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Tara & Rama Report 7-23-19
Tara and Rama: Greetings!
Tara: I love that, Fran, Galactic Good News, that’s right. Okay, Everyone, it is a magic time that we are in, despite what it looks like, in different ways. 
Let’s go back to last Saturday and we’ll progress from there. And we request and require blessings to carry on. Let’s just say that. We have three bills coming up at the end of this month, and there’s the rent, and again, all of the things that come.
As you can support this as these messages come through, and can share in the consciousness of your neighborhood, too, the good news that we are in a new dispensation now, it’s a tremendous change. Tomorrow is the end of the Mayan Calendar for this past year and then we are going into a Day Out of Time and then we are going to begin the [Mayan] New Year and everything changes with that.
So last Saturday, David Garcia (this is Rama speaking) the former Senator [sic] in New Mexico, from Rio Rancho, with the help of a Faction 3 White Knight, contacted me midmorning, on my cell phone today. He said, "Lord Rama, your friends from light years across this Galaxy are letting themselves be seen here on Mother Gaia, because there is this huge transformation happening across all of life.  I want you to know that I am part Dine [Navaho] and part Zuni, and via both my mother and my father, and I have Hispanic background as well.
I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan and I have seen the Stargates in both lands in operation. I saw a shuttlecraft come through one of the Stargates in Iraq. I saw the Beings de-board from their ship from a bit of a distance. Yet I was up high. Many people were much closer than I was, yet I clearly saw them. They were, I would say, about 9 feet tall and they were glowing with a golden light.  They walked from their ship parked in the sand, next to a ziggurat near Bagdad. And they walked into the ziggurat.  
They remained inside the ziggurat for nearly an hour, and then they emerged carrying a large stone slab which was black in color. It had glowing lights. I think maybe obsidian. It had glowing lights all around it. The ET’s had what appeared to be detachable metal handles on the slab to assist them in carrying this slab about the size of a dining room table. Then they carried the slab into their Starship and they went through the Stargate and disappeared. 
I believe, said David, that these Beings were the original ancient builders of the ziggurat and that it was time to retrieve the pieces of technology actually and return it to their home Planet. We are about to get the whole story about the Stargates and the ancient cities of Sumeria and how this plays into the disclosure of the big story of the Fallen Angels and the return of Nibiru with Mother Sekhmet, as well as the Ascension of Mother Gaia as the 33rd planet in this Universe of Nebadon to complete her journey into the 5th Dimension with all of us as Children of the Sun together.  No more war, no more nukes. World Peace now. NESARA now.”  David said, “We will be talking soon, Lord Rama, blessings on your way, and Namaste.” I said, “Sat Nam, Namaste.”
Okay, now let’s go here. I just wanted to make a couple of statements, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are in the news that in the sense that, on Kasie DC on Sunday’s news, Richard Haass was on the news, and she accused the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, that he was attempting to voice the idea that we were going to get into a conflict with Iran.  So this is the intention of the dark side, the Council on Foreign Relations is most definitely a part of the Fallen Angelic dark side of The Force.  And again, no fear; and with the greatest of our Divine Will with our Divine Mercy, Compassion and Justice, we stand our ground and say, no more war.
Yet on top of this as the characters in the play are showing before our faces, this character Jeffrey Epstein, is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as well as a member of the Trilateral Commission. 
This is their nemesis, this individual, and it connects all the underground bases with all of the human trafficking, child trafficking, foreign trafficking, drug money, gun running, all of it, all of the operations that are funding the dark side, attempting to create endless war for profit, and use us any way that they wish, including especially the situation with this character and all of the politicians and Hollywood characters and media characters for using our children, underage children, for their own personal sexual pleasure.  
And it goes way back, and it involves all the things that you can imagine, and more that we don’t need to mention too much, including human sacrifice. This is the end now. This is who we are. And it is connected with another thing that is coming into the limelight here, about Hilary Clinton.
And it is starting to be reported on RT TV, that she has a link to Cambridge Analytica, which was the cyber device where she set up a situation to make it look like Julian Assange had access to information through the Kremlin, through the Russian Oligarchs, and that’s how he obtained information about the situations about her. 
But that’s not what happened. This is what Rama was told, too, and we have all been told for a while now, this is to bring everything up to par. Seth Rich was working for the DNC, back at the time of the campaign, and 27 was his age, and he saw because he was a computer expert, and he saw, you know, the use of that computer technology to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders, by Hilary and the DNC and all the characters in the play, and he is the person who got that information to Julian Assange, and for doing that, Hilary Clinton had him killed.
This is big, because she represents, even though she is a hologram right now, solid image hologram since 1991, represents the head of the CIA Deep State from then to the present, meaning not just her, but all of the dark forces of the Fallen Angelics, connecting with all the other dark forces and all of the other agencies around the world.
So again, we have a force that’s matching that called the Sovereign World Militia Forces, 20 million strong, and they are very busy right now. So let’s just send light to this whole situation, and we know that Peace is on the table and nothing else, and so we’ve got to set that aside. 
And then I was going to read a little tiny piece of what Max Keiser has been saying in the little breaks at RT.  And this is how it goes, he says: 
In 2008, the entire world economy died, and the money printing that’s been going on has the illusion of animation, financial or economic animation, like a loop on a video game that could be run without anyone actually behind it. (Sounds like a Wizard of Oz world, so there you go.)  Without anyone actually behind it, and this is now extended into the negative interest rates that have no business and no reason to exist whatsoever, other than to perpetuate this animation of economic activity, even though there’s nobody home.
Once again, NESARA now. Max Keiser and Kacie are complete Faction 3 White Knights who know all about this.  Every single person in Congress, every single person in Hollywood, every single person in any media station, everybody, knows about NESARA - and they call it the Reformation Act. And they are also under gag order.
And Rama is basically the only person that can, and does not have a gag order, that can bring us the Faction 3 White Knights. We surround him with love.  He had his birthday this Sunday, and so much broke on Sunday. It’s almost like a gift that keeps on giving. And what I wanted to say next is that:
This is the report from Monday.  Rama says, About mid-morning, I called the King of Swords, yet there was no message and there was no answer.  So then I called Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat. He said, “Hello, Lord Rama, What is going on is the war of words called Word Black Magic.  They, the Fallen Angels of the dark side of The Force, and all the minions here on Earth assisting on that side of The Force, are using words to imply something other than the truth happening, and using global media, social media, radio transmissions and all the rest to do so in order to buy time.” 
And it’s very rare that you are going to see a man who’s the head of the Council of Foreign Relations show up anywhere. So for him to show up, you can just know that his time is up now and he’s representing something he wants to make so. And we just send more Love; and Peace only is coming our way - Love, Truth, Freedom, Justice, indeed in that order, as the Buddha says, as the office of the Christ embraces in us.
So Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and all her group are the spider web that goes worldwide that controls everything, including the seat of power in the White House, right now. 
There is an unseen war going on between the Clinton Foundation and the Vatican, because these two entities are both Rothschild-controlled.  Hilary is a Rothschild. And the whole Vatican is controlled by the Rothschild’s through something that the Rothschild’s set up called The Club of Rome, which defines all human beings and all life on this planet and all real estate on this planet as owned by the Vatican, which we know is not true.   And all that we need to know is to take that which we are and use Love and Sovereignty to stand in our power. 
This is about factions in and amongst the Thirteen Families right now basically playing, what you might say, is the ultimate death roll of the dice.  And they are both killing each other and threatening more of the same in order to fight over who’s going to get what they want out of this for profit.  
Okay, because these two entities are both Rothschild controlled, and what I (meaning Tom The Cat) am saying, Lord Rama, is that Nicholas Rothschild is a younger Rothschild who is about in  his forties, and he represents the overall higher controlling powers of this entire family. And this one is carrying that pressure and holding the front lines in terms of keeping the old power structure going, old paradigm going.
This is the overriding Rothschild inter-dimensionally and inter-galactically and their power in all those realms of the Reptilian families that answer to the Fallen Angelic Draconian Empire. And we are all one with that, and we are one, and as one are harmed, all are harmed, so we have to take responsibility with the ability to respond with Love, and we bring all of it back to the highest good of all concerned in the Office of Christ, and only in the Office of Christ. We have the power. That’s who we are.”
So I asked Tom at this point, “How is a 40-year-old Rothschild telling Hilary’s hologram and the 50 foot Reptilian Archon Dragon what to do, much less the Rothschild Club of Rome Vatican controlled side of this Rothschild empire?” Tom answered, “As I tell you that answer, I would have to eliminate you.” (You understand, he is telling you a message that, that’s as far as the line is drawn.)
We have the power. We do it together.  The higher levels of the intergalactic intervention have already been, not only started, but progressed to the point where the entire dark Fallen Angelic program has already been defeated - as Lucifer has already come back to Love. And this occurred in its conception back on Harmonic Convergence Day, at midnight between August 16th and August 17th, 1987.
And Lord Alcyone, the Great Central Sun, Mother Sekhmet’s consort, actually touched down from the Pleiades, where he is located as a star, touched down with the energy of the Photon Belt, which is what we use from there. Rama’s teacher, Dahyani Yahoo, who was given shaktipat by the Dalai Lama was told that, you are me, I am in the East and you are in the West, and we are one, and you are the female Dalai Lama on this Planet.
And so what we are saying is that she said in 1987, because Rama went to the United Nations in 1987, and spoke to the whole United Nations, along with Grandfather David, and he talked about
Rama: Ah, the two movies, Koyaanisqatsi-Life Out of Balance And Wizards as well as unilateral nuclear disarmament.
Tara: Which is the same thing he talked about when he was thirteen, his Bar Mitzvah, and all these people from Hollywood and the Theosophical Society, where he was to go learn things with, were there too.
Rama: Oh, William Shatner, Leonard Nemoy, Gene Roddenberry, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and others.
Tara: Okay, the year that we are in, 2019, is a 3, and Rama turned 66 on this Sunday which is another 3, and since these are 2 different categories, and we want to use it as a symbol of the ascension of Mother Earth as the 33rd planet.  And so all of our missions, Rama is Ashtar’s son, and we, are all members of the Ashtar Command, and we are taking our power together and working directly Galactically, inter-Galactically, Universally, and inter-Universally, because now is the time! 
So, back to Tom the Cat, and right now Mr. Mueller, another tool of the Fallen Angels’ disinformation propaganda false media, will be testifying and answering questions brought up from his report tomorrow on the last day of the Mayan calendar, yet not clearly defined in his report, and since he is also controlled by Hilary, and also has committed previously the crime of changing the documents, creating a false information about what really happened the morning of 9/11, which is high crimes and misdemeanors, bordering on treason.
He will most certainly create another layer of lies, Lucifer’s pastime as well as Hilary’s as symbolically the “whore of Babylon” in controlling what’s getting said in the influence of keeping the game going.  Yet interestingly enough, at the end of the old calendar, the last day of the Mayan calendar tomorrow, and then on Thursday, it is the Day Out of Time, and Friday as all of Congress goes back for a 5 week vacation, or a summer holiday, we celebrate the Mayan Calendar New Year.  
Okay, I’m almost there, let me just go to the next report here. Today is the 23rd, and again, that’s very powerful because the number 23 is the most powerful number in any sequence of numbers there is, and what it is talking about is the twin flame energy of 2 combined with the threefold flame energy of the Violet Ray.  And we keep that together and we move forward with that energy and all things are possible. 
So, Natasha and Larry today:  Rama gave a call to Natasha today and she had Larry with her.  Larry is a member of the Ashtar Command from the New Jerusalem. So they said, “Lord Rama, we are watching the final moments of the end of empire and old earth is peeling away faster than we can keep up with.” 
Natasha continued, “We are getting down the wire here with the Mueller report. Special Counsel Mueller, though he is compromised, he could say and we could hear unexpected things. A few surprises perhaps, concerning evidence President Putin has which is about undisclosed information outside of the Mueller report. 
Even though and yet, Department of Justice Attorney General Barr, restricted him and confined him to the Mueller report and only the things he talked about before. So let’s send some light to Special Counsel Mueller because he is stepping out on a limb as he were to do this. And we will support that. So he could say and we could hear unexpected things to be surprised concerning evidence President Putin has, which is about undisclosed information outside the Mueller report, which is held by certain moles in the FSD, which is the Federation Security Service of Russia.  
Also, Mueller may move outside of the report again from other intelligence agencies that he has intelligence from. For instance, on both sides of the pond, are ours, Israeli Mossad, MI 5, MI 6 from the UK, etc. All these moles have collected evidence regarding members of the US Congress, both the House and Senate, showing that these members have willingly accepted bribes.
For instance, Israel’s Mossad moles have photos of members of Congress making deals over years of time with the various mafia characters from their country, arranging with them for everything from human trafficking, child trafficking, buying and selling nuclear secrets, drug running, gun running, murder for hire, and every kind of mayhem, all for profit.
All the other countries’ agencies moles have a plethora, a smorgasbord of similar criminal activities having gone on between United States members of Congress and their particular agency members of darkness. So this is high crimes and misdemeanors and it would be called economic high treason, because they are doing all of these things for profit. That’s a big deal. That’s what this is all about.
And trying to make things right and bring St.Germain’s Secret Destiny of America back into play, Natasha told me, “Special Counsel Mueller may disclose some evidence regarding crimes endangering all the world, ultimately. The stakes in the game are extremely high now. Faction 3 White Knights along with the Forces of Light will be over-lighting all. No loose cannons on deck here.”
Next Larry said, “There are so many Starships in our skies letting us know we are protected. Time is now. Focus on good vibrations. These energies are all around, and as in the movie ‘August Rush’, being this young son, young magical boy’s name.  He was the son of a couple, very millennial couple, and in the movie at the end, he turned around and said, “The music is all around us. All we need to do is listen.”
This New Year, happy new year everybody, comes this Friday, in the Mayan calendar is the Galactic New Year on July 26th.  It begins the journey of this White Magnetic Wizard year. This galactic frequency of this year evokes the power of the wizard, the shaman and the heartbeat.
The magnetic tone of this year calls us to sensitize to the unity of all of life, recognizing all of us, all beings, all circumstances as facets of the indivisible essence of All That Is.  As we are each expressions of totality, we each embody unique and essential purposes of serving our One Life. A galactic affirmation of this year is White Magnetic Wizard Kin 14 quote: I unify in order to enchant; attracting receptivity, I feel the output of timelessness with the magnetic tone of purpose.  I am guided by my own power.  
And the last thing is that on Sunday, our sister and her mom called us up and wished Rama a happy birthday.  And then our sister said, “Piers Morgan put out a message that there are only two people that can beat the President in 2020.  The first one is Michelle Obama and the second one is Oprah Winfrey. “
And on Sunday, in the morning on Sunday, on AMJoy, another young lady named Tiffany Kerr, she said the same thing on the show to Joy, and what Joy said is that Michelle Obama, by all the polls, is the most respected woman in this country, and possibly and probably the world.
So NESARA now, and we are all the ones that we have been waiting for.  Ashtar, (how many people are on this call with us?) all of us, it’s time to beam aboard, Everybody! And I pass this talking stick.  Thank you so much for assisting us. We require assistance, thank you, thank you. I pass this talking stick with fairies, angels, feathers and a pot of gold to my sister, Fran.
Transcribed by Rita, edited by Fran.
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