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Tara & Rama Report 5-28-19
Tara: Hello! Greetings!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: Wow! How do we follow in those footsteps? Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet]. Thank you, Eli.
Rama: Yes!
Tara: Lady Master Nada is the Head of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. She's also a special lawyer at the International Court of Justice. She is also the twin consort of Sananda Kumara in form on the planet, and the King of Swords is her consort. And together, they represent the seventh Incarnation and Initiation of the Ray of Wisdom that Sananda Kumara embodies and brings to the planet.
Meaning that there are all of us who wish NESARA Law now; it's been in place since midnight 2008; and Barack Obama was elected inside of NESARA Law and that's the only one that did that. That being said, what's happening right now is all kinds of cases are being made for all kinds of disclosures, both in terms of war crimes as well as in terms of Galactic Beings coming in and intervening.
About a week ago it was stated that three huge motherships, 150 miles in diameter, have come in to the Planet. And Rama checked with Lady Master Nada today and she said, yes, that's real. Also, NESARA Law represents a higher dimension of consciousness coming in. And so all of these stories – it is required to hold accountable that which has been going on in the past, meaning in the 3rd dimensional life, that has been going on in the past.
And just to remind everyone, we are in the 5th dimensional consciousness now. And of course, by opening our hearts it is making that available to each and every one of us. By opening our hearts, it makes it so on the ground.
And Rama talked with Lady Master Nada today.
Rama: She was at the UN and she was speaking about what's going on with the situation in Syria.
Tara: And what's going on there?
Rama: It is about the forces that are bombing this little tiny province in Idlib, and she explain that these are rebel forces with civilians and it has to do with Bashir Al-Asad’s brother, who controls the military there, along with the Black Ops
Tara: of the United States.
Rama: And the United States from the Deep State. It's like Mike Papantonio says, from the politicians and the spook industry coming to play together, this is what we've got.
Tara: And yet, the energy of intervention has risen to a much higher level of truth telling.
Rama: Yes, it has.
Tara: And so the way that Natasha put it yesterday to Rama; as Rama says, “I received a call from Natasha early yesterday afternoon. She was in Moscow. And Natasha said to me: Lord Rama, I am here in Moscow to meet with top members of the Duma, which is Russia’s Parliament, and the top members of the FSB, which is similar at this point of time, to our FBI.
It is concerning millennial children who grew up in the shadow of Chernobyl, and not only survived, rather also developed naturally, special gifts, as well as abilities to help heal, as well as transmute physically themselves from a radiation poisoning and to transmute that energy, transmute this physical material into light energy and shape-shift it into whatever they choose.
Now Natasha said one of these Millennials, for example, at the age of 16 was able to take plasma energy and manifest a golden pendant in the shape of an Ankh and has worn it ever since, and uses it to help heal other people in her village, where she still and yet lives, healthy and cancer-free in spite of Chernobyl continuing to leak.
Rama: These children are like the X-men.
Tara: OK
Rama: Yes.
Tara: For those who know who the X-men are? Do you want to tell anybody that doesn't?
Rama: No, everybody knows.
Tara: I don't know.
Rama: They have special gifts and abilities to transform all kinds of energies into incredible healing abilities and educational lectures about the life in the universe and everything, in ways we haven't been taught for a very long time, not since the time of Atlantis.
Tara: Okay, these children are not using weapons of war?
Rama: No.
Tara: And there are hundreds of millions of people now. It started back in the early '90s that children started to be born with HIV, yet after about 5 years of testing them, by the time they were 5 or 6 years old they discovered that they didn't have it anymore. Nor did they have any sign of it having been there.
Rama: The DNA actually transmuted the disease out of them.
Tara: Well, for them.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And they cannot get ill from any kind of thing anymore.
Rama: No, they are like immortals.
Tara: And so this is what's going on with the children that were born, you know, they’re Millennials now, in 1986 at ground 0, at Chernobyl; they cannot get ill anymore. And the radiation is not affecting them anymore.
And now they are hundreds of millions, maybe more people in the world where that beginning process has also spread for all the Lightworkers that have been working with these higher frequencies and energies. This is amazing! And the energies are going even higher now.
There is something that came up here that's called a major energy shift that came out yesterday and came out again today.
‘There are high-charge G2 and even G3-level solar storms occurring due to a huge crack in our planet’s electromagnetic field, high speed solar wind, magnetite plasma is flowing directly into Earth’s atmosphere bringing with it major turbulence. There have been more flares over the last couple of days. And today and tomorrow,’ and this came out yesterday, so we are talking about yesterday and today, ‘turbulence level G1 as well as higher level G2 and now even G3 geo-magnetic storms are on the way. We have had very few G2-level space storms this year; we are just going through a volatile period right now due to a lot of activity on our physical Sun, Sol as we near the end of what’s called the aurora system.
‘Streams of high speed solar wind, hot magnetic plasma gases are travelling the 93 million miles from the Sun to Earth at speeds expected to reach up to 2 million miles per hour. These huge highly charged clouds of wind that are headed our way contain up to 1 billion tons of particles as the solar wind escapes the sun it enters space, and the highly charged wind buffets Earth’s magnetic field, with its protective bubble, and causes friction here on Earth.’
‘This includes power grid fluctuations, disruptions to navigation systems, impacts on high frequency radio waves, possible damage to satellites orbiting Earth, weather extremes, confusion of mammals on beaches as their internal compass gets out of sync, and also impact the human energy field, in particular those that are highly sensitive to energies, empaths, for example.
‘Solar storms temporarily disturb Earth’s magneto-sphere, as solar winds and flares interact with Earth’s electromagnetic field. Humans are also affected because we each have a personal electromagnetic field that surrounds us, called an aura. Therefore in the same way, electromagnetic energy affects our Planet and it can also play havoc in our energy fields.’
All these winds have been buffeting our Planet’s electromagnetic field with such intensity that it has caused huge cracks in it. This means there are higher amounts of gases than normal pouring into our atmosphere. Ultimately, this not a negative; it's a cleansing and a transforming.  
And Lady Master Nada told Rama today to gather many more people and work together, and work with this Violet Fire and this White Fire Core of Being.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: so that we can transmute this energy and bring the vibration much higher.
These cracks are also known as portals, allowing the highly vibrating energy to pour directly in from the Universe and impact as well as disrupt energetic particles on Earth, including Humans. A portal allows rapid travel between dimensions of two distant locations in the Universe, for example, from the Sun to the Earth, which is what's happening right now.
The portal is a temporary period of life-changing transformation which allows us the opportunity to experience with full conscious awakening to renewed energy, limitless possibility, higher Wisdom, increased levels of Love and Wisdom. This is a tremendous opportunity to align with the Universal Energies.
Again, Lady Master Nada said: "It's important that we gather many more of the Light community together to work with the Violet Flame and White Fire Core of Being, so that we can bring this in. NESARA is coming in from these higher frequencies and higher dimensions.”
And again, like we said earlier, accountability is necessary to wake people up to change, and make it available to themselves with these higher energies to do that change.
So during the solar storms, masses of universe energies infiltrate Earth's atmosphere, and this can be over stimulating. So we may notice our energy, as well as the energy of the people around us, feeling super intense as though everyone is more irritable, emotional, anxious, fatigued, spaced out than normal.
Be the Love that we are, and praise, respect, thank, and love all of these feelings. Meditate, pray and transform.
Solar storms are known to de-synchronize our circadian rhythm, our internal biological clock that controls our sleeping and waking times. This is due to our Pineal gland being affected by electromagnetic energy producing an increase in melatonin. This is what it means to be Children of the Sun. The melatonin is that light.  We have it in our brains, yet it is increasing now, so we can be Children of the Sun and change this world.
This is disturbing our sleep, throwing our intuition and inherent orientation out of sync. Therefore suffering from disruptive sleep patterns, exhaustion and vivid dreams during our solar storm here may also have been coming into our lives, yet it also may result in advanced intuition and raised psychic awareness. Our pineal gland, our 3rd eye, censors this light and is associated with enlightenment.
It is believed to enhance psychic awareness and active consciousness, and be the connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds. As our third eye opens fully, we have the ability to see things not normally visible to the naked eye, such as past and future events, thoughtforms, energy and spirit.
So there are situations which bring us into ear ringing, difficulty focusing, confusion, foggy minds, forgetful, yet it's a part of the process of cleansing energy so that we have a higher blending of higher conscious awareness and are able to learn from these Beings that are coming in.
There is a suggestion that we all drink plenty of filtered water, not tap water, take salt water baths, meditate, remain aware of recurring thoughts and feelings, avoid all caffeine and alcohol, spend time in nature, consume high-vibrational food such as fruits and vegetables. Remind ourselves that everything in this universe is made up of energy, that conscious thought and intention can instantly alter how we think and how we feel. Let’s breathe deeply, forgive, release, and surrender.
Sister Fran started started out about forgiveness – that’s super important. Practice kindness, compassion, acceptance and empathy. Remain aware of recurring thoughts and feelings, as possible, temporarily disconnect with technology, anything that feels energetically toxic or draining. Listening to the binaurial beats [music] can really help balance and cleanse our energy fields during space storms. Listen to the drums that the Native Americans play, listen to Tibetan bells, and they have drums too.
All these energies help to make the shift. And so it is! This major shift is here - it is not going away.  It will no longer tolerate things that belong to the past. It is time for a new beginning, full course ahead.
Our sister Lady Master Caroline checked with her Collective and asked about the little Master Archie that came in with Meghan and Prince Harry.  She said The Collective suggested that this little Master Archie is an incarnation of Lord Djwahl Khul. “He is a great and humble Tibetan master, in the tradition of ancient esoteric spirituality.
“He is a member of the spiritual hierarchy often referred to as the Brotherhood of Mahatmas. These are spiritual guiders of mankind and teachers of ancient cosmological, metaphysical and esoteric principles, who have formed together in the origin of all the world’s great philosophy, mythology, and spiritual traditions.
“… The name..Djwal may perhaps represent the sanskrit ‘djwala’ meaning light, flame or illumination, while Khul may be a rendering the word ‘kula,’ a group, family or community… Djwhal Khul often refer to him as Master DK…He is known throughout the hierarchy as the ‘Messenger of the Masters’ and on Earth as ‘The Tibetan.’..”
As you go into the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois, outside of Chicago, which is the center of the entire Western Hemisphere for the Theosophical Society, they have a very large dome entrance, and then at the back, up on the wall there are huge pictures and one is of Djwal Khul and the other one is of Lord Kuthumi. They work together along with El-Morya and Sanat Kumara and Saint Germain. So we are talking about the higher vibrations of world service coming from these Masters working together as a team, coming in right now.
So, our little Master Archie coming in with this; Djwal Khul is the higher aspect of Lord of the World Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is sometimes called the Ancient, Supreme and Eternal of Days, and a new name added to him, called the Future of Days. So there is no turning back. We have help from everywhere that you can think of!
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And call in the Angels of the Present, capital P, the Present, call in Sanat Kumara, Ascended Master Kuthumi, El-Morya, Saint Germain and Sananda Kumara-the Office of the Christ.
The ethereal retreat of the Khul, of the ashram of Master Kuthumi, second Ray ashram created by Khul himself, is in Mount Shasta of Dr Joshua David Stone. Also, Madame Blavatsky's works and Alice Bailey’s works are coming in very, very strong right now. And as you have any kind of time to learn about these things, if you have not studied them in the past, this is the new way of Love and Truth coming into our Planet.
The Inner Knowing is much more valuable to us than our ability to literally receive a message from these Masters. Anyone can receive a message, accurate or inaccurate, yet a person who is developing spiritually knows and understands what that message means and is able to act upon it. Let us allow our Souls to become a part of our lives, so much so that it can provide for us an Inner Knowing in every moment, and the sureness that allows us to be in alignment with the Divine Plan on Earth, and with our purposes without conscious effort – effortless! Thank you. Thank you for listening to this.
The other Being coming in thru Little Master Archie as has been suggested [by someone else] is Leonardo da Vinci returning, and he's known as the genius. … 1452-1519. Very interesting time period, as in 1452 the Vatican established the Document of Discovery which was the opposite of the darkness. So let's just say that the Vatican is being dismantled as we speak. It is complete.
We are going to be witness to this with Saint Germain’s guidance as he's in charge of getting NESARA enacted as Law. It's not about money, it's about our ability in higher Love to work with the energies… ‘Leonardo was an Italian Renaissance polymath whose areas of interest included invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, geology, astronomy, botany, writing history, and cartography. He has been variously called the father of paleontology, iconology and architecture.’
‘And he is widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time, sometimes credited with the inventions of the parachute, the helicopter and the tank. He epitomized the Renaissance Human mystic ideals of the time. Many historians and scholarship students said Leonardo was the prime exemplar of the universal genius of the Renaissance man…’
This combination, along with Meghan and Prince Harry saying they want to live a life where they are not connected to the royalty, is a big step. They want to raise their child on a different plane and they are making arrangements to do so.
Astrologically, there's also this dragonfly energy coming in and it symbolizes knowing how, much like a dragonfly, our little master embodies these Masters of Light, and with the flexibility to embody in one form and transform into another.
The dragonfly is born as a nymph who lives in the water for a year at a time up to 3 years or more. During this time, it can molt between 9 to 17 times, and it transforms into the flying wonder we see today. However, very little of the dragonfly’s life is actually spent flying through the open air. As we have a dragonfly sign, it is a symbol to spirit to live in the moment and make the most of the time we have.
Okay, the final note we would like to speak to is that Lady Master Nada and Natasha made it very clear that NESARA is here, and to focus on that and let all the other things go.
Okay, Rama is asking that we ask for assistance. We need $150 in order to get any more food from the Beneficial Farms. And we are kind of in the minus realm at the moment. And it could be so great if we could get that help. Rama needs to get the back brakes for the automobile fixed. And we got the first ones fixed last month, about a month and half ago now, and ET auto repair said we’ve got to do our back ones now, so it would be a so grateful experience to receive that help.
So again, Lady Master Nada said, "I want everyone who comes to this call to work with these energies to get many more people to come, so as to amplify and magnify the Violet Fire and the White Fire Core of Being and connect with Lord Alcyone the Great Central Sun of the Pleiades, as well the great Central Sun of the Syrian constellation."
Anything else, Rama?  
Rama: Just ride with these energies. The aurora borealis is going to be seen very prominently in the next couple of days as the solar winds come in. And it is about the upliftment. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Back to you sister Fran. NESARA now!
Transcription by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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