Tara& Rama Report 8-22-17
Rama: Greetings.
Tara: Greetings, Everyone! Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Everybody, for preserving yourselves in calmness and love through this very testy period of time; and the release of this Solar Eclipse Sun energy is far greater than we can comprehend at the moment. Yet it assures love prevailing on this planet and soul-utions are upon us.
And again, the ultimate Bliss and Joy of ecstatic Ascension is always coming through our hearts as a collective conscious soul family. Many pods of these soul family groups are supporting a network across the whole globe. That’s the participatory part. In other words, as we increase our vibrations and our connections and multiply them, the Galactics can come in closer and closer and the timelines merge. They merge in this burst of ecstatic Joy again, it’s the only way I can say it, and we go so far beyond this system, this capitalistic system that’s got some very quirky things about it which are called greed and power and drugs and money and sex. How far do we need to go attempting to believe that we are not who we are?  
Rama: Yes.
Tara: That is quickly coming to, you might say, the instant karma of dragging this out, especially in the banking system which now has come to a point where the illusion no longer can remain. How do we put that, Rama?
Rama: They can’t sustain it any longer based on nothing there.
Tara: The point we are making is, well, the King of Swords and Lady Master Nada a couple of days ago called on Rama.
Rama: Yes. 
Tara: and they were telling us, wait it was just yesterday, and Rama got to talk with them and Lady Master Nada and Rana Mu and Natasha, 3 goddesses, excuse me, and they brought up that a third person made his transition at 2 o’clock early Monday 
morning. After Saturday as Dick Gregory made his transition.
Rama: and Jerry Lewis.
Tara: then on Sunday Jerry Lewis, then on Monday
Rama: William Tompkins left the planet. He is a major whistleblower insider from the Deep State who has been helping ET Corey and David Wilcock get the truth out about the Galactics and all the things going on, and he started building different kinds of ships, naval vessels, as a kid and right up to this point now he was involved with the secret part of the Navy where they have built those secret space program and floating aircraft carriers like we have seen in The Avengers and Captain America: Civil War and this goes right into the ships that are out beyond the Oort cloud. It’s beyond our solar system. There are Imperial Star destroyers sitting out there. William Tompkins, I believe they helped him leave because he was gonna spill the beans on this whole story. As we’ve been noticing across the internet there’s been an increased level of messing with insiders, whistle blowers, people who are spreading the word all across the planet.
Tara: They are madly attempting to take as many whistleblowers out right now as they possibly can. The only trouble is, the leaks of the truth are so vast that they’ve lost control of that issue.
Rama: It keeps pouring out like the hole in Hoover Dam everyday (Tara laughs ); it is that big.
Tara: Yes and the thing is that right now there is this story that Professor Richard Wolff wrote, “The last time we went into the recession/depression it was about the sub-prime mortgage loans and this time it’s about the sub-prime car loans, automobile loans and the automobile sub-prime loans that are defaulting are 26 billion dollars worth of them, and they are going into delinquency now. What’s happening is that they’ve been loaning these moneys out to people and then expecting those payments to come back, and then they’ve been borrowing themselves in huge amounts and then the big banks have been buying back their own stock and so there is a meltdown going on, because what ends up happening is that those stocks that are still up there on the market place when they buy back their own stocks and there is less of them, then they are increased [in value]. They are increased so high that now, because the market is slowing down because these people are not able to pay their bills, we have a crash on our hands, you might say.
There was this one bank, it started in 1880 and it specialized in sub-prime loans to personal borrowers of homes and cars and a whole lot of other things in Great Britain and this is a very, very serious sign - that the bank lost 2 billion dollars worth of its capital value literally over the last 24 hours as a panic has developed there that they made loans to people who could not possibly pay them back. That’s the economic condition of the British working people has deteriorated so that they cannot repay these loans and then the whole pyramid of cars sitting on top of these loans begins to crack. This is so scary, reminiscent of what happened in 2007-2008 that as you put it together with this new number about the ballooning auto loans that are not paid, in the sense that people cannot pay them back, and you really have to shake your head and realize that the lessons that could have been and should have been learned by the collapse in 2008, have been erased by the rush of the banks in this country to make a lot of money loaning to people who can be charged high interest rates etc etc, and we are right back where we were and it is a very, very scary thing and if you are not scared then you have not been paying attention.
So on the declining rate of the economy going down you can no longer keep making more and more debt, so they’ve actually, the big banks have hit a wall of their own making. And Rama, when he spoke to his people, they said that wall is going to cause a complete collapse - somewhere in September is what they have been suggesting; it might be middle to end.
Rama: We are not giving dates. This is just kind of what’s being put out there.
Tara: So what did they say about that?
Rama: That as we approach the end of September the government may shut down again.
Tara: Well the Grump is going to do that and also come September, Rama learned today that the Grump is going to attempt to move us to a totally cashless society which is the mark of the beast. 
So Rama went up to the Cross of the Martyrs and called in the ships for about a half hour-45 minutes, and then Tom The Cat said it is so intense in DC right now, yet that that statement is the understatement of the century, and that there is a huge fight to the death amongst the 13 families going on; and there are good people on the Rothschild side that wish to break free from the stigma of their family name and then there are also other whistleblowers - insiders who wish to come forward with the whole story about the lineage of these global families that go back to Babylon  - which means these families are connected to the Annunaki.
The ones of us on the shadowy side of the Fallen Angels who are called the Elohim, fallen angels from divine neutrality and unconditional love which is the place of the Elohi, which are the unconditional divine neutral loving ones. Ashtar is an Elohi who has never fallen from grace. He has remained neutral along with the Ascended Masters and Hosts of Heaven. Thus Earth’s story of incarnation and this Divine Leela story for those of us who, you might say, made some choices that may have consequences and this is like the place where we get to redeem ourselves. And it’s definitely redeeming ourselves with free will choice and divine guidance.
So Mother Sekhmet- the source of all life, Lord Metatron who holds the original divine blueprint for all life as well as being the head of all the angels and archangels, (a point of note is all archangels are female, meaning they work at the highest level of receiving cosmic divine loving energy), Lord Michael who holds the office of planetary prince together with Sananda Kumara next to him, and Lord Maitreya who is present here on Earth now in his 10th initiation and incarnational form as Kalki Maitreya-The Mahdi. We call them the 4 musketeers as together Mother [Sekhmet], Metatron, Michael and Maitreya hold diplomatic immunity in our civilization’s development. They are all here on the ground right now and therefore they can intervene right now and are intervening now to end a fallen angel plan to proceed into the future with endless war. The Rothschilds who are truly Khazarian folks, are in a fight amongst themselves and the offshoots of the Gnostic Illuminati, to vie for top dog - a  never-ending story.
Rama was told by Tom The Cat that intervention is ongoing now. The Grump may just pull a shutdown of the government In mid September which will cause the global economy to totally collapse. Just remember, September 30th is the end of the fiscal year of 2017, so 1st of October is the beginning of the fiscal year of 2018. Okay, that being said when Rama asked Tom what about 9/11, Tom said anything is possible and highly probable right now, and the fact that William Tompkins was taken out by the 13 families (that’s confirmed now) by the 13 families-the dark side on Monday; and the reason being because Mr Tompkins was going to open the entire 
Antarctican files to fully disclose to the public the story of the pre-Adamic race of humans along with their Galactic beehive heads, Ahknaton and such, and their higher ability which they still hold; and we have them yet in that time period our DNA was contrived and intervened upon by the dark ones. For him trying to do this, he was a huge threat to the dark families as it would expose all the DNA experiments upon us and our Adam Kadmon forms and their mind control perpetrations.
Also it would expose all the organized religions as fake and would take down the Vatican. This horrific action of killing another whistle blower cannot stop full disclosure. What it has done is create in numbers, many, many more whistle blowers to pick up the torch of freedom’s holy flame. Expect revelations upon revelations now. We have crossed the threshold of this eclipse with 2 solid years of this not going anywhere but up higher in the energies. The 7th angel is here, meaning divine alchemy is available to all of us to work together in collective consciousness to raise the vibration of this world.
And we do need assistance; thank you. We have 375 dollars at the moment toward our ‘tranny’ for Lady Rosie [car] to get a new transmission, and that’s 4 people that have made a good contribution, and we have 2 projects; one is an art project that could be helping to get something together, and another one. And the art project is interesting, it connects with ancient Egypt. It tells what this group energy is attracting and the other project is these very large Atlantean crystals.
Rama: Yes.
Tara: Another person is going to help to try and get this tranny.
Rama: My friend Stan is connected with a group of folks here in the city of Holy Faith where they are actually building a crystal healing chamber and they are getting crystals the size of humans that are about 5 or 6 feet high, about 2 or 3 feet in diameter, and when you are in the presence of these crystals they are clear as glass. I mean they connect directly up with the ships in the higher realms, and he’s going to work with these crystals and these groups of people to help him with this project of this kind.
Tara: Okay and one more thing. In the request for assistance for this tranny, the way we say is that you can reach us directly yet it is in an indirect way, meaning that we got people that we’ve got to make sure that we don’t hand out information where it’s not supposed to go. So we have an intermediary sister who is taking those messages and just know that and it might have been just a little bit disconcerting because of the word directly; it is a direct connection only to our sister. So just keep everything in a good way. Yet we are so grateful we received everything so far and Namaste, everyone; and be patient - that’s a very tough quality. Yet we are getting very good at it, aren’t we?
Rama: Everybody has said that with the passing of this eclipse and the energies pouring in right now, send so much more Love and the Violet Flame to all the situations. Thank you so much.
Tara. Namaste; and we pass this fairy-dusted rainbow talking stick with the golden stardust of our Solstice Sun to you, sisters Fran and Susan.
Transcribed by Arun. Edited by Fran.
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