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Tara & Rama Report 6-23-20
Tara: I just wanted to say that a wise sister of ours sent us something today that was pretty interesting.  She said she found something on her Facebook and it said that Socrates had something to say.  And she said, “Did Socrates really say this?”  And before I go further, I just wanted everyone to know that the soul of Socrates is the same identical soul as the soul of Akhnaton. So that’s an important piece in our history. And many have passed through the Akhnaton time/space continuum, meaning that we are in a time now where we are not in singularity anymore. 
We are in world group service.  And what they are speaking of is the mastery of the mission that these great Beings from our past had. And all time is present right now.  So this is what Socrates said, “The secret of change is to focus all of our energy, not on fighting the old, rather on building the new.” That might be a wise thing to do from a wise Being who said so. 
Rama: Yes. 
So that being said, as we go back to Friday, just to remember, lots of things going on.  So Rama said, “I received a call at 11:30 this morning from Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Sweet Angelique the Cat.  They said to me, “Lord Rama, this is Juneteenth, June 19th, 2020, time for reformation and reconciliation circles.  Also today, in Greenwood, Oklahoma, in an area near Tulsa, 99 years ago on June 19, 1921, (as Joe Madison said on the Thom Hartmann show today), it was more like 600 plus black people, who were bombed from the air and killed.  And Joe continued and said that there are mass graves which will need to be unearthed, which will account for the other 300 plus unaccounted for deaths. 
And another very simple ending to this day, this past Friday, the people of Mother Gaia have awakened, and there is no turning back. The people will continue to call for change and from now on, Peace shall be grounded on Earth, and we are all one.  Focus on this summer Eclipse, and the Summer Solstice, and all the good vibrations coming in this Cosmos.  Send Peace and Love to all corners of Mother Gaia, all the nooks and crannies.  The World has said, we have attention to this.  And as Socrates said, let’s put all of our energies moving forward. Love heals - only Love.  See you in the light of the most Radiant One, Everyone. Namaste.”
Okay, and then we can go on from here; from Saturday.  “I talked with Larry, Curly, Arundhati Roy and the Poppy Lady, mid-morning, today.  They all said, “Focus on the Eclipse and the Summer Solstice.  May we repeat ourselves, the Eclipse and Solstice is changing every particle of reality.  Lord Michael’s legions upon legions of light are here, as we have said many times.  They are walking amongst us, here to stay. Sat Nam and Namaste.”
And then we go to the next story, here.  This is on Monday. I got to hear on Native America Calling today, Chief Iron Eyes, Chairman Archambault, and Yellow Dog, and they spoke about many, many Elders that are coming in now from our past to the present.  And they are coming in and walking with us, right here, right now. This is the time of the Sixth Sun.
And what we learned is from the Dalai Lama’s favorite person that Rama spent 4 years with and Sunray Meditation in Vermont, the Dhyani Ywahoo.  She was given ShaktiPat by the Dalai Lama and he said to her, “You are me in a female body, equal to me.”  And he said, “Go and tell the people that Peace is coming.”  And Dhyani Ywahoo told us all that the age of the Fifth Sun literally ended on Harmonic Convergence and the age of the Sixth Sun began after that.  This is an upgrade for those of us who can handle this. 
I just want to make everybody aware that Lady Master Nada/and all of the goddess energy of the Sixth Ray, which is Mother Mary and Myriae and Magdalene, all of these beings of the Divine Feminine.  And that’s what the age of the Sixth Sun is, is the age of the Divine Feminine returning, equal and reigning equal, co-equal inside all of us, our male and female in balance, giving and receiving in balance.  Walking on a tight rope up over high would require this. 
And Lord Kuthumi in this particular role as Quetzalcoatl is here with us.  And Lord Kuthumi along with other Ascended Masters of the Monastery of the Seven Rays are meeting with the Elders of the Native Americans all across the land.  And these ones are saying that the many Kachina’s are here, with us, here to stay.   All the old false gods and statues are coming down now. The Rainbow Bridge is here. Be the change we wish to see in this world. Namaste.  So much Love from the heart of All That Is.  Okay, so that was Monday. 
And now we will travel to Tuesday.  “Today I drove to the top of the ski valley and I met with Natasha up there.  We sat on the park bench overlooking Santa Fe below.  It was 11:30 in the morning.  Natasha showed me on her Galactic pad how the Sun is moving into a solar maximum period now.  Natasha said to me, “Lord Rama, that indicates that there are going to be more solar flares.  Right now there are 3 things that are driving the uplifting movement on Mother Gaia. (You might say that the world got the attention, now, of the world.  All the world’s a stage and the stage, the world, is speaking to themselves all together and there is no turning back.) 
So there are three things lifting the movement here, and it is as Greg Braden has said,
Number 1: Climate disruption. 
Number 2: Consciousness is being raised all the way up all over the world.
Number 3: Simultaneously there is conflict going on everywhere.” 
Natasha went on, “All that being said, there is tremendous being made by all people of our World together.” (We’ve waited a long time for this to be so together) “So, just put your hand out, Rama, and all the energies will pour into your hand.  I will do it with you.”  So we put our hands out in front of ourselves as Natasha asked, and we did it together, and I could see physically, as could she, little tiny strands of mono-atomic gold.  Gold dust, as it’s called.  They were coming into my hand.  I could feel them tingling in my hand and then I watched them disappear right through my skin and into my hand. This continued for a couple of minutes for both of us. 
Then Natasha said, “This is the energy pouring in from the Sun and it is changing our DNA so that we are in unison with the mono-atomic gold.  As we choose to stay in this higher vibrational consciousness, it changes our physical thoughts and we are open to the quantum field. Miracles and magic unfold, there and here. At this time, there are ones choosing to stay in the old matrix.  Allow them their free will choice.  Allow them to stay as it’s their free will choice.  Right at this time we are asked to lead, to take a higher path of Love, and by our example, all things are possible. Be that Love we want to be.  Be that Peace in the midst of all that is going on. Namaste.”  
So all of that being said, I just want to bring up, our Brother Dr. Keshe, and I want to read this carefully.  This is called, One Planet, One Nation, One Race.  And it says here: 
‘Your Excellencies and Honorable Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Ministers of Health:  This is to the governments across the world, solutions for eradicating Covid are now available. We the Universal Council bring to you to the attention of all people and all governments across the world, the below offer of solutions for Covid-19. 
The founder and director of the Keshe Foundation, Mehran T. Keshe, publicly offered to governments across the world the needed solutions for the eradication of Covid.  He made the offer internationally on Thursday, June 4th, 2020.  The offered solutions for eradication are based on the newly discovered plasma science technology, known as Keshe GANS, gases in nano state technology, that were developed by the Iranian nuclear engineer, M.T.Keshe.  This technology is offered freely to all nations in exchange for Peace.’ 
Mother [Sehkmet] has told us that Dr. Keshe holds the etheric blueprint in his Being of the teachings of the embodiment of Sananda Kumara. This is not an individual thing.  What we are talking about is the energies of Sananda Kumara which he has grasped and he has listened - which is hard. And he has been able to develop this technology through that channel. The new plasma technology uses natural products that can be used for detection, prevention and reversal of Covid-19 and environmental cleanup across the world.  With this technology, the cost of saving a life is less than $10.00.
Upon acceptance of this technology by governments, the technology can be confirmed between two nations, leading universities, and upon their agreement of the truth of the data, nations official negotiations can be completed. The effectiveness of the Keshe GANS technology against Covid and other viruses, which was recently demonstrated in Iran, is awaiting publication in an internationally renowned medical scientific journal. Details of this publication are available from the Keshe Foundation. 
And one more thing, I want to read. Dr. Keshe gave on one side of this page, he wrote the original ten commandments of Moses and then on the other side of the page it says ‘Completion of the Missing Commandments’ by Mehran T. Keshe.  And it says these are the ones: 
And there is a Hindu phrase it’s called paragate, “And beyond the beyond the beyond, there I Am.” That’s detachment.
Rama: Umhmm.
Tara: Number “XXIII Thou shall believe in one Creator for all of Humankind.” (Speaking of XIV) “Man will be enlightened with the last commandment at the time he joins the Universal Community.” I was just taken by that everyone. 
And I will just say that Deepak Chopra said something, too, very wise.  He said, “Karma is bondage to memory.  Freedom is the ability to use memory, without allowing memory to use us.”  
And then, the Dalai Lama had some wise words yesterday morning.  Yes, His Holiness said at 3:31 AM Monday morning:  "What’s important is not so much how long we live as whether we live a meaningful life.  This does not mean accumulating money and fame.  Rather being of service to our fellow human beings. It means helping others as we can, yet even as we cannot do that, at least not harming them." 
And just one more thing.  I know we are almost out of time here. This is a Toltec Wisdom message from Mindahi Bastida.  This came out on May 19th, 2020. 
“Toltec timekeepers knew about the 26 thousand year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. That is the time it takes for our planet to be aligned to the same north star back again. It consists of five cycles of fifty-two hundred years. We have just completed the fifth of these cycles, which for the Toltec was known as the fifth Sun. It was composed of ten cycles of five hundred and twenty years each. The last cycle started in 1492 and ended in the year 2012.
“Toltec timekeepers knew about the 26 thousand year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. That is the time it takes for our planet to be aligned to the same north star back again. It consists of five cycles of fifty-two hundred years. We have just completed the fifth of these cycles, which for the Toltec was known as the fifth Sun. It was composed of ten cycles of five hundred and twenty years each. The last cycle started in 1492 and ended in the year 2012.
“They knew that it would be a time of destruction and degradation. They knew that the last fifty-two years would be the worst, for by then every single aspect of Creation would be completely eroded. They knew that starting on 2012, year 1 Flint, Mother Earth would start a thirteen-year cycle of cleansing until year 1 House, which is 2025. This cycle was announced as 4 Movement, because it refers to the Four Elements moving powerfully together, which means, Earthquakes, Fires, Hurricanes and Floods.”
 “As you can see, I have not mentioned people as agents of that destruction and degradation. But we know that we are participating in the cycles of life with Mother Earth. So, the destruction that started in this continent of the Americas in 1492 led to the degradation of bio-cultural traditions, exerted by civilizations that had chosen to stop respecting and relating to the cycles of life. Those civilizations thought that their purpose in life is to achieve salvation, and that it did not matter to kill, destroy, or extract, if by doing that they could get a place in heaven.
“But now that they have polluted their own water, their own air, their own soil and their own fire, now that they have polluted their own bodies, their own organs, their own cells and their own genes, they are crumbling as a civilization. Mother Earth will continue to go through her cleansing process.
“Those of us who have kept to the Toltec ways, have been preparing for a long time. We have kept our medicinal systems, we have kept our food systems, our sacred sites and our sacred calendars.
“We accompany Mother Earth in her cleansing process with much respect, acknowledging that this is her time, and we are paying close attention to all that is unfolding during these thirteen years. We are sharing what she is communicating with everyone, and whoever is ready to listen and take in with wisdom and humility, will know what to do, how to behave, what to change in their way of life.
“All of us have a chance to rise to a new level of consciousness, with an attitude and a renewed commitment of living with Mother Earth.”
And there was an earthquake in Mexico today said to be a 7.4. It was in Oaxaca, Oaxaca  Valley.  Send good vibrations.  There were somewhere around 100 people that died today.  Put that in the circle of support and all of the same. 
Yes, the Earth is re-birthing herself and we are her children, and the end of this story comes with all of us aligning with that truth.  And I say Namaste, and we ask for extra generosity as you are capable. There are people who have been supporting us that have lost their capability to continue, and the rent is $1,150.00 to keep the roof over our heads.  I know we can do this! 
Blessings, Everyone!  NESARA now!  I pass this talking stick with fairies, feathers, angels and rainbows and crystals. 
Rama: Thank you, Everyone!
Tara: Yes, Namaste!  I pass this talking stick to you, Fran.
Transcribed  by Rita and edited by Fran.
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