Tara & Rama Report 7-11-17
Tara: Greetings, Everyone!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: I thought it was very interesting what Fran has told us about this 2 and a half hour video, that it goes into all of the shenanigans of higher technology that they  have been misusing and causing the state of affairs that we are in right now, yet at the end he says this is over and everything is moving up. And let's just say, Natasha whom Rama was able to speak to today at the 10,000 foot level at the top of the ski valley on the mountain here, and she basically said the same thing, that this is over.
And to back it up today, there was a CEO of something called Euro Pacific Capital named Peter Schiff who said that the dollar will indeed fall way down. And the price of oil will jump way up. And what he was saying is that this is not a guessing game, it is inevitable. And the dollar is appearing to be forming a major top right now. And so, as it starts to fall and the price of oil goes up, everybody is in trouble. The emerging markets will benefit from this, the United States will not. And they will owe less in their debts. You know, everything is configured in every country to the currency of the dollar, the US dollar. So they will be able to pay their debts back really fast. And, you know, saying what that's all about, it's about the beginning of the end, this is how he put it. It will not recover in the long run and he didn't say how long; he just said that scrambling is going on right now. And gold is still the only thing that will be worth sticking to as you are playing on the market.
So we are going to be seeing a tremendous shift, and stay awake, stay aware and remember who we are in this process. And that's a bigger shift that our sister Sonia was describing to me a little bit ago. We were listening of some of this material and the juxtaposition of all of this is that Drunvalo Melchizedek brought us a very beautiful mandala teacher called the Flower of Life. And it was a really good example of ending the Kali Yuga and being prepared to move into Satya Yuga. And that Flower of Life was a closed loop geometry with birth and death in its cycle and as this is coming to a close now, it's coming to close along with the end of Karma and the end of Kali Yuga completely, and that means, no more of reincarnation as well.
And so, all the souls coming in now are new souls; they are not reincarnations of the experienced Earthlings or incarnation of the Earth patterns. All new incarnations that are still finishing up from old life cycles on Earth will incarnate on a different planetary system, star system or sun system. And so this is taking its Ascension lead now - Mother Earth. And the changeover is that we are no longer of the DNA of Homo Sapiens. We are of the DNA of the Homo Divinus, meaning that our angelic DNA, our higher DNA are encoding as we meditate more, as we change and let go and surrender of all of these deep patterns that have been basically based in fear and negative male, more like reaction rather than response to life itself.
And the Divine Feminine increases exponentially now. We get access to our multidimensionality and that which is called the Ninth Wave. And the Ninth Wave is already here in the form of focusing on the Mayan calendar, focusing on that Divine Feminine resonance with the heart which is what the Mayan calendar is designed to do. And at the center of the Super Galactic Center are 27 Galaxies converging, that includes our Milky Way Galaxy with 26 others. That convergence is at the Super Galactic Center and therein lies something called the Hunab Ku. The Hunab Ku is this higher ascension wave and that's what’s bringing everything up as we contribute our part as we, you know, meditate more, rest more, drink much more water every day. 
And as Dr Vinayak told us the last time we had a little class, he said, know your weight, divide it into half and make sure that half of that amount - for instance, if we were a 100 pounds, half is 50 pounds and half of that will be 25 - so you would  need to have 25 ounces of water that you will have already drank between 4 and 6 hours after waking time. And stick to that every day. That's a good idea for all of us, and so it is. And so it is from now on. And it allows much more light to come into every cell, because this deal with the Divine Feminine is activating Love in every single cell. There cannot be any disease. And that's becoming aware of what's we're doing.
I've just wanted to quote about something that Jeremy Corbyn said about the end of this dispensation and taking responsibility. And what Jeremy Corbyn just said, and he was referring to our situation in Libya. (Oh, right before that I’ll just say that Muammar Gadaffi is not dead. And Muammar Gadaffi is in a very special witness protection program; he will be back to witness to the fact that Natasha was telling Rama that is this bigger story about Hillary Clinton and Bill and all of the human trafficking and child trafficking along with, you know, the opposite side, meaning ‘the Grump,’ as we call him now. He's also co-participating in that human trafficking and pedophile rings with Hillary for more than 30 years, I think at this point in time, and continuing.)
And so, what Gadaffi said when he was asked, and again he was born in 1942 so presently he is 75 years of age. And what he said when he was asked about this, and actually this was a clip from actually when he was 35 years old in 1977 and he said, on the whole we reject capitalism because it means accepting the monopoly of ownership in the economy, by capitalists. Companies are included and we reject this because the communism we believe in is about participation, and not by means of slavery, but by means of our sovereignty and our love for our neighbor (as we love ourselves, I’m juat going to say) - what an amazing story.
And, so, Jeremy Corbyn said people are dying today, now. Even to this day, now, since Libya was invaded by NATO, because of British bombs, because of Norwegian bombs, French bombs, United States bombs. Western involvement brought about most of the problems. Colonialism drew the boundaries and the West has exploited the natural resources ever since; they set a puppet in power to continue that supply. We say support the people of the entire region who are rising up against autocracy, unemployment and unemployment in equal measure. Rising up with the thirst for a panoply of unity that does not have an agenda written in Paris, London, Washington or anywhere else in the world. We can heal this together. Over 80,000 people have fled Africa to Europe and of them, 12,000 have died on the journey. We are all responsible for these actions taken by our co-capitalists neighbours.
And so Natasha went on today, at the top of the ski valley she showed Rama her Galactic key pad and how close Nibiru is. Nibiru is a lot closer than the last time she showed Rama and she said climate change symptoms are very, very strong now. And with Nibiru's electromagnetic waves intervening on our planet, with climate, even strong reactions are occurring. There are many, many many fires across the southwest; drought has not been ended. In addition to all of this the higher frequencies continue to pour into our atmosphere. And Natasha said, thought we are well into the 6th mass extinction with actually billions of members of species that are no longer on this planet so far already., there will not be a total extinction event.
All the Maya going on with the criminal Cabal within our district of criminals is exposing the organized crime across this planet and has affected every sector of our society. And it is all falling apart right now. This criminal form of capitalism is nothing less than high treason going on. Everything is leaking out, as to how deep this story goes - John Podesta, Leon Paneta, Hillary, Bill, Jeffrey Epstein, Allan Gerschowitz, the Grump. All these folks are being exposed for their human trafficking, child trafficking, pedophile rings, the money laundering. It is all coming out and they cannot stop this exposure. They are indeed running for their very lives. Send them more Love. Every soul has an opportunity to say, Yes, I accept. Everything is lifting up. And miracles, indeed, are uplifting all of us. And I'm quoting right now,’keep looking up.’
And Rama had an experience today when he was coming down from the mountain.
Rama: Yes. As I was going down the mountain from seeing Natasha, I took this back round that was a bit wild, and I was traveling along and I got to see a deer. And it was interesting - the deer did not run. It just stood there. And as I approached with the car it came right up to the window and it greeted me. I gave him a bite of my sandwich and it took a big bite and at the same time right as I was, you know, sharing the energy with the deer, this ship that was below about 500 feet, that was about 8000 feet up on this back side of the mountain, this ship, all of a sudden, just you know, I saw this purple light and a blur, and it just shot out of this area 500 feet below, and the deer at that moment just jumped over the edge and took off down the mountain. But it was so amazing to see this ship fully decloaked in broad daylight.
Tara: And it was about 500 feet below where you were standing because you were at 8000-some feet high.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And so it was lower than that. And that means it was really closed too.
Rama: Yes. So I believe this is a sign of these miracles showing up.
Tara: And I think it is so awesome that the deer walked right up to your window and took a bite out of your sandwich (laughing).
Rama: Yeah, it wasn't afraid. It was just
Tara: No.
Rama: greeting the gentle energies. This is how I think things are unraveling right now.
Tara: Yeah. Even the ship didn't scare him at all.
Rama: No.
Tara: And the dolphin is the spirit of the deer in the sense that the deer is that dolphin energy of the land, gentleness, kindness. I mean complete open-heartedness.
Rama: And we do need help with the bills.
Tara: Yes, we do, we need contributions; and it’s at the end of this story and I know the challenges have been great, yet I urge you to assist us to complete this month.
And we are going Home, Everybody, and that means Home here on Earth into the Fifth Dimension and higher. NESARA now! Michelle for President - bring in that feminine Love. Namaste! I pass the talking stick.
Rama: Namaste!
Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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