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Tara & Rama Report 8-13-19
Okay, Everybody.  Greetings, Everyone!
So much is going on, just as we know, there is radical change going on, and the Rothschild’s dark side is attempting to keep control of this system that they have created and have attempted to control the people of the world inside [the system].
And the thing is that the energies that have been coming into our Beloved Mother Gaia have been moving up, up, up, up, up and it has not been so very slow.  It is the quickening of the heart that is being tapped, and resistance to that quickening of the heart has been demonstratively shown to us by the Rothschild’s plan to double down on suffering, to double down on killing, to double down on austerity all over the world.
We don’t get to see too much of it because the Western media tries to couch it, or cover it with change it or make up wild stories.  Yet the energy of raising our vibrations, and choosing to work with those vibrations that are coming in, is bringing awareness and so we are watching...we might as well call it what it is - it’s a whole world fascist state. And we are fully in it.
And their hope was over these last couple of hundred years was that they could keep us believing things that they started off with that weren’t true. And that we wouldn’t recognize it, but they could turn up the heat, meaning that they could turn up more pain, more wars, more suffering and more austerity.  And that we would just be docile and comply, because they would do black ops here and there and everywhere, and they were hoping that it would put the fear of the Lord in the people.
And it’s come to a point now where the suffering is so intense and the austerity is so extreme and the gap between this very small, pretty much one tenth of one percent, of the people, like...What’s the name of that man whose connected with Bill Gates?
Rama: Warren Buffet.
Tara: I heard on the news on RT today or yesterday that Warren Buffet is worth 400 billion dollars.  And that doesn’t get mentioned much, but that’s how much Warren Buffet is worth. Which they say is more than the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, by far.
And what we have been told before now is that ...What's the Mormon man’s name that ran for President?
Rama: Mitt Romney.
Tara: Mitt Romney is worth multi-multi trillions of dollars. And there are others of the Rothschild elders that are worth, I mean the one still here, un-dead, for 500 years, he’s worth 500 trillion dollars. These are obscenities because they take that money completely out of the system, which means that money does not circulate.  As that money does not circulate, it means that life is not possible to continue to go on, unless they control the people more.
Which, as you can see, on a worldwide basis people are at the point that they are willing to give their lives. They are not willing to be quiet at all anymore. And please put all the people in Hong Kong protest in our circle of support. Today the Chinese Gestapo, for lack of a better term, created a bloody, hurtful--I don’t know how many people they killed. It was just a blood bath, and it reminds us of Tiananmen Square and they are attempting to do another round of it on Hong Kong protesters. 
And they are willing to give their lives. They are mostly young people, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of them. And so we’re watching people being willing to not stop in the face of this. 
And so I am going to read you a little piece that came from Max Keiser that came at 3:30 this morning, which can tell you why they’re so desperate to keep the controls on to keep going.  And this is, like I said, it’s at 3:30 this morning:
Max Keiser said, “It is amazing that people do not recognize that a negative interest rate sovereign bond, (you know a bond is the highest form of real money, so now these bonds are not backed).  So what Max Keiser says about that next is that a negative interest rate sovereign bond is quote, “a default, full stop.” There is no equivocation. There is no debate about it.
These sovereigns, who issue negative rate bonds, are defaulting on their own sovereign bonds.  So we have never seen this mass sovereign default ever before on this Planet and this, of course, means catastrophic global crisis.
Point 2: It’s certainly a wealth transfer from savers to these debtors.” Then Stacy steps in and she says, “And it’s been going on since 2008. And it is becoming more and more and more pernicious, more and more violent.  This is actually economic violence. A lot of these in Europe, while you have all these negative yielding debts, you have none in America, yet. They are basically taking it from all of the pension funds who, by law, have to invest in these negative yielding bonds.
The ECB, the European Central Bank, and that’s still Mario Draghi, he’s a full blown Nazi. He ever and ever, has not ever been anything else, (and he did 9/11), is the one driving it to negative in the first place. In other words, this is on purpose, high economic treason, on purpose. So this is a way for the ECB to engineer, they are engineering these negative rates in order to take pension fund money. All the pension funds of all of Europe have to invest in these negative yield funds. Ninety seven percent of Germany’s 1.3 trillion dollar euros in debt is now negative yielding.” 
Then Max steps in and says, and his eyes got very large and he lets out this gasp, though he is still grinning a knowing grin, and Stacy repeats, “A ninety seven percent!” And Max repeats his act again as well. Then Stacy says, “All right, okay, of course Germany doesn’t like to borrow anyway.  So they are being, you know, you are having to, you know, at some point, there will be negative 25 percent to get Germany to borrow, like Dr. Michael Hudson said.”
Max steps in and he says, “Yeah! It’s amazing! Germans are so very sensitive to inflation that they fail to account for deflation.  So they are going to go into a deflationary depression now, because they were so concerned about inflation that never happened.” So Stacy goes on, “So there’s now over 55 trillion dollars in sovereign debt there. So this is an explosion, a hyperbolic melt up, meaning this is taking the elite at the top down. 
This is the hyper-inflation that many have been talking about since 2008. 2009 as we started the Keiser report we have interviewed these hundreds and hundreds of gold and silver and bitcoin and monetary experts, who have basically warned of a hyper inflationary sort of movement at one point. They do see the currency wars that have erupted very viciously again in the past week or so.  We are seeing surprise wake-up across the world. People are suggesting that there might be a surprise rate cut coming in the United States now.
So we are seeing the escalation of currency wars which could possibly lead to a hyper-inflation somewhere, maybe in Turkey or Italy or, well, anywhere in Europe. Max is right. So just be clear, negative interest rate bonds are by definition deflation, because you are destroying capital.”  Stacy said, “Ah,huh!” Max said, “Yet, the bond prices themselves go up. It’s a bit of a misnomer to say that’s inflation; it would be more accurate to say it is a bubble. It’s a bubble-ation.” Stacy said, “Ah, huh!” So Max says, “That that’s where they’re causing mis-allocations and extraordinary multiple upon multiples of bubbles on all bond prices across the planet.” And that’s as far as I got.
Suffice it to say, that we have been told many, many years now, Thom Hartmann wrote a book in 2016, ‘The Crash of 2016’, and they have done all kinds of shenanigans to try to get out of that and to extend it and act like the people aren’t going to notice.  Yet Thom Hartmann said today, “Fifteen trillion dollars, in the United States only, of corporate debt is a fact right now. Five years ago that number was zero.”
All we are looking at is like all the people that Rama has been talking about, that the end of the end of the end of this old third dimensional old fascist state, which has been going on since the beginning of 1776, and as Rama’s people have been explaining, all the borders across this whole planet, they are not states, they are colonies.  Every place on Earth is a colony and they owe their allegiance to the Royal Queen.
And the Royal Queen of England even stated it back in 2008 when it went bust, and she was shown, with internal cameras she was in the Buckingham Palace and the people were at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Parliament was there. And you see the Parliament, that was footage on the Parliament, and they were all watching, too.
They were watching the World Economic Forum, and both places were listening to the Queen of England, and she admitted (and she was already a hologram back then, and that was in February of 2008. I can’t remember the exact date). And she just stated that, she admitted, that everything South of the border, South of the UK border, that they have been exporting and raping, pillaging and plundering, and I don’t have her exact words, but she admitted that they were using everything in their power to cause utter sorrow and pain and suffering and death at the expense of everybody, so that they could still stay in power.
And she said it in her own words, but it was clear as a bell. And I don’t really know who forced her to say that. Yet what we know about this is that the Rothschilds have been controlled.  Different factions of the Rothschilds have been controlling everything - their overlords are the Collins Family and their overlords are the Annunaki Fallen Angels.
This is where we go all the way to the story, because this started originally 450 billion years ago as there was a disagreement in Heaven between two-thirds of the Angels and one-third of them that said, we’re gonna go to war with you guys. This is very simplistic terms, but that’s the reality of what happened. So there was an agreement before that to co-create with Mother [Sekhmet], a separate Universe of Nebadon with the name and that universe of Nebadon was unique and different from all the other super universes. 
And the fact that it became a polar universe was because Alcyone, the consort of Mother [Sekhmet], said okay, you’ll need polarity, I’ll cast a shadow of myself. That’s not a darkness or anything. It’s just to create dark and light. And then we all asked that we could be left alone to our own devices to figure out again, even though we were going to descend into a lesser vibration, that we could remember who we are in the process. And of course, we never thought this would take any but a quick time, you know, be easy.
And Mother said one thing, “Non intervention in the civilization’s development, unless in case of psychic or nuclear holocaust, and we will not bother you otherwise. Yet remember, there will be consequences of your actions so you must take into account of that, account for yourselves and correct your course.”  And you know the story. We all know the story that we never did that.
And the Fallen Angels are us. We have to remember that because we are all one. What’s a reflection of the Fallen Angels is that which was harbored in our own selves; we lost our own way, where we opted to get into negative vibrations which do not exist in real time - only Love exists. So we must take that into account. And so we fell and fell and fell, and even the Host of Heaven were surprised we chose to go as far as 3D. I mean that was never expected, even from all the Hosts of Heaven. Yet, bar none, we chose that.
So this is not our original form by a long shot. The point is, that as Sat Guru said, the Master Sufi teacher, and we play him every night, on Fridays and Saturday nights at the end of our show. One thing that really crossed into my heart from really deep thinking, he said, “As you do not like someone, praise them.” 
That’s such a profound statement; and praise them authentically for what they have accomplished. Because they are us, they are in all cases reflecting the inside un-dealt-with emotions of all of us as they are in a higher seat of power. And it is not about them.
As a matter of fact it is not about anything in this 3D, because on July 31st at Midnight, the 3D completely closed - and all we are looking at is the residue of what’s left in terms of what we are looking at. Yet the Fifth Dimensional Sat Yuga is in full swing.
So now I am going to read from yesterday:
And this is what Rama said, “I received a call from Natasha late this morning as I was just a bit up the mountain.”  After I greeted Natasha I asked her, “What is up with this big story on Jeffrey Epstein?” Natasha responded, “This whole story was executed by the Mossad (and I am going to just take a side step to remind everyone that the Mossad has been running this country) What’s the name of the mayor of Chicago, the former mayor?
Rama: Rahm Emanuel.
Tara: Rahn Emanuel has been the head chief of the Mossad in this country, all his life.
Rama: Yep.
And I am just reminding you that in 1949, Israel became the 51st state of the United States.  That is important to remember. They covered it up because they didn’t want anyone to know that. And the Mossad did 9/11, ultimately. And the Mossad orchestrated this Jeffrey Epstein mess and are responsible and they've been doing this Jeffrey Epstein mess longer than Jeffrey Epstein.
And they have been doing it since the 30’s and the 40’s, which is a network of human trafficking and child trafficking. A network of rape, and getting all the political people and all the media people, and all the Hollywood people involved in it, in raping young girls.  And again there is no such thing as prostitution unless you’re old enough. These girls are not. It’s rape and it’s accountable. Since 1980, we’re only talking since 1980, for 2 billion, mostly children, that they have raped and tortured and killed to do their human sacrifice of eating their flesh and drinking their blood.
Because they need that to continue on this long-overdue stoppage of the Luciferian Fallen Angels program, which actually started 450 billion years ago; and we are all responsible. There is not one that is not responsible, and that's why it’s so important to pray for all this leadership because it’s putting something out there to reflect upon. It’s not to target those individuals.  Everybody’s controlled.
OK, so Natasha responded, “This whole story executed by the Mossad in the present moment was a set up to, with the help of Hillary and Bill Clinton, long time Mossad members, this was a set-up to spirit Jeffrey Epstein away to Israel and then from there to a so-called underground Middle East deep underground military base, or as you call it, for short DUMB base.   So Jeffrey Epstein is not dead.”
Natasha went on, “All of these players of the global elite shall and are being brought to justice and this has everything to do with those Fallen Angels and their descendants, which are all us.  And in particular, and it looks like a separate thing, yet the descendants of the Fallen Angels, meaning the 13 Families for the moment.” Here I asked Natasha, “Will world wide borders disappear post NESARA’s enactment?”
Natasha said, “Lord Rama, technically all borders will disappear, yet this will take about 2 to 3 months post NESARA.  A shocking response! There are more and more craft coming through the Sun to let us all know hope is in our very midst. Remember the circle of life. NESARA now, Michelle for President of the Wise Council of Elders.”
And then today I received a call from the Poppy Lady right after my treatment with Dr. Frederick this morning, a wonderful friend and an osteopathic Belgian healer and cranio-sacral therapist with many adjunctive treatment therapies.  Dr. Frederick told me my injuries to my upper arm and shoulders are 50% healed. He gave me about 2 oz. of CBD oil with some Chinese herb remedies inside of it, and for the yet and still present inflammation in the muscle. (Thank you all for all your good vibrations, financial support and participation with myself and my beloved on this most highly credible adventure to Sat Yuga and Ascension.  May we all pass every one of our tests.) 
The Poppy Lady said to me, “Lord Rama, as we approach this full moon, the big story is at the ultimate end - and send more Love at this time. This Rothschild family fascist state is held momentarily together with crazy glue and duct tape, and it is a very, very, very big mess. 
I have two friends, said the Poppy Lady, here to introduce to you. You already know my Galactic Sasquatch partner here Thingdel Nor. Awhile back, we traded places, and now I am the pilot of this giant, Galactic Sasquatch Starship and Thingdel is co-pilot, as he taught me everything I need to know to do this.
Now I wish to introduce you to Thingdel Nor’s friend. He is a younger Sasquatch, being that Thingdel Is 300 years old and he is 200 years old.  Sasquatch People live to be tens of thousands of years of age and they never age. He is an astrophysicist. He shared with me, "Lord Rama, your Planet is going through a great transfiguration. And the immense truth of this has not been shared with the world. 
"Only now these stories are beginning to come to the light of day through people such as Graham Hancock, who is an archaeologist, a British writer and journalist specializing in ancient civilizations and importantly, earth changes, stone monuments, and most importantly, altered states of consciousness.” 
The Poppy Lady told me, “This young Sasquatch astrophysicist name is Osis Mu. He told me that he is a great student of Metatron. All three of these ones then told me in unison, “This age-old fascist story actually began at the beginning 450 billion years ago with the one-third of all of us Angels decided to fall from grace and to follow Lucifer, who’s already back into Love, into a war in the Heaven brought to us on Earth in the high middle period of the Atlantean Yuga, of which the last 6 thousand years of this Yuga is recorded history, which we now call the Kali Yuga. 
This fascist story has now come to its final end. Sat Yuga, 5th Dimension and higher is here! Kali Yuga and 3D is the residue we are all looking at, the fallout. It’s an illusion of the past. Send it on its way. All the stories about the 13 families and about the fallen angels including our Galactic sisters, will and shall indeed recover this planet with people like Graham Hancock, Greg Braden, Dr. Steven Greer, members of the Ashtar Command. All is well. We are now in the presence of the divine - as the divine - and we are equal. Do not fall into the trap of feeling less than. It’s only a story of the past.  And as Robbyne LaPlant said, ‘To be less than who we came to be, serves absolutely no one.’ 
And NESARA now! And please assist us.  We could use a good deal of support at the moment.  Just to help get through this time; everybody’s going through some difficulties because it’s at the end time.  So we encourage you in bringing in more friends. We are going to get a brand new website when our Sister Samana is back.
And Dear Sister Fran, it would be great if you could get in touch with her.  She wants to put up a page for you and all of us here at our Ashtar On The Road as to what we do together as part of our Ascension team. So thank you, Sister Fran. I pass this lovely, enlightened, full master talking stick with the Angels, Fairies, Feathers, pure Golden Crystals with Light to you, Sister Fran. 
Transcribed by Rita, edited by Fran.
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