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Tara & Rama Report 4-14-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone! 
Tara: After that blissful song, my goodness. That’s what this is all about is our hearts, Everybody, and thank you, Lei’ohu and Maydeen!
So, let’s see how we can follow this. We left everyone last time with Graham Hancock’s exhuming this archaeological material, and now there is more.  There was another finding, another archaeological dig, and this time it was of the skull pieces that they put together of a 4 year old girl and she was classified as ‘Homo Erectus’. 
Now we looked up, with a little help from our sister Penny, the research that has been up to this moment on the earliest on this type of human, the first of it. I just thought we would read the basics of the definition of Homo erectus.  It means ‘upright man.’ And it was a species from archaic humans as they had so far here, from the Pleistocene earliest period which occurred about 2 million years ago, these erect upright men, as humans, are among the first recognizable members of the genus ‘homo,’ extending from the Iberian Peninsula to Java.
“African populations of ‘Homo erectus’ are likely to be the direct ancestors to several human species, such as Homo Heidelbergensis, Homo Antecessor, Neanderthals, Denisovans and Homo floresciensis and possibly ‘Homo luzonensis’   As a chronospecies, the time of its disappearances is a matter of contention or even convention. There are also several proposed subspecies with varying levels of recognition. The last known record of known morphologically recognizable ‘Homo erectus’ are the 'Solo man' specimens from Java around 117,000 to 118,000 years old.
Homo erectus appears to have been much more similar to modern humans than to their ancestors the Australopithecines, with a more human-like gait, body proportions, height and brain capacity. Homo erectus are associated with the Acheulian stone tool industry and are thought to be the earliest ancestor capable of starting fires, speech, hunting and gathering in coordinated groups, caring for sick groups members, and possibly art making.
That all being said, this most recent unearthing of this 4 year old girl, her skull, is dated 200 million years ago. So this is a huge quantum leap! That means we, as that description of Homo erectus, began 200 million years ago.  So we’ve got a lot to fill in the blanks out there, Everyone. And so Rama took a little look about another certain thing that might be having something to contribute to as well. 
This is called ‘Muldashev: Four Civilizations on Earth Before Man:’
“A well-known Russian expert, Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev, an ophthalmic surgeon (meaning that he knew eyes and knows how to do surgery as an osteopathic doctor and especially focused on the eye as his profession) by profession and researcher by passion, has long been looking for traces of ancient civilizations disappeared before the rise of mankind on Earth.  (That also might be changed to 200 million years ago as a long time, yet we are going to look at this, too)
“Muldashev, who in 2002 published three volumes of “In Search of Cities of the Gods,” followed by numerous other volumes (among which “Where do we come from” and “Between the arms of Dracula”).
Tara: And as you know, St.Germain was that incarnation of Dracula and the only one that really tells the true story is Dracula
Rama: Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola.
Tara: That’s the only one that gets into the depth of the truth of that piece and his name was Vladimir the Impaler and it has to do with going after this same group that we call the ‘pyramid power structure’ and the people in it.  And this is why we are talking about this.
So, anyway, Mr. Muldashev believes that “the existence of more ancient civilizations of man is confirmed by archaeological finds, rock carvings, references to airplanes and Ufos in stories and legends. According to the expert, the civilizations that inhabited the planet would have been four. (and then the most recent would be the fifth here, that we are talking about here.)
He starts out with:
The Asuras, and that means Native, and according to Muldashev, that was the first race to be considered and he said they appeared on Earth ten million years ago.  So we are 190 million years before that as Homo erectus. And that’s what we’ve got for now, I am just going to say in recent history. “These ones were 150 feet tall, and they had an etheric body and they lived up to 10 thousand years and they used telepathy to communicate with one another.”  Right here on Mother Gaia.
“In reality, they were not really natives of Earth: they moved here after the death of another planet called Phaethon.” In the Vedic literature they were called demons and they represented the split between Lucifer and Archangel Michael.
Rama: Umhmm.
Tara: And this split took place in India as a part of this ancient culture in the Indus Valley from there to the Middle East.  And so there is a reference, another reference for them being fallen angels, at that time. 
And so then “as the millenia passed, the Asuras changed and their bodies became denser over time. Thus a new race would develop and they called them the Atlanteans, or meaning ‘those born after.’  They were slightly smaller than the Asuras, yet they still did not have bones.” (Tara: Interesting story, and that has to go together with the Atlanteans being 5th dimensional at that time, too. And the fifth dimensional energy of war was going on in that dimension on Mother Gaia at that time) 
Yet “they had a third eye, located between the eyebrows.” And then again in the Vedic literature they called them Cyclopeans. They had one single third eye, physical that you could see, etheric physical. And they had no split of gender at all, they were, as you might say, androgenous.  And Lord Indira was that divine being as something that you might be familiar with. 
Then after the Atlanteans for that period, then he brings up the Lemurians, instead of the opposite way around, interesting.  “They were much similar to modern humans and they did possess a bone skeleton structure and they had differentiated according to sex. And the third eye is still present yet not as well developed as the Atlanteans” or in the Vedic literature Cyclopeans. 
The Lemurians came at about 21 to 28 feet tall and they lived about 1,000 years, without any death or anything like that or any illness or anything like that. According to Muldashev, they were the ones who built the Sphinx in Egypt, which is very likely true, as well as Stonehenge and many other major wonderful monuments of antiquity. Those are two he mentions.
And then we come to some beings known as the Borei.  And they are considered to be in appearance most similar to modern humans.  And they formed long after these others. And its members were much shorter or they did not exceed 9 to 16 feet in height and their third eye was more hidden than the others. Their organs were very similar to ours right now.
Okay, what happened to all these beings, he asked? And he says about 25 to 30 thousand years ago, Mother Gaia experienced a nuclear catastrophe following a conflict between the Lemurians and the Borei.  Some of the Lemurians took refuge and went back to living in caves, where they fell into a hibernating state or period. Others took their spaceships to another Galaxy. Now the thing is that there is dated evidence of this nuclear catastrophe underneath the Sahara Desert. Underneath the entire Sahara Desert there is molten glass, which results of glass experiencing a nuclear explosion.  And yet it has been dated to that period, yet that is an interesting piece.
And then after the Lemurians went on, the Boers and the Atlanteans  (I think that is another form of the Borei) they reached unprecedented development mental peaks, yet they could not avoid disappearance of their civilizations as well. And that they said occurred about 12,000 years ago, and that makes a whole lot of sense in terms of the story we told the last time from Graham Hancock and his archaeological dig that said the flood took place more like 13,000 years ago, between 12 and 13,000 years ago. 
So I would put some links there to the fact that these two civilizations disappeared about that time due to being radioactively radiated by the flood at that time. So now Muldashev is talking about us now as the Fifth Race, and that would have developed just before the disappearance of Atlantis. And we were called at that time in the Vedic literature the Aryan race, and that was not the Hitlerian version. The Aryan race was from the Indus Valley as well.  
Do you want to say something about that Rama? 
Rama: They were part of the Fallen Angels that took form on the Planet.
Tara:  So they were fallen?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: We were fallen. It says that that’s us.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Okay. Yet at the same place and in the same kind of form of this fifth Aryan race, the Ascended Masters came in. [Rama] Yes. [Tara] What’s the name of that series of books again? The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East.  
Rama: Right. Do you remember who that’s by?
Rama: Baird Spaulding.
Tara: Baird Spaulding. Those books are absolutely amazing along with the Ringing Cedars series, speaking of Anastasia who has never, never not been here or left, and she still walks in her skin in ice cold Russia, Northern Russia and Mongolia, Upper Mongolia. And many of the shamans and people that live there in the shaman way have seen and spoken to her many, many, many times. 
And so the ancestors of modern man did not have a visible third eye and so that’s an attributable thing in all this history, that we had to seek out knowledge about it and learn about it. There was also this fallen part of us, these Annunaki that have persisted on to take the Planet over, a lot of dark energy that came in as well. So a very long and arduous story that we’ve all got many incarnational patterns through.
And so the points we’re making now is that there is a document that has come out.  And it’s called ‘Here’s the Next Motherload: Coronavirus, QinetiQ, and the Rothschild Bombshell
And this is very intense and yet it exposes this entire history from the British Crown and the CIAteamed up treasonously via QinetiQ Group Plc, controlled by the Monarch, Lord Pirbright (and it’s pronounced like purring like a kitten) Pirbright, a Rothschild, and his banker cousins at N. M. Rothschild & Co. who were the godfathers of the 2nd Boer War concentration camps in Africa, South Africa in (1899-1902).  And the war was to drive out the French, the Dutch and the Germans, ordinary French, German and Dutch people who were living in South Africa.
And now there is this new evidence that leading London Jews were running the first modern war concentration camps where over 60,000 whites and blacks died, including more than 14,000 mostly white children who were subjected to the Burroughs Wellcome and Co. (now known as the Wellcome Trust-Corona virus funder and GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine experiments. 
And I am not going to go real heavy into this but I will send this to our Sister because it’s important to know the history and this is really the final exposure of everything down to the moment right now.  Matter of fact, I will just read the last bit of it. 
George Tenet is a part of this group and Edmund P Giambastiani, Jr., he was a part of the Deputy Joint Chief of Staff in 2008 and he was the QinetiQ Director, on October 8, 2008, he became that for some years.  Anyway, this group, this is the explanation for everything going on right now and the Galactics, and our dear Sisters have said, are here on the ground. The most important thing we must do is to improve our immune system and the best way to do that is to meditate, meditate, give equal time and pray peace as the Gregg Braden version of this kind. 
So one thing is certain is the QinetiQ current address is nearby Farnborough, which is over there in England. And it’s not a good location, yet in radio communications, once you get a spot free of electronic noise, you tend to keep it. They asked the question: How do wireless technology and vaccines go together? Researchers all know that stress increases disease, so that’s how they go together. 
So the Corona virus is specially constructed to lie dormant in a person’s body. How do they do this?  Through vaccinating us. And as we are all of us of this generation, pretty much all of our parents got us vaccinated. So they have put those things and this Pirbright character has this virus absolutely registered. In other words, they created it a long time ago. And the US Patent is No.10,130,701 Corona virus. And the Pirbright Institute out of Surrey, U.K., is the one that registered it here in the United States.  So all of that being said, the good thing about this, is that we have located them, and that means we use meditation and we pray peace, and we be peace and we be love, and that works, every which way that is.
Okay, I am just going to read two little things.  The Dalai Lama sent us something, so I want to talk about that.
The Dalai Lama said, “There is an intimate connection between love and compassion on the one hand, and genuine happiness on the other. The indispensability of compassion touches us all from the very first day of our lives as we are wholly dependent on the love of our mother or some other care giver.
Tara: I wanted to add too, that you can actually work with your higher self and remove all of those types of vaccines from your physicality and every other part of us. We have the power.
And then the last one here is by Rajneesh who said back in May of 2015:
“On the circumference, people are different, and they should be different, and everybody should maintain their individuality on the circumference. One should never compromise for any reason.  Then only can we really create a democratic world.  Real democracy means that the mob, the crowd, is no more in control of the individual lives.
“Democracy is less a political phenomenon than a religious phenomenon. It is far more important than politics. Democracy is a totally new vision of life. It has not yet happened anywhere. It has yet to happen. Democracy means that each individual has the right to live according to his and her light. He should not be prevented unless he or she becomes a disturbance or a nuisance to others.  He should be allowed every freedom in all the aspects of life.
“That is my vision of a really democratic world. That is how I would like my sanyasin to function. No interference in anybody’s lives. A great respect has to be given to the other, yet at the center, everybody is the same. As we meditate, we move towards the center. In the deepest moments of meditation, all differences disappear. We are universal there, not individual.”   Rajneesh
Is there anything you would like to say coming up here, Rama?  Oh yes, we have got to say this, we forgot!
This is Rama’s words: I received a call today about 11:00 AM from Sweet Angelique the Cat and Rosa, she’s a Palestinian reporter, and she was calling from Ramala. And Sweet Angelique the Cat was calling from Paris, together on the phone. And they said today, “Lord Rama, the yellow vest movement continues on in spite of Covid-19.  There are many still protesting in the streets and they are keeping two meters apart on all sides as they protest. The ships are everywhere.”
Sweet Angelique went on to say, “There are ships being seen in Cairo, in Istanbul, in Turkey and in Tehran, in Mumbai, in Fukushima, in Tokyo, in San Francisco, in LA, in Santa Fe, in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Sedona, Phoenix, just to name a few places.”   And then they showed me a 13 minute clip from Dr. Stephen Greer’s new video about a huge emerald green starship with 3 golden spherical lights below it that showed up over Newport Beach, California.”
Rosa then said to me, “Lord Rama, there are many starships showing up over Israel as well as Palestine, too. And they are giving the people great hope.” Both Rosa and Sweet Angelique the Cat said, “Since the sheltering in place orders have been given in all these different countries in the world, the ships activity has exponentially increased everywhere on the Planet and it has been constant, for the month. We must go now as we both have a special meeting with Mr.Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLO.  This meeting concerns getting food, good water, medicines and other necessities in the form of supplies to the people of Palestine. Stay in balance and love. Sat Nam. Namaste.” And then they said a note about the next shoe about to fall has to do with some kind of disclosure on a global communication scale. 
And on Friday, Rama said, “I received a call from Lady Master Nada and the Nameless Ones.  Lady Nada calling from Gaza, the Nameless Ones calling from the Wesak Valley. “The Nameless Ones in the Wesak Valley have 3,000 Llama’s with them for the whole weekend and they are spinning their prayer wheels. (that was whole Easter weekend we are talking about here.)   And they are spinning prayer wheels and chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum” all weekend. This chant is part of the Diamond Sutra. This mantra is addressing the jewel in the lotus, the diamond heart of us all.
I asked Lady Nada, “What is the role of this inert virus, showing up at this moment?”  Lady Nada answered, “This is the emergence of koyaanisqatsi- 'life out of balance' or energy out of balance in its time/space continuum, which is a manifestation of what is required to heal in the whole society the world around.” So it defies logic in the sense that on a logistical scale as we would be peace, be love, all would change. And it can happen in the twinkling of an eye.  So one old ancient timeline is ending and Sat Yuga has already entered the scene and begun.
I asked Nada, “Why is it that so many people have to suffer and die?” Nada answered, “There are many that answered, I will be on the front lines to transmute the old timeline into the new Sat Yuga.”
I think that is a really amazing answer. We’ve all volunteered in every specific role that we have come into to help the whole, and ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’ Thank you. Okay.
And then on Saturday, just before noon, I called the Poppy Lady. Then she called Nicodemus the Rat.  They both said to me, “Lord Rama, the thirteen families along with the old matrix pyramid power people, they are playing with ecocide/genocide, and the Galactics are here as well.”
And then they said that 5G for the entire Asian continent has been turned off.  Yet Rama asked about it today because our sister Sonja had talked to some people that she knows, through her nephew, some people in China, they said it’s going strong. So the answer that Rama got today is that the Galactics did turn it completely off. And then these characters turned it back on.
So the reason that it was done, as some people said, is because the Galactics gave a signal to the dark side that “we are here” and what you do with what’s being here is up to you, yet make peace with your God, because it’s time for us to intervene on this whole situation.
So then Professor Nicodemus said, “There are all kinds of starships coming in with the ongoing Solar winds through the open southern portal of our Sun, Sol.”  And then he said, “Lord Rama, maybe it’s time to tell the story about what it is to be a physical living Solar Being and taking care of a whole Solar System.”
And what he was referring to was that Tara and I, Rama, have been Solar Beings in the Pleiades, long, long ago, in that Galaxy not so far, far away. And so we have our memory triggered.  We remember. And I am going to say, as a Solar Being, as we take that role of being that, in charge of an entire Solar System, these Beings take responsibility of maintaining the Cosmic anchor point for the whole Office of the Christ, for that entire Solar System, to be that source of Christ Consciousness for all life throughout that Solar System.
So let's remember who we all are – we are all the ones we have been waiting for.  And that opens our third eye more. And we might be very surprised at who we have been and who we are today.
So I think that’s good for now and I am going to say, I bid you farewell, and see you on the bridge and so much Love, Everyone!  Be that, be Peace. Namaste. I pass this talking stick back to my sister Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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