Tara& Rama Report 4-10-18
Tara: Greetings! I just wanted to say that we are in a turnabout coming out up here this Sunday, with the New Moon in Aries and the end of Mercury retrograde going direct. Yet before that, we just want to catch up folks a little bit on the build-up moment we are in right now.
So I'm going back to Friday. Rama went to Santa Fe Plaza and he met with the Poppy Lady’s daughter and at that point, together they called her Mom and she was in a cave in Afghanistan with three Bigfoot People. And what they were doing was talking to the mineral kingdom in the cave. And there was something called Rhodochrosite there. And also something called Incolerium, which is not from here. It arrived 3.6 million years ago in an asteroid that hit the Earth. And the asteroid was composed of Iron, Nickel and Incolerium, and it possibly came from beyond of the edge of our Solar System, from something called the Oort Cloud, which is a giant asteroid field. They were telling the minerals that because the people who were coming to mine them were out for their own monkey-mind greedy interest, that they were setting up a force field that would make it look as though they were not there as they scanned the area.
The Poppy Lady was also telling me that the village where she and her extended family all lived was now a militarized camp. And that the 25 acres where her family had their own farm was now a part of a CIA-controlled poppy field. And two dogs survived along with herself, out of 500 villagers and all the rest of the animals. And now she's the only one here left with this memory that she shared with me. (Rama’s speaking there.) This is not uncommon talk among the Afghani people.  It is a part of the shameful story of our empire here, an empire that is now ending - for good. I asked her, “How have you been able to escape all the radiation poisoning over there?” The Poppy Lady told me that the Bigfoot People gave her an elixir, something, a special kind of liquid from Andromeda with minerals and electrolytes, that she drinks regularly. And it is a protection and rejuvenator. And then she told Rama she had to go, yet may The Force be with us all, remember to become, and send Love to all situations. As Salaam Alaikum, Lord Rama!
And there's a little note here. And Rama says, I have spoken with Tom the Cat briefly today about Stormy Daniel’s attorney Michael Avenatti who, as Tara said earlier that on The Last Word last Friday night with Lawrence O’Donnell reported, “I do want to raise one possibility. I'm very curious that Michael talked about this and let’s ask Joy (Joy was there too) who said that there are hundreds of women whereas the Grump set up a slush fund for the hush money, in other words, he give the pool of money or authorized Michael Cohen to get some of it in order to make a deal to keep this thing quiet in a fashion that he wouldn't have to know about it. I don't know what happened here but I'm just going to tell you that the thing that was going on back then was that Mr. Cohen, who is this person that had his place raided yesterday, that he knows where the bodies are buried.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that there are a lot of things that Mr. Grump has been made aware of over many, many years as the criminal that he is himself. So there is certainly much more at stake here. And so the possibility that a slush fund was set up is not inconceivable and what Rama learned from his people is that this slush fund was set up by all of these minions, because as one who knows about all the rest gets exposed, it endangers all the rest.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So that's the situation that we've been sitting on all this time.
So now we're going to proceed. And this Monday Rama spoke with Larry, Curly, Moe and Mr.X. And they said that the insanity of the 13 families was escalating exponentially as the light of ten trillion suns pours in. And regarding the Grump's lawyer Michael Cohen, the FBI raided his office, his home and his hotel room at the Regency Hotel. And they used double teams on every one of the three raids; they had weeks and weeks of preparations. It was a huge process where they were required to actually find “probable cause” to send such a big operation into all 3 places.  And that the fact that it was approved and went in, tells you something important. And in the Southern District of New York where Mr. Cohen had all his places is the same place where we had 9/11 being dealt with.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And the attorney had connections here with the attorney that was put in charge of ordering this up by the judge and the process. So, that attorney was connected to the Giuliani law firm and this brings up 9/11. The story is not limited to just this one thing, because Mr.Grump and Mr.Silverstein who took down building 7, along with Mr. Giuliani, they all invested in the put options the night before, which means you can bet against something that is worth a lot of money and set the cost, and then something could happen to it and you still get the value.
Rama: It’s called insider trading.
Tara: Yeah, with a little caviat that you can actually bet against something going south and still get your money for it. So, they knew what was going to happen, it proves that, and they just benefited hugely from the somewhere between 85 thousand to 90 thousand people who died that morning, a lot more than it was being said in open record. There was nuclear radiation that was placed in the form of 2 tritium bombs in the two towers as well. So we're getting to the 9/11 story along with the Stormy Daniels story. The records were seized on both Stormy Daniels and the Grumps' taxes. And Stormy Daniels knows and has seen the video tape from the St.Petersburg hotel room. And I don't think I have to say any more about what happened there.
Rama: No!
Tara: And while this was going on the Grump has been screaming about attacking Syria and along with that indicting Iran and Russia over a made-up story, created by our Black Ops that Syria gassed their own people again, which has already on RT-Tv been filmed to have zero evidence of such things happening. And I also wanted to state that Mr.General Mattis stated a little while ago, last month sometime, he said that we have never proved with any evidence that the Syria’s government has ever gassed their people, ever. And our Faction 3 White Knights are confirming that we did every single one of them, along with Netanyahu and Prince Bandar Bush from Saudi Arabia.
So, Larry, Curly, Moe and Mr. X all said that the reason they all are fabricating stories right now is because Mr.Mueller along with the Department of Justice may be issuing an arrest order for Mr.Grump. And the Grump is petrified of this proposition as he is afraid that while in custody he may be killed. These four said that it may be that certain people who have played along with him and have a lot to lose as the Grump squawks in custody, they will be the ones who have the means whenever necessary to go about killing him. And by the way, Mr. Grump knows about all of Bill's and Hillary's personal crimes and where all the bodies are buried.
So they went on to say that this is the time when we need to focus on the Violet Transmuting Flame and send it to all these situations and all the people who are still and yet involved in playing with the fallen ego, including ourselves. Let's look deep; this is not who we are. And they also said that Israel and the United States are key players in making up propaganda to escalate the so-called war in Syria, which was never declared. We have never declared war since World War I, World War II, excuse me, in 1941. Then they said, we have to go, Lord Rama, we have a special meeting to go to concerning national security. Watch Black Panther again. It will answer many questions about what is going on right now. And regarding the CIA actor in the movie, there are many good people in the alphabet agencies who have had to serve Lord Vader. Yet the good will always overcome the darkness. Sat Nam, Namaste, Michelle for President.
And a little note to the side from Rama. He said: I've got a text message today, it was yesterday, from Michael Papantonio that said, Lord Rama your NESARA Law is coming in right now. Rama just said to me: I have no idea how he knows this, yet praise be to the Goddess! Time for Love - time for Peace. Okay, now we go for today. Today, Rama and Rana Mu went up the mountain and to the Department of Energy where Rana Mu works. And she had a bit of a Jedi Council meeting with herself and Lady Master Nada, the King of Swords, Dodi and Di, the King of Egypt, Tom the Ringtail Cat, Larry, Curly and Moe. And on a global scale, and Dodi and Di confirmed this from the Wesak Valley from where they were calling from, that our atmosphere is filled with millions and millions and millions of cloaked starships.
These are Lord Michael's legions upon legions of cloaked starships from all over our Milky Way Galaxy. And some are from the neighboring 26 other Galaxies that come together with our Milky Way Galaxy at Super Galactic Center, where the Hunab Ku of the ancient Mayans returned resides. That is the resonance with heart energy through the whole Universe of Nebadon, that’s Hunab Ku energy.  
What all of these folks are telling me at this time is that the 13 families want to play with the false timeline of the zigzag road to nowhere. And right now, at this very same time, the plan they have is to create a false flag event which they already have with this idea that Syria attacked its people with chemical weapons again. Yet it has already been disproved, like we said, on RT television, from the ground. At the end of the show this morning on Thom Hartmann, this young lady Cynthia from Ohio called and she said that her very good friend, a physician from Syria said "my family lives in the suburbs of Damascus adjacent to Douma, and he called his sister immediately as that word came out that there were such things going on in Douma. And they told him that nothing had occurred such as those things. And Thom said: where does this footage come from then? And she answered and she said my friend the physician said that this is all fake and it's not real. And she said he has no political anything going on here.
I just wanted to share that with you because it's very real that we are and we have indeed won through this loving presence and people are ready for the change now. The United States wants to do some kind of military attack by air, on Syrian military bases where there are Stargates, yet there are Russian and Syrian scientists and military present on these bases. As the United States Empire was to do an attack and killed even one Russian or Syrian scientist or military person, it would be considered an act of war under the present circumstances. What Rana Mu said about this point is that it is that nebulous place that we are in, in the midst of the change in the timelines, where intervention has become the order of the day, because enough of humanity in this hyper-dimensional quantum field has said, “Enough is enough - No more war, not now and not ever again.”
What hit me, Rama said, in the face, in the presence of these Beings with whom I trust my very life, what hit me is that this holographic technology that I am immersed in that allows me to sit with all of them, and share with all of you my experience right here, right now, that this has been in existence for millions and millions and millions of years. And it is only now that we here on Earth, in terms of the masses, are getting to experience it and to integrate it into our daily lives with the approaching enactment of NESARA Law. It is one of the 60,000+ technologies that have been here for at least that long and more.
So no more secrets, no more hiding from ourselves, no more fear and fascination with the dark side. In closing, what these ones have said to me as we are approaching this New Moon in Aries this coming Sunday, April 15th, everything that this Grumpy Administration has planned in order to move forward with this old agenda of World War 3 gets undone on the same day Mercury goes direct. And as we have been working with these retrograde energies for a higher purpose we find that the Divine Plan for Heaven on Earth guides us through our intuition to seal that door where evil has dwelt. With New Moon coming in 16 hours after Mercury goes direct, it creates this perfect timing for making profound changes, as Robbyne LaPlante has said in her update about these things, that will improve our lives forever.
With this New Moon in Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, we are leading the way, through action, to Ascension. And since this New Moon is a new moon of abundance, determination and leadership, let us do it together. Let us dance! The feast of Saint Germain’s Ascension is on May 1st which is May Day to the world and in Hawaii it's Lei Day, and it's Beltane.  And it's right after Buddha's birthday because this is on the 29th of April this year, the Full Moon. And let us truly move with Forgiveness from now to then. Let us truly live in right relationships with ourselves and each other. Yes we can! We can manifest a new reality and move beyond all our pre-conceived notions, beyond all obstacles, beyond all blame, shame, self doubt, regret, beyond all fear of not being enough and come truly from our hearts. Remember that what we resist persists. It’s time to weed the garden of our hearts and plant new seeds, set healthy boundaries for the sake of balance. In this 11 year of sacred relationships, divine unions and holy alliances, let us re-learn to trust our bodies and its signals. All these folks told me to listen to my body, rest as we need rest, clear old energies for the good, cleanse our organs that support our elimination and purification processes. Robbyne recommends Dr Schultz at www.herbdoc.com, and be sure to choose nurturing organic and raw foods.
Thank you, Everybody, for the Beneficial Farms produce, we are so grateful. And we do need some assistance.
Rama: Yes, we are very much needing help with gas and food these days.
Tara: Yes and our little kitty is very slowly moving along. We've got some recommendation to help her with cleaning up her liver and a few other things, her organs too, and we are going to be grateful for a little bit of extra help on that level and for our skeleton structure as Rama has some issues with calcium balance from the situation in the skies; thanks, Everybody, for assistance. Thank you.
It is time to end all of the old dramas and open the doors to our hidden potentials and gifts and the power to create anew, so we can use that Scorpio Full Moon on Buddha's birthday to bring in the Phoenix Rising. No turning back. Time to sing the song of our souls. Let us sing this song of the Hawaiian sea turtle known as the god of the sea, our sacred navigator, ancient one of truth of Turtle Island who has been here long before us humans. Let us swim with Honu on this final path to our Ascension with the Goddess and re-member who we are. As we wish to live life free, let us take our time - go slowly. Let's do a few things and do them well. Simple joys are indeed holy. Day by day we will grow too and we will know Heaven's glory.
NESARA now, Michelle for President. And let Light, Love and Power restore the plan on this sweet Earth. Ho'oponopono - as One Family we are sorry, please forgive us, thank you, and we love you. Namaste and Aloha! Mahala Nui Loa.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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