Tara & Rama Report 5-22-18
Tara: Greetings!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Everyone. Well, I'm still vibrating. Mother [Sekhmet]'s paws are still in my hand (laughing). Thank you, Mother; and thank you, Eli, for offering your service to bring it through your vehicle.
Rama: Thank you, Mother. I am honored.
Tara: And she is so right, we are ripe for this. The way that the astrology is showing is that we are ripe for this, Everybody. The Uranus is going to be joining Taurus here, actually I think it has now.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And is going to be here for 8 years to 2026. And there are two Yods or Fingers of God that are coming in at the end of this month, and in a nutshell all the ‘plans of mice and men’ will backfire as
Rama: Hmm...
Tara: they are not based on the pursuit of peace and love, right now.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: So, we've got that wind at our backs…
Tara: …I just want to say that Tara and Rama got to visit with John Austin who is the CEO of this program, this private Freemart program, and he gave us some very wise spiritual and physical assistance for both of us. I've just wanted to share with you that this man, multi-multi billionaire has dedicated his life and everything he has to helping people. Period. And what he's telling us is that those chem-trails and these products that are light-coded, especially over there in Kilauea where, no matter whether you are smell it or not, you’ve got stuff in the atmosphere that  does not get blown away and it is in the water now because of the volcanic ash is in the water. And even if you can’t see it, there are even chem-trails in Hawaii and all of this stuff. So copper, light-coded copper is really important, magnesium is another one of these tools; the one that he said is even more important is the water, the Freemart water. And he mentioned to use as the base distilled water. And he said that contrary to the rumors going around, distilled water does not pull minerals out of the body. It does not go after anything that is benign and good; it only acts as a magnet and pulls things that don’t belong in the body out. So we cannot have this fear that you are going to lose good things in your body; so he suggested very strongly that we all use the distilled water as the base for the Freemart one.
That's a big wake up for all of us, because everybody is getting radiation poisoning in the air, a hundred and seventy million people for sure are getting radioactive water in their homes. I mean these kinds of things need to be pulled out of the system before the nutrition that we are putting in can even work; that's how critical this water product with distilled water base is. So, that's like ‘washing these characters out of our hair,’ you might say.
The idea is to come together with this program. The thing about this program is that it’s a circle. It's a circle where equality is the name of the new business plan; this is the NESARA plan…So, we're just asking all of us to make this shift right now and we're going to be asked anyway as we are not prepared to live and do business that would be within the NESARA way, within Divine Universal Economics that is the Divine plan for such things. And that's the reason he put it together in the first place. Like I've said, for decades and decades he has been knowing about NESARA; just like Tara and Rama he's been working behind the scenes. He's one of these wealthy visionaries. So I thought that would be universal so we could share it with everyone.
And just to say, our website is going to put up much more to help us get educated - the website is http://www.2013rainbowroundtable.ning.com. That being said, scroll down and go to where it is says "Support Tara and Rama." And in the case of Freemart, our brother Marshall has set this up so that the Roundtable Freemart site 
is set up as a universal economic roundtable concept based on NESARA principles to benefit the tripartite energies of the Ashtar On The Road Family, the Rainbow Roundtable Family of the Ashtar Command and NESARA, and the Aboriginal Moabite Nation Family.
The thing about the Aboriginal Moabite Nation that’s aligned with this whole thing with the Ashtar Command and NESARA, is that they have produced a flag that they have already anchored at The Hague. It is a phoenix rising, electric Excalibur Blue Phoenix Rising against a white background. And it depicts the world without any more borders. And when we get enactment of NESARA, with its new universal economics, and working within that plan, that is where the Aboriginal Moabite Nation comes in, where our original divine blueprint and template of Freedom’s Holy Flame with World Peace comes in, inside that flag - Phoenix Rising.
Okay. Ascended Masters are telling us to get together and do this. This is for the long time future. This is not just a money-making shell game. No. It's to be able to help people. Actually, even after NESARA there're going to be lots of things to do to help people that we've caused harm to, as the singular place where we have a greatest constitution [Declaration of Independence] designed and developed and encouraged by our Founding Fathers, yet encouraged by Saint Germain to sign it, so that we here in the United States of Altia-America, which is what NESARA anchors on the ground on the planet, can take up the ability to respond to that, which this original spiritual document, the only spiritual document on the planet, could actually become real in this time and place. Okay, so back to the drawing board here.
On May 19th Rama said, "I spoke to Tom the Ringtail Cat, the King of Swords, Phyllis Bennett, who is a Palestinian as well as a world-renowned researcher connected to the United Nations and she's a whistleblower Faction Three, along with Max Blumenthal. Max Blumenthal wrote a book called "The Generous Son." And he's Israeli; his father was a General in the Israeli army. Yet, he's completely a whistleblower for Palestinians, his whole life, and Greg Palast. And we all know Greg Palast. The singular thing that he did was expose in 2000 the people, Katherine Harris and the Bushes, throwing away 90,000+ votes of the people of color into the ocean. Had he not exposed that, we wouldn’t have known that the election was fraudulent and was set up, and everything like that. He has been working for BBC TV in England and he's been exposing this all the way down the line. So, that's quite a cadre of folks, you might say, on the White Knight list.
So Rama continues, all they wanted to tell me is that Israel will be held accountable for all of the international war crimes and crimes against humanity that go back to 1948. Let us not forget about 9/11 and how to this day we are deeply in bed with the Saudi royal family, because of the oil, yes. Yet also because Israel and the Saudis along with the United States are a ménage a trios, and not so fun or comfortable for the 99% of us, that means everyone except them.
There was a credible threat toward the Obamas should they have gone to Prince Harry's and Meghan's wedding. So they were advised to stay home and they did. Now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is their title, and the beauty of that ceremony was focused on how Prince Harry and Meghan designed it and brought in many, many beautiful touches, including and especially you might say, the Reverend Michael Curry who gave the sermon, you might say. And, I want to share something about this.
He says, [paraphrasing Rev.Curry’s address] ‘Love is not jealous, rude or boastful. Love does not insist on its own way. Love is unselfish, sacrificial, kind and just. Love seeks the good and the well being of the other. Love makes room and space for the other to be. This love, this is the way of Jesus and it's a game-changer. No child would go to bed hungry as we would come together in this way. In such a world poverty would become history. The Earth would be as a sanctuary in such a world as that. Imagine our homes and families as this way of love is the way there. Imagine our neighborhoods and communities as love is the way there. Imagine our governments and countries as love is the way there. Imagine business and commerce as this love is the way there. Imagine our world as love is the way there.’
‘So we would treat one another as children of God/Goddess in such a world. We will learn how to lay our swords and our shields down by the riverside to study war no more. There would be a new Heaven and a new Earth and a new World, a new and beautiful human family, the very dream of God/Goddess of All There Is.
‘The French Jesuit Pierre de Chardin was at once a scientist and a Roman Catholic priest, a theologian and a true mystic. He was one of the true minds and spirits of the 20th century. He suggested that the discovery and harnessing of fire was one of the great technological discoveries of human history. Fire made it possible to cook food, thereby reducing the spread of disease, fire made it possible to stay warm in cold climates, thereby making human migration possible. Fire made the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Industrial Revolution possible. When we drove here this morning we did so in part because of harnessed fire. I flew here from the US through the controlled burn of fire. Fire is involved in broadcasting this wedding around the world. And we can text, email or otherwise socially engage, as we are now, one another, due to fire. Fire was one of the greatest technology discoveries of Humanity. 
‘And now Dr.Keshe with his plasma energy and with his spaceship technology is here because of fire. In light of this, de Chardin said, "If human beings ever harnessed the energies of love, then for the second time in the history of this world, we will have discovered fire. Love is the very fire and energy of real life. Dr King is right, "We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love, and as we discover that we will be able to make of this old world a new world - love is the only way."
‘My brothers, my sisters, God/Goddess All That Is-God loves you. God bless you, my brothers, my sisters, and may God hold us all in those almighty hands of Love. Amen.’
(We might translate ‘almighty paws’ of Love. Thank you very much Mother and Eli.)
Okay, so back to the story. There was a credible threat as we said, so they did not go. I asked Tom the Ring Cat, King of Swords, Phyllis, Max and Greg, I asked them, ‘What will be Harry's and Meghan's role on the world stage? What they told me is this: They will be playing the role in bringing back the wisdom of the Goddess that goes back to Glastonbury. In other words, we are bringing Camelot back in. Guinevere was overlighted by Lord Kuthumi.  So study Lord Kuthumi, and we won't be studying war no more as we study Lord Kuthumi, Everyone.
They also told me all the truth is going to come out about the fake queen who did not sit on the true Stone of Scone. Therefore, every single part of the political play of life on this fake stage is cancelled! There are things going on behind the scenes right now that we cannot tell you that have everything to do with just that, to do with the transfiguration, the transmutation of our Sun, Sol. So as I asked about this word “soon” in terms of dismantling the British Crown and its enslaving of the planet, they all said, "Right here, right now, it is all happening in this nano-second. Michelle for President.”
And there is another comment on that because we say, Michelle for President, because it’s an education. We also have said in the past and that's what we're hearing from them now, that there will be no presidents. What there will be is a roundtable of Elders, Grandmothers, Elders,  
Rama: The Wise Councils of Elders.
Tara: the Wise Councils of Elders. This is where we are going, the Divine Feminine. And that's the original true Declaration of Independence that occurred in 1774 by the Iroquois Nation’s Council of Elders written in the Iroquois language, [which comprises] three-quarters of our Declaration of Independence. The last part was a tack-on of our writer at that time, Thomas Jefferson (and he included slavery in his original draft) because the South wouldn’t go along with them. But this is our jobs, isn't it, Everybody? We are doing it now.
So then on the 20th, I spoke with Lady Master Kathryn who works directly with the King of Swords from London. Kathryn was at the wedding and she cried her eyes out because it was so beautiful and ecumenical. She told me that at the break they sang the song Stand By Me, an all-black the choir, which was just exquisite, Everybody. Enjoy checking all of this out as you can later. Kathryn was at the wedding, yes. She told me the fiascos going on over here in London, and the fiascos going on over there in the United States, Lord Rama, are all about distractions, especially the ones about murdering children, regarding the young lad, Dimitrios Pagourtzis 17 year old lad, who apparently killed 9 children in 1 teacher sub, who left 3 or 4 children without a mother and wounded 13 others, at Santa Fe high school in Santa Fe, Texas, outside Galveston. He was mind-controlled.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: It is an ongoing investigation, yet it has to do with the big black budget Deep State. And since Hillary Clinton is still head of the CIA at that Deep State level, she is most certainly the culprit, with unlimited access to black budget funds pouring in to the Clinton Foundation so-called charity fund, through the Pentagon from US citizens, just like you and me and our tax dollars. Things are rapidly unfolding to a conclusion, my friends. This is not happening hardly at all anymore. All that's going on is the rise of Love and Peace.
And so we go from there to the next thing I wanted to say, is that Rama had a little talk on the 21st. He said, I heard from Mr.X and the King of Egypt today. That was Monday, and they told me the empire is falling apart completely. And Mr Drumpf is broke. And he's been a con man from the very beginning, thoroughly trained and actually created to be that in a petrie dish with Mussolini and Hitler as his background [DNA] there, and inserted into the womb of the Dutch royal princess in South Africa. Only now is it all coming out. He sold his soul to the Russian mob and all the other mobs in the world for a dime. What they said is that right at this time all the corruption crimes, money laundering, murders, rapes, crimes against humanity are all coming to the surface. In addition Mr.Mueller himself altered documents at his own hand to cover up what really happened at the morning of 9/11. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Therefore, he's in the round-up with all the rest. Mr. X and the King of Egypt continued, saying to me The Drumpf, Bush, Clinton crime families want to create World War 3 with Iran,  thermo-nuclear war with Iran to distract from what attorney Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniel’s attorney is going to bring forward regarding 100’s women who have been paid hush money by Mr Drumpf to keep quiet about what Mr Drumpf has done. All of this exposure of one Nazi man, Mr Drumpf’s criminal ways in regard to violating the feminine will lead to the demise of all the 13th families who have been engaged in the same.
This is the most important time to send Love to all of these situations today. By the confirmation of Gina Haspel as head of the CIA which was this Monday, the United States has confirmed their own ‘Dr.Death’ - Mr.Mengele in a female form, the ultimate transgression of the Divine Feminine principle. Mr. X and the King of Egypt just said to use that Violet Flame that transfiguring Threefold Flame - the Pink, the Gold and the Excalibur Blue.
They wanted to leave me with this. There are divine compassionate beings here from 26 other Galaxies that are our Galactic neighbors who come together with our Milky Way Galaxy at Super Galactic Center where the great Hunab Ku resides, that energy of Heart resonance with all of the Mazzaroth.  These neighbors of ours have pledged their assistance, assurance and protection for all of Humanity, saying collectively that there will be no nuclear war. Sat Nam and Michelle for President! She will lead the way of that roundtable.
And today [May 22nd] Rama said, "I talked with Natasha today and she showed me on her galactic pad how close Nibiru is to Earth. And to me, relative the last time that Natasha showed me this pad, Nibiru looks a lot larger and a lot closer than last time. She said the higher frequencies coming in from Nibiru are making the dark ones lose their ability to stay centered and balanced much, much more these days, thus causing them to react in very explosive and dangerous way to situations on our planet which are already extremely volatile. Natasha went on to say that the extremely high frequencies pouring in are causing more and more exposures of all the criminality going on on the beloved planet. And she said that these life forms are so desperate to escape their ultimate fate, which is having to face all of their crimes against humanity as well as all of the crimes across this Galaxy which go back to Dracos, their home constellation. 
Then I told Natasha, would she blaze the Violet Fire and ask the folks at her end to do the same for the prosperity for the whole world and ourselves and our people here. Natasha said she would do that and continue to do that. She continued on and she said " As I could speak here to all of you in this community of light love, peace and joy, please assist Tara and Rama and sister Fran at this time in generosity and blessing of this great transfigurative time and miracles and magic coming about. Your generosity at this time of the year is much appreciated as these ones’ requirements are pressing a bit greater every day on what we have at this moment. So, together we can do this. We pray abun-dance – let’s dance. Natasha said that it’s not too soon to pray abundance - abundance of money, time, love and clean air to breathe. And let there be Peace on Earth! Sat Nam and Michelle for President!
And the Dalai Lama bestowed a blessing on a divine feminine Being and she wrote a book about our ancestors. What's the name of that book Rama? Voices of Our Ancestors, and on the 30th of April Rama learned from her, because she got our phone number because Rama was in trouble losing weight again, and she got a message from the Dalai Lama so she called the King of Swords and got our phone number. And then the King of Swords told Dhyani to tell all of us that at that time on the 30th that the International Atomic Energy Agency is demanding to be allowed into Israel to inspect Israel’s nuclear reactor facilities and the chemical and biological stockpiles. In the next 2 weeks this will happen with the UN peace keepers, and the question is, Who is going to put the gun down first? And Rama asked Dhyani at that time on the 30th, "What about the Ashtar Command intervening?" and Dhyani responded back: “You and I, and the Dalai Lama and everybody that is connected with our family of the Ashtar Command know what they can do. And I will leave it there.”
And so we pass the talking stick to all of us, the power of what we do together. Just the idea that this Dracos Constellation where these ones have come from in that original story, that’s one constellation. There are trillions of constellations in our Milky Way Galaxy alone! That is something to contemplate. And this Earth planet at this time is the 33rd planet to ascend. So, anybody who's living on this planet, the power that we have on this planet ascending is as powerful as ascending for the sake of trillions upon trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions of constellations and all the Beings that live there. NESARA now! Michelle for President, of the Elder kind. And I pass this talking stick of Divine Circle Love to my sister Fran!
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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