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Tara&Rama Report 7-22-14
Tara & Rama: Greetings…
Tara:..all you Commanders, Eagles, and Angels. Oh my god, so much is happening and so many lies, so many lies.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: So I want to start with Governor Deval Patrick , and Rachel brought this up.
Rama: Oh yes. This is a very good story.
Tara: This is a very good way to get around all the lies, everybody.  As you know, Governor Rick Perry decided that he needs 1000 national guards with…
Rama: Automatic weapons.
Tara:..automatic weapons to meet the children at the border…
Rama: Right.
Tara:..because he couldn’t do anything about it by himself. And they all have to go back and get killed in where they come from, which is what they would be if they were to back there, as reasons for them leaving are drug cartels running through there, and soliciting kids or killing them if they don’t go along with the program. Things always, as Mother Sekhmet says, they always get worse before they get better, and the human race is really good at that.  So, at the same time we don’t need any more of these crazy hard lessons.

Rama: No.

Tara:  And in order to do that, we need to go back to the original reason this is all began. On October 21st 1979 we started on a journey to get N.E.S.A.R.A. into our lives. And [we’ve had] every kind of excuse, every kind of money game, every kind of spiritual group making up stories, and we’re not putting anybody down, not at all. And what I’m saying is that we need to mature beyond all of this and all those distractions were black ops, behind even the spiritual groups, lots of them, to make everybody not pay attention to the original reason we came on this path, which was to begin a new dispensation of Divine Government with the New Sara Law.  Meaning what?  Meaning the Divine Feminine having her day in the sun again, and the returning of the Mother Goddess. And that’s in all of us, and that’s the ability to receive love, which is exactly what they don’t want, Everybody. They wanted us to go after power, and greed, whatever else. Not love, forget that, and let’s have another World War while we’re at it. That’s one thing, Benjamin Fulford did a humdinger of a job on his report. He has a bunch of lies snuck in between them though.

I’m just going to go back and do this piece first. Rachel brought up that Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts has taken the opposite approach from Governor Perry as it comes to dealing with practicality of the matter at the border, which is a matter of refugees. It has nothing to do with immigration at all.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: These children are seeking shelter for their very lives.
Rama: Asylum.
Tara:  And Rick Perry is waving his magical National Guard wand instead. And nobody really knows why yet. Tens of thousands [of children], nobody really knows why. Yet tens of thousands of those children and young families are already here in this country in Federal custody. And the Federal Government does have to figure out how and where to hold these people while they are being processed before the vast majority [are returned]. In which I disagree with 100%. That’s what Rachel’s being forced to say by these, and Benjamin Fulford coined a nice little new word called ‘Nazionists’ - Nazis and Zionists put together rolled up into one word. That’s cute.
Okay, so on Friday Governor Deval Patrick last Friday the18th, decided that Massachusetts, his state, would volunteer to find sites in the state where as many as a thousand children might find shelter, and that is a notable policy decision for Deval Patrick. That is a newsworthy contract with Governor Magic Wand Perry in Texas.
And I raise the issue of this also because of this tape, because of the way Deval Patrick made his announcement. It was intense; it was an emotional thing to watch this. This was at a press conference at his state. This is Governor Deval Patrick. “I believe that we will one day have to answer for our actions and our inactions. My faith teaches that as a stranger dwells with you in your land, you shall not mistreat him, rather love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”
Rama: Right.
Tara: “We are admonished to take in the stranger, for inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these, Christ tells us, you did it to me. Every major faith tradition on this planet charges its followers to treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated. I do not know what good there is in faith if we cannot or will not turn to it in the moment of human need.”
Then there’s a press corps person, a woman, she says to Governor Duval Patrick; “There are going to be a lot of critics obviously about your decision here. How do you respond to the criticisms that while other Governors who are still running for re-election are saying’ no’ to this?  Yet you are not running for re-election so therefore you are in a difficult decision.  Governor Deval Patrick just goes completely silent for about forty seconds. And he scans the whole audience and it quiets down so you could hear a pin drop, and then he speaks. He says just one thing, he says; “This is not a political decision.”
Rama: Yep.
Tara: Everybody at the press corps gave him a standing ovation and cheered for quite a long time and then he said, “Maybe this is the best way to leave it at. Thank you.”
Tara: Yeah, we are all servants of peace here on this planet together.
So that being said, Rama had a humdinger of input today. This is a new person who’s taken the Sam Seder spot in the afternoon.
Rama: Right.
Tara: And she is part of Air America. Her name is Leslie Marshall, so it’s called the Leslie Marshall Show. And George Galloway was her number one guest, and they were taking calls. Okay, so the question pending was, Is Hamas guilty or is Israel/the United States guilty in the…
Rama: War crimes.
Tara:..Cabal, and all the war crimes going on over there. And George Galloway said, and you know, just imagine George Galloway’s British accent saying, “Ever since 9/11 we’ve been fed a pack of lies, a pack of lies. The Bush administration and the Clinton administration are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.” Then he said, “I’ve got a friend here on the phone with me.” And the King of Swords introduced himself at that point by saying, “I’m the guy behind the Markos Moulitsos editorial of the Daily Kos. You can call me Mr. KOS.” The King of Swords went on to say, “I’ve got another friend here on the line with us that is here to give needed information. He has the inside scoop of everything that has ever happened since the murder of…” And then I put parenthesis, they didn’t say it on the air but just so that everybody remembers, that it’s  clones of Lady Di and Dodi that were murdered. Then the King of Egypt introduced himself. What a team here - George Galloway, the King of Swords and the King of Egypt all on one line together!  Then the King of Egypt introduced himself on the phone. I laughed when I heard our call was going to be really fun tonight, I’ll tell you what!  So then the King of Egypt introduced himself on the phone and he said, “Everything that has happened since the murder of the clones of my son and daughter-in-law has everything to do with something called N.E.S.A.R.A.. There is a mystery man who can pay off the national debt of the United States with lots of money left over.

Rama: [chuckling]

Tara:  “This man is known as Compte de Saint Germain. This man has forty zeros to his name, and he is ready to take care of this NOW! Capital N, capital O, capital W.” At that point Leslie Marshall said; “Is this a crank call from some of my friends?” And she was playing with the energy. Both the King of Swords and the King of Egypt said this story is so huge, it involves the Galactic Federation of Worlds with Lord Ashtar and Sananda Kumara, and the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds with Lord Lincor, and the capital of our solar system in Salvington, Lord Salvington. Then the King of Swords said; “This story is going to take down the entire thirteen families and all of their satonian minions.”

Then Leslie said; “Could you guys hold on and then I’m going to take a break.” And so there was a commercial break and then she came back and Leslie said, and what Rama told me was that he didn’t get to hear it, but the King of Swords, and the King of Egypt, and George Galloway gave her a download and a half during the break. Then she came back and she said; “The download I just got off air on break, it’s going to change the course of this planet’s story for good.” Remember the city called, what’s it called?
Rama: Helium.
Tara:..Helium and the planet called Mars, and Mr. 19.5 degrees. I will give you those 3 clues. And then she went on to another story.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: Now Rama, what’s the city called Helium about?
Rama: Helium is a city on Mars that is an advanced culture of the people who built the face on Mars. And this has to do with Mother [Sekhmet]’s people who originally came from Niburu.  And Richard Hoagland talks about this in many of his lectures. One of his main lectures talks about the monuments on Mars. It’s like a whole DVD series. And he actually talked about this with NASA and they sort of poo-pooed him, but then they kind of, you know, went full circle and said; “Yeah. We can’t really deny it. We can’t really condone it.” Mr.19.5 degrees is Barack Obama. He represents the frequencies…
Tara:..from Hawaii where he was born at exactly 19.5 degrees. So what he brought was 19.5 degrees to Washington D.C.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: And again you can watch Richard Hoagland’s The Hyperdimensional Election of Barack Obama. It’s about a 2 ½ hour video and it’s well worth your time if you have not listened to that. It’s a very powerful video.
Rama: And to add to this story, Barack Obama did go to Mars with Andrew Basiago and in a sense it was like a test of survival and he survived it. And he also, unbeknownst to the folks that sent him to Mars, Project Pegasus, he also met with Lord Monka and Lord Korton on Mars. So you know, this goes way beyond Project Pegasus.
Tara: And he’s been to more places than Mars.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: He goes regularly to Sirius A for the meetings and he’s the 9th member of the Council of Nine. And there’s many things that we don’t all get to know.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: And we who are sharing at this level, we have a greater awareness, therefore we have greater responsibility, because we represent the Ashtar Command as a whole group. We must bring this to more people. That’s really important.
I just want to say one other thing, that is that on July 17th 1996, and the 17th which was last Thursday when the airplane over Kiev, over east Ukraine, was exploded by a ground-to-air missile, which is called an FA11, and it is built so that it does not enter the plane. It blows up near the object it’s targeting. And then it sends these massive shrapnel [bombs] into the plane.
Rama: Mmm.
Tara: And so that’s something he didn’t tell the truth about. That really happened. And this is all a Blackwater operation.
Rama: Putin did not do this. He did not shoot down this plane.
Tara: No, and those ground-to-air missiles have been around since the 70’s, early 70’s. So those things are available without anything involved withMr. Putin, especially since they’re western Black Ops.
So on July 17, 1996 the same day that this plane was exploded, another plane was exploded over the Atlantic ocean. It was called TWA800.
Rama: Yeah.
Tara: It was 7:30pm in the evening. That’s another thing Benjamin Fulford talked about, that they were showing day time sites of when the plane went down when the plane was blown up at night. I mean, they did so many things. Anyways this Flight 800, it was 7:30pm in the evening Eastern Time on July 17th; a yearly ritual was taking place on Fire Island. Friends and family, young and old come here every year, for many it’s the 18th time in a row. Yet this year the mood is especially sombre. Eighteen years to the day of the crash of TWA Flight 800, the world is trying to piece together another disaster.

Quote: “I actually got a phone call from someone I know that’s involved with aviation. They had called me and told me that there was a Malaysian plane downed over the Ukraine and thought it was shot down.” And then the reporter says; “Some were visibly spooked by the news that something similar happened on this day many 18 years later. Others like Jim Hurdturned his thoughts to the families. Jim said that there were just things that run through my head very quickly. It probably affects at least 10,000 people including relatives and people they know and work with.” We were told a long time ago every person has contact with at least 200 people, at that rate there were 60,000 people who were involved.

And then the report goes on and says, “One by one the names of 230 people are read out loud, 230 people who should not have died. Jim lost his only son on that day 18 years ago. Jamie Hurd was going to France to visit his girlfriend. Flight 800 fell out of the sky 12 minutes after takeoff. They said the plane had not been blown up nor shot down and rather an electrical spark caused the fuel tank to blow.”

Anyway that’s all a lie. This was taken down for a very particular reason by the same Nazionists of the day, because all the wealthy family heads they killed their own children. And we know someone here in Santa Fe who is a member of those families, those 13 families. And he was guided by Mother not to go.
Rama: That’s right.
Tara: And he still lived to tell the story.
Rama: Yep.
Tara: All his other cohorts are dead. They all went to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet, and they had agreed to get on that Flight 800, go to Paris, and announce to the world the Nazionist families that they came from, and their plans to take over the entire planet as the Fourth Reich started back in 1949. So how interesting is all of this?  So Lady Di, what really happened is Lady Di at that time had given secret account dossier numbers to the Faction 3 White Knights in 1996, all of the secret dossier accounts of the 78 original programs, plus Herman vs Herman, the Peruvian gold program of VK Durham. Doris and EJ Eckert were killed because they got themselves in the middle of the VK Durham Peruvian gold thing and they got taken out by the same Nazionists.
This is really important, Everybody, because this was their plan at all times was to get every distraction inside the white [knight] community to not focus on N.E.S.A.R.A. whether these people knew it or not.  We’re going to put all of this in the circle of support. Right now we need the responsibility to drop all of these things and bring forth the focus of the truth. And the Bellringers are not on the right track. Cobra’s not, Sheldon Nidle’s not, David Wilcock is not, Neil Keenan is not, Alex Jones is not, Jeff Rense is not, Truth Warrior, Casper, Mountain Goat, Michael King, Ben Fulford, TNT Tony, Hollow Earth, Rumor Mill, Poof News, Drake, Steven Bekow, and ad infinitum. I’m not putting these people down. I’m just saying that they got snared by Black Ops, whether they’re aware of it or not. And they fit really nicely into the false evidence appearing real on all kinds of distractions. And it’s time to drop it all and come get back to the New Sara Law and nothing else.

It does not heal all wounds. This gentleman who lost his son in 1996 said, because there’s a scar. Yet it’s still there to remind us of what we need to heal and we need to heal it together.

So we love you all and we need to ask for help. We have to pay hundreds of dollars to get on to different services and we still owe $600 dollars by the first. If we don’t pay by the first [of August], we don’t have a home because this is a property management; it’s not a friend whose home it is. And so, even if we go over two or three days we got to pay $50 extra dollars a day, and then after three days that’s the end of it. We are gone. And so, we need $600 dollars yet to just pay the rent by the end of this month. And we’re really asking from the depths of our hearts.  With this kind of report..
Rama: Yes.
Tara:..let’s not lose our footing right now. If you all could bring yourselves in a deep special place in your hearts to make an extra special effort to make a contribution..
Rama:..we are so grateful, thank you.
Tara: We are so grateful, and we love you all!  And I’m going to pass this talking stick back to my sisters in Hawaii at 19.5 degrees. Thank you.
Transcribed by Julie.
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