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Tara & Rama Report 8-11-20
Greetings!  Thank you, Eli!  Thank you, Lord Sananda!  And I thank you for the references to Mother [Sekhmet] and, oh my goodness, it’s always so interesting the synchronicity of our assignments together on this moment when we come together. 
So, Rama, you want to tell your little story you went on yesterday?  Where did you go yesterday?  You went up the mountain, right? 
Rama: The mountain to the bridge. 
Tara:  Okay.  So yesterday, Rama said, “I spoke with the Poppy Lady at about 11:00 AM this morning.  Then the Poppy Lady got Lady Master Nada on the phone with us. They both said to me, “Lord Rama, there is a lot of news that is going on that is all about all the members of the 13 families being 100% broke and playing a monopoly money game and lying to the whole world about it.” 
Lady Nada then said to me, “Lord Rama, Lebanon’s government has completely resigned including the Prime Minister, and the story is about corruption at
the highest level. This corruption in Lebanese government has been going on for decades.  All, also in The United States, is going on in the same story with the lobbyists over here and criminals in Congress. 
Lord Maitreya has been back on Mother Gaia for these last decades to help us usher through to this Fifth Dimensional New Earth consciousness. He has been meeting the Wise Council of Elders and the Ascended Masters, also now back here on Mother Gaia.  There are many stories coming out about Lord Maitreya as Kalki Maitreya, the 10th incarnation and initiation of Lord Krishna on this beloved Mother Earth. Lord Maitreya, was and still is the same Being who showed up to Arjuna at the time of the Mahabharata, which was a great war, 5,000 years in duration that also involved Atlantis.
This long period of war was an inter-galactic, inter-dimensional war, which came to Earth from Orion’s Belt, where the war in Heaven began.  These beings, Kalki Maitreya, Krishna and others, had blue skin.  These were the beings known as the Sfier, a blend from the Beings of Lyran Constellation and Sirius B of the Sirian Constellation.  All these events led up to the Great Flood.  And the flood was the result of the destruction of Maldek by nuclear holocaust there, and the nuclear fallout traveling to Mars, pulling all the water from Mars’ surface and bringing it all to Earth, thus the Great Flood. 
Here both Lady Nada and the Poppy Lady said to me, “Lord Rama, Graham Hancock is coming out with his new book, here in September/October.  He is calling his book America Before:The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization.  In this book he tells us how the Earth is much older than we have been told.  This story is huge. It is about the Giant Beings, who are anywhere from 25 to 50 to 100 feet tall. And Graham Hancock and other fellow archeologists have been digging up all of these giant skeletons around our planet, Mother Earth, for all these most recent decades, all this will be coming out soon, along with full disclosure. Big changes are upon us.”
And now we will go to today.  Early this afternoon, I took a ride up to the bridge atop of the mountain again, overlooking Santa Fe 10,000 feet up.   On the way up I have a little deer story to tell you because I was stopped along the road by 4 deer. So there I sat, and they all came up to me like a long lost friend. And I took some pictures. So Rama shared the rest of his sandwich with these ones. 
Rama; Yes, they came right up to the car and ate part of my sandwich.  Very friendly deer.* Tara:  And then you continued on your way? 
Rama: Yes.
Tara:  And just to remind everybody, the deer are the dolphin of the land.  And so that was the spirit of the dolphin coming to speak with him as well.  There on the top of the mountain I was able to speak with Natasha, on screen on my cell phone.  Natasha said to me, “All of the stories about the ancient ET race, the Annunnaki Fallen Angels, the Reptilians, are coming to the light of day now. As each day passes here, more and more stories are being revealed about this very, very long history. 
There are a group of Russians and US scientists who wish to come forward and share these stories.  They explain much about our past and how we can fit the missing pieces of our purposes together now in order to completely end war consciousness, and reunite in Peace and Oneness and Love.  Blaze the Violet Fire.  Now is the time. This is the place - Terra Nova, the New Earth, in full Fifth Dimensional consciousness with all of our brothers and sisters from the Stars.  We come as one.  And Love is all there is.
And exactly one week from today we come to the Leo New Moon.  It is an 8-8-8-8 numerological configuration on that day, next Tuesday.  This wonderful Leo New Moon has plenty of courage and feel-good energy, on August 18th in the America’s and the 19th for the rest of the world. Something that is very interesting is at midnight at the end of the 17th coming into the 18th at midnight, we enter the year 2022.  The liturgical calendar, the calendar of the 12/60 cycle has lost time over these long days and nights and months and years.  So every year, August 17th at midnight going into the 18th, we recalibrate to get the timing right, so welcome to 2022 coming here very soon here now. 
So and right before that, as we all know, it’s always at midnight between the 16th and the 17th, is another anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence energies on the planet.  So the concentration of all of this energy now is an enormous confirmation of all of the ascended folks and all of the Ashtar Command and all of the members of the Angelic forces of Light actualizing with us this unification of all in total 5th Dimensional consciousness as we have been being told by our brothers, Lord Sananda Kumara, through Eli, tonight. Our inner lion/lioness is awakening.  We are in the process of passionately engaging our own inner authority.
We have entered the period of the big shift, as we are resisting the old paradigm of top down control which we now realize is an abdication of our own sovereign powers to freely live and happily so without interference.  This Leo infusion helps us to listen passionately to what feels good and uplifting and go to that energy.  Leo is a fire sign and during this coming up New Moon still merges with a powerful activation of the number 8.  Sun and moon are at 26 degrees Leo which reduces to a double 8.  Saturn at 26 degrees Capricorn is exactly quincunx 150 degrees to the Sun and Moon at the moment of the New Moon.  
And finally August is the 8th month of the year.  Thus 8-8-8-8.  Adding this energizing quadruple 8 code activation and leadership and Leo become one and the same at the same time.  And we have a tremendous reinforcement of courage, infusing our hearts with the courage of the Lion and living our lives on our terms.  And in this empowering New Moon star code episode, we will discover the meaning of the number 8 in Leo in the context of current times.  And as we know Lord Maitreya as the 10th initiation of Kalki Maitreya is on the 8th Ray.  And that’s a manifestation ray.   And I always call the number 8 ‘my tray of gold.’  Yes, we are talking about mono-atomic gold in the cells.   Love the cells. 
And the next part of this next week’s empowering experiences about how the triple conjunction with Sun, Moon and Mercury shifts our way of perception of thinking and seeing everything, also a triple trine to Mars, a fire planet, weeks before Mars stations retrograde, then powerful revelations take place with all of us. And finally a reactivation of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter from Mars and how it ties into the stellium that began. Every New Moon is an opportunity to start fresh.  Now we have an especially strong activation theme of confidence, passion and leadership in play.  This is true with divine timing at its best.  So, that’s a lot. 
The energies, if you happen to notice, are very intense and you might even say, heavy these days and there’s a continual resistance.  You know, sometimes, the Human race is resistant to the things that are best for them, and so Mother said, “The human race is pretty much always at their best at their worst.”  So let’s take the good vibrations, maintain them through this time period.  There’s so much in store. 
Remember, as NESARA is enacted, 60,000 technologies, star-coded technologies, get released, starting with 6,000.  All of these things that we have been attempting to figure out without that has been a way for us to go higher as the vibrations continue to rise.  Do you want to say more about that, Rama?  
Rama: Just that as more and more gets revealed, things will become easier on the Planet and for the Dark side that is going to be a challenge because they are going to be exposed and the truth is going to come out that this has been hidden.  How long has Tesla and Marconi, you know, been supposedly gone?  And I have heard stories that they are not gone.  They are in the Inner Earth with Lord Adama.
Tara:  Well, what is the final note? We will say the last little bit of our Brother, our I Ching brother, Bobby Klein.  He said, “It is in waves like these we have the opportunity to make the world a better place.  The world we all want as we strive for the greater good of all.  We are in the very beginning of a new age, a new era where Peace is possible.  With enough Love it will be so.  Teach Peace every day and be the Love we desire.  Sing, work, laugh and heal. Raise the vibs my fellow Pilgrims. Raise the vibs. Nothing to it, except to do it. I send you all love, and more.” 
We are so grateful this day to synchronize with all of these good vibrations together, again. And thank you again.  We require some blessings in this moment here.  Good farmers’ food and a few bills and we are grateful.  Okay. I pass this talking stick with fairies, feathers, angels, rainbows and crystals to my sister, Fran.
* Deer photo by Rama
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