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Tara & Rama Report 4-23-19
We are going back to Good Friday, on the 19th [of April], and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, tweeted me (this is Rama speaking) early this Good Friday morning at 3:30 AM, in this sacred Holy Week time, and on this Good Friday Full Moon day, beginning, as Tanya Gabriel says:' A week in the wonders in the celestial codes,' quote, His Holiness speaks:
“Because anger and hostility destroy our peace of mind, it is they that are our real enemy. Anger ruins our health, a compassionate attitude restores it; if it were basic human nature to be angry, there would be no hope, yet since it is our nature to be compassionate, there is.”
Then at about 11:00 AM, I received a call from Lady Master Nada.  She was at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, known today as the Dome of the Rock, the major Stargate that overlights all the other Stargates in the Middle East.  Lady Nada said, “On this Good Friday, I am with a group of Palestinian children and we are praying peace, first and foremost in the Middle East, and from there we are sending Peace waves across Mother Gaia and all of her children and kingdoms.
“There are more and more craft showing up over Gaza. These children have seen these Starships land and have met members of the Ashtar Command, who de-boarded and provided them and their families and their neighbors with food, medicine, all kinds of water purified and even these, you might say, devices to purify their water. The Mueller Report is a sham. The administration is in the denouement of its time. All the Thirteen Families are leaving; their influence is being superseded by the light of Love, Peace and Joy.”
And over the weekend, I spoke with Lady Nada again, and she told me that she has been speaking on a regular basis now with Patrick Fitzgerald and that the time has come now for full, you might say, disclosure, as to the truth of all that has been kept secret, and the readiness to receive the notions of truth has arrived.  The people are awakened, and so it goes on.
And today, I met with Lady Master Natasha, at noon at the tea house up Canyon Road.  She showed me on her galactic pad how the Old Earth is unraveling. Natasha said,
“Lord Rama, what we are seeing here on my galactic pad are graphs showing the Old Earth peeling away as though from an orange, peeling away from the New Earth, as the Old Earth is going on with the current timeline of the end of Kali Yuga, which is already in our past - as this old story is passing away.
Often acquaintances, business partners, relationships they are changing, they are morphing or even separating and the new frequencies of Sat Yuga are introducing new acquaintances, new relationships, new spiritual teachers as the great work of we, the peace builders, brings in higher and higher creative intelligence, art, music, music in harmony of the spheres, moving us all from resistance to harmony on this New Earth, Titalakoria, the Diamond One.  We are together birthing this New Earth.
All the things going on, on Mother Gaia, that the Thirteen Families continue to insist on planning in their final efforts to maintain control of power over Love are dissolving and are being brought into the Light of Lights and the Light of Love. And the truth is setting us all free. Lord Rama, as we are experiencing these cosmic energies in our bodies as ascension symptoms, rest assured these symptoms are preparing us for active duty in the higher realm.
And as we integrate these experiences we can activate these energies into our lives – instantaneously - right now. At this time, anytime, expect breaking news that this old paradigm, along with its old economy, expect it all to collapse. Simultaneously, the Ashtar Command and the Forces of Light, will indeed take over our airways and explain things that are going on in galactic time.  As these old order voices fade into the background and as everything comes out regarding the full Mueller Report, which is very, very soon to be so, expect a complete shift in who steps onto the stage as it is full Galactic intervention. Ashtar on-screen. Come the New Jerusalem. Be done.”
In The Secret Destiny of America’ in the front cover, there is a little thing that it says, and I wanted to read that:  ‘During these crucial years, public attention was focused strongly upon America’s place in the essential progress of civilization.  The strength of a country depends largely upon its tradition. Each generation inherits the unfinished labors of the past and must protect the opportunities and the responsibilities which are the priceless heritage from the past.
‘The year 1976, the Bicentennial of the establishment of the United States of America as a free and independent nation among the powers of the world took place, yet still in this real time of now, we do not have a country.  Yet The Secret Destiny of America has passed through several editions and the demand continues to increase. Therefore a new edition has been prepared in the sincere hope that it will help a person to understand that their country is not merely a political or industrial entity. Rather it is also truly an assignment of destiny.
(On that level, NESARA brings in the true United States of Altia-America that we all have been participating in, and now it is time to make it real.)  “The American continent described by Lord Bacon as the New Atlantis seems to have been set apart for the great experiment of enlightened self-government. This happened long before the founding fathers envisioned the rise of the American Republic. Mr. Manley Thomas Hall has gathered fragments of a little known yet fascinating history which indicates that the seeds of democracy (small d) were planted here 1,000 years before the beginning of the Christian era.
“The plan which began in antiquity has survived to the present time, perpetuated by dedicated individuals who offered their lives, their sacred honors, and their worldly goods in the defense of freedom and of the leadership of The United States into a free world.  Those reading this book will be inspired to a greater respect, for now this country cometh and a stronger determination to preserve the principles upon which it stands.”
I’ll just say that there is something called ‘The Phoenix Rising’ and it is sitting in The Hague beside all of the other banners, which is the proper term for them.  Yet this particular banner is the Phoenix Rising, and it represents no more boundaries whatsoever, that the principles for which we stand is this spiritual destiny that we’re bringing forward to ourselves, those principles become Now, because of the light pouring in and the universal awakening is massive at this time.  
So in the light of our beginning now, in a new way, let us just say that there is a question in the original story of the prophetic dream that many of our forefathers had about what we can bring about here in the New Atlantis. It also has to do with the symbols of the Great Seal of the United States. Is the American Eagle actually a Phoenix? Selection of the fabulous bird of the ancients seems to have been the intention of the designer of our nation’s Great Seal.  The Phoenix is the symbol of the reborn in wisdom.
The design on the reverse of the Great Seal is even more definitely related to the Order of the Quest. The pyramid and the all-seeing eye represent the universal house surmounted by the radiant emblem of the great Architect of the Universe. These three symbols appearing in combination is more than chance or coincidence. So at the end of the Quest in America shall be erected a shrine to Universal Truth in America, as here rises the global Democratic Commonwealth, the true wealth of all mankind, which is designed in the foundation that Humanity shall abide together in Peace and shall devote their energies to the common cause of discovery.   
The power of Humanity lies in our dreams, in our visions, in our ideals. This has been the common vision of Humanity’s necessity in the secret empire of the Brotherhood of the Quest. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Quest, consecrated to fulfilling the destiny for which we in the United States of Altia-America are bringing into being here and now.
World Democracy was the secret dream of the greatest of classical philosophers thousands of years before Columbus. They were aware of the existence of our western hemisphere and selected it to be the site of the philosophic empire. This brilliant plan of the ancients has survived to our present moment in time. It is the Will, Divine in nature, to continue to function into this great work until it is fully accomplished.
This American Dream becomes a divine correlation with the philosophic Age of Aquarius - desperately needed at this time. We, Commanders, Eagles, and Angels are to fulfill who we are, here and now, together.
So Mote it Be!
I just wanted to say that last Wednesday, Rama had a little conversation with the Poppy Lady and a gentleman whose name is Mustafa Ji, a former warlord and Mujahideen fighter. They fought with the Russians at the time for a decade in the 80’s in Afghanistan. Now Mustafa Ji has gone back to his tribal roots as a wandering Bedouin with 25 good men, former Mujahideen fighters as well.  As a side note, Mustafa Ji is considered quite wealthy as he has 39 camels. He also has 2 bars of gold given to him by two American soldiers he has assisted in escaping from the Army.
Mustafa Ji said to me, “Lord Rama, Netanyahu stole the election in Israel with the help of the West publicly announcing, though illegal and against international law, that Israel has now taken over the Golan Heights.” Mustafa Ji went on to say, “The United States and Israel are provoking Iran, yet Iran carries the banner of bringing in Dr. Keshe, who has already created Galactic Starships. And this light and the conclusion of this story will be met by the Forces of Light. There will be no World War III.”
So it was that I asked the Poppy Lady and Mustafa Ji, “Is there going to be a shift in the energies to this new day soon?” But what they both told me is, “With this Libra Full Moon and with Good Friday and the expected miracles and magic of Easter coming, it is the most wonderful time and no turning back. Sudden transmutation is coming, and Lord Ashtar will be on TV and we are not meaning maybe. NESARA now - Ashtar on-screen.”
Okay, I can just say that we would be so grateful for some blessings in terms of our Beneficial Farms [account] being replenished again; and for good vibrations to come and assist so that Rama can continue on the process of healing his arm. And Sister Tara here needs some work with structurally integrating an injury, a very, very old injury which has had some challenges in this incarnational time. So we would be so grateful for that and let’s just say now, “This Garden of E-done, of Action Done, in this Aries time that we are in now is real - and we are the ones we have always been waiting for.”
Tara: NESARA now! And I pass this talking stick back to my Sister Fran. It’s with the fairies and gems and rainbows and crystals and all good things of feathers coming to you.
Fran: Thank you. That was lovely. Now Rama, did you have a treatment on your arm?
Rama: Yes. I did. And it is getting better. It just takes time.
Fran: So you felt a big shift?
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It got worse in terms of the pain, part of the process of it healing.
Fran: Yes, as a result of it sitting so long as it was. I’m glad it’s happening. We see you fully healed, and you too, Tara!
Rama: Yes. Thank you so much, Everyone!
Transcription by Rita. Edited by Fran.
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