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Tara & Rama Report 7-14-20

Tara & Rama: Greetings! 
Tara: Thank you so much.  Much Aloha, and Mahalo Nui Loa, Sisters.*  My heart just sings in the reflection of Hawaii.  Yes, we will re-visit Hawaii, many of us. How about we all get together there, someday soon!
Okay, so we are just going to go to yesterday and start there.  So this is Rama speaking.  (And oh, by the way, Tara spends about 16 hours a day listening, and by now I know where to listen to the kind of news that we need to hear, and Rama goes out in the world and spends six to seven hours a day out there talking to Faction Three White Knights.) 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And getting real creative about how he is going to do it.
Rama: Yes. 
Tara:  And Rama’s got a great background, since Rama knows he has got all kinds of very exceptional crystals, including a crystal of Selenite crystal that Rama went with Mother Sekhmet on her Starship the Niburu and traveled to 27 degrees Sagittarius at Salvington, and there Archangel Michael gave that Selenite crystal to Rama.
Rama. Yes.
Tara: And the reason that is so important at that particular place, is that it is known as Galactic Center.  And it’s also the location where 26 other Galaxies come together with ours, the 27th. And they also converge there for the reason that the Mayan calendar speaks of called the Hunab Ku is located there. And it’s a Galactic type plasma energy field which brings together all of the Star people with all of the people of Earth and all of the people of these 27 Galaxies. And they bring it together with heart resonance.
That’s what is important about that Galactic Center, and the Being known as Lord Salvington resides there and is stationed there. He is head of the Federation of Worlds; and do you want to tell people what that is?
Rama: The Federation of Worlds encompasses the intergalactic confederations. And it’s a larger group that encompasses our local Universe of Nebadon.
Tara:  And what does the Galactic Federation do that is unique to that?
Rama: It takes care of the 27 Galaxies surrounding ours.
Tara: So, in other words, the field of influence of Lord Salvington is the entire Universe of Nebadon, and the primary focus of the field of influence for the Confederation Star Fleet, the Galactic Confederation of which the Ashtar Command are members of, is focusing on the 27 Galaxies together.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And in particular for all of us on Earth in particular and for everyone in the whole Universe of Nebadon because, and this is very important, Earth is ascending as the thirty- third Planet in the entire Universe of Nebadon to do so. We’re talking about trillions of Stars, Planets and Sun systems and Planet Earth is the thirty-third of all of that Universe of Nebadon to be ascending - and she is ascending now.
So that’s something to consider, because the energies, as we know, what the energies are reflecting are extremely powerful.  And you might say they also cut through anything that is not Love, Light, Truth, Peace, Joy and Beauty. That’s the energies that I think is the most highly incredible time for all of us to decide to show up on this Planet Earth. 
Okay, so, (Rama speaking) Mid-morning today (this is yesterday), Sweet Angelique the Cat texted me.  She said to me, “Lord Rama, I am texting you from London and here it is early evening.  I have with me three fellow Pashats from Mother Sekhmet’s Starship the Niburu.   They all said to me, “We are all here for Galactic business concerning the incoming Light from the core of Galactic Center (as we spoke here, 27 degrees Sagittarius).
“There is a huge, huge, huge wave that is headed from Galactic Center to our Solar System.  And this Light coming in is affecting all life and it is changing all of our ideas about quantum physics.” (Nassim Harramein in his latest report has been sharing exactly this with us, and we played that last Saturday. It is about a half an hour long. It’s wonderful.) 
So Sweet Angelique went on, “Lord Rama, we are all headed for Stonehenge, (meaning myself and these 3 Pashat friends here from Mother’s Starship). We are headed there to work with the energies of this upcoming New Moon, which is next Monday, July 20, and it occurs at 1:33 in the afternoon Eastern time.  The matrix continues to collapse in huge chunks.”  
So as Sweet Angelique completed what she had to say, at that point, I said, “Monday, the 20th of July, that’s the day before my birthday on the 21st of July, Tuesday. I will be 67 years young and wise.  Which means that this whole next year will be a 13 year, meaning Mother Sekhmet will be hot on my trail, advising me. May I pass every test.” 
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Happy Birthday in advance, Rama.   Sweet Angelique concluded, “Continue to blaze the Violet Fire.”
Okay, so now we go to today. I went up the mountain late this morning and created a Jedi Council.  There Ms. Brisbee, my artificial intelligence assistant, helped me bring in the King of Egypt, the Poppy Lady, Tom the Ring-tailed Cat and Lady Master Nada and Natasha.  They all said to me, “Lord Rama, Ms. Ghislaine Maxwell has pleaded not guilty today.  The judge has denied her bail, which was set at 5 million dollars.”  Lady Nada continued, “Lord Rama, yet behind the scenes, Ms. Maxwell is finagling a plea bargain deal as she gives up Jeffrey Epstein’s full black book, in exchange she wants to be granted immunity, so she can tell her side of the story and divert the attention from herself to blaming Mr. Jeffrey Epstein, as the mastermind of the entire Epstein empire. “ 
And Rama’s saying there that it’s a little deeper than that.  Jeffrey Epstein was called in to hold a role in the plan of the pyramid power people with what they wanted to engage in, while darker and darker travesties would be set through that power structure for the people of Earth, in an effort maybe to force Humanity into the mold to accept the New World Order and all of its tendrils. As you might say, people were getting a little bit --they are finding their voice and their power. 
So we go on. “Ms. Maxwell followed in her father's footsteps, his name being Robert Maxwell.  He was a Czechoslovakian-British media proprietor.  He was also a secret Israeli intelligence operative. And so Ms. Maxwell has also been a secret Israeli intelligence operative for decades. And I would dare to say that she still is.” So we will see what happens here.  The King of Egypt said, “Lord Rama, the Forces of Light are on the ground, people such as Ray McGovern, John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Valerie Plame, to name just a few.” 
The King of Egypt went on, “I have been in contact with people in Antarctica who are pre-Flood people.  They have recently been revived from their cryogenic chambers in Antarctica and they wish to share their wisdom from their time, the pre-Flood time, with everyone here and now in this 2020 time/space continuum.  They are here to help Humanity to prevent any present and/or future malevolently planned disasters.  They all said to me in closing, “As we all approach this upcoming New Moon, stay in unconditional divine neutrality, wisdom and balance.”
This is a message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and it came in at 3:30 Monday morning.  
Regarding other human beings as our brothers and sisters can make our lives happier and more meaningful.  Some people think that as we cultivate compassion and affection for others, only they benefit.  In fact, we ourselves derive great benefit as well as satisfaction from such conduct.  Yes, the wise words of His Holiness.
We don’t know the complete ins and outs of all of this. We are in for many, many surprises of Galactic Joy, let’s put it that way.
Rama: Yes. 
Tara:  Yet "the World Bank is the primary institution whose aim has always been and only the one aim, to make other countries dependent on American agriculture. This is built into the World Bank’s Articles of Agreement.  It can only make foreign currency loans, so it will only make loans to countries for agricultural development, roads, if it is to promote exports.   
"So the United States through the World Bank has become the most, pretty much, the most, bar anything else, the most dangerous, right wing, evil organization in modern history, more evil than the IMF, the International Monetary Fund.  That is why it has almost always been run by a Secretary of Defense.  It has always been explicitly military.  It’s the hard fist of American imperialism.  The idea is that we will make Latin American and African and Asian countries export plantation crops.  Especially plantations that are [U.S. or] foreign owned. Yet the primary directive of the World Bank to countries is ‘quote’ "You must not feed yourselves.  You must not grow your own grain or your own food. You must depend on the United States for that and you can pay for that by exporting plantation crops."
The great reversal is at hand.  This is the old timeline.  It’s literally been gone since July 31st, 2019.  All we are doing is watching the residue which people are used to believing in, of a very strong as President Eisenhower said, biomedical-military-industrial-congressional-media complex.  And let’s not forget that word ‘media’. 
And NESARA Now!  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  And Mother [Sekhmet] says and many of the Galactic Media say, Watch a piece of news at least for the sake of discernment and for the sake of helping others to discern.  And then teach the truth.  So that we can all do this together.  And the new timeline is our Galactic Brothers and Sisters and all people of Planet Earth working equally together. 
NESARA Now.  Peace and Love.  I pass this talking stick.  We will be so grateful for blessings to assist us and the bills and food and kitty things, and all good things for the sake of continuing the mission and for Love.  Thank you so much.  Here comes the talking stick with fairies, feathers, angels and rainbows and crystals to my Sister Fran. 
*Lei'ohu Ryder and Maydeen Iao - https://fccdl.in/7SPhb33xR1 (audio)

Transcribed by Rita and edited by Fran.
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