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Tara & Rama Report 6-25-19
Tara: What a story, Mother [Sekhmet]!  You win the prize again. Thank you, Eli. Mother doesn’t mince her words, does she, Everybody?
Let’s just say before we get started here that we discovered this article. It’s called, "Secrets of the Cathars." The subtitle is "Why The Dark Age Church Was Out to Destroy Them." It’s written by William Henry and originally it was published in 2002 in December in Atlantis Rising magazine.
I’m just going to read a little bit from here, and it is just so revealing. And this is why we can hear what we’re hearing right now, because we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear about these higher truths. It’s so amazing.
“From 1208-1244 the first European holocaust was conducted. The Church of Rome savagely attacked the Cathars, the peaceful ‘heretics of the Languedoc’ of Southern France, with a viciousness and detestable arrogance paralleled only by the Nazi atrocities during WW II.

“The Cathars called themselves Pure Ones after the Goddess known as the Pure One, their term for the Virgin Great Creator Mother Mari (meaning ‘love’). The reason the Church resorted to the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Cathars most certainly had to do with their alternative views about Jesus.

“They claimed to possess a secret Book of Love (Mari, TARA). This mysterious manuscript is attributed to Jesus who gave it to John the Divine. It was transmitted through the centuries until the Knights Templar and the Cathars adopted it. The Book of Love was the foundation of the Cathar Church of Love or Amor (the reverse of Roma).” (Meaning that Roma was the reverse of Love.)
“The existence of this lost (or hidden) gospel was revealed when the Catholic Church subjected the Cathars and Templars (in 1308) to torture. Its contents were a secret skill (symbolized by the Templar skull) said to grant one the ability to control the forces of nature and to transform ordinary human blood into that of the wise, holy and pure blood of life of the immortal Illi or Illuminati. It is equated with the Holy Grail…”
Now I’m going to read something that seems apparently mundane, but this is not mundane, as you’ve got that piece:
Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD is a Molecular Biologist and Diagnostic Radiology specialist. He is the inventor of Immortalis Klotho Formula, Bravo and Rerum; co-inventor of the Ruggiero-Klinghardt Protocol.
“..Over the past few years Marco’s passion has been the human microbiome. He is credited with having coined the term ‘Your Third Brain’ to describe this newly found organ of ours. Following came his discovery of ‘the fourth brain’ used to describe the array of microbes that reside inside the brains in our heads, whereas it was previously believed within the scientific community that the brain was a sterile environment.
“His recent innovation, Immortalis Klotho Formula (IKF) represents the culmination of a lifetime of work. IKF is an innovative product that has no equals. The only product formulated on the concepts of quantum biology and relativistic time dilation, Immortalis Klotho Formula targets the genes that are in control of the thread of life, ie: Klotho. Furthermore, IKF reproduces the primeval arrangements of molecules and microbes that gave rise to life on earth and were responsible for human evolution.
Marco and his team also brought the Bravo probiotic to the world, which reconstitutes the human microbiome by introducing the same 42 strains of microbes that we receive at birth. This assemblage of microbes coupled with the fermentation process of colostrum and milk rebuilds the immune system and continues to see unprecedented results.
He is also the inventor of Rerum, a powerful, non-protein Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) and, alongside the renowned Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, developed the Ruggiero-Klinghardt Protocol which represents a paradigm shift in diagnostics and therapeutics.
“According to a paper of his published in 2017, "as we slow down the passing of time at the level of DNA, everything about medicine will be revolutionized. Cells will have time to repair damages to the genome and the epi-genome, diseases will be cured from the inside before they manifest themselves, and humans will be entitled to live without aging" – again.
“In 2017, he published a paper entitled "A Novel Approach to Klotho Aimed at Delaying and Reversing Aging" where he described the role of the anti-aging gene Klotho as is relates to time dilation and quantum entanglement.”
Now this is a rather long thing, yet what it is, is telling people that on the ground in the medical profession they now have, this knowledge of reversing the ageing process takes us back to our original Divine Template from the beginning as etheric physical Fifth Dimensional Light Beings. 
In other words, the original human form was co-created by all of us back in the Lyran Constellation on a star called Vega in that Constellation. Our bodies were co-created together with Mother [Sekhmet] there – etheric physical light bodies. What we’re talking about here is that everything that has descended from there into the situation we have here was temporarily delayed by something we call the Kali Yuga.
And that brings us to another piece here and this is called "The New Atlantis-Master Plan of the Ages" by the Millennium Report:
“Illuminism, Freemasonry and the Great White Brotherhood
“The New Atlantis rises … and then falls, after being halted by the epochal wars of the Kali Yuga and Iron Age conflicts." The book is The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon, and we all know by now that Sir Francis  Bacon incarnated as the son of Queen Elizabeth I, and he has never left the Planet nor died. And he’s got an office in D.C. and two more in Virginia.
And in 2006, Rama got to talk to Joe Wilson who is the husband of
Rama: Valerie Plame.
Tara: Valerie Plame; and she and Joe Wilson were living with their twin sons in Santa Fe and they still are. Their sons are around the same age as Malia and Sasha, I’m not sure exactly. And they all know each other.
Yet Joe Wilson told Rama in 2006 as he took him in his pickup truck and went for a ride. He said he’s been talking with St.Germain for years, and he told him then that already 2 million US soldiers were killed and they haven’t been reported yet. And this dark Fallen Angelic group of Reptiles that shape-shift to look like humans were retaining 10 million dollars from insurance plans that they put on them as they were able to do this killing. This is a very big crime against Humanity.
So, “This is a story which spans the entirety of the 6,000 year-long Kali Yuga.” I’ve got to correct something, because Mother told us that’s only the recorded historical process. In other words, recorded history was way back 3,000 something BC and then they refer to that in the Biblical texts as the beginning 6,000 years ago in Genesis; they’re saying that’s when the Earth was created. As we know, it’s nonsense. Yet the darkness began in the second half of the Atlantean Yuga, which is a 26,826 Galactic Year, which referred to something called 8-8 Lion’s Gate.
That’s very, very interesting because if we go back to this story about the secrets of the Cathars, it’s very interesting because there is something called the Jesus Code.
“According to Catharic belief, one object of Earth life was to make over the human body as a worthy vehicle for the light of the Holy Spirit, meaning love. The point was to know the Grail not as a cup, rather as a process. Jesus was its modeler. Insight into this teaching radiates from the name of the Cathar’s home, the Languedoc. Named after the pre-Flood language system the Cathar priests claimed Jesus preached in—the Language of Oc (possibly short for occamy, a corruption of alchemy) -- this place name is Cathar Jesus code.
“Webster’s says ‘Oc’ is the root of octo, 8, and ocular, the eye. A related Egyptian word, Ak, means ‘light’, and aker means ‘light being’. Ak-hu is the archetypal Cosmic Man of Light, or ideal archetype of humanity found in a host of Hermetic and Gnostic teachings, whether Egyptian, Jewish, Christian or Islamic. As Mircea Eliade notes in Shamanism, among the Iglulik Eskimos, who were driven out of some unknown homeland, a sequence of initiations concludes with the ang-ak-oq (virtually the same word as Languedoc or L’ang-ak-oq), meaning ‘lightening’ or ‘illumination’...
“This angakoq, writes Eliade, consists of,
“a mysterious light which the shaman suddenly feels in his body, inside his head, within his brain, an inexplicable searchlight, a luminous fire which enables him to see with both eyes, both literally and metaphorically speaking, for he can now, even with closed eyes, see through darkness and perceive things and coming events which are hidden from others.”
This was another thing that I didn’t know. I don’t want to go too far in here, but further down in this explanation, it says the Jesus code is 888, just like the 26,826 year Galactic Yuga, and that’s the difference between the physical yuga and the Galactic Yuga, because that number adds up the the 888 Jesus Code.
I’m just saying, we have a lot to learn and now we have the eyes to see, even if they’re closed, and hopefully the ears to hear, that we are in the new age. So Mother said to us that this began at the high middle period of the Atlantean Yuga, and that Atlantean Yuga is the whole Kali Yuga, during which at the high middle period Fallen Angels from the Orion War descended into Atlantis. And at that high middle period, Mother Sekhmet showed up in a physical body in Egypt, which was a colony of Atlantis. And because that was the darkest period in all the history of the human race, she came there to set things on a better standing to teach.
And so all of these teachings like the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Secret Places of the Lion and other books, are to wake up that which had fallen in our descent into a less than original form.  This third dimensional form is not the original form, and this technology and discovery now is about the truth that there is light coming in so that these people who have trained in all these kinds of research were given guidance to discover this. And so we have re-discovered now our immortality in the medical profession.
So again, “The hidden connections between the Elizabethan court led by Sir Francis Bacon, the Founding Fathers of the American Republic, and the Kremlin leaders assembled by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, is a story which expands into the entire 6,000 year-long written history of the Kali Yuga, also known as the Age of Quarrel, which began with the Mayan Long Count Calendar in approximately 3,113 B.C.E., the Kali Yuga is analogous to the present Iron Age.
“The true history of the current era, which is defined by so many epic wars and longstanding conflicts, is not only very protracted and extremely complex, many of the most important events and personages lie deeply hidden in its murky past.
"There are several significant threads interwoven throughout this multi-millennial saga which graphically portray our current Age of Conflict. Of those, the most important threads pass through the histories of Egypt, Sumeria, Persia, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and, finally, the United States of America. However, this essay will concern itself primarily with the most recent Anglo-American chapter of modern history.”
Now, what we do know from Lady Master Nada, because Rama had a call from Lady Master Nada but he did it in a unique way. So this is an interesting story:
So Rama said, Today I went to this property about 200 acres of land south of Santa Fe, off the old Las Vegas highway trail about one half hour from Santa Fe. This land is an estate owned by very wealthy people who worked in Silicon Valley for Bill and Melissa Gates for decades, yet we got to house-sit for a lady who lived in the casita there. She had a dog named Free Dog that we took care of while we were there when she traveled to Latvia to teach there for about three weeks.
There is a beautiful outdoor temple built there which is on a portal of the Ashtar Command. There also is a road, an ancient Native American road that’s very long that leads through this land. It goes from this land to another land called Sunrise Springs which is 30-40 miles from here as the crow flies. The Native American people used to travel there from one portal to another because they all knew that they were from Inner Earth and they knew that their heritage was from members of the Ashtar Command.
So also there is a road that leads to Sunrise Springs a spa and restaurant. Another Ashtar Command portal is there which has the ancient Lemurian Sun Disc over the portal there which has an herb garden and ancient large stone. The Solar Disc is in the etheric and it’s 10 stories high. We brought this lady who came to visit us and she did some tests there by dousing. It was so amazing! We could see the Solar Disc in the etheric physical.
I created a Jedi Council inside this pyramid temple on this land and the Poppy Lady, Lady Master Nada and Tom The Ringtail Cat showed up and joined me in the circle. With Crystals all around the perimeter of this temple, Lady Master Nada came through and said, We are all gathered to let you know, Lord Rama and every one of you Commanders, Eagles and Angels that the Ashtar Command, The Ascended Masters, the Jedi Knight White Knights, along with your friend Steve, the intergalactic trader and Professor Nicodemus, a 4-foot-tall Rat who is an inter-dimensional being who has become enlightened in this lifetime. (Nicodemus escaped from Los Alamos laboratories where he has been experimented on by secret top scientists with different forms of radiation. This happened over 25 years ago.)
We are here to let you know that of the children captured at the border, many tens of thousands of them have gone missing, and many have been taken to the DUMB bases, the deep underground bases to be experimented on in a similar way as they did with Nicodemus and Steve on the surface, and worse things.
Yet this situation is multiplied many, many times over, over the last 40 years there were 2 billion, mostly of these children of color, have been captured in a similar way all over the world and taken to these DUMB bases and placed into child trafficking operations. These children are now being rescued by people like Steve and Nicodemus, or Indigenous Elders as well as Galactic away teams who are landing as well as beaming these children out of these underground bases.
In plain English, these decades upon decades of black operations are being completely neutralized for good now, right here. These children are being rescued and taken to Shamballa the Greater as well as the Agarthic network of 100 inner Earth cities of Light to be integrated into Galactic society. At the right time they will be re-united with their parents back on the surface and they will be the teachers that will be leading us, and they already are.
All these crimes against Humanity and their operators will be brought forward and will be brought before the public to be held accountable for their crimes. It will be done with the help of the Ashtar Command and we, the ones we have been waiting for, as we go higher and higher.
And again, for practical information, the original Divine Blueprint for our Divine Lightbody is classified as herbivore.  Animal intestines are only 2 feet long; our intestines are 30 feet long. So eating carnivorous animals doesn’t work very well because it takes days, sometimes weeks or months, for that waste to get out of the colon. And it causes all kinds of disasters in body functions.  Also, those animals have a much more acidic digestive tract. Ours is not supposed to be that way and is not, if properly balanced.  So it’s really important to know this.
Something that we can do is to let go of a meat-based diet as our Lightbody Beings that we are were never meant to eat animals. This is a great opportunity to work with this. And we all have our work to do, and may we pass every test. And Rama, what do you want to add?
Rama: Just that things are moving so quickly at quantum light speed. We are approaching a New Moon Solar Eclipse that, the way the messages are talking, it is moving us higher and higher and the dark side is falling away. And we do need help at this time, as you can.
Tara: Yes, especially to get the Beneficial Farms food. We do require $150 at a time to get in there, required by no later than next Monday. Also there are three outstanding bills now that come at the end of the month that adds up to 251 dollars. We would be so grateful for that.
I’m so grateful that we get to come together like this, and again, it’s world group service. That’s what we’re here for! There’s no one doing this alone anymore. NESARA now! And I pass this incredible rainbow talking stick, with Fairies and Angels and Gems of all kinds, to my sister Fran.
Transcribed and Edited by Fran.
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