Tara & Rama Report 5-09-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, Everybody!
Tara: OK, so I just wanted to say this one thing that is very cool from last Thursday and Sananda’s energy came in, I believe that’s how this worked out, and told Susan in her ear that we have a new chakra and it’s over our abdomen. So now we’ve got 8 basic chakras, although I have seen 13 chakras already, so the 8th or the 14th chakra, depending on which system you want to work with. I got this intuition because it’s located where the other chakras in that area are, you know the golden sunshine yellow where the diaphragm is, and you’ve got the 2nd chakra energy of orange and you’ve got the 4th chakra energy of emerald green. I was looking at this more pastel color where you take a little bit of the orange but it is brighter and soft so that it’s got a more pinky sort of thing, and then the soft yellow and then a very soft blue like the 8th ray is aquamarine, so you’ve got a little blue in there and I came up with a peach color; and the peach brings in peace. 
Tara: And in terms of the consternation of what’s going on on the ground, it was very interesting today because Rama got to talk to Dodi and Di and Lady Master Nada. It’s an interesting story how all that happened. First he went up to look for Rana Mu, right Rama?
Rama: Yeah, and she wasn’t there, so I sat on the hillside looking at the clouds coming in because we’re having huge rainstorms with hail half an inch in diameter. Some of the hail last night’s was almost a small baseball. 
Tara: And at places farther away from us, more Northeast, they had them bigger than a baseball, and that’s very, very serious and there’s this geo-engineering
going on to beat the band. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: They are increasing the precipitation by keeping the fossil fuel system going. They are increasing the precipitation that is in the atmosphere which causes this kind of thing in the clashes between the weather systems of cold and hot - that’s what we got the hail from, but it was a really scary. Our kitty was like, what? And I talked to our sister next door, her name is Prashad and she has got this absolutely gorgeous dog. She a mixture but she’s very large. She’s got Dalmation, she’s got Great Dane and she’s got the lion dog; I forgot what the dog is called.
Rama: Ridgeback.
Tara: Ridgeback, but she’s just a gorgeous dog and she said that her dog Mara and her, they were just hugging each other under the covers.
So what we can do with knowingness now is that the power of the numbers of people waking up and coming together is more powerful than anything. By the way, we‘ve got help on the ground. Trump just fired James Comey, head of the FBI.
Rama: Bad move!
Tara: Well, let’s take the power of what this can mean, and the first thing that is coming up and it’s been on PBS and they aren’t talking about it on these more controlled medias but they did get it snuck in on a number of places that are saying that it’s time for an independent commission with a special prosecutor.
So guess what, that’s our Patrick Fitzgerald on the board again. This is perfect. 
Rama: And so it started to rain as I was sitting on the hillside so I walked down the hillside and Rana Mu showed up and we went into her office and we called Dodi and Di and Lady Nada and they were there in the Wesak Valley and they said that there are so many thousands of people there coming to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. They described it as like the gatherings at the Maha Khumbh which is a Hindu festival that is celebrated every 144 years and so I think there are 10’s of 1000’s, if not more, of people there.
Tara: 100’s of 1000’s but that valley is so huge and there are people from as far as Afghanistan and India and Nepal and China and Indonesia and Burma and
Rama: Bhutan.
Tara: I mean, these are people that do this for pilgrimage, a real spiritual journey. They walk.
Tara: and this is again the power of these higher gatherings which are representing these heart-quake energies today. It’s Leo in Aquarius, north and south node today, the first day.
Rama: And it’s interesting that as this is going on up there in the Wesak Valley, the Victory Day celebration in Russia with the Russian army and the other things that are going on, yet the larger story about Victory Day of Russia, you know, defeating the Nazis, is a whole other story that we’ll share because this hasn’t been brought to the light of day. 
Tara: Well, what we have to say is it’s been a modus operandi since the first century and all the way up to the present day to vilify Russia
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and to make them always the dumping ground for the things that the Khazarian mafia are doing in the West. They officially say that after World War 2, the records that they got about 27 million Russian people were killed, and then we have to back up and go to the Bolshevik Revolution. By the end of that war, in World War I, the Nazis had killed over a 100 million Russian people. We’ve got to get some facts straight; in both cases Russia saved the world.
Rama: They did!
Tara: They did; and the United Sates, now they say that we won World War II. What we did is we made ourselves criminals in terms of what we did at the higher levels, and that is that we murdered lots of people by dropping two nuclear weapons when the Japanese had already surrendered, they could not have done another thing, they were ready to quit; and they wanted to do it anyway, and so again, in our name, truly.
Yet what this represents here in the Wesak Valley is the people, the hearts of the people. There are enough people here that are representing all these different kinds of walks of life people; and that what really Lady Master Nada and Dodi and Di are saying is that it represents the world being very, very tired of war and they don’t want any more. No more war.
Rama: No more war; and it’s been described to me as the quantum field has now been tipped, and there are more of us that are working with the opposition side in Peace and Love and this is prevailing; and every single day there are more and more folks coming out of the woodwork, if you will, to say we’re here. Unacknowledged, the DVD and the movie, I’m not sure in what theaters it’s playing.
Tara: It will keep on growing. It starts today and again, our brother Marshall was just mentioning that as you purchase the DVD, I think it’s about $20 or something, you’ll get a lot more footage; there are a lot more revelations there.
And again, another thing Lady Nada and Dodi and Di are also saying is that it is so important for people to learn the true history of all different countries and to get educated; and in particular she mentioned we need to educate girls because you have the mother of all of us, we all have mothers; if we all have a mother educated, then the world gets educated in the true education. True education is coming from this heart energy, and this heart energy this heart-quake day energy is not going to be shut off. And they all said that this is really shocking to the power structures and the installation of, you might say, the people they want [in] to keep their power going in this country -  that’s not working so well right now.
Rama: They really made the point to me today that a quantum shift has occurred on this planet. We have already won and we’re watching the absolute collapse of the whole 13 families power structure as the light is coming in at quantum light speed and it’s so magnificent!
Tara: We don’t want to forget Kuan Yin, Lady Master Kuan Yin, the combination of the Buddha and the Kuan Yin energies together. If you’ve looked at some of the information and teachings of Kuan Yin, she’s a warrior goddess and she is 
androgynous. She works with the balance between male and female energy and this is what drops barriers and borders and they mention that it’s really important to bring in the balance now and not just drop out, because that’s the time of the fear being amped up and no one can do this by themselves.
Rama: Yesterday and today they also, Dodi and Di and Lady Master Nada said, ‘ work with the energies of the Gayatri Mantra. This is one of the mantras that could be as old as 12,000 years. These sound frequencies were around during the time of the Mahabharata and the Mahayana, the Hinayana. These stories are not legends they are absolutely real; and sound frequencies, when you combine light, color, sound and the heart energy, miracles are made manifest.
Tara: Let’s remember to keep aligned with truth, simplicity and love as we need help especially financially we do too here. It’s very much a struggle, yet I know that’s asking all of us to open our hearts more. I’ve been getting calls for weeks now where people don’t know what’s going to happen. They are afraid they are not going to have a home, and I just wanted to say that’s where it’s time, I just know, for instance in every big city, there’s a Krishna temple, and the Krishna temple people serve a meal every single day, and as far as I know in some of the cities, I think most of them now, they have organic food, for instance on Venice beach in LA, they will serve twice a day, 3 times a day if they need to. I’m just saying this is their work and there is also more of this kind of Love energy now being infused into this planet and it’s really showing that ‘We The People’ are actually making this turn around.
And the ascension frequencies are continuing to come in. Let’s start making good use of this new chakra over the abdomen where our digestion is, and we got a great lesson from Dr.Vinayak last Thursday on the call about how to take care of the digestion physically, and those same principles that are being taught about physical digestion apply emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So let us recommend to ourselves that we study and we learn. 
Tara: And no more war - and heart-quake energies be with us all!  This is a new time, and one of the last things that Nada was saying is that this new President in South Korea has an open heart and that the energies of Peace and Love could actually bring a new vibration to that whole peninsula. So let’s continue to send that energy to each other. And you know we might just form a group or we might find out how to help ourselves with all kinds of things; and not limit ourselves and look in our local neighborhoods. There are so many things out there, so many people wanting to help each other. 
Peace and Love – Namaste, Everyone!
I pass this talking stick back to you, sister Fran and sister Susan.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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