Tara & Rama Report 5-23-17
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everyone, again, Welcome! We are in a new Galactic year. And what we are talking about is this Cosmic restart. It's the beginning of a whole new Galactic spin. And it's tomorrow.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And what that actually means is that we are entering a higher rung on the ascending evolutionary spiral of our system. And so we are at this place where we can become more clearly aware of what's happening on the ground in our world. As you tune in to the inner silence as we all do; this whole week is like that with the I-Ching, as we tune in with the inner silence and do nothing on this outer plane, and, you know, if you have to chop wood and carry water and go to work, if you can do two things at once and nothing else, just remember who we are and awaken to how we do the normal things every day with a new light on them, from the simplest things. That's really what they mean when they say ‘before enlightenment chop wood, carry water and afterwards, chop wood, carry water.’ And in terms of the story about NESARA, it’s the same thing. We are definitely watching the denouement of the old Yuga and the old systems of inequality, that have been perpetuating a downward spiral in the last 13 thousand years.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And we’ve kind of reached the bottom of that story, and tomorrow starts that new view on the whole story from a higher rung on the ascension ladder. And what does that mean? It means what we kind of talked about on NESARA Meditation day, last Sunday, that all things expected coming from the 3D at the economic level of that including dynastic gold and money, you know, from ancient ancestors, all of that is closed. And there is a reason for it. The reason is that rising up to that higher rung in the ascension spiral where we don't determine who gets what from this old experience; that's all closed. And the gold and silver and precious metals and other things that have been brought here, that haven’t been here and they are coming from other places, etc, it's bringing us into a relationship with our Starseed brothers and sisters from the 5th dimension and higher, of which the Mother Earth herself is in, the 5th dimension, and various of our awareness of ourselves experiencing that 5th dimension are being, you might say, commanded and demanded from the high, who’s depended upon us so that  they can actually release these higher blessings to us in the order of our experience of, not only knowingness, but actual solid experiential ways of stewarding the whole planet into ascension. And it brings us with greater responsibility at the same time. Yet as we have that ability to respond and re-respond to it,it brings us more Joy, more Love than ever before. So our mission is never really done; it just expands. And again, it brings our heart into this place, as we choose to open it, of experiencing these higher and higher dimensions of Ecstasy and Bliss. And so this Red Magnetic Dragon is talking about that. And this represents the primordial mother waters, from which all is birthed. It is the vibration of origin of source in the cauldron from which all is generated, the realm of nurturance and holistic renewal. And we are all invited to affirm quote "I nurture the birth of my being with primordial trust." In modern society we often forget that we are Human Beings and we are often vastly obsessed with doing. So, the being part will require us to be in the greatness of this leap we are taking. On the very next day of the 25th it is Ascension Thursday, so no turning back. And this re-start offers us a real potent time and invites us to forgive our mistakes and inadequacies of this whole past cycle, and start fresh and new and use the qualities of humility and connection to our own innocence, our wholly innocent child, and then we can extend this peaceful vibration with Compassion to all of our relations. And that's the quality we need to receive NESARA law. And it's always been here; it's been here for a long time. Bill Clinton did sign that NESARA document, that NESARA bill into law before he left office in the year 2000.
Tara: Now, that being said, Rama had a nice experience today.
Rama: Yes, I sat with Rana Mu and the Jedi Council of sorts, (Tara laughing) and everyone was in their various locations. And the King of Swords and Natasha, Tom the Cat, Sweet Angelique the Cat, all these folks were talking about the present state of affairs, of how things are unraveling so fast with the 3rd dimension and the obstruction-of-justice-gang, let's put it that way. And the news out there is Mr. Trump is lawyering up because of these charges of obstruction of justice. Also, more and more is coming out about the collusion with Donald Trump and his gang skewing the election, yet Hillary is, you know, let's just call it like it is, they are two sides of the coin that serve not the Office of Christ and all of it is getting exposed at this time.
This brings in the higher realms that these frequencies with the Red Magnetic Dragon coming in and so as Carl Boudreau was talking about the North Node, we have moved the Sun into Gemini, everything unlike Love is bubbling and boiling up to the surface to be healed. And all the criminals are getting exposed no matter what they say or what they do. And in the same moment, same breath like Melissa from San Francisco said, "there are crafts de-cloaking everywhere, all over the planet." And it's happening, I mean at twice the speed as last week. I mean, it is huge with what's unraveling. And we also played Unacknowledged last Saturday, and Dr Greer's documentary lays it out in lavender of, you know, Trump just made this multi-trillion or billion dollar deal with the Saudis and this
Tara: A 111 billion, a 110 billion.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And that's one third of what the intention is; it’s going to be about 320 billion or 25 billion, or something ridiculous in planning to keep on adding to this, and again, this is what we are saying when we are saying that at the end of this, that it shall not come to pass - shall not come to pass.
Rama: Yes, that billions goes into a black budget in a black hole and it never sees the light of day and it goes to the defense contractors.
Tara: Yes, and then they fund, with the help of the money, I mean the arms that we traded for that money - those arms are going to all the Al-Qaidas and ISILs and Al Nusras and Boko Harams and all the different names all over the world for different sorts of terrorist operations.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: They go into creating what's happened here yesterday
Rama: in Manchester, England.
Tara: Yeah, that was black op. Black budget ops.
Rama: Yeah. Everyone I talked to today said that was the
Tara: planned
Rama: fake ISIL that John McCain and Lindsey Graham and the other treasonous folks in Congress have created with the other black ops around the world.
Tara: But what we want to make sure you know that the person that really died, that did it, was mind controlled; it’s not a fake thing that didn’t happen.
Rama: That's right.
Tara: There's a very big difference in that. And also, Theresa May put out a critical warning of the emergency to critical, and said that we are expecting another terrorist attack.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So, this is a never ending story. This is why the more that we get it that NESARA is not about money the way we have known it at all. And we’ve really got to get that inside of our hearts because we are vibrating to a rate of, you know, our auric space and everywhere else and opening and letting that in is our singular and most important job right now.  
Rama: And Sweet Angelique the Cat also said the rape cases for Donald Trump are not going away, just like the issues with the Senate Intelligence Committee and this probe into the elections. All these things are getting larger and larger by the hour. And it is about the ultimate story here that Trump is broke. He has borrowed money from everybody and their dog across the planet and he sold his soul; even if he had a soul, it is owned by the Russian mob, the Jewish mob over here. The other, let's say, filthy lobbyists and criminals in Congress who do deals dirt cheap.
Tara: The overall umbrella that Rama is talking about is that the organized crime is collapsing.
Rama: Yes
Tara: And we are watching it.
Rama: And the vibrations keep getting higher and higher.
Tara: It's called repeal and replace. (laughing)
Rama: Yes.
Tara: with our higher frequencies; we are taking more and more responsibility.
Rama: And we really do need help with rent coming up. We've got one last bill that is due tomorrow.
Tara: And the other thing is that our brother Dr Vinayak helped us, you know, for almost a year now in diagnosing and helping and there are things that are really helpful that we could use that because Rama, in particular, is at the edge of, he needs to turn the situation around. We found someone whose got the things to help him and they cost money. As the King of Swords told Rama, we need to be here and stay here for the next step.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: And so, take care of that body, so we want to pass that on that everybody can sincerely make a contribution so we can continue with that. Thank you so much; and before we go away, our job is to help bring that NESARA vibration to heal the collective PTSD in our society. Yes, we can put it that way.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And to keep the vibration high, energy follows thought. So, for instance, we are talking about a universal basic income for people; it can only come from this higher rung on the ascension spiral. So we start there. And all the efforts of the past generations go to the higher rung through us. That's taking that responsible step. And that takes capitalism out of the picture. Capitalism is as thoroughly corrupted as it can ever get, and it's not the place we are needing anymore. And there might be a very good way for people to become aware called Universal Economics and Divine Government, where our Divine Higher Selves are that government. And we are here to help others to remember that too.
Let us all together heal this world and ourselves!  Namaste! And I pass this talking stick.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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