Tara & Rama Report 8-14-18
Tara: Greetings everyone!
Rama: Greetings!
Tara: That was awesome, Everybody! I'm still in awe. Thank you, Magdalene, thank you, Eli. And we are in this extremely magical moment in time as Magdalene said, the reflection of our report here today will be mirrored from what our sister Magdalene said to us.
Tara: I was just going to say before we start, our sister Cheryl send this little piece called Wrinkle in Time, Back Into Fearless Love & Absolute Authenticity from the Innerversity of Divine Perfection. And what they are talking about is that 'on June 13th this 3-month wormhole began. It's called a wrinkle in time, or a forward in the space-time itself. And it creates the experiences for our consciousness to have the opportunity to self-review our lives, our karmic ties with the past and any unfinished business or themes that have been going on in the external reality.'
And what does this mean for all of us? It's what's happening within all of us - that we’re waking up - and that the wormhole exists inside of us as well as outside in the whole of reality. So that's an opportunity to dig up things from the past, even our past lives and childhood, and to really surrender it, as the final moments are really here. It requires more courage than we thought we had so that we can allow ourselves to go deeper into our unconscious realms and all the pockets and shadows and fears and uncover the jewels that are buried beneath that, and as in that picture of the lotus growing in the mud you might say, in the mud of this creation story, which is on a new trajectory right now, and pay attention to our dreams. And in the retrograde cycle, we've got six here converging in retrograde, so that is an enormous opportunity for our soul growth and total spiritual expansion.
So I want to say a couple more things. I'm just going to say that Rama will share when we get to this day. We are going to start on Sunday, yet something very awesome happened today in the story and Magdalene touched on it right toward the end.
So on Sunday this is Rama Speaks: I went to the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe this morning. There I met three Zuni Grandmothers; they were selling beautiful blue and green turquoise jewelry pieces at Indian Market. We have Indian Market in Santa Fe every year in August. They recognized me from the peyote ceremonies up at the Taos Pueblo back in 1982 and 1983, as I was a guest of this Being. His name was Tellus Good Morning. He was the Pueblo's Elder Medicine Man, who has since passed over to the other side. These three grandmothers told me that Quetzalcoatl is back, along with Deganawida and other Ascended Masters. In this Native American tradition they told me Deganawida is the Native name of Sananda Kumara in their tradition, their Ancient Mayan tradition and other traditions of the Native people. And Archangel Michael is known in their tradition as Blue Eyes while Lord Kuthumi is known as Golden Eyes. They also said that Lord Kuthumi has played specific roles in various Native American eras.
For example, Quetzalcoatl or Sanaka Kumara are Kuthumi's names in his role as an Ancient Mayan Elder. Also they said in the time of Atlantis the Native people of North America found the teachings of The Atlantean named Tahuti, another name for Kuthumi in that era of time. And remember, Atlanteans were native people, Native American peoples. What these Grandmothers said is that all the Ascended Masters are coming forward now to help us to walk the True Path that the Hopi Prophecy speaks of, which is the path of Ascended Ancient Mayans returned.  Pacal Votan, the Mayan incarnation of Lord Ashtar of the Command, the Captain on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem, was incarnated as this ancient Mayan in Palenque. He was the prince in Palenque. And in 1984-85, I [Tara] traveled with my family at the time and went to Palenque and there is a tomb in the Temple of...
Rama: Inscriptions.
Tara: Inscriptions in Palenque. And in order to get to the inside of the tomb you traveler up the stairs and they are large stones a foot high and very deep. And the little guy Micka, my youngest son at the time who was two and a half, insisted on climbing them by himself and he did. And when we got to the top we traveled down stairwell, after stairwell, after stairwell because it goes deep below the surface. And at the bottom place there was the tomb in glass between us and the tourists and the tomb. And there was a couple there that had come from Egypt at the Pyramid of Giza. We were all there and the energies were just so amazing, overwhelming. And what they said to everybody there was that the energy of that place of the tomb of Pacal Votan, Ashtar's incarnation, the energy was, you know, more profound than the energy they were experiencing in the King’s Chamber in Egypt. That’s saying a very lot of things. I just wanted to share that with everyone.
So anyway, this Captain Lord Ashtar-Pacal Votan Being, he is now and has been the Captain on the Bridge of the New Jerusalem, a 5000 mile in diameter Starship that is 12 tiers deep. The Grandmothers were very happy and the Grandmothers knew all this. I just wanted to say that because it is important to share. The Grandmothers were very happy to share their message with me that the time is now for all Humanity to wake up all the way. They said to me: May The Force be with you. And we will see you again. Stay on the path of the Good Red Road. Thirteen Thank you’s, Honey in the Heart and no evil.
Now we go to Monday. Rama Speaks: I went to talk with Mr.Fen today and I sat in the plasma field as well. Our Mr.Fen friend is a Faction 3 White Knight, just to remind everybody. What Fen has been doing since we spoke last is that he has been going around interviewing first hand surviving witnesses to 9/11. He has been helping them financially to get their lives back in order, as this government has not been helping them whatsoever. Together, Fen along with these survivors of 9/11 and activist attorneys from the Center for Constitutional Rights, this group has been putting together documents that show the evidence that proved that the United States government with the help of Israel, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the Vatican, etc. collectedly orchestrated 9/11 as an inside job. Fen went on to say that some of these people who were eye-witnesses at ground zero, ‘they told me (this is Fen speaking) they saw people who were in their vehicles in the parking lot down the block from up above in the towers there, before they got out, they saw them spontaneously combusting from an application in what now is known as the Hutchison Effect, activated upon orders from the Deep State to the International Space Station in orbit around the Earth to do.
On another subject, Fen said there are more and more archaeological digs in South America that in these excavations they are finding 25-foot tall human skeletons with wings. They have discovered these skeletons whole and intact. They have unearthed 25 of these skeletons and counting near the high plateau area of Nazca Plain in Peru south of Lima at the elevation of 1500 feet. Then Mr. Fen got a phone call, he answered and said: Hold on please. Then he talked to me again and said to come back in three days and I will have more answers about these Beings. In the meantime stay low-key. Continue to work with these high energies of this last Eclipse.’ I said to Mr.Fen, ‘Are pouncing activities in order now?’ Fen answered, ‘You can never tell about that great Mother Goddess in the sky and her Paschats. Expect the unexpected, feel in the Light of the Most Radiant One, Lord Rama. Sat Nam.  Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders. I said to Fen, ‘I can feel the upbeatness in your energy, see you on the Bridge, sir. Mr. Fen had a twinkle in his eye and a bounce in his gait as he went to his phone call and waved good-bye. Indeed everyone, the best is yet to come.
Now we go to the next one, which is today. Rama Speaks - Tuesday the 14th of August 2018. Just to remind everybody since it was not spoken about very much, yet on the 18th of August every year, we enter into the New Year in true Galactic Time. So it's always two years in advance of the year that we’re just leaving. So, since we are ending 2018 on August 18th, on August 18th at midnight we enter the year 2020. So that means that as we comprehend that, and advance our forward motion to our higher consciousness of bringing those in and helping people to bring those energies in now, that's our mission for today.
Today Rama says, ‘I went up Canyon Road to the tea house and met with Natasha. Natasha said, Jacob Rothschild is broke and bad boy Bibi Netanyahu is broke. And all the rest of the 13 families are very concerned about how to proceed from here, as they all have zeros recorded for how much money is there in all of their respective accounts. All they are doing is hedge funds and share buy-backs on the market, so that all the statistics that the public are hearing about now about how great the economy is going are disinformation in the extreme.’ I inquired at this point and asked Natasha,’ where did all their money go? I remember reading not too long ago that Jacob Rothschild all by himself as 500 year-old undead person was worth 500 trillion dollars. What happened?’
Natasha answered: ‘Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, Lord Kuthumi, Kuan Yin and on and on. Saint Germain put his head together with, you might say, all the Masters and Commanders and Angels and had a little conclave event and decided to transfer all of these funds to the Monastery of the Seven Rays where it cannot be touched because the Monastery is guarded by the Great Silent Watchers who were here before the Gods were here, as Mother [Sekhmet] says about herself.  The Monastery of the Seven Rays is on another dimension were all nuclear weapons or any other form of mal-intent cannot reach it. It is indestructible.
Lady Master Natasha went on, ‘The gossip that is going on about Omarosa and Mr. Drumpf is missing the story about non disclosure agreement and in the NDA that Omarosa signed under extreme duress and threat to remain silent about what she knows or what evidence she may possess that may incriminate Mr.Drumpf and any others around him. And so Omarosa is breaking that NDA as she is not required to keep an agreement that was forced upon her to make. So what Omarosa is disclosing now will lead to even more explosive evidence about the hundreds of women that Mr.Drumpf has molested them against their will. Place all of these things in the circle of support and blaze the Violet Flame as we are entering a new day of daylight on all that is not of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, all secrets of Divine Mercy, Wisdom and Compassion and Beauty for all it can be.
I asked Natasha what is the status of Mr.Drumpf's health? Natasha answered: Mr.Drumpf is suffering from progressing stages of dementia coupled with greater difficulty of discerning reality from illusion. And his controllers, who have to do with the same secret orders of the 25 to 50 foot tall white albino Dragons that Hillary Clinton's controllers are also part of, the situation is that these controlling Dragons are fighting amongst themselves for ultimate power, without love - a futile task.  Natasha said that Saint Germain has with all of the forces of Light decided, that enough is enough, and have intervened in this unresolvable battle of wills.
Now the baton has been truly passed on to all of us Commanders, Eagles and Angels. It is time to let it all go, to let the past be dissolved, shattered and consumed and returned to the Void, to the great Dark Rift of Mother Sekhmet's creation chamber, her this spiritual womb space where she was before the Gods were, will and shall create new universes, new worlds, new time-space continuums for this never-ending story of infinite Cosmic Bliss, Serenity, Serendipity, Joy and unending Ecstasy, which is pouring forth and will continue forever so that we the Avataric Agents of Happiness can dance. Let's dance! Natasha then said: ‘Now I have to go, Lord Rama. May The Force be with us all! See you on the Bridge and in your dreams. Sat Nam! NESARA now! Michelle for president of the Wise Council of Elders.’ This new Sat Yuga day has truly begun. Thirteen thank you’s, honey in the Heart and no evil. Again, as President Obama and many others have said, Democracy is not a spectator sport. Yes, we can! Moving forward, tag - we all it! Namaste! I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. As we are in that place, as you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are ONE. Now it's time for peace and thank you everyone.
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Transcribed by Adriana. Edited by Fran.
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