Tara& Rama Report 6-12-18
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: Everyone! And thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].
Rama: Thank you.
Tara: And thank you brother from Tahiti. What a beautiful invocation and song.* What a voice, Wow. Good vibrations, Everyone.
Tara: All right, this is ‘Rama's Speaks’ time. And Rama says for today, Tuesday, I got to see Natasha today and together we went up to the Fairy Ring where Rama was the day Susan made her transition. And we could feel Susan's presence there again, and she is here right now with us as I am telling my story to Tara so she can transcribe it for everyone tonight. Natasha explained to me that Mr. Kim is playing Mr. Drumpf like a rare Stradivarius. (That's a special type of violin, Everybody.)  She said, All the while behind the scenes Mr. Kim deliver the message to Mr.Drumpf, "Stop the military drills and the war games with South Korea or our Galactic Friends will stop them and then you will be exposed, along with your Nazi Republican friends, for the frauds you all are."
Then Natasha said that these two like each other because they both like to play the tough guy in each of their countries respectfully. And the difference is that Mr. Kim is a Millennial while Mr. Drumpf is an ageing baby boomer, want to be, yet broke oligarch. Although in public, Mr. Kim is attributed to running gulag slave work camps for hundreds of thousands of his people as well as starving them to death, the truth is our CIA black operatives control him. Exactly as they control Mr. Drumpf who behind the scenes, also with our CIA orders, is ethnically cleansing the United States to the tune of untold numbers of people of color, and most recently with the Department of Justice head, Attorney General Jeff Sessions changing our US policy to make it okay to separate true refugee parents from their children who are seeking asylum in the United States due to gang violence and US regime change in their respective countries, which causes economic problems, dire poverty and thus sex trafficking and drug trafficking, etc. as a means of obtaining something in their dire circumstance.
And the operations in these countries are from our situations of our Cabal here, all the while portraying the United States as the ‘good guys.’ It is time to bring truth to these conversations and these cover-up stories. Then Natasha showed me Nibiru's position on her Galactic pad. And she said that Nibiru is really causing a lot of these high intensity energies coming in right now. Then Natasha said, Everything is going to come out, all the stories, going back 13,000 years about these Elohim fallen angels who played with Humanity and now Mother is back, meaning it is time for accountability.
Attorney Michael Avenatti, Stormy's lawyer and now the lawyer for many, many other women, hundreds of them, along with attorney Gloria Allred and her daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom, they represent Mother coming in and equalizing the playing field with Divine Justice, seasoned with Divine Mercy and Divine Compassion to bring about true equality between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in economics, in politics, in science, in religion; and to bring about a true transformation, transfiguration within and without, including in all of society on global scale events.
Natasha said, “I have to go now. I have a meeting with your potential new Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. May the force be with us all and may we all declare Peace inside and out. Michelle for President!”
And Rama, do you want to tell a story?
Rama: (coughing): Um, about?
Tara: You told me you have a story to tell. You don't remember.
Rama: Not really, no.
Tara: OK. Well, it's very short and sweet tonight then everybody. I mean, all of the stories that we have been telling were such a very long time are culminating now. And the other thing we really have to remember is that the agencies of the Cabal collectively know that the Galactics are here.
And let's all of us together as Galactic emissaries do our very best this month, astrologically of the whole rest of the year, as this high peak energy for making deep transformative change to stop all of the old programs and mind thought forms and actions that have nothing to do with Ascension, in our bodies, in our minds, in our spirits. And so, let us together take that ability to respond and remember the energies are wide open to touch people you may not have ever imagined would be touched. And the possibility is very much present now.
And, for all of you, the second week in every month is a kind of a squeaky week because there're bills and also to help support the BBS Radio show that we do. I would really implore that everybody be generous and as a few more people could make a contribution, a suggestion of about $15.00 a month toward the Beneficial Farms account so we keep up with that one too. It would be graciously appreciated. And I want to thank everyone who helped us last month; that was fantastic!
Rama: Yes, thank you so much.
Tara: And continue to support Fran.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: and the work that she's doing bringing us into higher good vibrations; and Susan is here! We love you, Susan, thank you. And I pass this talking stick to my sister with fairies and rainbows and crystals back to you.
Fran: Are you sure you don’t remember, Rama, what you wanted to say?
Rama: Oh, just in the context of what we are watching getting played out by these 13 families, who actually believe that they are connected with these Elohim that are coming in and they publish this with all the various stories right now that are coming alive from Hollywood, yet it’s mixed with, let’s say, the Dark side of The Force. They tend to confuse folks about the visitors, the folks coming in, and I just keep being told that when we are in contact with these beings there’s such a radiance of ecstasy and joy and love that can’t be manipulated by the Dark side. That’s my experience. I pass the talking stick.
Tara: Well, I was going to say that we’re getting somewhere here with that Paul Manafort case that he’s been trying to tamper with potential witnesses against him to have them change their story and not tell the truth.
And I wanted to make that link with again, our Deep State with Ukraine, to clarify this issue about Putin and that's just to remind everybody, he’s 500 years in that body, and he’s a shapeshifter to make it look like the norm. That was told to Rama by Prince Harry.  And we wanted to say that there’s some false news out there talking about Meghan being pregnant – that’s not true. That’s not true at all, and we just want to make that clear.
And the other thing is the issue of John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Shinzo Abe. These are three main characters along with Netanyahu who co-created a conspiracy in Ukraine to overthrow the sitting President in Kiev, and that person went to Russia to protect himself.  And there’s another character named Mogilevich who as a Russian mobster oligarch co-created with Mr.Paul Manafort in Ukraine a situation which laid the groundwork for the overturning of the government, where Mr.John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Shinzo Abe could walk right in there and put a regime-change President in there called Poroshenko. And Poroshenko provided 400,000 dollars to the Drumpf administration for the Drumpf in exchange to have a picture of him with Poroshenko, and then Poroshenko stopping the investigation into Paul Manafort, and therefore stopping any further penetration into John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Shinzo Abe and the crime of high treason that they did ousting the old and implanting the new regime.
And there’s another one important piece about Crimea, and they’re saying that there shouldn’t be an addition of inviting President back into the G7 to be G8 again, as Mr.Drumpf was speaking about. I’ll just say right now that Mr.Putin was at a different summit in Beijing with President Xi.  I just want to remind you that he’s not missing the G8.  They are missing who he really is and they don’t really want to have the people know those things.
And the reason that he did what he did in Crimea is to kick the black operatives of the West who have been holding onto that part of the land, out, because of a reasonable thing that the Minsk Agreement said that something like 15 other countries had no business having NATO in their country after the Minsk Agreement was signed, which stated there would be no more movement of NATO, anywhere whatsoever, toward the borders of Russia. So these are some things that people aren’t being told. And they had a forcible changeover, yet then they had an election [in Crimea] where the people had to voice their opinion and 95% or more of the people were so happy to be back in the Russian hands. And all of their pensions were actually doubled by Russian so that they could lift up themselves and have a better life, and many, many more things including finishing a bridge to the mainland of Russia from Crimea now, where the people whose families still live in Russia can come and visit very quickly and back again over a weekend.
So there’s no reflection back about the way that we have learned about the Soviet Union at all.  There is a reflection of an aspect of Putin, having worked side-by-side with St.Germain for 500 years behind the scenes. And he was his first general at the time when St.Germain was Vladimir the Impaler, of which most lightworkers have no idea how they could even bridge that gap. You know the way that it’s been portrayed by all these fake stories that he was in the realm of the undead and all of that story; that’s not the case. His work in that underground level [was to] oust the Vatican and all of their Deep State activities that people just have no idea how dark it has been and that it's a very important study now that we come to the light of day where all of these different systems are going to be answering to a higher system, having NESARA enacting true Constitutional law and the true Declaration of Independence, which was written by the Iroquois. 
And that original document is in the Bruton Vault with those documentary evidences along with the original hand-written text of the revised translation of the biblical text that St.Germain as Sir Francis Bacon wrote. All the Rosicrucian teachings, all these Pythagorean theorems and the background to that, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth – they’re all in the Bruton Vault.  These are going to be brought back up to the people along with the archives of the archaological digs that have been kept secret.  And what is revealed is so many mysteries. So let’s prepare ourselves.
Let’s learn more and be in Joy and do not let this difficult challenge of transfiguration and transition take us to a place where our hearts are heavy. NESARA now! Michelle for President and may the Elders and the Grandmothers and the Divine Male come together to bring an enlightened state to all who live on this Beloved Earth Mother. NESARA now! I pass this talking stick back to you, sister Fran.
* Song channeled by guest Pita from Tahiti: https://fccdl.in/fvJVy8BAtN
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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