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Tara & Rama Report 7-28-20
Thank you, sister Fran.  Thank you, Mother [Sekhmet].  Thank you, Eli!  My, my, my!  That was certainly lively, Everyone.  So Greetings, again, here we are, and in general, I’m speaking a lot on these calls, only because I am the transcriber.  Just to remind everybody, Rama goes out and he talks to all of these characters in this Divine Leela play, from Ashtar, to Mother, to the King of Swords, to Mr. X, Larry, Curly and Moe, and the list is wild. 
Rama: And if you were to see it, it would look like a scene out of Star Wars with all the various fur and feathers. 
Tara:  That you experience in real time. 
Rama:  Yes! And all of these people are aligned with the Office of Christ, like Lord Michael and Captain Ashtar and Admiral Sananda Kumara, even though they may look a little different or a lot different than us.  Yes!
Tara:  Yes, so starting with some that look a lot different than us…..
On Friday, Rama says, “Professor Z, Professor Nicodemus and Dr. Steve, I went to see them.   Well, actually, I went to see Professor Nicodemus the Rat, (and in his real body, he is a 4 foot tall Rat)
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: And Dr. Steve, at about 11:30 this morning.  Then they brought Professor Z in on a video conversation via video conferencing. They all said to me, “Lord Rama, full disclosure is a hairs breath away.  All the stories about our Galactic visitors are real, except for the Deep State’s fake alien invasion stories.” 
Professor Nicodemus said, “This story of Heaven on Earth is about bringing Divine Compassion of Lord Buddha and Kuan Yin, to Mother Gaia and all of her people.”  They all said, “The Deep State is pushing for confrontations in the streets of our big blue cities.  It will not succeed, as the Forces of Light are here on the ground with us.  Remember - we are the ones we have been waiting for.” 
Any comments further Rama? 
Rama: No. 
Tara: No? Alright. So just to remind everybody, those three characters all worked at Los Alamos.
Rama:  Yes, and they escaped because they refused to continue to build technology for the war machine.
Tara:  And they had to do that in order to save their lives. 
Rama: Correct.
Tara: And they got help, right? 
Rama:  Yes, they got help.
Tara:  From?
Rama:  From the Intergalactic Forces of Light. 
Tara:  So now we go to Saturday.  I received a call from the Poppy Lady at 11:00 this morning.  She said to me, “Lord Rama, there is a large cube-shaped fully de-cloaked Starship that is ten times the size of Earth, and it is in orbit around our physical Sun, Sol.  There are many, many more of the same doing this, yet they are all cloaked.  These Galactic visitors are members of the Sphere Alliance and the Federation of Worlds. 
Lord Salvington is head of the Federation of Worlds and they overlight all seven super universes of which Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command focus specifically on overlighting this seventh super Universe of Nebadon of which we all reside as Galactic Humans, as we choose of course, to remember who we are in this divine dance in this light moment.
There are many things going on around the world right now that have to do with a quantum leap in consciousness that is happening for all of Humanity, as Mother so succinctly said. Right now there is a concerted effort to try to divide the people.  It is not working. Goddess is here and she is calling the shots. There is a Grand Cross in the sky and this Grand Cross is about moving us higher into the light.  Blaze the Violet Fire.”  Anything to add, Rama? 
Rama:  No.  
Tara:  Okay, so then we are going to go to Monday.  Everything was quiet on Sunday.
Rama:  Yes. 
Tara:  You could hear a pin drop.  I received a call from Lady Master Nada at 11:00 Monday morning.  She told me, “Lord Rama, there is a skirmish going on at the border of Lebanon with Northern Israel.”  And there is a story out there, I think Rama you could send this to Fran. 
Rama: Okay. 
Tara:  It’s called ‘Lebanon’s Hezbollah accuses Israel of fabricating border clash.’  Lady Master Nada continues, “Israel is stirring the pot by saying Hezbollah attempted to invade a disputed area between Lebanon and Israel.  One of Hezbollah’s fighters was shot and killed by one of Israel’s defense forces in the skirmish. 
I am on my way to the International Criminal Court where I am reviewing a case with other judges concerning human rights violation by President Bolsonaro of Brazil.  Brazil holds the number two position for the highest count of Covid cases in the world, second only to the United States. There are rogue agent provocateurs in Seattle, in Portland, in Chicago, in Albuquerque, in Louisville, etc.  Please blaze the Violet Fire and use the White Fire Core of Being in these situations of discord.  I will be seeing you soon, Lord Rama.  Namaste.”
So then the next story, today I spoke with Natasha by text early this afternoon. She said to me, “Lord Rama, I am texting you from Moscow, from the Federal Securities Service Center for the FSB.  They are responsible for the internal security for the Russian State.  Formerly the FSB was called the KGB.  I am an intelligence agent working as a Faction Three White Knight.  So I work with various groups all over the world that are aligned with the Office of the Christ.  And yes, there are folks that are members of the FSB that are working for the Office of the Christ as well. 
There are so many Starships being seen all over the world and they are interacting with the people of Earth.  This energy coming in is changing physical matter, time/space. As well as when we sit down and meditate a half hour of Earth time or so may seem to have gone by, yet two hours or more have passed.  Something huge is coming in. It is the Sphere Alliance along with all the other Galactic Federation members.  We are very close to full global disclosure at this time. 
The Dark Side has lost. Our biggest test now is to work with Divine Compassion and Love for all the Beings on this Planet, whether they are right, left or center, or anything in between.  We are one Rainbow Nation on this Planet.  As we use our gifts and abilities in service to Mother Gaia and all the people, we make a difference.  Leave all the other stories alone because they are part of the illusion of the old timeline.  Go in the light of the Most Radiant One. I will be talking with you soon.”  Note:  Natasha said, “Something is going to pop, sooner than later.”  And as Bernie says, “It is Huuuge!”  Nesara Now. Sat Nam, Lord Rama.”
Okay, so Rama, let’s have a little chat about the timeline from about say, Egypt, and how we got from there to here.
Rama:  What I could say about that is how the various dimensions got shifted in the Beings interacting with all of us. They didn’t quite tell us all of the parameters of how the different shiftings of the period were going on, concerning how we were evolving to the realm we are at now, going to our ascension. 
And it has been quite a wild journey because so many different pieces of this story are coming back to all of us.  And it is about the quantum field, the Akash.  Kryon calls it the Akash, the Akashic Records.  Tesla calls it the Ether, or the Aether. And all you have to do is tap into it and research the holographic records of the entire library of all of Creation.
Tara:  Which you have seen at the St.John’s Library.
Rama:  With Leonara, who is 20,000 years old in her current body. And these Akashic Records are holographic and they are actually like Youtube videos.  You can actually see and watch and experience, and hear the voices and the sights and sounds and colors, as just as you are right there in that timeframe. It is tremendously enlightening and at the same time it brings up all the memories, all the consciousness of what we did back then to get to where we are now.  It brings up a lot of the collected PTSD that we all have, because we all have some dirt around the collar so to speak.
Tara: Yes.
Rama:  Yes, maybe more than others. And it is about loving and forgiving and staying in that place of Divine Compassion, and awareness that we all made the conscious choice to show up at this time fully aware of your ramifications and parameters of this Mission.  And it is huge, and like Dr. Greer is talking about right now, Consciousness doesn’t necessarily need a body to show up and talk to you, yet when you are in the frame or the realm of consciousness where the energies are of the Office of Christ are, you’re not enticed or enamored by the Dark side- appearing fascination of what is going on with the Maya, the Illusion, the Matrix. 
Rama: And it is a challenge because this is free will choice here.  We have the choice to follow the teachings, as how I describe it is that Master Yoda, and Master Obi Wan have taught us to use The Force, and to just go within and the use our abilities to raise ourselves, our consciousness up to help the Planet and the people and not getting caught in the Maya, the Illusion. 
That's what originally has kind of got us in the fix that we’re in, and it started with these folks at the very beginning where we are all equal in Creator Source’s Mind, as Creator Sons and Daughters of the Most High. And I mean, immortality is a big huge deal, and when you have the ability of the Creator Goddess or God, you can create Universes and Planets and Stars and Sun systems.  And we all participated in this, and all these memories are coming back now to all of us with the Quantum Field. 
The Akash is helping us to wake up, in some of us more than others.  I mean, I have had no veil in this lifetime since I came in, so all of this has just kind of been one giant trip as the Grateful Dead says, ‘What a great trip it has been’ - a long strange trip, yet it’s been a good one and at the same time, about waking up to this and realizing that we are all tremendous Masters and Teachers in this.  Right now this is happening like never before.  And I can just say, the best is yet to come. I pass the talking stick.
Tara:  Thank you, Rama, that’s good.  We are going to hear from Rama more because he has got so much to share.
Rama:  Yes.
Tara:  I am going to complete this by reading an absolutely beautiful message from another Sister that Rama has known since the 70’s. 
Rama:  Yes. 
Tara: And her name is Diane Robbins, and she wrote a book called ‘Messages from the Hollow Earth.’   And here is what she says: 
Earth is shifting into higher dimensions.  I am Mikos. (She channels this Being through herself)  I am Mikos, speaking to you from the library of Portologos inside the Hollow Earth. We have only our highest good in mind. All we think is the goodness we feel in our hearts, the heart for all of humanity.
Our Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions at a rapid pace and our loss of time is our confirmation of this shift.  Notice how quickly our days pass. 
Disregard the negativity you read about and hear on the news.  It is the last stand of the dark forces as they rear their heads in one last battle to dominate the Earth. Their time is over.  In the Hollow Earth, heaven is all we experience.  And as there were clouds we would ‘quote’ walk on them ‘unquote’ as our saying goes. 
Soon, you, too, will feel the exuberance of walking on clouds, as your clouds will literally fade away and your atmosphere lightens up as the density dissolves and the pollution decreases, to bring your clarity of mind into focus as the new Heaven descends upon your Earth, and you at last and touch the Stars.
So much is happening at levels you are not consciously aware of yet, to bring you all fully into the light and back into the Confederation of Planets.  Earth has not been lost. On the contrary, it’s been saved by the Lightworkers who are emitting more and more light daily, and the Company of Heaven who have dedicated their lives to raising Earth into the higher vibrations. All life presently on Earth is opting for ascension.  Know that the Earth’s ascension is assured, and we will all be moving our location closer to Helios, our Sun.
Tara: That’s an interesting point because as Mother’s teaching it, Helios and Vesta are the Sun behind the Sun. 
Rama: The Solar Logos, and the Solar Logos are a higher aspect of our physical Sun.
Tara:  Right, so there is an agreement here.  It’s just that Mikos Is talking from the perspective of
Rama:  Of Galactic awareness. 
Tara:  Yes. here we go: 
The people in the Hollow Earth are overjoyed with the rise in frequency that has taken place over the last few years.  We yearn to connect with you in the physical and now this connection is fully assured. We can even guarantee this as you would say ‘as above’ yes, you are above us.  Yet the location is irrelevant, for with Peace coming to the Planet, all life will be assured of rapid evolvement to make up for the lost age of darkness.  Humanity has learned this lesson well and has learned the futility of war and bickering and cries now for an end to the insanity.  And the end is coming. 
You are witnessing the last eruptions on the surface.  From this point on you will begin to see the merging of persons and places and principles as all come together in one united Earth.  This is the day God has been waiting for.  This is the day your holy God Selves have been praying for. 
This is the day we will open up the tunnel exits and come to you with our brightly colored robes and sparkling sandals, bearing gifts of immense riches and the necessary devices that will return your Planet to its pristine state once again. For we can solve all of your pollution and surface problems in just moments.
A new Earth is dawning.  A new Sun is rising.  And a new Heaven is at hand.  A glorious time is approaching.  It is the freedom you all dream of being birthed into your present.    
By Diane Robbins.
Tara: And I pass this talking stick with all the blessings that come from the realization that we have made it, Everyone!  And, yes, we request blessings.  We require blessings from all of you.  Thank you for all that keep on helping us. 
Rama:  Yes, thank you so much! 
Tara:  We have rent due momentarily, and there is a need for our requirement for food.  So, thank you. Blessings for everyone.  And so fairies, feathers, and angels and rainbows and crystals are on this talking stick and I pass this talking stick to you, sister Fran.
Transcribed by Rita and edited by Fran.
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