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Tara & Rama Report 4-28-20
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everyone! Thank you, Eli!  Thank you, Mother [Sekmet]!  Very appropriate for the time that we are in. 
I think I will start with last Saturday, or maybe one day before that. Okay, I will start on Friday. Thank you, Everybody, for being here. We are on the final runway, I can say that; and patience is a virtue. 
So Rama speaking here last Friday, “I got a text message from Lady Master Nada, late this morning. She said to me, “Lord Rama, they’re watching the meltdown in real time, right now, as the so called President is telling the public to use [substances] inside our bodies to clear us of Covid-19.  Please blaze the Violet Fire at this time. 
Tara: I just want to say, to make clarity, that that pyramid power structure that dictates to everyone that wants to say something -  they get, you might say, marching orders. So let’s remain neutral in Unconditional Divine Love.  As the Buddha says, ‘Suffering is optional and pain is inevitable.’ 
And also that sister Maya is here for all of us no matter how difficult it is; in other words, a very huge lesson is going on right now.  I mean this has never happened before where the whole world collectively is ascending together with Mother Gaia. Very profound.  As St. Germain always says, “May we pass every test.”  He actually said, “I will not say, may God bless you.  I will say, may we pass every test.”  Which is true.  So blaze the Violet Fire at this time around this President and his entire family. Send only Love. 
This is what Admiral Sananda Kumara would ask us to do. Let go of all the old wounds and trauma that goes back 13,000 years.  It is a tall order.  Yet we ask and we also answer, any time now the Galactics are going to help us shift our realities in more prominent ways to a higher octave collectively.  We are the ones.  We have the power to change this story now. There are many aspects to this as there are many cultures who are from far flung sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy who are assisting us with our ascension as well as Mother Gaia’s.
Stay in that one-hearted place as we begin Ramadan today (last Friday). At Ramadan, the people come together; now people are doing it by Zoom. There are no people in the mosques anywhere.  Everybody is wearing their masks and their gloves and they talk with each other and they have family gatherings over Zoom.  And there are many, many poor people there, too, and other people are collecting some ways to help them in so many ways. And we are actually seeing that going on all over the Earth.  Yes, this has been a challenge, yet it can unify here again, so Inshallah, Lord Rama, may The Force be with us all.  
And then there is a note here regarding a person named Michael Tiedel [near death experiencer] who was our guest on our night at the Round Table last Thursday. The point being made is that Nada said to me, “He can only say just so much because he signed a non-disclosure with the military.  He works with the military and they had a lot of things to say, but yet again, the orders from headquarters have limited many.  So remain neutral and call on those higher energies."
So the next one I want to do, let’s see.  Okay, I am going to go back to the 22nd and the Dalai Lama had a message I want to share with you.  On the 22nd, the Dalai Lama, His Holiness said,
“We can no longer exploit the resources of this earth, the trees, the water, and other natural resources without any care for coming generations.  Common sense tells us that unless we change we will not survive.  This Earth Day let’s resolve to live in harmony with nature.” 
Beautiful message, I just wanted to share that. 
And on that day, the 22nd, last Wednesday, Rama said, “I received a call from the King of Egypt, just before noon today.” He said to me, “Lord Rama, Iran put up a satellite in orbit today.  And Secretary of State Pompeo said Iran violated a UN rule by not consulting with them first.  The President put out in a tweet today that the United States can fire on Iranian patrol boats as they get too close to the United States’ (just want to make sure that everybody knows that there are rules about that as well) warships or other US ships. 
Meanwhile Lord Michael’s Starships are very close in our atmosphere.  We can see them as they drift in and out of phase.  They have iridescent, opalescent energy that is cleansing the very atmosphere around them, which is also our atmosphere. We are in that moment where Commander Vrillon, metaphorically speaking, back in 1977 made an announcement and/or in the present, one of the other Commanders of Ashtar’s bridge crew will be giving a briefing to the people of Earth about the real news about where we are at, which is called full disclosure. 
It is time for deep compassion from our Star Elders and from the Wise Council of Elders here on Earth and from the Elemental kingdom.  All the Fairies and Elves and Hobbits and Dwarves and Pixies and Gnomes, and I am sure I have missed a whole bunch, and us, and that is the word. I’ll be seeing you very, very soon, and we will be cussing and discussing.
This is the King of Egypt, by the way, and it has been at least 15 years since anyone has heard anything from the Faction III White Knights anything about seeing us.  How we help people of Earth with our collective prosperity ,they were cussing and discussing that.  NESARA now!  No more war! I just said, 'Tea is at 4:44, Earl Grey hot.'  We had a triple 4 energy going on last week so that’s how that happened.
So now I am going to go to the next day, Thursday.  I went up the mountain past the chair lifts by picnic tables by a closed restaurant up there. More like at 10,200 feet now, because that’s how far he walked up from the top of the mountain.  They have a 4G tower at the top.  Thank God it’s not 5G, but that’s what they have.  That’s why they can get a signal way up there.  I proceeded to call 25 Faction 3 White Knights from my list of about 50.  No one answered. No one. So this goes on - the fecal matter is hitting the oscillating device. I am certain that everyone is very busy. 
Then I got a text message from the King of Swords. He said to me, “Lord Rama, one age is completely ending and a new age has indeed begun. Let us walk in the path of the Buddha at this time.  No matter what we are hearing on the media, we have won.  Rachel Maddow made a deal with the devil just as Ari Melber did, as Chris Hayes did, as Lawrence O'Donnell did, Al Sharpton, etc.  All at MSNBC.com did.  It is the situation with all the other networks, too - CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox news.  Rachel made a deal with the devil in the backyard. 
Meaning Rachel was texting me, meaning Rama, for many years, and then it abruptly stopped.  These deals were about money, for sure.  Yet by that time, as the deal was made, it was too late, meaning they knew their very lives were at stake, as they were to refuse. So send more Love and that is walking in their shoes.  No matter what we are hearing, remember to stay with the power of the positive thought.  Help another.  There is much pain in this world at this point.  Teach only Love, be Love, be Peace.  Namaste.  NESARA now. 
Okay and then the next one: Saturday, the 25th. I received a text message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat.  He said to me, “Lord Rama, Mother’s breath is bearing down on the ‘district of criminals,’ and the criminals cannot stand the intense energies of Mother [Sekhmet] coming in.  Blaze the Violet Fire.  This is the most intense time ever.  Pluto went retrograde in the last couple of hours.  It went back to January 12th, a landmark date."
Just to remind everybody, it was a Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the time before that day, it happened five hundred years ago.  That was the last time and then this time.  So that was the days of Martin Luther.  He was starting this other religion going up against the Vatican.  And if we put the accent on the right place, the religion was basically called Protest-ant.  They were protesting the abuse of Church and the disinformation and all that.  Very interesting, different time but yet this is something that affects the whole world when something like this comes in.  In this Ramadan, which began last Friday, let us send Peace and Love to all situations.  Inshallah, God and Goddess willing.
Okay and now we go to the next one:  So then we are going to go to yesterday [Monday, 27th]  I got a message from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique.  They said, “The matrix continues to fall apart as the world is lifted higher and higher.  Stay in that warm-hearted place.  Get out in Nature.  Go out and look at the flowers. 
That flower can become a broccoli and the Fibonacci spiral can be seen right on the broccoli head.  The geometric patterns for this are as complicated as the quantum field.  We are all connected. Beltane is coming up.  Stay in the circle of love and peace and truth, freedom and justice and duty. We will see miracles unfold right at this time.  Look up at the Ramadan moon tonight. Inshallah.
Michael Salla gave a report that day that was kind of  significant.  He said China was ready in July, to send a spacecraft to Mars.  So I just thought I would mention that. 
I guess we are here, right here on the 4th.  So today, I went late this morning to see my friend Mr.Fenn and I sat in the plasma field.  He said to me, “Lord Rama, the billionaires and the dark side continue to collapse.  It is the light of ten trillion suns pouring in.  There are solar flares, a lot of them at this time, going on.  They are affecting the electromagnetic field of Mother Gaia.  The field is expanding and contracting.  This is affecting the people of Earth, us.  Meditation, prayer along with remaining in unconditional divine neutrality becomes a calming activity for all of the Planet and all of its people and all of its animals and plants down to the tiniest insect.
We are being told by The Force to lift ourselves up.  Get out in Nature again.  Beltane is almost upon us.  The quantum field of saying ‘Love is the Answer’ even as we are walking and experiencing what appears to be Mordor in real time.  Remember love is the answer.”  The plasma field showed me these hearts, and the hearts were going through a portal.  Then I saw a rose.  It was a yellow-green rose.  The rose got bigger and bigger and bigger until it filled the whole room.  As we approach Beltane and Wesak, stay in that heart centered place.  That is how we transform ourselves and all of Mother Gaia. 
I thought I would read a little bit about Beltane.   A lot of people don’t know some of these things. One of the things I thought was interesting is there are different name for it - Bealtaine, May Eve, Valpurgis. I never heard of that one. The incense of Beltane is lilac and frankincense. The decorations are maypole, flowers and ribbons.  The color is green. 
“The Fire Festival of Beltane: This festival is also known as Beltane, the Celtic May Day.  It officially begins at moonrise on May Day Eve, and marks the beginning of the third quarter or second half of the ancient Celtic year.  It is celebrated as an early pastoral festival accompanying the first turning of the herds out to wild pasture.  The rituals were held to promote fertility. 
"The cattle were driven between the Belfires to protect them from ills.  Contact with the fire was interpreted as a symbolic contact with the Sun.  In early Celtic times, the druids kindled the Beltane fires with specific incantations.  Later the Christian church took over the Beltane observances, a service was held in the church, followed by a procession to the fields or hills, where the priest kindled the fire.  The rowan branch is hung over the house fire on May Day to preserve the fire itself from bewitchment (the house fire being symbolic of the luck of the house).
“This is a holiday of Union--both between the Goddess and the God and between man and woman. … It is a time of fertility and harvest, the time for reaping the wealth from the seeds that we have sown….
“..Beltane is the season of maturing life and deep found love. This is the time of vows, handfastings and commitment. The Lord and his Lady, having reached maturity, come together in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust to celebrate the joy of their union. This is a time to celebrate the coming together of the masculine and feminine creative energies…"
For further reading:
That was the most interesting description of Beltane that I have ever found.  So I thought I would share it with you.  
Both Rama and I are aware that we are very, very close to the enactment of NESARA. And we don’t know any date, yet we are well on the way of realizing that there is no negativity.  And that the power of positive thoughts and the elimination of all negativity is what this new dispensation is all about.  All the courts are going to change. All of the economies are going to change.  All the social status is going to change. And the education, we are going to get an education for children for the first time in umpteen decades.  All of this change is at the same time. And it is our best that we give to this.   What do you say to this, ‘Good, Better, Best, so let them rest until the good is better and the better is best.’ That’s all there is to be. 
Don’t waste that money.  There are millions of men, women and children in this country that are very, very, very hungry.  They haven’t had money for a month or so.  They have pretty much nothing. And there are good people that are coming together to meet the need.  People who do have some money and time and they are doing it in spite of this six feet away situation and they are finding ways to actually do that.  People are bringing food to people’s homes and then they are going back aways to their cars and then the people come out and pick up their food. 
And the observation is a discipline.  It is a fantastic discipline for the whole world to be doing at the same time. May we all pass every test, right now.  As Swami Purna said, “No soul will not be challenged by this situation.”  No soul will be spared is what he said from this situation. It is required, because the next step in order to be able to even handle it is to do that, all the people.  And, you know, get out of the dark side and the energies of anger and negativity because the next step is then the light pouring in will make a quantum leap.
And the harmonies of the spheres - as we mentioned the last time - every piece of music is discordant being played all over this planet, because the basic Hertz is 440 which is a discordant sound. The music of the spheres resets that to 432.  That’s the real harmonic sound. And there are people that are aware of that, and they’re making music tuned to that Hertz. That’s quite an amazing thing. 
So may we pass every test; and blessings, Everyone, as we could have some assistance as we require help at this time. There are still quite a few bills that haven’t quite been able to be attended to.  So we appreciate all of you, and thank you, Fran, for having us here.  It is such a blessing. And Everybody else – Namaste, Aloha. Thank you and Mahalo Nui Loa!  I pass this talking stick to my Sister Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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