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Tara & Rama Report 4-11-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: I’m just going to pull back a little bit, just 4 days, Rama says it seems like an eternity since 4 days ago, just to show progress, and then Rama will tell his latest story here. So 4 days ago on the 7th, Katrina Vanden Heuvel called up Rama and she said that we are going through this moment where things look like the darkest night of the soul. The mainstream media are being controlled and they are lying about almost everything, especially regarding the Syrian strikes which, in the way they were done unilaterally without a full independent investigation or a consultation with our Congress, that is a violation of both international law and an act of aggression against a sovereign country and her people, killing at least 14 people, 9 civilians including 4 children, and 5 Syrian soldiers. Regarding our 
Constitution, Donald Trump, in the name of the Office of the Presidency, (which he has no right to, as he is not a natural born citizen, much less everything else) and as head of the armed forces of the United States, has committed high treason. What Katrina went on to say is that there is an internal brewing of a major conflagration between the folks that are aware of the higher oversight of the affairs of humanity on its evolutionary path to our Ascension, and in particular of the authority of St.Germain and the Violet Flame of perfection from the Heart of God-Goddess of All That Is, along with the Council of Elders and the 13 Grandmothers - between this level of higher consciousness and the folks who dismiss Love who have usurped the seat of power on this planet and continue to create more unloving violence against the Heart of Love and the dignity of each human being and their right to life itself, thus pursuing the zigzag road to nowhere and all of its mis-creations.
Therefore, Katrina went on, what the Donald is creating for himself in particular along with his administration are energies matching this darkness in his body and in their bodies which he, as a 70 year old man who does not take care of his vehicle, his body is dis-corporating at a rate that the manipulations and rationalizations and confabulations of his mind are causing the rapid separation of mind, body and soul. The rest of his kind surrounding him are also unable to navigate successfully this labyrinth they have co-created, and Love meets them through all of us saying, ‘Access denied; only true Love can enter here.’ Katrina said Mercury goes retrograde on Sunday evening [9th] at 7:15 pm Eastern time. So Mercury stationed retrograde along with the Moon in Saturn at 1:21 Sunday morning – a big test for all of us. At the same time, the Moon also goes void of course at the same time 1:21 in the morning Pacific time. Then the Moon enters Libra by Venus at 5:34 in the morning to bring balance to all imbalances, to all conflicts. Only Love can blaze the Violet Fire.
So do not believe anything that we hear from Faction 1/Faction 2, whether from the other side of the veil or here, meaning that as we are vehicles for Love and we are still following the zigzag paths to nowhere, maybe unconsciously, like with our thoughts or with our patterns that we believe are still valid, and the fear of taking a step into the unknown, that’s really important - and that’s our purpose. That’s what we mean when we say, greetings as Commanders, Eagles and Angels. So only Love; and blaze the Violet Fire; and remember we are the great balancers; we are the changers and we are the changed in the process of taking a step on the wild side, you might say.
So do not believe anything that you hear from Faction 1 or Faction 2, whether from the other side of the veil or here, especially about President Obama, or anything else going on. And Obama is fine. He’s in a protective circumstance with the Ashtar Command and the King of Swords and all of his people, and he will come back to the forefront as appropriate. The timing is well placed. Right now, the more that we can help people to wake up, the better. 
Then on Tuesday from the Wesak Valley, Rama got a call from Lady Di and Dodi. And Lady Di confirmed that she was the first born child of Lady Mary Magdalene and Yeshu and she was a girl. Her name was Sara; she was born to them in Egypt. And then she said, we are getting ready for Wesak and the Full Disclosure process. No matter how deep, in their words, 'the horse shit gets,' the light has already won. Let’s join together; join us in celebration and remember that Love is all there is. 
And then they said Mr.President Sisi when he came over here, I think that was Monday, and Donald Trump made a deal in the back yard with the devil about how Egypt is not really a friend of Israel, that Egypt is going to go out into the public soon and expose Israel for war crimes against both Palestinian as well as deeply mellanated people in their country whom they have been arresting secretly, putting them in specially built prisons for them and torturing them and murdering them, for years and years and years. And put a circle of support around Abby Martin as she has been getting out, in her way, and going after the entire Likud Party for war crimes and crimes against humanity in this vein.  Mr Sisi has been in contact with the King of Egypt, Mohammed Al-Fahyed, who is Anubis, to turn the tables on The Donald. Donald has shopped at Harrod’s many, many, many times, and he has used Harrods as a quote-unquote, pick up point and drop off point for modeling jobs with under-age girls along with Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Prince Philip, Henry Kissinger, Prince Charles who swings both ways, Bill Clinton etc, etc.; in other words, not shopping for anything except having violent sex with under-age girls. So that’s coming forward.
And they reinforced that there is this behind-the-scenes activities going on with the 20 million strong sovereign militia forces and there are 100’s of 1000’s already having been arrested over these years and years, since back in 2003, when these war crimes tribunals began, and they are sitting in something called ship prisons. They are the size of
Rama: aircraft carriers.
Tara: aircraft carriers, yeah, and they can hold something like 12 to 15,000 each and there are many, many, many of them. They are off the coasts of all of the 7 continents. We sort of talked about that a while ago but it kind of goes in one ear and out the other sometimes.
OK. The astrology for Monday night into Tuesday, actually it was Tuesday morning if you are in the Mountain time zone or the Central time zone or the Eastern time zone. For the Pacific time zone and beyond, it was last night, but the point is that there has been a huuuuuge as Bernie Sanders would say, download of Feminine Energy which is non-linear spiritual cosmic energy rays, and I’m saying that this is upsetting those who are pursuing anything except Love greatly at this time.
So as we are teachers, as we are lovers, as we are Commanders and Eagles and Angels, lend your wisdom to many other light workers who are still not quite here with this story. There is no G-ESARA; it does not exist; it will never happen and that has to with a lot of people. This is not condemning anything; it’s just to say that the age that we are in, the Golden Age that we are already in, it’s really important that people who are out in the public leading, to learn to teach the story in a true way. And do not consult any 800 numbers, because they are all promoting G-ESARA and that group is asking for people to call the 800 numbers and supply all their information; and this is just for the truth, that is a ‘Schindler’s List.’ And there are many ways that you can be removed from the planet, so as you give your information you are making it easier for all of this to happen to the individual that is involved with this. And it’s really important to stay completely away from this group. This group was started by Hilary Clinton and by Wendy and Phil Graham who received their blessings way back in 1999 only to, you might say, give them enough rope to hang themselves, which they have done thoroughly. Please, let’s put out a line for the Light to all these people because they are not [telling] the true story. And so it is. 
Then Rama talked with Tom The Cat at the medicine wheel that we have up here in the ski valley, and that was Tuesday afternoon, all day yesterday, and Tom the Cat said, so many folks now they want Jared Kushner’s head because he has involved himself in international affairs and he is not lawfully [appointed]; the Trump Administration are flying by the seat of their pants doing so with Kushner, then they are not cooperating with Congress and making it up as they go. And then Jared is in cahoots with Elon Musk who is not working for the Light in any way, shape or form, as well as others, and they are experimenting with artificial intelligence and have taken lists upon lists of people who have already volunteered and who are willing to allow this micro-chipping into their bodies, into their brains and to allow these chips to be placed into their brains at the base of the medulla oblongata, thus bypassing the soul and allowing their minds to be programmed with artificial intelligence that is not coming from the Creator Source. Tom says there are good members of the intelligence community who have the awareness of this project and also have the power to stop it. Blaze the Violet Fire now! And then we go the next story.
There is another story here; I wanted to read this.
“The spirit of our times is unclear. Our collective unconscious is divided within itself. On the one hand, there is a longing for peace in the hearts of millions; on the other hand, powerful inner forces impel our leaders to carry on arms races they cannot halt. In short, a titanic struggle is raging in the collective unconscious of humanity.”That was written by author William Johnston.  And Robert Oppenheimer said on July 16th 1945, the world would not be the same, referring to what he was talking about [the atomic bomb test] and he was the scientific director of The Manhattan Project from Los Alamos National Labs 1943 to 1945, he went on and he said, “I remember the line of the Hindu scripture The Bhagavad Gita, (he’s quoting this now) Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him Vishnu takes his multi-armed form and says, ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’”  So the destroyer of worlds that’s being spoken about there is destroyer of the world of the energies that are luring men, innocent men who are not aware of what’s being lured on the lure, and that has nothing to do with this money system as it is, and the promises are intensely going on. Please stop.
Tara: Okay, so now today Rama got to talk with Natasha.
Rama: Natasha shared with me on her pad the proximity of Niburu orbiting the Sun, or actually spiraling along with the Sun, and it is right opposite Mercury and people are seeing it at sunrise and at sunset and it is huge, and in fact our mechanic, as I was driving along with Natasha, he saw us and we stopped at a light and he just said, ‘Hey Rama, have you seen the pictures of Nibiru?’ and I said, Yeah, and he said all these vets around the world are sending this stuff about this and this is getting larger and larger. Folks, the stories about Full Disclosure and about Niburu and all kinds of various anomalies coming out into the limelight, and I suspect we are going to have Full Disclosure before we have anything like a hot war with Russia. Yet they are pushing the agenda right to the very edge of this story.  
Natasha said today that everything that’s going on right now is about major distractions.  They don’t want people to see Niburu. It’s already visible and the fact that Mr Putin did not hack our elections - all of this is distraction. The only thing really going on is the internal war between the gnostic illuminati and the other branches of the illuminati as they vie for the gauntlet of power. It’s in the hands of Lord Metatron and Neptha El Ra and what they are playing with is very ancient, ancient energies, and they are hoping to get some back-up from their friends out in the solar system in the Galaxy, you know. I’ll say it again that the Solar System and the local area around our Milky Way Galaxy, it’s on lock down.
The only beings coming in are hyper-dimensional or inter-dimensional beings.
Tara : That are able to do a hyper space bypass.
Rama: Yeah, and these beings are millions and millions of years ahead of us and they all come in the name of Love. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: And please assist us, we are in need at the moment. Our bills are getting ahead of us, and thank you for all of the food that we get every week from that wonderful organic Beneficial Farms. It’s just a life-saving grace; thank you.
And the 13 families are feeling distressed. Let’s send them more Love. It gives them more of an opportunity to choose it. This is bringing Full Disclosure to the realm of the scientists.  Nibiru is right between Mercury and the Sun; it’s in full force and they can see it, especially at night in particular, and they are going to have to talk about it, the scientists are. They are going to have to talk about Niburu and its presence. And Natasha showed this picture of it on her galactic pad and she also said, things on the international scene now about Armagedon, you know, on the net all these stories are up about Armagedon and it’s totally disinformation. Please do not let that get into your head and there is nobody giving this Blessing out, except the Galactics. Why? Because there are all these different levels of awareness and the whole picture of the Truth and the big story must be brought to the consciousness of all Humanity. No one man or bunch of people from some group can do this, and that’s also got to do with who gets what, because they are watching what is the highest good for everybody - because they can see our consciousness.
Love - Love – Love!  We pass this talking stick, this beautiful emerald serpent feathered, Lady Maat feathered, rainbow-dusted talking stick back to you, sisters Fran and Susan.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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