. 

But you know, there is no death, and this is an unlimited consciousness now that's coming to the people. Again this is a bit of an agonizing week for the people in terms of mostly Chinese people who have been told that their loved ones are-

R: No more.

T: ..somewhere in the Indian Ocean with a plane, which is not true. They even attempted to say that they found debris from the plane today, which is not true. Yet what it does show is how absolutely intense they are on keeping the truth from showing up, yet it's having a reverse effect. That’s what I'm noticing, that many, many people now realize that it is true, that something else has happened to this plane. It’s been brought up on many shows.

Also, there has been an attempt to keep silent on so many other stories. There was a story the other day about the Virginia Eugenical Sterilization Act [Racial Integrity Act] and Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood as recently as the 90’s has still been, without telling people, choosing to sterilize us, especially in particular people of color.

R: Yes.

T: When they come in for an abortion or some other treatment, they leave without knowing that they've been sterilized. That has been going on for decades. This particular rule, they did it, starting off doing it with people they would consider feeble-minded people.

I'm just saying that the upgrade now of all these things is happening with lightning speed. All of these afflictions have had to do with that which has been a false-evidence-appearing-real, that these are natural states. These are not natural states. These are afflictions of all of us, believing that we are less than who we truly are.

Today our sister came on the air with The Ed [Schultz] Show, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I'm just going to say, this is the most profound report I've ever heard anybody give on any radio show. She started off with saying that Mr. Boehner does not want to put a jobs bill forward. He also doesn’t want to put anything about immigration forward. She also went on to talk about the redistricting which we call gerrymandering in all the districts across the entire nation. Which means it's rigged so that the Republicans win every time. She said Mr. Boehner and Mitch McConnell, Eric Canter, and Paul Ryan and others of the Republican ilk along with Rama's wayward cousin Mr. George W. Bush Jr. (They are in the same family, part of the 13 families.)  But ever since 2000, she said there has been not one election which has not been stolen by this manor of gerrymandering and rigging.

So Debbie said that skewing the elections is a major felony. She said these people are running neck and neck with Bernie Madoff in relationship to doing multiple life sentences with the crimes which they have committed. She said Chris Christie was the office boy for Bernie Madoff and he knows where all of the skeletons in the closets are, regarding 9/11. Here we go with the 9/11 coming forward everybody.

Ram called and asked Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the Ed Show this morning, “With all due respect, when are we going to see accountability for those setting up the shooting of Gabby Giffords?”  And it wasn't the young lad who set that up, the same Republicans. So Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, Lord Rama you have stepped right into the briar patch. This goes all the way to the top of the 14 members of Congress that have been plotting to kill Barack Obama and his family, ever since they met at the caucus restaurant on inauguration night, January 20th 2009, and vowed not to allow anything to come to pass, that was, you know, in the mind’s eye of our brother Barack Obama and his presidency. [They] literally under the table made an agreement to see to that they had him killed.

R: Mhmm.

T: That's what she said this morning. She said everything is coming out now with this Spring Equinox. Ed [Schultz] said, “I could not have said it better..” and you know, his famous words. Then Congresswoman Schultz [replied], and then he said, “Let’s get to work.”

That is the truth. Let's keep on working, because the power of what we do, staying the course, and knowing the truth, that we are free, that we are immortal, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent beings, and there is no death. That is truth, and only that is the truth.

So, I just want to say one more thing and that is the I Ching for this moment in time is asking us to work very strongly within our spiritual families. “Caution is advised.” Hiding the Light is the name of this number 36 Ming I. Above earth, below fire, Kun and Li.

“Caution is advised; do not show your strengths. Keep your light hidden. Dark forces feed on light. The heaviness that you are feeling is very real. Yet know well that while you are developing your inner strength and working for your betterment, you are vulnerable in ways that are not familiar. Therefore you do not have the experience to defeat the negativity around you at this moment. The benefit now is to stay in the background while you keenly observe the situation. Be cautious, for in the darkness is danger and the likelihood that you could suffer great damage if you try to confront what is blocking your progress.” 

At the moment. This is important to know when to go forward, and when to work within the inner realms together. “These times denote an obvious differentiation between light and dark. The line has definitely been drawn in the sand. Know this and continue to develop, yet not in the open. These are times of difficulties where we have been confronted with the danger of the obstacles on the path out in the open. It would be foolhardy to confront these negative forces. Stay chill and let it seem that you do not notice their divisiveness as they strike out or they try to stop you. Just hold steady with the knowledge that this time of hardships will bring knowledge and creativity that will serve you well when it is the appropriate time to step out of the shadows and into the light.”

As Carl Boudreau was saying too, that April is bringing the whole thing full spectrum. The King of Swords is sort of concurring with this right now, because the darkest hour before the dawn is right now. It is right now. So, I love you all. Peace and love. I pass this talking stick back to our brothers and sisters over there in Hawaii. 

Transcription by Julie


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