Tara & Rama Report 3-27-18
Tara: Greetings to everyone in this Family. Thank you, Everyone! We are grateful we get to meet like this two times a month.
Tara: Ok, how can we start Rama?
Rama: With Di.
Tara: On Sunday Rama received a call from Lady Master Nada and Lady Di, and Dodi was tending the home fires in the Wesak Valley. And Lady Di and Lady Nada were in East Jerusalem on this last Sunday, Palm Sunday, and they were dressed as Palestinians dress in order to march with the people heading toward Al Aqsa Mosque to go to pray. And they were doing ‘Hosanna’ and they were doing the palms and the procession. And they walked with the Christian Millennials who were displaying the Palestinian flag. And there were many other groups. The Israeli Defense Forces or the IDF were particularly harassing the crowd around the Palestinian flag, the Millennials especially, because it was a Palestinian flag. There were other people carrying many, many other flags from dozens of other countries and they were left alone.
Needless to say, the IDF forces chose to single out the group who were honoring the Palestinian people and their flag, because their standing orders from above are to always intimidate and oppress the Palestinian people in order to maintain control. Lady Di and Lady Nada were walking with the true Hebrew people who are the Palestinians, making a statement that it is time to ‘let my people go.’ It is time for freedom, time for Freedom’s Holy Flame. Lady Di and Nada said that this is Holy Week and the approach to Resurrection Sunday, so let's honor the message that Jeshu and Magdalene have brought to the people which is the message of Peace, that we are one family, one people, and that at this time and for all time, we are all in service to Humanity.
This Sat Yuga, and we are indeed in Sat Yuga. You won’t find that anywhere as it’s in the Alexandrian Library and also in the library of the
Rama: the Monastery of the Seven Rays
Tara: and they are keeping that from the people. There are old paradigm reports that we’re not going to be in Sat Yuga until 2036 or 2038 or even farther down the road. And just know that that’s cancelled because we have intervention and Ashtar is here. So as one of our sisters said a few weeks ago, the Grump is representing the Dark Side of The Force and is a necessary evil usurping and occupying the seat of power in our world. It’s for the world to see, to have the opportunity to open up their eyes. And so that’s the story there.
And then on Monday, yesterday, Rama had a call from Jack the Alien Hunter and he said the cesspool in DC is going down, and he directed all of us to keep our heads down and to watch our backs as this bunch of monsters that we call a government are out for blood and intend to create multiple disaster scenarios on multiple continents simultaneously in the hopes to create a worldwide crisis. In addition, the criminal in the White House who is not a natural-born citizen has not observed the law even in the office for which he has never qualified. Article 1, section 9, clause 8, “And no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign state.”
Therefore, the Grump, the fake President, is being lawfully brought down by Stormy Daniels (her first name is Stephany Clifford) and Stephany is engaged in the oldest profession in the world, a very significant detail in this story. Remember the story about Magdalene; that’s what Magdalene was doing when they said, “Stone her.”
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And she was doing that as a ‘dakini
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and that’s the knowledge of the Tibetan Buddhist teaching and it’s time for us to learn about that too. There’s a higher purpose to these things. She has won multiple industry awards working as an actress and a director. She has appeared in more than 150 of those films, many of which she has written and directed herself.  Jack the Alien Hunter said to blaze the Violet Fire and use the Resurrection Flame energy. The old karma, the old polarity, polarity does not exist as we know it anymore. And that’s what equates with the end of the Kali Yuga.
Okay, so then we have today [March 27, 2018]. The world is changing - our tactics are changing. This is Lady Master Natasha.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And she said now we are working a lot together with government. It is about time for them to wake up but like I am sure they have all seen what has happened in Europe.
Oh, this is not Lady Natasha but it’s important. The fish are gone. The Atlantic Ocean is empty. The Cod have collapsed. There is just nothing to catch. East Africa is already in a difficult state and now the European fleet is here employing these mega-trawlers have been dragging the ocean clean of fish and as you look at the situation in Somalia, the pirates argue that they used to be fishermen yet foreign trawlers came and took the fish and they have no income. So I think it is just common sense that the countries are waking up. What we need to know along with that is that the whole world is waking up to the powers that have been causing this problem on every count and every subject.
So then Natasha spoke to Rama for five minutes today. She told him the fire in Siberia at the Winter Cherry shopping mall in Kemerovo, Russia where 200 animals died in the petting zoo at the shopping mall and 64 people, and many, many others injured. The owners of this mall did a fire drill just a few weeks earlier. So Natasha said to Rama the diagnosis is intentional criminal negligence. Rama asked who is responsible for this. Natasha said it’s an ongoing investigation; do not ask me any more questions. Then she did say to Rama, I smell the Russian mob; this is not Putin. And then the analysis goes along with previously yesterday with Jack the Alien Hunter was reporting that the DC monsters are intending to implement multiple disasters like the one we just mentioned in Russia in Siberia and to do it on multiple continents to create more fear and to better control the masses.
Natasha continued that everything going on right now is about the increased frequencies pouring in from Nibiru. She showed Rama on her galactic pad how extremely close Nibiru is in proximity to Earth. And she said that this is affecting everybody’s energy.
Rama: and the wild weird weather all over the planet, this is Nibiru’s effect.
Tara: Yes, and it’s not negative.
Rama: No it’s not.
Tara: It’s reaping what we sow, in the sense that Mother Sekhmet’s starship, a planet, is showing the world how chaos can occur as the higher energies are not invoked in open hearts so that we can learn from, you know, opening the heart, praying, meditating, and living so we can create a new way of life. She said we are indeed in Sat Yuga and even the scripts in the text tell us we are not. She said this is because there is intervention in our civilization’s development as per request of Mother Gaia herself as well as her consort Vywamus. Natasha went on, as we approach this Resurrection Sunday, work with the higher energies pouring in right now. Do not get caught in the ‘maya’ of this old paradigm as Kali Yuga is over. The illusion is just that – illusion. We were never told this would be easy, yet we were told that the power of Love and the work of world group service was the choice at this time in order to change the World. Choose Love!  We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for. As Mother always said, Let’s dance!  Never doubt that the Ashtar Command is here along with Ashtar, for sure.
And we will not find this information as we were told, about this Sat Yuga time, yet it is in the Alexandrian Library as we said, as well as the Monastery of the Seven Rays. It is also in the minds and the hearts of all of us who have turned toward higher consciousness and continue to seek knowledge of higher truths and study the Akashic Records and continue to remember who we are. And she said that we are the changers and the changed. Never doubt that Ashtar will be between any intentions of nuclear activity, and no more war and no more distractions and keep the eye on the higher way of Life. And she said to remember to stay in balance as well as in Love. The Shift of the Ages is upon our shoulders. Natasha said the Millennials have spoken. War is not an option, and Ashtar and Mother and the Ascended Masters and all the Hosts of Heaven as well as we, all of the Commanders, Eagles and Angels as the ground crew on Earth have said this is ending now!
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Our children have spoken and our children are leading us. NESARA brings in the New Heaven and the New Earth. Please support this work both spiritually and financially as we can so that sister Fran, Tara, Rama and all of us together can continue with this mission. So mote it be! NESARA now! Michelle for President! One Hundred Thousand plus Galactic Years of Peace – the Fifth Dimension – this is called Sat Yuga. It is the end of polarity as we know it as Divine Governance, Universal Economics based in the merit of ‘We The People’ accomplishing this together in the six divine perfections of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty. May each of us together achieve Buddha-hood for the benefit of all sentient Beings. Sat Nam!
Rama: Sat Nam.
Tara: Sat Nam Ji. Anything else you want to say, Rama?
Rama: Right now our Sun is going through a Solar Minimum and even though that sounds a little strange, there are portals opening with the Sun and there are many folks coming through to help with this story right in this moment as the energies get higher and higher. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Namaste, Everybody, and we pass this talking stick back to our sister Fran.
Transcribed by Adriana and Fran.
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