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Tara & Rama Report 5-14-19
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Greetings, and I just have to thank The Collective and that includes sister Caroline [Oceana Ryan], because it is kind of the thread in which Rama's been receiving messages all along lately from the Faction 3 White Knights. There is a focus on life and not death.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: There is a focus on the 5th Dimensional life that we are in, rather than the old 3D patterns that are very boring and repetitive (giggling). And it’s such a fresh approach to life right now, and you might say, the hammer of Allah has hit. You might say the Hammer of Thor has hit too.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And you might say that Archangel Michael is tooting his horn, very loudly.
Rama: Yep.
Tara: And the entire history of the old plot, you know, of darkness has been out to the whole world and it came out a couple of years ago, and came out again, exposing all the Queen's agents and the corporations that control the world. And the point at hand is that it is already not working. It has pretty much been dismembered from the freight train.
And it also involves chaos; yet out the chaos comes new beginnings, and as we are part of the new beginnings, as The Collective was saying, it is time every day to plant the seeds, every day to bring up this flowering, creative new ways of being with the world. And also, our sister Cheryl [Croci] has been reminding us that we're coming into the Wesak celebration, which is this coming Sunday. It is the most sacred time of any given year.
And Rama got to talk to the King of Egypt and Dodi the other day. And they made it extremely clear that, I mean they've got about 23,000 spherical structures - off the grid structures. What's been going on, I think this is going on this year at least.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And every year at the Wesak time, the refugees come and they help build more things and they contribute, and participate in creative arts and music and meditation, and stay on as long as they need to, and then they carry themselves with all kinds of assistance to go to where they have family, and others begin to be built.
Rama: Essentially what they have created is the Jedi temple in the Wesak Valley.
Tara: A Jedi temple?
Rama: Jedi temples. 
Tara:  What's a Jedi temple like, Rama?
Rama: Learning the ways of The Force and the ways of the Buddha.
Tara: Ooh.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Well, that's interesting and I would just going to say that Dr. Richard Wolf has been talking about in his Economic Updates, cooperative income-sharing agreements, that people are just creating their own systems within systems. And many, many economists have quit right now. And instead of being angry or anything, it is necessary for it to happen anyway.
But the tariffs are having a serious effect on this country, having a very serious effect on the farmers in this country.  There was this couple where the husband has family in Shanghai and, so they were just there for a whole month. And it's quite a wild dissertation.  The way it's being said, right off the bat when you go there and go to the stores, there is a very visible contrast of the lack of any American products in the grocery stores, or in the restaurants, or in any of the markets. They are just not there.
So, what's occurring is that all these other countries are importing at reasonable and much better prices. So doing tariffs is like instant karma is coming back on the country. And yet and still, it is right for just the old order to just go away. So, again, there are 27 million people that are living in Shanghai that are actual consumers. And there are products from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Africa, India, the EU and even Israel coming in there.
And people are continuing with their lives. And they do not buy any US cars at all and the cars that are produced in China run much cleaner and they have better safety features. So, in a sense, humanity is moving on, and letting go of this idea of profit is the only goal. And the 21st Century infrastructure is everywhere in China, which is severally lacking here in the United States. Yet, you might say our sisters and brothers in other countries and the European Union are assisting too on moving on. And so we have the power to do so too.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: On the second Mother's Day, as we like to say, because yesterday was the 13th of May, and 13 is Mother Sekhmet’s day. So that was Happy Mother's day - Mother Sekhmet’s day! Rama received a tweet from the Dalai Lama at 3:35 in the morning. And he said,
"Honest concern for others is the key factor in improving our day-to-day life. As we are warm-hearted, there is no room for anger, for jealousy, for insecurity. Healthy, happy families, a healthy peaceful nation are dependent on warm-heartedness."
And then Rama goes on and said late this morning, (we are talking about yesterday morning) "I went to see Rana Mu at the Department of Energy where she works up the mountain here, in the ski valley. So Rana Mu brought the Poppy Lady up on a very large 9x8 foot screen, in her galactic laboratory. We both saw the Poppy Lady sitting on a Afghani rug at the base of a very small mountain in Afghanistan. Then Rana Mu and the Poppy Lady, both said to me,
"Lord Rama this story is as large as the Epic of Gilgamesh. And it has high drama, and it has high passion on all sides. All of the players on the dark side of the story are caught in the Matrix. They have all been informed by their overlords that this is a holodeck program that they are in, playing it out, as though the people are thinking it is real, yet these same players are not aware of the fact that the holodeck program is malfunctioning at this time.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And at the same time as this is going on, the light of the ten trillion suns within the quantum field is lifting everything up to the realm of hundredth density, and higher. It is beyond words. All that is required from us is to surrender to the One Heart of All That Is. Of all that we all are - together. And so it is. All the Ascended Masters and Space Commanders are here.
Kalki Maytreya, the 10th incarnation and initiation of the Cosmic Christ will make his presence known, right at this time as we are watching the energies of chaos increase with the banging of the drums toward war, because this light pouring in is affecting all living matter of all space time. All that is not of this light, of this love is dis-functioning. Out of Chaos, though, as we have said, comes Divine Order.  And I’ll just say that whistle while we work - elves, fairies, hobbits, gardeners of e-don!
Okay, so there was another message today. George Galloway was on In Question yesterday, talking to Manila, RT’s correspondent there. He brought it up, he didn't say Dr. Keshe's name, but he said that the organized commitment and unity and power use and vibrancy in Iran to work together is 10 times more powerful than anything that was there in Iraq.
And on top of that, I mean, as there were to be any attempts to go after Iran with any kind of military gusto, and we do have some nukes sitting there with the [USS] Abraham Lincoln [aircraft carrier]. 
Rama: They have been neutralized.
Tara: Say that louder.
Rama: They have been neutralized.
Tara: That's correct, they do not work. Yet, on top of that, I mean George Galloway said that within an hour it would have been completely nulled and voided. And this is how strong the consciousness is, and the backup for anything that could happen.
And on top of that we are being reminded that Dr. Keshe has all kinds of starships, all built, and there is a whole team and, I mean, they would be instantly activated and the Ashtar Command would be instantly backing that up. And intervention has been ongoing like this, in so many places, and so many people don't see, yet are just reporting that. And it is ongoing now.
So as The Collective was saying, as we tap in to just being who we are and stay in our hearts, all this gets added on and eyes are opened. Our inner eyes are opened and so many Beings are willing to assist us. So let's keep that in mind.
So Rama said, "I took a ride late this morning up to the very top of Santa Fe ski valley, at 10,000 feet. There I met with Natasha who was waiting for me. We sat by the stream. There were lots of people there today, yet they paid no attention to us off on the side by the stream, where lots of birds were singing."
Natasha began, "Lord Rama, the geomagnetic storms that are coming in this week are raising Holy Heaven on Planet Earth and they could cause disruptions in the power grid. For example, in the last 3 days, Mammoth Lake, California received 40 feet of snow. It has to do with the climate disruption going on caused by both man-made situations as well as mass coronal ejections ongoing. Another example - a surprise geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of May 14th, today.
At the crack of dawn, as a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field, a solar wind poured through the gap, igniting aurora borealis all over the United States-Canadian border and even farther south, which is not normal, not usual. The Auroras were bright enough to see reflected in the still waters of Lake Superior. And at its peak this storm reached category G3, one of the strongest in years, and years and years.
The storm is now subsiding, yet more storms are likely this week in response to another series of approaching mass coronal ejections. Three, plus possibly 4 mass coronal ejections are en-route to Earth following a series of explosions, near a Sun spot called AR2741. The most potent so far occurred on May 12th as a filament of the magnetism surrounding the Sunspot became unstable and erupted and the blast zone was more than 200 thousand kilometers in diameter.
These incoming mass coronal ejections are lightweights compared to the mass coronal ejection typically seen during the solar maximum which starts next year. So we are asking everyone to open [to receive], because the energies can be used for great change.   
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Within and without. And it is not about Armageddon.
Rama: No.
Tara: That is cancelled! However, their combined effect could indeed rattle Earth’s magnetic field. Yet, we have to remind ourselves that there are over 60,000 new technologies which can take in these energies and improve the grid exponentially. That being said, stand strong!
And Natasha went on. The Russian Foreign Minister Mr.Lavrov gave the Secretary of State, Mr.Pompeo, a very stern warning today, saying do not interfere in the affairs of Iran or Venezuela, or you will face the wrath of the Red Bear. And then Natasha said, Lord Rama the current situation in our country is quite dangerous. The rule of law has technically been suspended.
And this is just to remind people there was an article that was saying that we have 2 Constitutions. I need to correct that because the word Constitution was placed there to replace 3 words that were there before that word came into being. Which means that the word ‘Constitution’ has a relationship with the 3 words that were there before, called ‘We The People.’
So there was something called the Columbia Organic Act of 1871 and they were identifying that as a second Constitution. And I want to correct that language because it has nothing to do with ‘We The People.’ That was a fraudulent interloping by the corporate plutocracy to grab the scepter of power on the planet, and to wield it in the ways in which now we are all here (we all volunteered to come here this time.) to come together to say, “Yes, we can be ‘We The People’ with the power.”
Rama: Yes.
Tara: “And let all the rest go,” because all of this time-space continues into a major correction mode. And our energies that we are working with will be powered up a million-fold by those that we are just patiently waiting for being invited to join in this celebration that we all got to be with.
Okay, Natasha went on and said, as we can see, law enforcement has been directed to target people of color everywhere. Even as I have darker skin I will be colored. I have experienced these challenges, as my ethnicity is Russian Mongolian.
On another subject, Lord Rama, Michael Salla has put out an article talking about a declassified CIA document called ‘The Adam and Eve Story.’  It has to do with the pole shift that occurred right at the high middle period of Atlantis, about 13,000 years ago. There was a 90-degree pole shift and it caused the surface crust of all the continents to loosen significantly.
Essentially, it caused huge tidal waves 2 miles high, that traveled across the land and changed the whole surface of Mother Gaia. Winds over a 1,000 miles per hour especially in the Equatorial regions of Mother Gaia swept across with the water causing water and land tunnels to form, destroying everything in their paths. Michael Salla asked the question in his article, "Could this happen again?"
Lady Natasha responded when asked by me this question again, as Michael Salla did. She responded saying, ‘No! The Galactic forces of Light and the Ashtar Command have the situation under control. They have said there will be no extinction-level event; that the tremendous amount of spiritual energies and the light work of all of us, Commanders, Eagles and Angels is transmuting everything there is - to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and Beauty for all that it can be.
And at this point I asked Natasha specifically about the situation with the United States policy in Iran. And Natasha replied, again President Rouhani of Iran this morning, this very morning, said there will no war between the United States and Iran. All that is going on is saber rattling at the highest level. The weapons of death have been neutralized. This is Rouhani, President of Iran saying this.
In addition, Dr Keshe will activate his starships and the Ashtar Command will back his team up and intervene. Now we have arrived at the same place where we were in the last Ashtar On The Road report - Galactic Intervention is ongoing and Love always wins.
Just as a last thought, Common was the guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week. He came to share his new book he wrote and the title he gave it is, Let Love Have The Last Word.
Indeed! And Nesara Now! Thank you so much for the consistency in blessing us. Again we are coming to a time for more blessing. We need $150 to receive and submit that minimum to get our Beneficial Farms [food]. And there is an extra abundance of bills this month. So, may we be blessed with an extra abundance of blessings.
And the rear brakes are now in need of fixing. We thank the brother who helped us quite a bit here from Ashtar On The Road. Rama was able to get the front brakes and it’s time to get the rear brakes fixed. And Rama broke his tooth, the one holding one side of his plate, so that’s a situation that he needs to address in his mouth.  And so this is the wealth month astrologically. So mote it be!
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: Thank you all, you Elves, Angels and Fairies for helping at this time and blessings to sister Fran too on what she's needing.
Transcription by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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