Tara & Rama Report 6-13-17
Tara & Rama (together): Greetings!
Tara: (laughing): Greetings, Everyone! Oh, we do want to ask you to please open your hearts. It seems like we are having this challenge, all of us, in terms of bringing in the flow, and I believe that it's good to be creative with our ideas about how these changes are around us. There was a challenge in terms of having the rent; and then there are other challenges in terms of the austerities that are coming through from the secrecy of the Republican party and they are attempting to push through in a secret way this health care bill. And Elizabeth Warren caught them re-handed in the hearing, just today.
Rama: Yes, she did.
Tara: And she said I'm sorry but excuse me, will the secret Republican bill let insurance companies go ahead and drop prescription drug coverage or kick people from Medicare?  And the Health, Education and Pensions Committee, they all were dead silent for a while. One Senator said to Senator Warren. "Senator Warren, I can't answer that." And the same thing happened in the hearings, if you will, with Jeff Sessions.
Rama: He lied through his teeth.
Tara: Well, he actually acted as though there was a fake executive
Rama: privilege.
Tara: privilege that he all of a sudden for some reason thought he had, and he said that under that fake privilege,he didn’t have to say anything more. And what Rama’s connecting links with the people are [saying] is that Jeff sessions is a red hot potato, the way they put it with Rama.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And, I mean, he’s got murders from his Ku Klux Klan days on his record, and he's got secret connecting links with the Mobs, with the...
Rama: The Russian Mob, the Jewish Mob, the Khazarian Mob.
Tara: with Donald Trump.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And there is nothing that can hide this, really, as we stay connected with our hearts on the other side of that spectrum we have a lot of Lightworkers who haven't had enough experience with different kinds of, you might say, people's belief systems, legends, philosophies, so the propaganda is so heavy on the internet. There is this one that is passing through here that people are saying that President Obama is a secret Muslim and he's a terrorist and he's secretly infiltrated Washington and the White House and in the Congress with this Muslim influence from outside; it's completely not true,
Rama: Yes.
Tara: yet these things do trigger from the past, especially incarnational patterns at this time of people with white backgrounds who have very little exposure; they don't even know what it means to be a Muslim, or the connecting links with the highest form of the Muslim faith which is Sufism, and it is a mystical teaching that is the way of Saint Francis, the way of Sananda, as Jesus he was of that Islamic tradition of the mystical Sufis. And what did Saint Francis do? He challenged the Vatican. And we are seeing that energy, that embodiment of that truth where it’s not ‘ism’ anymore, it's not organized religions anymore. And ISIL is a product of our Black Ops.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And all of the other so-called terrorist organizations are all products of our Black Ops, including even in Russia. We've got ISIL factions of our Black Ops in Russia at the moment. And that goes to another very interesting thing. Tomorrow Amy Goodman is going to have Oliver Stone on. And last night, Oliver Stone was on Steve Colbert's show and he's got a very special program now, it's on every night this week. He met over the years since 2001 to 2016 with Putin. And he’s had a good 20-hours of in-depth conversations with President Putin, going back to the early 1800s and going after the true history of relations between the United States and Russia. And I just wanted to remind everybody that there is a master in there, in terms of President Putin; and that he's been over 500 years in that body.  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And that's much to be realized you might say, since most people don't recognize the meaningfulness of that statement. And so, I just wanted people to know that we have a very important time now to get educated. Oliver Stone said that the people of America do not know the truth about what's going on. And so it is that they don't know what's real about our time here together, politically and religiously and spiritually.
And so Rama went to Rana Mu's office today. 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And there was another one of these Jedi meetings. And Tom the Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat and Larry and Curly and Mr.X all came for a visit in a little like dwarf-like holographic form. They went to a special room and there was a circle of stools and Rana Mu and Rama had a stool each for themselves. And then there were other stools in the circle and these mini-forms of each of these people that we just mentioned were standing on the stools.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And so they called this round table into session and all of these folks are telling Rama that the whole cadre of the arch-criminals are running for the exits as fast as they can.
Rama: And you can see this in the aspects of how the stories of being played out both in the fake news and mainstream news and in the alternative news, because they’re caught with their pants down, so to speak.
Tara: (laughing) The thing that's exciting about all of this is that they really are feeling the work that we are doing and it's frightening them and
Rama: They are petrified.
Tara: Yes, and
Rama: They may not, you know, Trump is a showman of sorts, reality TV producer and bear in mind he is also, you know, getting his orchestration from other dark realms that are leaving this realm.
Tara: Yes, the entire global Luciferian agreement has been cancelled.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Yes, the entire Khazarian mafia and all of the other sub-stratas of that Luciferian hologram. It's now just a hologram.
Rama: In the way they talked to me today they said: "We are in such glorious times, and also at the same time it is also so terrifying right now with what's going on." And I've got a sense of great hope from them that this moment is a transformation - transfiguration like nothing we've seen. There are already things let's say coming into play that have to do with the energies pouring into our Sol sun system, and this is affecting not just Earth; all of the planets from our Sun solar system are going through climate change.
Tara: Yes, all of the ice caps of all the other planets are melting simultaneously. And all I can say is that ultimately, at the time before now, when we were in Hyperborea, which was pre-Atlantian, even pre-Lemurian, at the North Pole and the South Pole. There was no ice. And we lived without needing to have clothes with 70 degrees all day - all night and it was the land of the midnight sun and it never got dark, and you might say we were etheric physical beings with no illness, none of these things going on. And, so again, we are in a place now to forgive ourselves and our neighbors and our friends; it's a big challenge because the extremes are showing.
Rama: um...
Tara: All of the extremes are showing. There is a moment now, coming when somebody; this is how Rama's old friends (laughing) are telling him.
Rama: This Jedi council.
Tara: Yes, and they were saying that someone is going to lose their temper or their patience, from Congress, and they are going to
Rama: It's about the way things are being dragged along too long.
Tara: Or trying to sneak around and do things.
Rama: Yes. That's right.
Tara: Senator Chuck Schumer called all the Democrats into a round table, and he kind of mocked the round table where all of the people that were in Trump's administration they were just giving their loyalty and homage and it was; it was very not
Rama: This goes into a
Tara: It was not OK.
Rama: No, that goes into the realm of Hitler and stuff.
Tara: Absolutely. Yet and still, also now we've got Oliver Stone and Naomi Klein back with a new book less than 5 months old here.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: What we've been told is that we've got to continue to pursue. And as he said, they are going to stand up, somebody who's going to lose their patience, they are going to stand up and start talking about 9/11 and all of the crimes before and after. And it could be someone like even Rand Paul, or someone like Bernie Sanders. By the way, Bernie Sanders got up there at the gathering in Chicago and I'm just saying there were 4000 people that showed up at McCormick Place last Saturday. And, the way he put it is that he said: "I'm often asked by the media and others...How did it come about that Donald Trump the most unpopular the presidential candidate in the modern history of our country won this election? And my answer is that Donald Trump did not win the election. The Democratic party lost the election. Let us be very, very clear. The current model and the current strategy of the Democratic Party is an absolute failure. This is not my opinion, this is the fact. We know we focus a lot on the presidential election, yet and still we all have to understand that Democrats have lost the United States Senate. Republicans now control 2/3 of the Governor’s chairs throughout the country and over the last 9 years Democrats have lost a 1000+ legislative seats in States all over the country. That being said, now they’re going to the place of threatening lives of people that are running on the Democratic ticket. And this is serious business.
Yes, these are Hitlerian tactics, yet the story is that the planet is ours. We are the changers and the changed and we will not be silent. This is the message. And we are about our ET origins now and how this larger story leads to our Galactic story. Also, due to the higher rapid frequencies that have been pouring in, disturbances in the force across our solar system and in all of our ice caps, like we said, are melting and we ourselves are feeling quakes and shakes inside and Mother Earth's feeling it inside herself. And Elizabeth Warren spoke to Rama
Rama: Yes.
Tara: a while back, and her message was very strong. She said that Donald Trump absolutely does not have, he is not the president of the United States. And she said, I'm so compromised. This is important. She's compromised because she wouldn't be here as she didn't dance this dance. She said it is not even funny, yet I  am doing what I'm doing and the grump Donald Trump is not a legitimate president of this United States. Don't lose the vision; Michelle for president.  And this incapability  of Donald Trump to actually function within reality is yhe reality. And his diagnosis physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, cosmically, he's not looking good.
Rama: No.
Tara: Yet, we have the power to change this. This next couple of months the nitty-gritty of getting on the other side of this and clearing the pathways is going to be a runner up - 9/11 is coming up. I don't know about anything in terms of a complete huge blast of change. The astrologers are saying that this time is the requirement that we go much deeper and continue along the way to make this not just a surface fix
Rama: Yes.
Tara: where everything gets glossed as impossible. The amount of change that's required is coming from us. It is us, yet they are here; their presence has become much, much more known. Anything else you want to share, Rama?
Rama: Just the presence of the Galactics is so real and tangible in my life and what I'm experiencing every single day. That's why I am saying that's such a glorious, magnificent time to be alive and at the same time it is you know, if you don't see the other slice of it with all of the other kingdoms, it is very scary with what they are playing with. Blaze the Violet Fire!
Tara: And Tom the Cat did tell Rama the other day that our mandate right now, all of us, the four of us Fran and Susan and Rama and Tara in particular, to get the true news out about what is going on out there out to the lightworkers, so that they cannot get lost in the shuffle here. It is a very, very sensitive issue right now because the Cabal are so clearly aware of their total demise being upon them. And so they listen to our reports, and thus, let us not become a person of interest to them. That's what they said. They said we are in that moment right now where the fake king - King Arthur - Legend of the Sword is a really good movie to get what we are talking about here, and that’s Donald Trump right now as he is trying to rally the people around him, yet the polls are down by 32% now; that's why he wants to rally them around him, and at the same time he's calling out the media as fake news, and the deal is that it is fake news. Yet the problem also is that his people fail to recognize that the Donald is incapable of being responsible in his assumed role as POTUS and his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are deeply flawed and compromised by decades of white supremist male prejudice along with unlimited access, because of being a member of a bloodline royal family, that he has been granted unlimited access to undeserved cover up. So let us remember that, and send him more Love.
And remember who we are! NESARA now! Michelle for President! I pass the talking stick.
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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