Tara & Rama Report 7-25-17
Tara and Rama: Greetings, all you Commanders, Eagles and Angels. Oh it’s a glorious moment that we’re in, and Rama had quite a show today. He went to see Rana Mu, and Natasha was there and our brother Fenn. He is the head of a gallery here.  His name is Fenn and he has a gallery here and the name of the gallery is the Fenn Gallery and he’s got access to the King of Swords through his own measures. He’s a very wealthy man
Rama: Yes.
Tara: one of our good wealthy visionaries and so he knows all about what NESARA and Faction 3 are about. All three of them gathered together and they are all saying that the energies are moving up and up and it’s affecting all of humanity. We are being lifted to a level of harmony and balance that’s never been here until this moment. And it hasn’t been here, even a facsimile of it, since before the flood. It’s not only moving up and up, it’s moving faster and faster, which is facilitating a lot of the dark secrets to come to the light.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: In the sense that it is impossible to hide them anymore because the light is brighter than bright, and it’s shining on every nook and cranny in ourselves and in the world and in all things needed for us to become aware of; and as they said, even  Homer Simpson can feel this one. For the matter of the dark ones, as they resist, the body reacts in a breakdown manner and as we are holding any kind of shadows in our own internal heart chambers, in our own thoughts, or things we may not even be aware of, it will exacerbate it. We’ve got the wonderful Dr.Vinayak and we have many wonderful ways to help.
I just wanted to also say that regarding some of the things that are coming forward, we got a letter from our brother Marshall that explains this really carefully, so I’m just going to read a little bit, very short. It says, 
“As I have long suspected and stated before that all those offers to have your debts and student loans to be paid off by using your birth certificate numbers and social security numbers to access the TDA [Treasury Direct Account] funds are nothing more than a Trojan horse for getting you to willingly admit to being a voluntary citizen of corporate America and thereby relinquishing all of your rights as a free American state national.”
Many light workers in desperate financial need are being caught up in this scam. It is imperative at this time for everyone to take heed of the advice we are receiving from The Collective. Our sister Caroline Oceana Ryan and Marshall are contacting the Collective through her and this is very important what they are receiving from The Collective and others. All of the White Knights here are saying the same thing - to maintain our hearts’ focus upon the real NESARA and do not allow ourselves to be deceived by these offers of corporate government debt relief, as the more they can get us to acknowledge their corporate state, the more they keep the hold, and the longer they can draw this out. (That is not okay; so don’t do that.)
“As we are so often reminded on many spiritual calls we cannot serve two masters. While I do not agree with everything that Anna Von Reitz says, she does provide a complete set of instructions for those who wish to get out of this system and restore the natural birthright of the land”- that’s a whole different process and that takes years! There is no quick fix as you find out now that you can get some money this way. And it’s really important that we help each other and stay out of the fray of this energy because, again, as the energies are amping up, what ends up happening is like what Rana Mu and Natasha and Mr Fenn were sharing with Rama.
The other thing is that today on headline news on RT Ray McGovern came on. He is a total Faction 3 White Knight and he made a very clear statement that there has never been any evidence whatsoever, ever, that there has been any hacking by Russian sources. What we do have now is evidence to the contrary, and what he said is what has been discovered that the origins of this hacking operation came from our west coast. They didn’t say where. Not only that, that these hackers who originated this false story from our west coast worked with some very professional people to rig up and making it look like Russia is doing this.
What we learned from our White Knights and Faction 3 is that it was all orchestrated by Hillary at the outset. That being said, there’s been many deaths since the last few years in addition to what we hear a little bit about here and there, many more deaths, and they are all orchestrated by Hillary. The latest one that’s very sad is that a brave Haitian man came forward, this was last week I believe, and he was the former mayor in Haiti and he exposed what he came to know, is that the 100 million dollars, the money that was collected by the Clinton Foundation, that they only gave out 15% of it, so they kept 85 million of those dollars for themselves. Within days he was murdered. That’s the nature of the evil we are dealing with.
Then there has been an article that I think Fran and Susan sent that is coming from an extreme right wing source, and it’s saying that something like 3000-some 100 pedophile trafficking ring people have been rounded up by the ‘Grump’ organization; and I’m just gonna say that it’s the pot calling the kettle black, because Mr Grump and Ms Hillary are still running the largest of the human trafficking going on on a global scale, and they have been doing it for at least 3 decades, so they are handpicking who they want to credit themselves to. This is not coming from a pure heart or intention.
So back to this story, we are watching that live and in living color with the Grump that his body has been breaking down before us, and he is moving and advancing in the dementia, and his body is actually dis-corporating in front of us. And he has been long term having syphillis too, and it’s manageable, but it affects the mind, it affects the brain.
As we do our meditations and we become the Merkabah vehicle, the Merkabah Violet Flame vehicle - that’s the goal. and Rama was telling me that Rana Mu demonstrated something in front of everybody . She started doing the Sufi whirling dervish.
Rama: Yes she started spinning and she literally transformed into a Merkabah vehicle in front of all of us - a violet flame merkabah vehicle.
Tara: And Rama has a picture of one that is accessible on the net. Maybe you could attach that to the report so people can see it; it’s absolutely beautiful.
Lady Master Nada has been facilitating many, many actions behind the scenes for funding for major projects and including, and this is very important project,
Grand Goddess Lily is the prime minister because they work it through England’s law - that’s why they are calling her prime minister - she is the prime minister of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, that first word means " not from here.“  It means ‘children of the stars’ and this goes to the original story that Isis incarnated voluntarily; she didn’t need to do this, she did it to intervene in a civilization’s development. She incarnated into an aboriginal Moabite family from the outback in Australia. And this story is important because all of those children still to this day are passing on their grandmother’s and great grandmother’s and great great grandmother’s stories and they are all instructed from the time they are born and they teach that we are members of the Ashtar Command. 
And we know this because we went to a healing with an Aboriginal Moabite healer from the outback. We spent 4 or 5 days with him and he has the ability to do what we all can do. He said that these are things our children learn from the time they are small and he demonstrated and he opened up his chakras and he put his hands up and rainbows came out of his heart chakra, his 3rd eye, his crown, his throat chakra and his hands and they arched across everybody in the room and they entered into different parts of people’s bodies that needed healing and everybody was going through this ecstacy and release and healing at the same time.
That is who we are; that’s a gift; that’s what Rana Mu was demonstrating. Now Rana Mu has been around a long time. She came back from 175 million years in the future where she witnessed this story that we’ve been in the middle of right now that these characters as let go, destroyed  one-third of the Milky Way Galaxy at that time, and she came back from there along with the Wingmakers. She’s a Wingmaker. What does this mean? It means they came back to this time-space continuum because this is the time. The Mayan calendar only ended in the sense of it entered us, those of us with our heart open. So the teachings are through us. These things are real, and as we said the last time we got together, we are no longer Homo Sapiens. We have been upgraded with these energies as we keep on opening our hearts, as we activate them more in our bodies and that we are Homo Divinus. That means all of these teachings that we have been deprived of now are coming rapidly.
I’m just going to say this is so awesome because they have now got something out
that states ( You see, I got hit with radiation poisoning, massive radiation poisoning in 1997 from Los Alamos laboratory. It took about 10 years after that and all my teeth started breaking off and falling out of my mouth in chunks) and here is just a little hint of what’s coming for everybody.  And so this says, that this and more will certainly be available to the public post-NESARA and maybe sooner. It is an organic solution to growing new teeth - goodbye dental implant. Grow your own teeth in just 9 weeks. This futuristic discovery could very well be the end of expensive dental implants. This is dentists that have discovered this now – in 9 weeks – that’s just a touch of the wonderful things that are coming to us.
So they finished up and they said Nibiru is very close; do not believe the disaster story. Mother [Sekhmet] is here to deal with the original cause, the wayward children, the Nephilim. We know all are going through intense times; we are working with the higher forces to lift humanity up. It’s up to us to take it in, and out of this sadness and this illusion of poverty.
And in the meantime in real terms, we ask on behalf of 4 of us here for blessings to assist us. The coming up of the rent again and there’s a few shortfalls and it’s a very important time. Please do some support and help us all to continue this work.
NESARA now - Michelle for President!  Thank you, Everyone.
Rama: Thank you. 
Tara: Love and Peace across the world. I pass this talking stick with fairy dust and rainbows back to my sister Fran and my other sister Susan. 
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